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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 7.0] - Prologue Southern Encounters

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Medical Center

Sunflower watched at Eli and Freyja bring Kata'nova into the room. "Please put her into this unit here." She said placing her hand on the ABMU that she had prepared.

"Once you do that, both of you kindly go into the decontamination room and shower thoroughly. There are scrubs waiting for you in there. Once you are clean return here and I will start checking your vitals."

"My first impression is that her species most likely has a military dominated society, so a higher alert condition should be maintained, we do not know much about her, other than her physical capabilities. Her craft may or may not reflect their current level of ability." Misaki paused, and reviewed what information they had a few more times.

"How we have treated her thus far might influence the way their government views us, so it bodes well she came upon us when she did, however, we should ensure she remains well monitored, and be ready to defend and or advance in another direction, should they become aggressive. I am probably being a bit over cautious, given my first contact mission on the Eucharis went well enough."

"This might be a tactic: measure potential threats by seeing what you'll do with someone that poses you no harm? Either way, it is prudent to send a warship in this circumstance, ma'am. I'll make sure to put the units to task when you deem we have enough time. There is work most of them can do to improve." The XO finished.
Medical Center
Eli nodded. "Yes ma'am." He gently pushed himself away from Freyja and carefully picked up Kata' from the makeshift stretcher and placed her on the waiting ABMU.

It took him a moment to remember where the decontamination units were before he remembered they were across the hall. He predicted they were communal like the normal crew showers, and wondered if Freyja would be alright: she seemed rather modest. In any case, it needed to be done, so he decided to do it quickly without drawing attention to it.

So he quickly turned and began crossing the hallway into the power armor bay. He was painfully aware that he was likely the crew member at most significant risk of infection. He was also privately doubtful that if he did contract something, it would be detectable mere hours after boarding the ship and minutes after exposing himself directly to Kata'. On the other hand, maybe he was worrying over nothing, maybe the crew had placed her through thorough decontamination when she first arrived on the ship, and in any case, she was in far more danger than he was.

He opened the door into the changing room and started trying to tear the bandages off his hands. He wasn't having much luck, the bandages were tight to begin with, and with both hands covered, it was difficult to try to manipulate them with any kind of finesse.

Not one of my better ideas. Eli wasn't sure if he was referring to the bandages, or exposing himself to Kata's blood in the first place. Probably both.
Freyja bowed to Sakura-Hai "yes Ma'am" she turned and followed Eli across to the Decon' showers. She normally might have been embarrassed at the idea of stripping and showering next to someone else, but this was not a normal situation. She was about to start removing her uniform when she noticed Eli struggling with his bandages that he put on to cover the blood on his hands.

"Here, let me." She spoke softly and tenderly as she reached for his hands and gently started removing the bandages.
Eli stopped struggling with his hands and after a brief hesitation, let Freyja take them: now was not the time for stubborn pride. He let out an involuntary sigh as the small girl removed the painful bandages. He had only been on this ship for a matter of hours, (although it felt much longer), and yet much had happened. He smiled a bit despite himself, well, at least I'll have somebody I can talk to when all is said and done. Oddly enough, his fear of not fitting in seemed to be baseless, apparently he should have been more afraid of catching an exotic disease on the first day.

Once Freyja had finished with his bandages, he flexed his hands open and close and shook them out, trying to restore some of his own blood to them. He looked her in the eyes and gave her a small smile, despite the situation, "Thanks".
Freyja blushed when Eli thanked her. She tried to put on her smile but the blush seemed to be killing all brain to muscle connections. "The...They looked like they hurt." she said. She finally got a mousy smile on her face, the timing was all off.

She turned and started taking her uniform off, so that she could climb in to the showers. Her brain was so lost that she didn't even feel the chill of the air on her skin. As she stepped up into the showers she turned and asked Eli if he was coming.

Oinari turned on the nob and started the hot water flowing over her. It seemed to be washing more then just the dirt, blond and contaminates off, but also her concerns of any pathogens.
"Yeah, just a second." It took him some extra time to disrobe because of his wings. He stepped into the decontamination showers and turned on the one opposite of Freyja. The hot water felt good, as did the removal of the sticky feeling on his hands.

Still, he found it difficult to relax. He felt strangely restless, perhaps with the adrenaline still in his system. He took several deep breaths before dunking his head forward and soaking his head, letting the water run down his face.

