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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 7.5] Aeon Base


With orders, Sheela finger claws tapped out rapid commands, diverting everything she could to keep cool the graviton generators. She pulled power from all the unused sections of the ship. She activated emergancy lights to guide Misaki, the fastest route through the ship to avoid blast shields and blast doors, to where she needed to go.

"May the Great Mice protect everyone of this fine warship," Sheela spoke softly aloud as she worked her console along with the ship MEGAMI. "Also give strength and yooz protection to those that are on the ground and in the air outside our Fghting Den."

Sheela so wanted to take over the guns and to fly, but she stayed at her place for she was not like the Nekos; working as fast as her knowledge and skill allowed. She was making command decision as she was doing her job. Doing her best to keep the ship alive by rerouting power, cooling, sending necessary information to Itto.

She knew she was in for a big tail chewing from her boss and later the Captain of the ship. She ignored it as she did her job better or for worse. She would glady take the tail chewing if everyone came out alive belonging to YSS Aeon, her new Den Community.

Sheela put her heart and soul into her assigned job. She wished she was with Itto scrambling madly about the ship, busting knuckes in fixing the ship.
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"I'll do my best, Katae. You know that." Misaki sent back fondly by the time she arrived in the launch bay. The XO hopped, then floated very quickly using one of her natural gifts, to land before her Mindy-1H armor. The officer projected a field over herself before stripping clean from her uniform, the one she wore even though she didn't /have/ to thanks to volumetrics, but preferred often, for solidarity's sake. Free of her clothes, she keyed the power armor and slid in with a graceful push off the deck, touch to the bulkhead, and slid inside.

She performed her checks quickly after sealing herself into the envelope of the power armor. Once her systems were online, she showed as active on the bridge readout. "Combat deployment. Five seconds. Mark." She announced to the bridge, and rather than make the shutters open longer, she waited until they crept open enough for her unit to make it through, and shot into space. Sealing the Aeon behind her, the officer targeted the nearest fighter, and fired her main weapon for a round before she let the aether cannon go back to standby, and sped for an atmospheric entry to go after the ground team.

There was one voice Eiven was hoping to hear, but then realized she may not have understood that he was checking who was ok still. He did a very quick check for Kata before making his way along the wall, keeping himself stuck to it as best as he could. "If they don't we'll want to find the breaker panel," he replied to Sachi, then started checking along the walls to see if there was one.

"The breaker panel is on the left side of the Examination room Doctor." Sachi called out as the ship rolled to port and she struggled to maintain her footing.

The indicators for the Graviton engine showed the temperature dropping to normal when Sheela was halfway through diverting systems to it. A new warning came up on the screen showing that environmental systems were offline in the lower two decks. A moment later an impact on the shields caused the starboard ones to dip lower and the ship shook with the force.

As the ship shook from impact, as Sheela reported in an the success of the cooling graviton generators and another loss to the starboard shields to Itto. Being a well trained in the arts of flying and combat, Sheela knew she could easily fly this ship and here she was a lowly tech at the bottom. Then again she was an outsider, unproven and unknown.

She rerouted power to the shields she could draw from systems that she didn't have assigned to graviton generators to keep them cool. Hopefully to strengthen the starboard shield

Eiven sucked himself tightly to the wall as the next impact occurred - cursing lightly in his father's tongue. "Alright, I'll see if I can get around to there," he sighed, crawling his way across the wall once the movement eased off a little again. The Kohosei also kept an eye out for the power to see if the shut off would happen before he got to the panel.
The power remained on as Eiven entered the Examination room. The Aeon rocked suddenly the opposite direction as the ship changed course and attitude to engage another group of fighters.

Sachi continued to keep the cable in her grip and was employing her natural anti-grav to help keep her in place.

Kata'nova responded to Josea's checking on her condition. He called out to Eiven. "Doctor our alien friend is okay."

The shield system accepted the power that Sheela was routing to. The system also showed that power was being routed from the Gunship's auxiliary power system which had just come on line.

Eiven hung on as the ship continued to move around, slowly managing to get to the electrical panel. Once there, he noted that the cable was still sparking. Engineering would need to know about this failure once things settle down.

As the doctor opened the panel he heard Josea's announcement. "Good news in this insanity," he replied back with some effort as he continued to try keeping himself against the wall, "Try to keep together and as secure as possible. Nami-Hei, hang in there a little longer."

The Kohosei began going through any information that he could find around the breakers. He wanted to locate the power for the hemosynth tubes first in order to ensure he avoided them. Once those were found, Eiven would work on locating primary lights and turning them off.

Once by one, the Minkan doctor turned off the illumination in the section, hoping at least one of them would stop the sparky sparky in his Medical Bay.

When Eiven hit the correct breaker, "That's it the circuit is off." Sachi called out. She looked around for a way to secure the cable.

"Ahh, good!" Eiven called back with a great sigh and a silent, rhetorical questioning of his sanity. He could feel his heart beating in his chest from the continuing excitement of the day and recalled Katae's question about his age. His original body likely would not have handled the strain that well - up to a minor cardiac issue about now, or some time soon.

The doctor focused on calming himself down, despite further shakes and shimmies - hoping to bring his adrenaline down a little. The man wanted a clear head and a non-exploded chest, whether his body could handle it or not. He then called out to the computer with the next order of business on his mind.

"Eternity," he began, "Let Engineering know we have some electrical problems to be looked at once critical and operations systems are dealt with."

