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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 6.0] Sword Flash in Darkness

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"I appreciate your time Harris-San. I understand you were on the Eucharis before you came to the Aeon. I know that by reputation the Eucharis travels to many places and often encounters new things. "

He pulled up his ICP and projected an image of Tesgee, it was a grey furred feline. "We rescued this alien from the last planet we were on. He was a prisoner of the NMX. I have not been able to find any references in our databases, I was curious if you had encountered anything like this while on the Eucharis."
Gi and Yani walked over to the cluster of Aeon crew members. The two Nekos approached arm in arm.

"So Kyoka-San is this a private gathering, or can we join in?

We are thinking about going into Lolli, we are in the mood to dance, and its not as loud as Rage. So which room are you folks considering." Yani said pushing her green hair away from her face.
"Hey Saki. I got someone I would like you to meet." He said smiling at Freyja. "Go ahead and introduce yourself." Yoshiro was happy that he was getting to know people on the Aeon.
Mikael took a detailed look at the image, putting his right hand to his chin in thought. "I do not recall seeing anything like that in my limited time with the Eucharis. But if you would like, I could send an information request to Shosho Ketsurui."
Quickly Bowing to Saki, Freyja spoke slowly making sure each word was the one she wanted, "Ma'am We've met before, in passing, During the last mission, I was the shuttle pilot that came and join you and a few others deep under the ice base." Oinari was pretty sure that she didn't want to be there at the moment. She fought her normal urge to gather all related data on Saki, that isn't how a standard crew member would act.
"Eh? Oh, er. . . I don't really know how to dance," Kyoka excused herself, dismissing the notion with one hand. "And I'm pretty hungry, still, so I kinda want to eat some more and. . . watch things. You're welcome to join Takamura-san and I. Or, Takamura-san, you can go with them. You're probably going to be working with them more often than not, anyways."
Rinako smiled at the two new Nekos, listening as they spoke with her new companion. When they mentioned dancing her eyes lit up and she waited to hear what Kyoka would say, hoping her friend would want to dance and was a little disappointed when she declined. She blinked and shyly spoke to the two new women.

"I...I have never danced but I would like to, is this outfit appropriate for dancing?" Rinkao asked, still a little self-conscious about her dress uniform being her only outfit to wear out.
Yani looked at Kyoka, "Tsk tsk, can't dance Kyoka-San? Come on now, your a Nekovalkyrja. Just download some moves, or Gi-Chan and I can show you some. Dancing is amazing, the music and dancing take you away from the here and now."
Saki stood near bar while Trowa fought of attention of barmaid to get those drink. Yoshiro finally showed and he brought more company. Saki was not exactly sure what to do now. Trowa seemed to start seducing her right now. It might be impolite if she let other people gather around. She could not just send the girl away either.

"Hello," Saki answered deciding to go with the flow. "I remember you! Oh and don't ma'am me. I am still officially Santo Hei anyway. And we are off duty. Just call me Saki." The blue-haired neko smiled at the shuttle pilot trying to put her more to ease.
"Yes Ma...I mean Saki, Uhh.. what brings you to this club tonight?" Freyja was completely out of her league here. why did she ever leave the ship. it was quiet there and safe. She knew that Saki was talking to Yamamoto-sama, so she wanted to give them some room to talk, but also she didn't want to be rude and leave.
Saki tensed a little, but kept smiling. She looked around seeing Kyoka with other people, but her roommate could not help her. "Laugh it up if you want," Saki started her reply, sounding a little nervous. "But I have never been in a club before today. Did not have a proper day off since I joined Aeon."
"Takamura-san, people dance in everything - or so I've heard. Plus, if you've got that much of a problem, project something else over that. Um. . ."

Kyoka was at a bit of a dilemma. If she went dancing and Takamura weren't, then that would leave the newbie all alone! But, if the newbie were to leave and she were to stay, then she would feel awkward sitting all alone. Still, Saki might want her for support. The priorities she juggled were becoming a bit of a clusterfrack in her head, so she blurted instead, "Takamura-san, I'll dance if you dance. If you don't feel like you're properly prepared or whatever, then we can just stay here."
"But Ma'... I mean Saki why would I ever laugh. I have never been to a place like this. I only came in my self because it sounded like fighter combat at first, though the rhythm is a little to exact and not random at all." Freyja blushed, She felt like she just told this person too much about herself. she grew silent and stared at the ground.
Saki blinked several time and then let a nervous smile appear on her face. She looked at Freyja not entirely sure what to make of the girl. The pilot seemed to be as clueless ad Saki about the so called 'real life' that exists outside the army.

"Sooo," Saki said in the end. "I take it you like music?" She asked to keep the conversation going.
"It is interesting, but I can't say I like it. It is nice and I can see how others like it." Freyja motioned around the room. "What about you?" Freyja wasn't sure why she continued talking. It wasn't like any of this was important to the ship or any mission that she knew of. But if it was making Saki happy then it must be worth the time and effort. Her face developed one of her normal mousey smiles.
Saki rubbed back of her head, thinking how to reply. "I guess I do like music." She said, but tone of her voice betrayed her. She did not sound too persuaded about that herself. "Well I did not listen much, but most of what I heard I like. Some of our stuff is really catchy, but I must say I get all shaken by that shattering tones nepleslian hard music makes. Like the Aether-" she stopped in the middle of the sentence not really willing to complete the name of the band. "Anyway, I think I like that tough sounding hard music nepleslians play. How do you call it? Boulder music? Something like that."
Yani and Gi went onto the dance floor. The two Nekovalkyrja moved in in perfect harmony with the music and each other. It was plain to anyone who saw that the two of them were used to dancing together.
Yoshiro walked to the edge of the dance floor watching Yani and Gi. He felt a bit awkward at these kind of gathering as he did not know how to dance and it showed when he tried to dance to the rythm of the music. "I feel so out of place...Why did I even come here?" He said out loud to noone in particular. He was beginning to regret this idea very much.
Kyoka nodded back to Rinako, exiting the booth and following the other two Neko onto the dance floor. There, she awkwardly stood and bobbed to the rhythm for a few minutes while observing some of the other patrons of the establishment - specifically Yani and Gi. She envied the two of them, and their compatibility with one another.However, her body soon began sampling new movements, working her way into the beat slowly before she was actually properly dancing. She beamed brightly at this progress.
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