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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 6.0] Sword Flash in Darkness

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ShotJon said:
"Anyway, I think I like that tough sounding hard music nepleslians play. How do you call it? Boulder music? Something like that."

"I thought it was called Stoned music, as in you feel like you are being stoned." Freyja blushed at the fact that she was just so bold that she made a joke. "SO, Uhh... if you don't mind, what brought you here tonight?" She asked very quickly, like she was trying to get it out before she realized that she was saying it.
Saki smiled and looked at the pilot in front of her. "Ah well I just meat Yoshiro and we decided to have some fun." She explained with a shrug. Saki was not about to say, that she wanted to drink alcohol. "So went here, since I was never in club before. I want to see what once can do here. Talk, drink, dance. That sort of stuff."
Freyja wasn't sure what to do or say, she had a feeling that the blue haired neko before her would want to be left alone with the Heisho. Though she didn't want to just end the conversation, she knew that would be rude. "So... What have you gotten to do so far?"
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