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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 6.0] Sword Flash in Darkness

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The street

Kyoka had finished her swim some time after receiving the Taisa's message, and decided that food was a good idea. She meandered about in her search for a good restaurant, wearing a periwinkle blue blouse and black slacks.

"I wonder what's good around here. . ." She mumbled, stopping in front of a nearby sushi bar.
He bowed to the Taisa and sighed. "I just found out that my father is dead, Taisa. He was killed during the Battle of Yamatai. I just read the letter and found out about it when I read the letter." Yoshiro said, the sobs he tried to fight when he spoke about his father. "I lost someone I loved and I just don't know how to deal with the pain of that. He isn't coming back and I feel like I could have done something, anything to save him."

He sobbed quietly to himself and then turned back to the Taisa. "How do you handle this pain that makes you feel so much rage against the people that did this against you? I just don't know what to do, because I thought that he would be here forever, or at least until I came home after my time in the Star Army was up." He said and sipped his coffee.

He wanted to be there for his family but he had obligations to his duties as a soldier of the Star Army. He really was feeling a bit confused and he took the letter and read it some more. It turned out that his father was protecting those that he loved. He wasn't a soldier but he did it to protect his family.
Coffee Shop

Katae waited patiently for Yoshiro to say what he needed to before offering any advice. She could empathize with her crew member, as what he was dealing with was something she head to deal with long ago. Once he paused she reached over and placed her left hand on his.

"First, you have my most sincere condolences on your loss. I know first hand that the loss of a parent or parents, is one of the hardest pains to deal with.

What I can do is tell you how I dealt with it. In my case, the loss of both of my parents prompted me to join the Star Army. I was driven to avenge them. Though I would tell you to not do what I did. If you still have family, stay in touch with them. Family is important and it helps to define who you are.

The guilt you are feeling... that is also normal... its a form of survivors guilt. But you know that even if you were here. There is every chance that he still could have died. I would suggest that you honor his sacrifice, by being the best solder, and person that you can be.

To that end, it means that you have to take it one day at a time. You make yourself get up and do your job. Because that is what he would want you to do.

There will be bad days but there will be good days, and with time, the pain will fade."

Katae picked up her cup of coffee and took a sip while giving Yoshiro a chance to think on her words.
Yoshiro thought about what the Taisa had said. His father had put up with a lot when he was a young boy and he stuck through it no matter what happened. He wanted to honor his father by becoming a soldier, to be a better person by serving and now he was gone. He wasn't going to change but he felt something, and it was anger. He felt like he wanted to tear the NMX apart that killed his father, to make him feel his rage.

"Is it natural to want vengance though? I felt that way when I read the letter the first time and to be honest I still feel that way." He asked as he wiped his tears away. "At the same time it feels so out of character for me, because I am a soldier and a human being. I wonder if there is something wrong with me right now." He was a bit confused about his feelings at the moment.
Coffee Shop

Katae gave Yoshiro a knowing smile, "It is because you are human that you want vengeance. It is in our nature to protect those we care about. When something happens to them, that instinct turns to a desire for retribution.

But that being said, you have to maintain balance. If you let your desire for revenge overwhelm you. You will lose everything else that matters to you. It can make you rash to the point of getting yourself or those around you killed.

My advise is embrace it when you face the enemy. Use it to help you keep your cool, but then after the fight let it go."
Rinako wandered aimlessly through the station's shopping district, her eyes wide as she drank in the many splendors offered by the dazzling displays arrayed before her. She had never seen so many different items crammed together before and it was a little overwhelming. The many stores offered all types of civilian goods, clothes, electronics, books, a whole plethora of things ready for her to sample and inspect.

Rinako was still dressed in her uniform, having nothing but her standard issue Star Army gear to change into. She walked slowly, her hair, now in a ponytail, swaying gently with each measured step. She was looking for a clothing store and really had no idea what style of clothing she wanted to wear, she had seen so many in her walk around the station and was a little bewildered by them. She wished she had someone she could consult on what was fashionable and sighed. It was still another day before the formal dinner and she had yet to meet any of her fellow crewmembers. She sighed, it was going to be a long day.
"I just hope that I am not that angry when I go into battle again. But if it happens I will take what you said to heart Taisa." He said and bowed low to Ise-Taisa. "I should get going and take care of my family while I still have time. Is there a somewhere I can call my family?"
"There are some SYNC terminals about 50 meters left of the shop entrance. They are in booths for privacy. I just came from them prior to our meeting to take care of some Clan business.

After you get through with your calls, you should try to do something enjoyable. Perhaps hookup with some of the other crew members at some of the recreational facilities." Katae replied.
Saki stepped out of shower and got dressed. She put on one of the Bodysuits and of course her Legend Jacket. She then tied her hair into a ponytail and smiled at the mirror in her room. She already been swimming today and it was fun as always. It was some time since she had free time. Last was before she even boarded Aeon properly, when Makoto was still on board and they had their.... date of sorts. That was fun, until Makoto got all angry with her for no apparent reason. Men were strange beasts and Saki did not understand them.

Now there was Yamamoto. He was her superior and on last mission he did only something she could describe as flirting, if all the romantic movies she watched did not lie. Was that just was fun, or was he interested in her. Saki was not sure what to do with that. Her first thought was she could meet with him and talk, but she was actually afraid. What if he really wants to do something with her? Or what if he doesn't? Young neko just sighed and stepped out of her room.

"Hello Eternity,

could you tell me where I can meet with some of the crewmembers? I don't want to run around looking for them. Arigato!"

