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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 7.5] Aeon Base

YSS Aeon Corridor

"Squeak!" Sheela replied engrossed in her work. Itto had a good point, Even the in peaceful times, things could go crap in a heartbeat. She filed it away to be remembered as she worked, making some good progress. She was a bit hard the Itto. But they was still trying to figure things out between them and only thing between them that was common, both were to keep the ship fixed and the military they belonged to. Itto was good. She let her explode and gave good advice with explainations that made her think abit about the bigger picture as she worked in getting the ship fixed.

Sheela's respect for the Itto grew a bit more. She sence that Itto trusted her in her work, by taking off on another errand without checking her work. She felt a sence pride also that she could make progress this fast. She just hope she didn't blow that trust as she continued her routine of testing, repairing as needed and followed up with another test to make sure things were working as they was suppose to befoe moving on.

"Don't mention it," the doctor called after Josea with a smile before returning to the tank containing a fellow officer. A whole left leg was already a good sign; but the machines had also reported in that all the other issues had been fixed as well. Eiven nodded his head approvingly as he began the drain sequence and made his way over to the next tube. To his further appreciation, Sunflower was also healed up and ready to go, prompting him to start the train sequence for her as well.

The man then made his way over to a cabinet to retrieve some gowns - the first of which he fitted to Kim before moving her to a more comfortable place to wake up in. He then did similar with his fellow medical staff member before stopping by Kata'nova again.

"You seem to be looking better," the Minkan offered with a kind grin, "How are you feeling?"