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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 7.0] - Prologue Southern Encounters

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Medical Center

As if Eli's statement had been a cue, Kata'nova's eyes began to open. She let out a rather low growl, not one of threatening intent though it could be considered one of annoyance if anyone understood her people that is.

She stared up at the ceiling; it took her mind only half a second to realize that she wasn't wearing her light dampening goggles, which allowed the lights of the room to flood into her eyes. She could feel the back of her eyes already beginning to hurt and she brought her hands up to cover them, too bright, much to bright for her to deal with right now.
Eli smiled reassuringly to Freyja as he waited for Sunflower to stick him or tell him to move.

"Well, if you need any help dealing with it, let me know." he did wonder what kind of emotion it was that she was having trouble dealing with, but figured she would tell him when comfortable. Besides, this really wasn't the appropriate time or place to have that conversation.

He turned his head at Kata's displeased growl. "Sounds like Kata's awake" he said with his relief in his voice.
Medical Center

"One moment Destin-Hei and I will draw the blood sample." Sunflower said crossing over to the unit that Kata'nova was in.

She quickly crossed the room took a blanket and draped it over the unit, while the ABMU dimmed the lighting in the interior. She put a hand on Kata's shoulder. "Sorry about that, you woke up sooner than anticipated." She walked over to the counter and picked up the goggles her patient was wearing earlier. Making sure they were clean, she brought them over to Kata. She placed them in the Kit's hand.

She returned to Eli, carrying a syringe. "Just need to draw the blood then you will be free."

Sunflower deftly tied a rubber tube around Eli's arm, and swabbed the point she was going to use the needle with a sterilizing pad. She then found the blood vessel she wanted, injected the needle carefully. Once sure of her placement she removed the tube and allowed the syringe to fill. Less than a minute later she pressed a small piece of gauze against the site and applied some tape.

"Well, that takes care you for now Eli. I will let you know if I find any concerns.

Katae returned to the bridge and settled into her chair. "I have the bridge Kurusu-Chusa. You are free to take care of any personal matters you need prior to our departure." she said with a smile.
Freyja stood there staring at Eli. She really didn't know what to do, "uh... that would be nice."

Luckily it was that very moment when Kata' woke up and growled. Freyja walked over and gently took Kata's hand and held it. She hoped that it would help calm the poor kit down. She hoped it would calm herself down.
Eli grimaced a little at the blood draw but said nothing. "Thank you, ma'am."

Eli checked his datapad at the beep and nodded to Freyja. "Looks like we're needed", he paused. "Do you want to stay here? I'll let Saki-Hei know you're busy if you want to stay with Kata', it probably wouldn't hurt for her to have a familiar and friendly face with her while she recovers."

When Kata felt the goggles in her hand she brought them up to her face and pulled the strap back. She was thankful, because when she brought the device, the internal filter begna to dim the lights, filtering out the excess to a level low enough for her to be able to see now.

She rested there for a moment, before she sat up and placed a hand on her shoulder. Her head was still pounding but it wasn't like before, and now she could conentrate more.

"Vhit.. xibu ibqqfofe..."

Freyja was glad that Kata' was up and moving a bit. She smiled, and placed a hand on her shoulder. "I have to go and help whit other duties, you need to stay here."

She called up a volumetric screen and drew Kata' laying down on the bed, and with a line separating them she drew Freyja working on a different part of the ship. She hoped that it would help, just before she turned to follow Eli out she had another thought, She drew Kata' Sick and pail, with a bit of green skin and what not, then she drew a picture of Sunflower toughing a healthy looking Kata'.

"She'll help you feel better I promise."

With that she turned and walked out of the Med bay following Eli down to the Cargobay
After a little bit of time Freyja walked in to the cargo bay with Eli. She moved towards the cargo container that everyone was standing by. "Sorry for the delay Ma'am I.. We were delayed in the Med bay, then we had to stop at our cabins to grab fresh uniforms. "

She stood there with her face all puffy and there were salty streaks leading down from her eyes, yet there was a lively mousey grin strap across her face. She could be easily mistaken as glowing. It was a complete on-eighty from what she was like when she left the Med-bay.
Saki acknowledged their coming with a nod. She was already preparing straps to each large box. There were three of each larger then the other. There was quite a bit of work and there were only three of them it seemed. Saki wondered what were orders of the other member of the Away team. She decided to look into it later and punish anyone who ignored her message. Saki knew that without respect and discipline, she cannot lead anyone.

"I have been waiting," Saki said with a neutral face. "Looks like it will be just a three of us. I am almost sorry to hear you got yourself new uniforms since this job will make you sweat."

Saki walked slowly to the Elysian. "Eli Destin-hei. It is pleasure to meet you." Saki's eyes went blank for a while. It was clear she was checking something with the ship AI. "I am Arai Saki Jôtô-hei a current leader of the Away team. I am informed you are one of us now. If you have any problems, you come to me and I will make my best to deal with them. I know your specility is more fitting for a ship-based duty, but we need someone like you in the field too."

