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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 6.0] Sword Flash in Darkness

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"Not much. Just talked to the Taisa about a personal matter and then decided to go and find some of the crew and do something fun." Yoshiro said with a smile. "What about you, Saki? You looked like you were looking for someone."
Saki smiled a little and shrugged. "Not really," she said putting her hands into pockets of her Legend jacket. "I was just looking for somebody to hang out. I don't have much to do until evening, when I get to talk with Taisa myself. Until then I have time for some R&R. I thought I might go and meet some of the new additions to the team. What about you?"
"Sushi sounds great, anything special you recommend?"

Rinako smiled, thrilled to have made a new friend so quickly, her face brightening as she fell in-step with Kyoka.

"I was wondering if you could give me some fashion advice, I would like to buy an outfit or two before we launch, something non-military issue."
"Ahah, no. This is one of the only times I've been off the ship. I don't get out very much. I blame the massage machines, personally," Kyoka admitted, blushing slightly. In a more hushed tone, she added, "And I'm not actually wearing anything besides my underwear right now. I use volumetrics because clothes are too uncomfortable, so I don't really know much about fashion. This blouse was the first thing I could think of!"
"Not much. Just looking for something to do." Yoshiro said to Saki. "Do you know of any clubs or anything on board the station?"

Whilst looking through the business directory for the star fortress, Emiko's attention was caught by mention of the Epicenter II -- from the description given it seemed like a good place to get a little partying done. Removing herself from the SYNC terminal, Emiko headed back to her hotel room to change out of her everyday clothes and into something more appropriate for dancing in.
A pair of Nekovalkyrja from the Aeon approached the group, one had green hair and the other purple. They were walking hand in hand and wearing matching dresses and high-heels. For those of the crew who were familiar with the crew they would recognize them as Gi and Yani.

"Hello Tanaka-San, Arai-San, we are on our way down to the Epicenter II club to check it out. Josea-San is planning on joining us there, but first he has some SSS matters to deal with. So what are your plans?" Yani inquired.

Bored with what he was doing, Mikael got up from his table. He bought a Blueberry Scone to eat later on since he never liked hanging out at a commercial area with out buying something. He went to various stores to browse items he would be interested to order later on.
To: Harris, Mikael-Ittô Hei
From: Gustav, Josea

Harris-San, I understand that the crew is on liberty. But if you have some time I would like to have a few moments of your time. I am assigned to the Aeon as an SSS Liaison. If you have some free time. Please contact me. I am currently heading to one of the VCE Cafe's.
Mikael picked up his communicator and raised his right evebrow when he read the message. He quickly typed a return message back. He had no idea what a member of the SSS would want to talk about. But he had no real reason to raise the paranoia "shield" yet.

To: Gustav, Josea
From: Harris, Mikael-Ittô Hei

Time is all I have at the moment. I will meet you outside of the VCE Cafe.

Pocketing the communicator, Mikael proceeded to get directions to the VCE Cafe and took an indirect route with many turns to the left and right. When he did arrive, he decided to stand where he could see all approaches to the cafe.
"What kind of sushi do you recommend Kyoka?" Rinako asked as the pair entered the sushi bar, the sights and aromas of all the many assorted varieties assaulting her senses like a frontal volley from a Niplesian battleship. It was all so tempting, each piece of food delicately prepared to be a sensual treat to the discerning palate. Rinako wondered what to try first, hoping Kyoka would make a good recommendation.
"Let's get the special of the day! I haven't had sushi before either, so I figure the special is always a good bet!"

Kyoka bounded into a bar seat gleefully, her eyes glazed over at the sight of all the fish behind glass.

"It all looks so good. . ." She mumbled before placing the order for a special, which was a simple roll that had salmon and cucumber wrapped in seaweed and rice, with some sort of sauce drizzled on top.
"Saki, you want to go to the club? Sounds like a lot of fun to me." Yoshiro asked and smiled. "I could do with a bit of fun and besides it would do us some good to interact with the other members of the crew."
Saki looked at Yoshiro and studied his face for a while. She did not think of him as anything else then friend and comrade in battle. Was it different with him? Did he suggest the club really just to have fun, or did he just try to get her out to date. Saki wondered too.

"Sure, I guess." She replied with timid smile. "We might want to try to get more people with us. More the merrier I hear. And to tell you the truth I would like to get to know more people from the Aeon. We are there for some times by now and I still only really know you."
Rinako slid onto the bar seat next to Kyoka, making sure to smooth out the wrinkles in her dress uniform as she put her feet up on the rail running along the base of the bar. She looked around, admiring the decorations of the place while trying to decide what to eat.
Kyoka threw in an order for edamame, remembering that they were something commonly ordered in this sort of place. It appeared that they had a batch ready already, since a bowl of the green beans came out almost immediately after the order was placed.

"Oooh, I think I'll like these!" Kyoka tittered, taking the "cover" bowl off and setting it aside. The girl took one of the tough pods and rolled it in her fingers, carefully coaxing the bean out.

"So, uh. . . How'd you get assigned to the Aeon, Takamura-san?" She asked, popping the bean into her mouth and reaching for another.
Rinako tried some of the beans and found them surprisingly tasty. She munched a little as she waited for her dinner, responding to Kyoka as she ate.

"I just completed my engineering training and the Aeon was in need of a technician, I was placed there to fill the space...like another bolt."

Rinako's eyes turned down to her bowl, her mind lost in thought.
The soldier looked to her shipmate with sympathetic eyes, putting a hand on Rinako's shoulder.

"I checked up on your records. You were going to be just another soldier, like me. But you have a talent that nobody expected, and now you are doing something entirely different! You are special, Rinako-sama. You're not another bolt. You are here to serve and save our nation with your skill! Me? I was made for the Aeon. Literally. You weren't. And. . . and. . . where the heck is our roll?"

Kyoka was a little out of breath. She hadn't actually ever consoled a comrade before, so the experience was a little exhausting. Thankfully, the chef decided to deliver the maki at that moment, so Kyoka poured the two of them a small dish of soy sauce for dipping.
Freyja Oinari was lost after her first mission aboard the ship. I didn't know what to feel after finding out exactly who the enemy was and what they were capable of. She wondered the ship, she didn't really want to go back to her cabin, it was so empty there.

She missed her fighter, if she could she would go and climb into it's cockpit and let it close around her lice a cocoon. Instead she wondered about the ship looking for a place that would let her hide.

A though popped into her head that made her stop in mid-stride. 'Why did Saint send me here? My orders her just to report, do I have a deeper mission that I should be working on or am I just been written off?' She started to feel even more depress, with out thinking about it she wondered off the ship, her feet knew she needed food. Her poor head was still trying to figure out her place in the universe.
Trowa had somehow lost Alia in the crowd. He had become distracted by a store widow that was full of swords. Without thinking he had walked in to brows a little bit. He had always loved swords and other such sharp pointy objects. When he finally walked out of the store 20 minutes later he suddenly remembered that he had been going somewhere with the new pilot. He spent another 20 minutes or so looking for her but to no avail. “Well… Feth.”
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