She contancted the ship's megami mentally and started walking towards the airlock to the station.
"Thank you Taisa. If you'll excuse me, I'll be going now." Yoshiro said and bowed to the Taisa. "I shall see you at the departure meal tommorrow." He headed out of the shop after finishing his coffee and went to the nearest SYNC station. He closed the door to the booth that he was in and connected with his family. "Yes who is this?" His mother responded to the call. "It's me, mom. How are you holding up?" Yoshiro asked. His mother smiled at him, a bit of a sad smile.

"We are fine, Yoshiro-kun. How are things over there in the war zone?" She asked in return. "Things are going as well as can be expected. Say do you need help back home? I can probably get some leave time and get down there to help..." Yoshiro said. "No, you don't need to be here. Not right now at least. You just need to keep fighting the good fight...Your father would have wanted that." She said in response.

Yoshiro nodded and was silent for a few moments. "How are Sho and Aoi? I never got to speak with them before I deployed to basic training." Yoshiro asked. "Why not speak with them yourself?" Maya said with a smile again as Sho and Aoi popped up on the screen. "Bro-Bro, I gotted a model of a Mindy and I putted it togther all by myself!" Sho said proudly holding a goofy looking model of a Mindy, arms where legs should have gone and such. "That is great. So how are you doing in school?"

Sho didn't look so happy but he answered. "I am doing my best but the teacher is mean." He said with a sigh. "She makes me do too much home work." Yoshiro laughed "Well, if you grow up and are as smart as I am, you may be able to do what I do or even better." Sho smiled at that and then Aoi popped up. "Brother! I miss you! I wanted you to be safe from the NM...NX...the aliens so I sent you a gun. Not a real one because that wouldn't be safe if I gave you a for real gun so I drawed you one!" Aoi said and smiled. She showed the picture and Yoshiro smiled at that.

"I got to go guys. I am going to meet some friends and have some fun before my time here is up. " He said as his family waved good bye and he shut off the SYNC to go and get together with his friends. "We'll talk more later on. Be good and be safe." He left the SYNC and then he walked around, looking for friends to hang out with.
Kyoka wandered for a bit longer before noticing one of the newer crewmembers, Rinako. She flagged down the Neko down from afar, sending a light ping through telepathy.

"You're Takamura-hei, correct? I'm Tsubei Kyoka. It's nice to meet you!" She greeted as she approached her teammate.
Warm and Sweet

Mikael was still getting settled being a on a new ship. Sure serving on the Eucharis was most likely the most hectic and exciting part of his career. But something something about getting used to a new crew always caused him to revert to his old introvert personality. Dressed in his black paneled duty uniform, the only thing different about it was the newly sewn ship patch on it.

He sat at a table reading a datapad with various articles on what ever news source he could find. At the moment, he was reading articles from his old home of Neplesia.
Rinako smiled, her face lighting up as someone from her new home approached her with a warm greeting. Suddenly the space station seemed a little homelier. She bowed and returned the greeting.

"Please, call me Rinako, Kyoka-Heisho. It is so wonderful to meet you!"
After leaving the Taisa and talking to his parents he decided to wander the station to find some of his friends. After a few moments of searching he found Saki who seemed to be looking for someone. "Hey Saki! Over here!" Yoshiro said and waved trying to get her attention.
Warm and Sweet

Emiko finished her meal and then sat back in her chair, contented. With dinner finished, she considered what she would do with the rest of her evening. The technician felt the need to unwind a little, and she was curious as to whether or not Chiharu no iori had a good dance club like the Falcon's Feather -- a club which she had previously visited whilst aboard the Hotaru star fortress.


The neko rose from her chair and vacated the coffee shop. Upon sighting one the SYNC access terminals, she made her way over and ran a search of the star fortresses business directory -- looking for a club or some other place to have a little fun that evening.
Kyoka took a moment to pull up Rinako's files, in the meantime correcting her, "Tsubei-heisho. Kyoka is my given name. Though I guess surnames don't really have a meaning for manufactured soldiers like you and me."

She read over Rinako's skillset briefly before continuing, "Looks like you're an engineer. Yamamoto-heisho probably will be the one you're going to be working with on missions. But that's not what we're down here for, is it? I was just looking for a place to eat. Want to come with?"
Rinako blushed with embarrassment, mortified by her mistake.

"Please forgive me, I hope I didn't offend you but yes, I am rather hungry now that I think about it, everything is so new and exciting for me. I would love to join you for something to eat, if you'll have me along that is."
Trowa laughed. “No doubt you and the Taisa are geniuses. Why not, I’m game for just about anything.” Trowa listened to Alia talk about her experiences. He smiled when she mentioned that she didn’t get along with her Taii. “You sound more like a Nepleslian than a Neko. Speaking of Neko, what is it like using the SPINE? I’ve got some cybernetic implants that allow me to function with the ship. Receive data faster and pilot more efficiently, but I’m not sure if it is the same. Would you care to enlighten me?”
Saki did not even got response from Eternity, when she heard familiar voice. She looked up and saw Yoshiro walking through the hallway, friendly smile appeared on her face and she waved back at him.

"Konichiwa!" She greeted him, when they met up. "What are you up to?"
"No worries," Kyoka dissuaded with a wave, "Tanaka's called me Hei twice now while we're on a mission, so you're in the clear. I'm in a fishy mood, so I think we should go to this sushi bar. No idea how good it is, though!"

The Neko gestured to the bar she was in front of only a few moments ago.

"Sound good?"
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