He squinted his eyes shut and turned around, running the strong anti-microbial shampoo through his hair. The unpleasant smell tickled his nose and the strong substance made his scalp tingle unpleasantly. He quickly washed it out, but the feeling didn't go away. He was not looking forward to putting this stuff on his wings.

Still, at least it kept him distracted. He turned back around to face the wall and grabbed the body wash and began applying it, paying a little bit more attention to his own skin than he perhaps normally would if he were showering alone.

He felt nervous and awkward, and he wasn't exactly sure why. It's not like he hadn't had to take communal showers in basic before. Of course, he never really knew anybody else in basic, so it was always impersonal and easy to ignore them. He felt strangely self-conscious and he silently cursed himself for it.

Kata'nova stirred, her head pounding so badly that she couldn't really think properly. She opened her eyes, her vision all hazy and full of out of place colors, the ceiling was a bright purple while the things around her pulsated in her direction.

She could hear things, but whatever it was didn't come across as being comprehensable. It was all gibberish and as she turned her head toward Sunflower she saw something, its shape constantly changing.

"Xibu uif ifmm bsf zpv?!" she shouted and drew back, sliding off the bed and onto the floor where she reached into the back of her clothing, not even noticing that it had been torn open. She flicked the blade open and aimed it toward Sunflower. "Hfu bxbz zpv npotufs!" she said while taking a few steps back.
Medical Center

Sunflower's eyes went wide for a moment seeing her patient drawing a blade and menacing her. Out of reflex her hand went to her NSP. I do not dare shoot her, in her state a stun shot could easily kill. I need some backup. she looked around but Freyja and Eli were gone into Decon.

She looked around and spotted one of the ANU. She sent a mental command to the unit, instructing it to move slowly behind Kata'nova and to load its hypospray with a generic sedative. Half dose because she did not know how well the Kit's body would metabolize it.

Sunflower moved slowly and spoke to Kata. Keeping her voice calm but also keeping her patient focused on her. She saw Katae enter the doorway to the Medical Center. She gestured for the Taisa to hold her position.

The ANU moved silently along the floor and extended one of its arms. Once in range the unit pressed the hypospray against Kata's skin. There was a hiss.

Kata'nova whirled around at the sound; with a growl her arm was a blur as she stabbed at the ANU several times. She whirled around to try to strike at Sunflower, but the sedative started taking effect, she staggered and the blade fell from her hand. Her eyes rolled up into her head and she started falling foward. Sunflower moved forward to catch her patient.

With Kata'nova in the ABMU Sunflower engaged the unit. She reached in and pressed the PMS-1 hypospray against her patient's skin. The ABMU engaged the containment force fields, and the unit began removing Kata'nova's clothing. The screens were in privacy mode so that no one would see anything.

Sunflower started a mental list of possible explanations while she waited for the data to become available. As part of the treatment preparation, she inserted an IV into Kata's arm. The sensor data showed that her patient had an elevated fever, rapid pulse, respiration, and low blood pressure.

I wish I had more data on her baselines. I have no idea how dangerous her fever is. But the rest of her vitals are troubling enough. she thought.

The unit started signalling the availability of data. Sunflower entered commands to have the unit display a volumetric image. There was signs of infection in her blood, but not in her respiratory system. The unit also showed that the injury site of the patient was a mass of infection. She had the unit start taking genetic samples so that she could program the Cellular spray unit to repair the site once the infection was under control.


Josea looked at the programming changes that Kitsu had suggested. He admired the work that the IT specialist had done.

"Perhaps you should look at the full program, it has a number of self configuring modules." He said holding out his isolated computer pad. "Right now the program is operating in default mode because have very little data to work with. So I would appreciate if you can look at how those other modules work. If we can get more data from Kata'nova the program will start working better. Unfortunately the young female is rather shy it seems."

Freyja grabbed the bottle of disinfecting soap. She really didn't care for the smell but she needed to scrub her self, if she didn't and Eli got re-infected from her she would never forgive herself. The bottle was fairly slick and she lost her grip on it. It dropped with it's trajectory ending at Eli's foot.

Eli felt something brush against his foot as he rinsed out the acrid shampoo from his hair. Out of reflex, he opened his eyes and looked down at his foot. He stared intently at it for several seconds before opening his mouth.

"Er..." he started and finished. He kicked the bottle weakly back in the opposite direction and laughed nervously before turning back around to face the wall.