An Elysian. Saki was not fond of the idea, but if he was allowed to join the Grand Star Army, then he was supposed to be here. It was not her place to question that. If he starts being hateful to the nekos and yamataians she will simply have to deal with it.

"Our job is fairly simply, but it will take time. We are to unpack a newly arrived ATV, an APC and a new Tasha. They are in these three boxes." Saki said and pointed at the boxes. For now we will unpack them, I will meanwhile find out which one will we strap here in Cargo and which will be moved to the vehicle bay. Now get to it." Saki said and then quickly formed a message to the captain.

To: Ise Katae taisa
From: Arai Saki Jôtô-hei

Ma'am I am taking care of unloading our new vehicles. I would like to place Tasha or APC in the Vehicle bay so it is ready to use if needed. I know such need might be unlikely, but I think it is better to get ready while we have time.
"How exciting," Kitsu said, slowly making his way to the bridge. He didn't know his place quite yet, but he knew that was where he belonged if nowhere else.

He then waited quietly on the side, and bowed to Ise Katae as she left.
"Yes Ma'am, and it is no trouble at all, I look forward to being a part of the ground team." Eli nodded in acknowledgement. He may have been imagining things, but he thought he felt a hint of tension in her appraisal of him. It wouldn't have been surprising: he knew he had a lot to prove to this ship and it's crew, so he symbolically rolled up his sleeves and set to work. "Apologies for the delay." he added as he began to pry open one of the larger crates.

He settled into the physical labor with a measure of relaxation. It felt good to sweat, move, and work after all of the earlier events. He found that there was a calming certainty to it, and the exercise helped melt his remaining tension away. Still, heavy exertion right after a blood draw may not have been the best of ideas, and to his embarrassment, he ended up needing to take a short break halfway through unpacking the first crate.

His stomach rumbled, his arm hurt, and he felt more than a little light-headed, but after a few short seconds to catch his breath, he pushed himself forward despite his body's protests and continued the work.
Saki did not wait and started helping with the crate. She decided it was better if they all worked together, rather then each on one crate. Better to help each other. Plus the vehicle inside will be conserved. There will be restraints holding moving parts. Saki noticed the Elysian fidgeting a bit as her was removing the covers or large cargo crate.

"Are you all right Destin-hei?" Saki asked hearing him breath rather heavily. Saki was unsure of capabilites of a Elysian. She only knew nekoes, NH22 bodies and Minkans. These artificial Elysian and their capabilities where not known by her.
Eli nodded, clearly embarrassed. "I will be fine, Saki-Hei. Thank you for your concern. Merely a long day and a little light headed from a blood draw earlier. It shouldn't be much of a problem." he began picking up a heavy piece of equipment as if to demonstrate. He smiled reassuringly and wiped a slight amount of sweat from his brow, happy that smell of sweat and grease was beginning to replace the lingering smell of disinfectant.
Saki received the following reply from Katae.

Jôtô Hei-Arai
I concur with your decision. Proceed. Please advise when you and your work detail are finished.



Katae looked over at Kitsu, "Hamitsu-Santô Hei, please perform diagnostics on the ships network, and ensure that all vehicles and armor are responding properly with the 33 Star Army Communications Network Encryption System. Use the Systems and Safety Monitor station."
"Hai," Kitsu said, bowing again and then going dutifully to his work.

He logged into the system with his Star Army ID, pleased to find that he was already registered with the AI, and began running the diagnostics on the vehicles. Simultaneously, he ran tests on the armor AIES and the shuttle, if it was attached.

While they ran, he tested the Encryption system in a sandbox. He examined it in detail, trying to find any holes in the save-state he had picked from the system. He was hardly capable with his present equipment to break it, but that wasn't necessarily the idea. Technically, he had the knowledge to attempt to do so, and given enough time, theoretically any code was breakable. No, he wouldn't try to break it. Instead, he looked for holes, and would try to plug them, or alert the ship.

He didn't expect to find any holes, either. In regard to its communication, Kitsu tentatively named the Empire the best at encryption systems. He'd like to believe so, anyway. Encryption was his job.
Bridge: Earlier

"I hope my analysis was somewhat helpful. If we want to direct active sensors to her craft, we might learn more. I will be at your side at a moment's notice for anything." The XO noted with a slight smile, bowing forward from the waist respectfully. When a ship was underway, there tended to be no time for more than a verbal show of respect, so at dock she always made sure to give her superior officers full protocol.

They wanted to learn, does that mean they want to learn swordplay? The Chusa thought to herself absently when passing through the passageway, and to her quarters. Inside, she pulled up a connection to some item catalogs, leaving her hatch open as she worked out what she would buy before leaving port.

