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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 6.0] Sword Flash in Darkness

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Hotel Room

Once back in her hotel room, Emiko slipped out of her street clothes and sorted through her other garments trying to find something fitting for her to wear to the Epicenter II. Eventually the neko decided to wear her black mini-dress -- a form-hugging number that hinted at more than it revealed. Once she picked out matching shoes, Emiko headed out the door and to the part of the station which housed the dance club.

Epicenter II

Even with all the stations sound-proofed bulkheads, Emiko could hear the club before she could see it. Walking along the stations interior pathways, the music seemed to overshadow the casual conversations of those just passing by.

One piece of music was more prominent than the rest -- probably due to the fact that the source in the club was closer. The intense beat was electronic, sharp, and piercing as the neko felt its steady rhythm pulse through her through the reverberations of the air.

Upon entering the structure, Emiko continued on through to the Decom lounge area towards the back of the ground floor. There it seemed quieter than the rest of the club, and the people moved and talked and laughed in a fairly relaxed fashion. The neko glanced around, trying to decide if she would stay and have a drink first or go have some more physical fun.
Saki paused for a while and Yoshiro could see her blank eyes. It was clear she was connected to the station's AI and getting information. She then blinked few times and looked at Yoshiro.

"So I just looked and there is club called Epicenter II on the station. We can go there!" She said cheerfully.
Rinako took a deep breath and straightened her shoulders, smiling at her new friend. She reached over and lifted a fork, attacking her meal with gusto, following her companion's example and dipping her morsels in the soy sauce, munching away at the tasty meal.

"So," Rinako said between bites, "where do we go from here?"
"Well. . ." Kyoka began, scanning through a map of the station's attractions, "There are one-no, two lounges, a cafe, a club, several observation decks, and a pool."

She popped another piece of the roll into her mouth.

"So, Takamura-san, where to?"
"Sounds like a plan Saki." Yoshiro said to Saki. After all that happened and what he had learned about his dad he could us all the fun he could get and he could get to know his crewmates.
Emiko decided that first, she would prefer to have a nice drink. Because the neko didn't particularly like alcoholic beverages, she instead requested a fruit drink from the bar, taking her glass and depositing herself in a seat at one of the few empty tables. There, she slowly drank from her glass as she watched the other people in the lounge chat and mingle.

Once her glass was drained, Emiko stood and began making her way towards one of the dance floors.
"Let's go then!" Saki said cheerfully, grabbed Yoshiro at his wrist and pulled him towards their destination. The club. Saki wondered what it will be like. She was not in club in her whole yet. She also never really tasted much alcohol. Or danced. After all this time on Aeon this for pretty much first time she was on leave. Time to try act like a normal person.

As soon as they entered Saki noticed some faraway sound thanks to her sensitive ears. There were supposed to be four dance floors in the club after all. She wanted to have a drink first before checking them out thought, which is why she headed to bar.
The Epicenter II like the predecessor has a large entry area where the patrons can choose which of the four dance clubs they want. In this space the music from the other rooms was muted it could be made out if someone stood near the actual door.

Gi and Yani had chosen to go into the back room called "Decom" to mingle and wait for more of the crew to arrive.

Josea completed his initial work and went outside of the Cafe to wait for Mikael.
Failing to find Alia anywhere, Trowa gave up and did some shopping of his own. Though Trowa had heard a rumor of some new rule regarding smoking in uniform, the first place he stopped was a smoke shop. After trying a few different pipe tobaccos he bought two of three small bags worth and a box of fine Nepleslian cigars. He’d have to wait till later tonight back in his hotel room to smoke them but he had waited several months already so he should survive another few hours. What did Yamatai have against smoking anyway?

The eye patched Nepleslian knowtest two of his crew mates head into a club called Epicenter II. It looked like Saki and Yoshiro. Though Yoshiro was his bunk mate, he really didn’t know the man very well. Trowa smiled to himself. This would be a great opportunity to get to know him better.

Trowa headed into the club and saw Saki at the bar. Saki he knew little better than Yoshiro in all honesty. They had worked well together on their last mission but other than that he knew nothing about her. “Howdy sailor, you come here often?” Trowa said throwing her his devilish half grin. “Can I buy you a drink?”
Saki just arrived to the bar and was watching volumetric screen showing various drinks and its prices. The bar was in back room and the sound of the music could not be heard here almost at all.