"Sorry, i didn't mean to drop that." She blushed and went over and picked it up, and poured a bit of it without any more issues. she started scrubbing down, when she realized how nervous Eli was acting, "Why are you nerviness, you worried about being infected too?"

Well, that's part of it. Eli thought. He opened his eyes and shook his head, wincing a bit at the amount of soap in his eyes. "Gah! This stuff is awful!" He heard the question, but he didn't have a good answer, at least not one he would give easily.

"It is, isn't it" she smiled a bit as she worked the soap into her hair. "I'm just thinking about the nice smelling soap I have for my normal showers. if you like, when this is all said and done I'll lend it to you." As she started scrubbing it into her skin she noticed it stinging a little. It truly felt like it was going to kill everything.

"Maybe. Good soap is, uh... good." Eli was painfully aware of the irony of him being the nervous one here, he felt his ability to form words and responses slipping through his fingers faster than the water from the decontamination shower. He stretched his wings out as far as the nine foot wingspan would go and began the process of washing his wings with gritted teeth, it was about as unpleasant as he feared. He quickly realized a problem. "Oh by the glory of Elysia Novus..." he muttered in Seraphim and sighed.

As Eli unfurled his wing, while he was facing away from her, he pinned her against a wall. She didn't want to hurt him by moving them, so she froze in place. "Uh...." she didn't quite know what to say, she still didn't know why he was still so nervous. "uhh can.. can you.. uhh. move your w..wings?"

Eli shrank quickly, the embarrassment in his voice clear. "Oh! Ah..sorry. The wings, they're ah..hard to wash, especially in such a small space and uh..." he stumbled forward a bit.

"Do..Do you want a hand washing them?"

"I- uh..." He was actually just thinking that he would need help, especially if he wanted to be sure he was properly disinfected but he hadn't been able to think of a good way to ask her. Oh creator, can this get any more awkward? "That may prove efficacious for the current task, yes." he stumbled awkwardly and with absurd formality. In any other circumstance, it would have been galling to ask for assistance in such a personal matter, but with all of the rest of the situation, Eli was considering that dying from an unknown disease might not be the worst possible fate.

She glooped a bit more soap in to her hand, and started scrubbing it gently into his feathers. She was trying to be a careful as possible not to pull or damage the feathers. Freyja wasn't quite sure why but she felt a tightness in her tummy. "umm I'm not hurting you am I?"

Eli squirmed a little bit. Somewhat surprisingly, she managed to avoid tickling him, but it was quite an awkwardly intimate touch. "No. You're fine!" he said tersely with an obviously forced relaxed sounding tone. His mind raced for something to talk about to take his mind off this entire situation. He tried to focus on the unpleasant prickling sensation and his stinging eyes.

Freyja smiled, She was happy that she wasn't hurting him, though he was starting to look funny he had bubble wings. she started giggling a little. "You're starting to look like a bubble fairy."

"A bubbl- what?" he laughed a little, grateful for the distraction, even if it was trading one embarrassment for a lesser one. "Surely you mean I'm the spitting image of the Arch-Angel of Bubbly Vengeance Freyja-Hei." he said with a haughty air. "I have descended from on high to judge you for your unclean ways!" it felt good to laugh a little during the tense situation with Kata' and possible infection.

freyja giggled some more before taking some of the bubbles and making a halo for the Bubbly winged one. "Here you are then oh great bubbly one: a halo."

"Ack! Hey!" Eli complained as the bubbles melted over his face. He laughed a little and then shifted back into his tone of fake gravitas. "You dare tempt my wrath mortal?" He started turning around to dump water on her in revenge before he froze awkwardly mid-turn and inched back to his original facing He let the water in his hands splash on the floor and he coughed awkwardly. "Erm. Carry on."

Freiyja watched is very awkward display. Smiling most miscvily grin she ever ever displayed she reached up and retrieved the shower wand. flicking it over to the strong jets she started spraying him down, "Why are you so Awkward, Mr Bubbly?" She started giggling again as she hosed him.

"How are you not? Ack!" Eli flapped in reflex at the sudden jet of water, sending a significant amount of water across the shower. Almost any appearance of regality or stoicness that was present at the beginning of the day had been thoroughly ground down by this point.

"Why should I be?" She blinked a fewe times in confusion as she lowered the shower wand. "Are you really concerned over the possibility of an infection?" Freyja's head tipped to the the side.

"Erm. Well. A little, but ah... how do I put this?" Eli brushed some soap off his brow. "It's..ah, well, I'm not used to..uh..showering with others, particularly uh, members of the...ah.. opposite sex." he stumbled out. He suddenly busied himself with rinsing off non-existing soap on his body.