With training on the mind, rather as a reward, she put in an order to Tamahagane:

Order: Kurusu Misaki - YSS Aeon said:
Location: YSS Aeon


1x - Custom Tamahagane Ta-W1-4a - Katana (Power Armor) - 2800KS
Customization: Tsuka-ito - Aeon Green Silk
Tsuba - Aeon mirrored and surrounded by nebular stars

1x - Tamahagane Ta-W1-3a - Katana (Advanced) - 800 KS
Customization: Tsuka-ito - 'Misaki Tropical Blue' (see attached color ((ooc: aka Misaki's hair color)) )
Saya: White with blue hibiscus blossoms in a flowing diagonal wrap
Tsuba - Hibiscus flowers and stars, featuring Yamatai flag at two opposite points
1x - Custom Tamahagane Ta-W1-3a - Katana (Advanced) - 800KS
Customization: In the style of the power armor katana.

I will pay an additional 200 KS for four practice katana made from basic wood, if they can be made.

4x - Tamahagane Ta-W1-2a - Katana (Ceremonial) - 2000KS

Total: 6600KS

Payment information included.

Kurusu Misaki
YSS Aeon

When she sent the orders through, Misaki added the ceremonial blades as an option for Katae, just in case, or in the chance they would like to present ceremonial swords to the civilization they were supposed to find. If they were warlike, surely they would understand a soldier's gift?

Next, she put in an order through the station, putting through to various suppliers to get, after sifting through more electronic catalogs, she decided might be handy to have just in case, and what the crew might need came into mind as well. What else did she have to spend on, anyway?

Order: Kurusu Misaki - YSS Aeon said:

3x - Heatlube Personal
4x - Neko Sparkle
1x - VCE Console+ 4 additional HALO - 600KS
4x - Te-G2 Game Buddy - 800KS W/Games
4 x Chrome Egg

Clothing- ((Will fill in on inventory))
Exercise, casual, intimate - 2000KS

Hair accessories and treatments - 500 KS

Kurusu Misaki
YSS Aeon

When it was finally all done, the XO sent her payment through as normal, and wandered up with a light stretch to the hatch, staring out into the lounge as she checked for how much time she had to see about checking the station, though the Aeon already felt like her home, thanks to her spending very little time away from a gunship since she left her combined training program.

Kitsu would find a few items that would need his attention as a result of his scan.
New items found in network scan:
  • 1 M9 Tasha found, not validated
  • 1 EM-K5 "Sagasu" Enclosed ATV, unsecured system
  • 4 EM-J4 Mara Drones, unsecured system
Technician activity required.
All other nodes secure and active.

Misaki would receive the following responses:

To: Kurusu Misaki-Chusa
From: Tamahagane Corp - Sales

Your order has been filled and prepared for shipment. They are being shipped from our outlet on Chiharu no Iori since it is closest to your location.

We have included the training swords at not charge.

To: Kurusu Misaki-Chusa
From: Miscellaneous Purchase order

Your order has been filled and shipped.

Katae looked at the countdown timer that was on all displays. There was more than an hour to departure.

She went down to her cabin picked up a few items and made her way down to the bath.

"Kurusu-San, I am opening the ship's bath. I think it will be a good time for folks to relax and get to know each other in a less formal environment. Especially since right now we are in a safe location."

She then sent a message to the crew.

To: All Crew Members
Subject: Ship's Bath Open
Since we are at Readiness 4, and docked with our Starbase. I am opening the ship's bath. This is an opportunity for us to relax and talk in a casual environment. Any crew member who wishes to attend may do so.
Ise Katae.
Saki smiled at the message, but Eli required her attention first. "Destin-hei if you are not feeling well you can go and rest. If you still want to help at least go and check in side APC, do computer work and what not. Leave heavy lifting to me and Oinari-hei." Saki said.

She removed cover from the APC. It was nestles in a cage. "We will be moving this vehicle to the vehicle bay once we are done. I want it to be ready if needed." With that she started taking the cage apart. It was a good simple work.

Then another message from Katae came. A bath-time? Hmm that would be nice, but Saki was under orders. She was only one who really had to spend free time working though.

"Hey you two," Saki said to Eli and Freyja. "You are free to go to bath. You won't have much chance to relax and spend time with the captain. You should use this chance. Once you are done you can come back here, I can manage this myself. Now go."
Freyja worked hard, and with a bounce in her step. The little mousey neko didn't seem for once to be worried about hiding or staying out of the way. She picked things up using her full strength, and moved them to their new homes.

When Eli sat down she looked a bit concerned but then again he did just have some blood drawn, and now are working hard, so she only kept a partial eye on him.

She went to work helping Saki take apart the cage around the APC until she spoke up and said that Freyja and Eli could go to the bath with the CO. She looked over to Eli to see what his answer was going to be before she answered. she wanted to be around him as much as possible. Even if that is just working in the cargo bay.

She waited a second to see if he would give an answer when she decided he needed a good soak and so did she, it was a stressful day all around. So she grabbed his arm and dragged him off, excusing them to Saki.
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