The Minkan then made his way back into the main area to calm himself a little more. One never knew what problem could happen next; but before he could catch it, Eiven began to smile as if he just might be enjoying things. "You truly are a foolish old man," he thought bemusedly to himself.
Sheela juggled the power needs of the ship with a deftness and creativity, now that the extra power source was online. She was gonna be a busy mouse in the walls if and when the fighters backed off. Sheela gotten the word via the status board she was working at, showed that the power was shut off from a damaged power grid cable.
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When the fighters broke off and streaked away, Katae considered pursuit until the the Away team message came through. She instead slowed the gunship and altered their course. She secured the weapons and instructed Eternity to sound condition three.

"Attention all hands, we are now at Condition Three. Damage control personnel contact Engineering for assignments. Repeat we are Condition Three

Eternity's voice came from the speakers, "Engineering has been notified of your status. We are now at Condition Three, personnel may move about the ship.
Bridge -> all over....

Sheela was so gone off the bridge, prioritizing her workload and immediatly went to work. Directing Damage Control crews as she began her work in repairing, jury-rigging, testing, double checking her work. Those that looked lost, she sent them after parts, tools she needed. She used her tail, and even her feet to hold stuff in place as she worked getting the ship back to fighting trim. Even though she was a Santo-Hei, she commanded like she was an Officer or a very Senior Non-Com. She strutted her knowledge and skill as she worked hard. Pushing herself to the limit, proving she was good if nor better. Burned out relays, slagged parts littered the decking behind her. If she needed to be found, just follow the trail of trashed parts laying on the floor.

"Thank-you, Eternity," the doctor called back before heading back into the main area to check on the others. Should they all be fine, the Hemosynth Tanks were next on his list, then cleaning up.

Sachi removed her helmet and looked around at the room. The Hemosynth tubes were close to completion. She was tempted to go over and take care of them, but that was Eiven's purview as the ranking person. Instead she set about cleaning up the Medical center. She went to the closest cabinet and carefully opened it. Then started putting things back to right.

Josea looked at Medical personnel. "Well, thank you for your hospitality. I am going to lend my hand on making repairs. Guess I will see you all back on the Kyoten when the ship goes into the repair bay." he said and left.
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Passage way
Hisa followed Sheela's path of devastation. When she finally spotted the Technician she put her hands on her hips and raised her voice and let her annoyance carry.

"Swiftpaw-Santô Hei. What do you think you are doing? I do not know where you learned your repair skills, but we do not leave a path of debris and parts behind us on the Aeon. Go back down that passageway and pick up all the tools and parts you left. Put the defective parts in the bins for recycling. The Taisa sees this mess she will have both our hides."
Passage way

Sheela glanced back at the trail of broken and burned parts in her wake. Sheela nodded to Itto, "Squeak! Iz got it under control. Iz think the Taisa would rather have a working ship to fight with than a minor mess incase of a counter-attack."

Sheela was feeling her oats as she was still in middle of a repair of major relay junction. Testing, replacing, testing. Another burned relay goes flying to the floor to come to a clattering stop at Itto's feet to join what was there already. "Where Iz from, Iz was a fighter pilot commando in command of areospace fighter team. Only reason I'm a tech and not flying a fighter is because Iz don't have cyber implants in mez, nor genetically altered. Too slow and not strong enough to be Infantry. Squooo, Herez Iz am. A Tech," While working, she spoke with respect and as an equal to Hisa-Itto. Trying not to be disrespectful, but the repairs needed to be done and there was a lot to do. She could talk while working. As most of her attention was focused on her work. "It'll be cleaned up, even if Iz have to take a toothbrush to sweep up the mess."

Then Sheela raised a pawlike hand up. "Itto, please have faith in mez," in the natural pause in her flow of work. "Iz heard everything and aware of it. Iz may not be the best housekeeper when working getting things repaired. Iz should've had one of the gang to clean up after mez," waving her hand at drone bringing up a new load of parts needed for repairs. "Great Mice knows Iz aint perfect. But at least Iz am close enough where it concerns the most." Patting the bulkhead of the corridor she was standing in. "Iz hate to have mez den suffering because mez more worried about whot command thinks of mez all the time. Nothing would get done inna timely manner." Returning to work again in a new place, rewiring in a new wire or fiber optics as needed in transfering commands and power where needed. "Iz need someone to check up on why the Auxillary Power Generator was delayed in starting up. Wez shouldn't have had to reroute power from non-essentual sections of the ship."

She looked at the drone that just arrived with the cart of replacement parts. "Clean up the junk off the floor," Sheela commanded the Drone.

The Drone grabbed one of the empty carts and began picking up the debri that Sheela had tossed on the deck, and putting it in the empty cart.
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Hisa looked at the strange soldier. "I understand you are new to our ways. But in combat debris can become a risk. A sudden ship move when the gravitics falter and was was debris are now projectiles that can damage equipment and hurt personnel. So next time just clean up as you go.

As for the Auxiliary Generator I already know what is wrong with it. The EMP from the explosion damaged its circuits. I had to manually start it. Fortunately once we are done on the surface, I am sure the Taisa will have the ship brought into our starbase in orbit. That system on it will be able to fix the Aeon as good as new. I am heading to the bridge to give her my assessment. Finish up and then grab something to eat once the wardroom is open."

Kata'nova sat upright as the headache she'd had before finally cleared up; she looked about the room, when the lights had gone off her eyes had focused enough to where she could see quite clearly and took in everything that had happened. The headache she'd had made it to where she hadn't really been aware of everything going on, she ran her hand against the bed she on - not feeling it at all given she lacked that kind of a sense - and pondered what more was going to happen.