"Why would that matter we both needed to shower and get clean..." she paused for a moment as thoughts slammed forward in her head. "are you embarrassed that I'm nude? you shouldn't be.." The tightness in her tummy struck again. Frejya's eyes went wide as she grab her middle. "Maybe I need to sit down for a minute."

Eli's embarrassment gave way to grave concern. "Are you alright?" He shut off the water in front of him, but didn't turn around just yet.

"My stomach feels funny." She put one hand on the wall as she rinsed the last of the soap off of her."I really don't know why." Once the last of the soap washed off she stepped out of the stall and grab a towel. the tightness ebbed slightly but didn't fade.

Eli followed suit and grabbed a towel as well. It seemed incredibly unlikely to him that something would get past the heavily engineered metabolism of the Nekovalkyria body, but he was still concerned. He put a hand on Freyja's shoulder. "Alright, guess fun shower time is over. We should head back to the medical bay and get looked at." In the back of his head, he noticed something. Her bare shoulder felt oddly pleasant. Not what he expected. He coughed nervously, and smiled.

She let Eli lead her back into the med bay. Stopping as she saw the scrubs laying on a counter before she walked out, so she grabbed a pair for herself and put them on before tossing a pair to Eli. once she was dressed she saw Kata' passed out on the table with Sakura standing over her. "Is everything going to be ok with her?" as the worry for her new friend washed back over her, Freyja's stomach started tightening again. She nearly doubled over.

Eli looked between Sakura and Freyja worriedly as he finished up tying his scrubs in a sloppy knot. He still doubted this was the result of any illness that Kata' might have brought onboard, but it was still worrisome. Perhaps some kind of a stress reaction? He wasn't sure what to say or do, so he just simply said, "Reporting for examination, ma'am."
Medical Center

Sakura had looked at the data coming in from Kata'nova. The fact that their guest was disoriented bordering on delirious gave a clear indication that the fever was dangerously high for her species.

The blood work of the alien was troubling. Her equivalent of leukocytes were greatly elevated. She zoomed the visual representation of the patient on what was the most likely source. The injury that she had sustained on Higaflan. The scanner nanobots showed that wound as a massive infection. There were trace amounts of foreign matter in the tissue. The nanobots identified rapidly reproducing bacteria. Septicemia or what ever her people call this. Sakura thought.

She programmed the ABMU to start providing Kata'nova with a broad spectrum antibiotic. She then added instructions to clean the wound, ensuring that all of the foreign matter was removed. She programmed the Emrys Cellular Spray feature to start sampling Kata's genetics and produce raw material to heal the injury once the clean up was complete.

She looked up from her work when she heard Freyja and Eli speak.

Standing straight she turned and faced the other crew members.

"She is a very sick individual. But I believe I have come up with a effective treatment and the unit is following it. I will have a better prognosis when I see how she is responding to treatment."

Sakura looked at the two crew members, concern was clearly evident on Eli's face. Freyja's expression was equally concerned until she doubled over with signs of distress. She moved quickly over to her. Nekovalkyrja, do not get sick, could there be some sort of poisoning at work. No the blood work would have identified any dangerous chemical elements. she thought.

She picked up Freyja and took her to the examination room and deposited her on the table. Sakura grabbed the curtain and looked at Eli. "Destin-Hei, kindly take a seat on while I check Oinari-Hei. Please let me know if you start experiencing any symptoms." She closed the curtain and returned to Freyja. She pressed the scanner hypospray against her and loaded the serial number into the PMS-1.

"Oinari-Hei, can you describe your symptoms and when did they first present." she said, her concern for her crew member clearly evident.
Eli nodded in response to the command from the nurse and took a seat away far enough away from her and Freyja to give them privacy. He took a few deep breaths and closed his eyes, trying to become hyperaware of his body. It was a bit silly and naive to think he could catch any sickness just by paying more attention to himself, but it wouldn't hurt.

All he could really feel was the lingering tingle and smell of the disinfectant over his body though. He looked over at Kata again. Very sick individual may have been a bit of an understatement, but he had confidence in the nurse.
Nashoba said:
"Oinari-Hei, can you describe your symptoms and when did they first present." she said, her concern for her crew member clearly evident.