Saki was just wondering what should she get when she heard familiar voice. She turned around to see Trowa. What is he doing here? She thought as she looked at the man. He even treated her for a drink. Judging by all romance manga and the movies she saw, that would mean he was flirting with her. He might even try to seduce her.

Saki stiffened and blushed, not really sure what to do now. "I, uh-" she started, but lost her words for a while. "Sure?" She then said, trying to save the situation.
" about we take in the club? I've never been to one before and it might be fun."

Rinako replied, smiling at her new friend.
"Alrighty then, club it is!" Kyoka declared, taking Rinako's arm and striding in that general direction. As the two walked, the Neko queried, "So what do you like, Takamura-san?"

As her companion answered the question, the two would draw ever closer to the Epicenter II, and by the time she finished they would arrive at the doors.
Freyja wondered around for what felt like hours falling deeper and deeper into her psyche, before long though a loud thumping sound made her look up and snap out of her funk. She was standing in front of a club called "Epicenter II" she swore it sounded like a fighter dog fight was going on with sonic booms and explosions. Shrugging she decided that she might be able to grab some food and at least a cold drink here. the sounds were almost comforting to her. "Too much rhythm, but it does sound like it," she muttered to her self as she walked into the club.

As she walked up to the bar she saw Ittô Heisho Yamamoto and Nitô Hei Arai Saki, not far from where she stood. she hoped that they didn't notice her, she was worried that they, particularly Yamamoto, didn't care for her. 'to be fair,' She thought, 'I'm kind of useless outside my fighter, hell the only reason I knew how to use the Power armor was some one thought it might come in handy for me if I needed on to get out of a operation.' She looked at what the club offered in the way of foods and drinks. frowning she as sadden that there wasn't any real foods here, so she just ordered a soda and drank it.
"I love star travel and the technology that drives it, I want to touch the stars one day Kyoka-san and I want to use my talents to help others do the same."

Rinako looked around at the club as they approached, her eyes wide with amazement at the wild scene. This was something completely new to the young Neko and the closer she got the more she felt she was going to enjoy it.
Yoshiro noticed that there was someone watching them and walked over to talk with the person. "Excuse me but are you a member of the Aeon crew? We are having a little get together to get to know the other crew members and I was wondering if you would like to join us." Yoshiro said to Freyja.
Freyja felt ambushed, she didn't know what to say or do. With out even meaning to she brought up this person's records from the ship's computer onto her glasses. Speaking softly but loud enough to be heard over the thump of the music, "Yes, yes I am, Tanaka-sama. I would be... pleased to join your group." She mental;y face palmed at her attempt to be social. it wasn't her thing at all. Standing she closed out Tanaka's record, she really needed to stop doing that. 'Just because I can do that doesn't mean I should at every juncture' "Please lead the way" she said trying to smile, but all that appeared on her face was she standard mousey smirk.
Mikael didn't know what Josea looked like. So while he waited for him to arrive, he mentally accessed the Aeon's crew manifest. And it was just in time as he saw him exit the cafe. Mikael walked about to him from the side.

"Greetings Gustav-Juni" Mikael said as he gave a slight bow. "What did you want to discuss?"
Kyoka studied the expansive and comfortable atmosphere that the Epicenter II bore, rather enjoying the overall tone of the place.

"Wow, it's pretty nice in here. Let's see, dancing, booths, bar. . . I'm feeling so how about the-"

The Neko's gaze fell upon her bunkmate and. . . Yamamoto?! Suddenly, the bar seemed like a far less polite prospect, so she quickly ushered Rinako over to one of the booths, blurting, "Booths! I'm sure they have great food here!"

She sent a quick message to Saki once the duo were situated at their table, saying
I'm sitting at one of the booths with a newbie. Come find me whenever!
Yoshiro stood up and led Freyja to the bar. Curious as to how she knew his name he decided to ask. "How did you know my name? I assume you must have read the crew manifest for the Aeon." He said as he ordered a Yuuko as he arrived at the bar, intending to introduce Freyja to his other shipmates.
"Yha something like that," she answered. Freyja realized that she needed to be a little more careful how she handled new information. the fact she was taught that back in training apparently wasn't enough. As they arrived at the bar she ordered another soda. "So where are your friends?" she asked hoping that Yoshiro wasn't trying to hit on her. not that she hated the idea, but how could she work with some one professionally if a relationship started up.
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