Freyja thought for a few moments, "uhh well it is a tightness in my stomach, It seemed to start just after we got up here and started to take showers, maybe there were a few little pangs before coming up here." She sounded very worried. She didn't know what was wrong with her, Am I dieing?'
Cargo Hold YSS Aeon

Hisa stood looking at the cargo hold. There were a number of large containers with equipment that Katae had requested, and a couple of extra vehicles. None of which were properly secured.

She walked over and picked up the handset, "Usaga-Juni to Aria-Hei, report to the Cargo Hold immediately."

Saki looked up from the armour she was just looking at. She sighed and put the datapad she used for diagnostics down. She still had to finish this armour and do another one, before she was done. And there was already one that had to be send on repair and she had to log it into the system.

"I will be right over ma'am," Saki messaged back and left the room. It was just a short walk across the hallway to the cargo lift. Saki made sure armoury was locked tight for anyone non-authorized before leaving. Then she took a lift two levels down, where cargo bay was.
Hisa walked over to Kim, "You have the complete inventory of stuff that needs taking care of?" she asked.

The blue-eyed Neko smiled at Hisa, "Yes Juni, have it right here. The Taisa is obviously wanting to be prepared for just about anything. Some of this stuff is definitely non-standard."

The doors slid open and Saki walked inside. She bowed to both nekoes in the room. A Heisho and Juni. "You called for me ma'am?" She said, looking at Hisa. Saki wondered why she was called over.

The green-eyed Juni turned to look at Saki, "Yes, I did. The Taisa said you are the leader of the Infantry, and the ship's armorer. Well, we have a bunch of equipment in the cargo hold that falls under your responsibility. Which needs to be secured before we get underway.

There is a TASHA over there in a crate. Eternity says that once you have it prepared she has a download for it. Seems that the TASHA you used transmitted its memories before it was destroyed."

Hisa smiled at Saki, "There are cargo straps in the containers against the wall."

"That is great news," Saki responded. "I am sure Ichigo got a great experience down on our last mission and can use that in future. I assume that I have to move the TASHA to the vehicle bay ma'am?" Saki said while she walked to get the cargo straps.

"I will leave it to you where you want to put the TASHA. We have an ATV, and a APC as well as that need to be unpacked prepared and lashed down so that they don't go sliding across the hold." Hisa said, "After all Ise-Taisa said you were to take care of them. There are also several gallons of paint that came in with the ATV."

"I would move them all the vehicle bay to get them ready asap ma'am," Saki responded to the juni. "I still have to finish check-up of all the armours we used on last mission. Does this task take preference ma'am?"

"Well you are the squad leader, perhaps you should have the rest of the infantry come down and do it while you supervise. After all, they need to get use to taking direction from you." Kim suggested.

Saki did not think of that. Most of the away team were infantry members. She would not imagine sending for them to help her unpack thing in cargo-hold. That was job what technicians usually. That said, there was not reason for her to do all the work if she could just order someone to help her.

"Great suggestion ma'am, thank you. I am squad leader only for about two hours, I better get used to giving orders now." Saki said to Kim with a polite smile.

Kim smiled, "Well, just passing on a lesson I learned. I just about wore myself out when I first came on board the Aeon. I was always trying to personally see to it that everything was stored. The Taisa asked me why I did not ask for others to help." she grinned,

Kim walked over and gave Saki a set of keys, "Those unlock the compartments where the supplies for stowing gear are kept. Take care of them." She said with a grin. "Oh, and congratulations on the promotion."


Medical Center
Sunflower started reviewing the data coming in from the PMS. No fever, elevated respiration, blood normal. Curious she thought. She placed a hand on Freyja's abdomen, and prodded exploring. She could find no abnormality with her physical exam. She noted that Freyja's abdominal muscles were tightening in an almost spasmodic fashion.

Looking at the data, there was no physiological explanation for this. This appears to be psychosomatic.

"Oinari-Hei, there is nothing wrong that I can find at the moment. Did anything happen to upset you?" she inquired.

Freyja was lost for words, 'There is nothing wrong? But my tummy...' She wasn't sure where to start. "Uhh I guess there was the bit in the Passage way," She took a few moment to explain what all happened there, "But don't get up-set with him, I really don't believe he did that, i was... I jump to conclusions there, He is really nice, I mean, He is really friendly and the such, He even tried to comfort me when everything when to pot there with Kata', even though he was the one with all the blood on him."

As she sat there explaining all this she felt another bit of tightening in her guts.
"Thank you ma'am!" Saki replied to Kim with a bow. It felt good to be promoted and even better to be leader now. Of course first she needed to proof she had what was needed. This thing would be a good tryout. Saki moved to the box with Tasha and sighed. It will really be faster in a team.

This is Arai Saki Jôtô-hei, I would like all members of the away team who are no under other order to come into cargo bay as soon as possible.

Arai re-read the message she composed and nodded. This would be enough. She checked in with the AI to actually see who all was in her team and sent them all this message.
Medical Center

Sunflower took a moment to review the data coming in from Kata'nova. The patients vital signs were moving back towards a more normal level. She listened to Freyja, it appeared to her that the Nekovalkyjra was upset about something.

"Oinari-Hei, you have no sign of infection from our visitor. Your symptoms are more consistent with some sort of emotional issue. I suggest you spend a few minutes and figure out what is bothering you. I need to check on Destin-Hei." She said, and walked out of the examination room.

She walked over to Eli, she looked over her shoulder at Katae. "Taisa, we can stand down the quarantine. I will have one of the MARA drones go down and clean up the fabrication area. Our guest is suffering from a bacterial infection from planetary debris in her wound. It is highly unlikely that she could pass it one to anyone unless they had open wounds and her blood got into the wound."

"That is good to know. I will notify the bridge. Any idea of how long before she will recover?" Katae inquired.

"I will want to keep her here until I am sure that her body is responding well. I do not want to risk an allergic reaction so I am having to control the dosages precisely. At least a few hours, though she will be awake long before that." She turned back to her other patient.

"Destin-Hei, I have good news for you. Since you have no open wounds, there is no way that what is affecting Kata'nova-San could infect you.

Her body is fighting an infection that came from material that got into the wound she suffered on the planet. However, I would like to say that you were prudent to take the steps that you did. Although I would like to take a blood sample, from you and any other crew members who are not NH-series. So that I can run some tests between Kata's blood and yours to see if there are any risk of cross infection."

Katae stepped into the hallway, and picked up the intercom hand set, she dialed the shipwide channel.

"Attention all hands. This is the Captain. Stand down from Quarantine. Avoid the fabrication bay until clean up has been completed. That is all."
Nashoba said:
Medical Center
"Oinari-Hei, you have no sign of infection from our visitor. Your symptoms are more consistent with some sort of emotional issue. I suggest you spend a few minutes and figure out what is bothering you. I need to check on Destin-Hei." She said, and walked out of the examination room.

Freyja looked at the medic dumbfounded, 'nothing wrong with me medical, something bothering me emotionally? But sure I'm worried about Kata' but Sunflower will fix her, i know that, what else could it be? Freyja frowned, It couldn't be anything having to do with Eli? She wasn't sure anymore. Everything was spinning through her head.

She got up and walked out of the rear area, as soon as she came in to view of Eli she felt her abdomen tighten again, 'Oh crud, it is true.' she felt her face warm up. She started going over a list of places she could hide out in, maybe a crawlspace somewhere or maybe behind some wall panel. She felt like a spot light was on her, and there was no where to hide. All she could do was to stand there staring at Eli blushing and looking like a deer in the headlights.
Eli nodded in response to the nurse. It was definitely a relief to hear those words. "Thank you. I was a little worried that I may have overreacted a little with a ship full of crew members who can't get sick." he rubbed the back of his head. "I'm glad she'll be alright. Is there anything in particular you need me to do for the blood-work, or should I just sit tight here?" he asked. He wasn't a huge fan of getting blood drawn, but there were worse things, like getting blindsided by a disease.

He sighed, stretched, and saw Freyja come out with her best tomato impression. With the sudden relief of tension from the nurse's news, he couldn't suppress some subdued laughter. "Something wrong, Freyja-Hei?" he realized after he said it that it was probably inappropriate to use her first name in a relatively on-duty situation but he didn't let it bother him. "Did you find out what was bothering you earlier?"

As blatantly obvious as the situation probably was to outsiders, it still managed to completely fly past Eli.
Pull Out Pull Out!!... Hostile on Six.... Break Right Break Right... Hit Hit Starboard Engine... Flat Spin... No go on controls... Bail Out Bail Out...

Freyja was in shock, what was she going to say. "Umm... yes I think we have," She looked to the Sunflower for help before deciding to continue, on her own, "The pains were caused... by...uhh... the fact I was dealing emotions.. that I umm hadn't dealt with before..." She looked like she was about to keel over at this point.
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