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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 7.5] Aeon Base

Misaki replied, "Ma'am." Smoothly as the order was given, and spent the next moments she had running solutions between the ship, the weapons station, and herself as she fell into combat...combat was so far less complicated to her than diplomacy, the edge of that sword was sharper than others. Still, she was happy where she was, even happier to be on the bridge during a tense situation where she felt she belonged, though if Katae had told her to throw rocks at them from the airlock she'd probably have not worried too much there, either.

"Firing solution acquired. We were able to extrapolate the sites easily. Ready on your mark." The XO announced.

Sheela finished one fire suppression scanner, tested it as she looked around the room. It had a neat barbeque pit between two tables. She looked thoughtful at hit as she moved over to look it over. "Squeeee..." Softly as she looked puzzled at it for a few long minutes. Then she got back to work, climbing up on the table to check out the ceiling's fire suppression scanner.

Standing there looking a bit puzzled, as she looked around at the ceiling taking note of several more of them. "Squeak!" in frustration as she hopped down off the table and scampered out, leaving footprints on the nicely polished tables.

Sheela's examination of the fire suppression system showed that the problem was relatively minor. The circuit breakers for the system were popped.


"Excellent." Katae said to her XO, she picked up the handset and dialed ship wide. "Attention all hands, seems that the Thaurgons are menacing our away team and planning to kill off their civilians. We are not going to let this happen. All Hands, Battlestations, we are at Condition 1." she said into the handset.

Throughout the Gunship the systems shifted from normal operation to combat. The battlestations klaxon rang through out the ship. Blast shutters began moving into position and securing themselves.

"Engineering to XO, Usaga-Juni, all primary systems operational. Shields charged and engaging." came a message on the XO's station.


Josea allowed the station to work on resetting his shoulder. Fortunately the local pain killer made the process tolerable. When he heard the Taisa's voice call the ship to battle stations, he briefly considered getting out of the medical unit. But he remembered the new medics warning.

Sheela reset the breakers in the correct position and as she was heading to the kitchen just to be safe. Also to snag a sandwich if the cook was in a good mood, just as the condition red sounded through out the ship along with the announcement. Her ears collapsed closed as they flatten to deafen the loud noise into hair against her skull. She didn't know where her place would be. She changed direction and flew down the stairs into the lounge.


Seeing the blast doors close and being trapped in the lounge, she dove and slid under? to the side? of the blast doors onto the bridge. Remembering the Console that had ship status. She came to a stop with a clatter of tools, parts, and the ever present roll of electrical tape on her tail.


She looked around and seeing the ship status console vacant, She jump into the seat and powered it up seeing the ships status. Then looked for the safety belts for the seat. Otherwise she looked for hand holds to hang onto if things got violent. She sent a quick text message to Itto Hisa that she was manning the bridge Tech console.

Though Kata'nova refused the suit - a move that Eiven grimaced at - he kept it available for when Josea would be finished. It wasn't long before he was glad he did, as the warnings started up in the room. The doctor looked at the three out on the medical tables, checking to see how much time was left, while now and then staring up at the containment rooms.

The Minkan figured strapping Rin down in a containment room would be the best that could be done once that machine was done. Josea, still conscious, could be more easily stuffed into an AMES; but wondered if having the scientist somewhere where he couldn't rattle around too much might be a good idea as well. Then there was the kit to still deal with - this one he would need to talk to again.

"Kata'nova," the officer cadet began, "You need to get yourself into something protective. Do you have anything?"

Kata'nova gave the cadet a rather confused look, the Kit thumbed her outfit and then pointed at the AMES. She figured based on the translation that the cadet was recommending some form of protection but apparently she wasn't aware.. or perhaps more likely, she didn't understand that the bodysuit she was wearing served to protect her various kinds of harm. "Xibu J xfbs qspufdut nf, ju jt nz bsnpvs," the Kit smiled confidently as she sat there and closed her eyes, going into a kind of meditation.

Katae raised an eyebrow at the arrival of Sheela on the bridge. But she had other things to attend to. She opened a channel to the Tenba.

"Aeon-Actual to Oinari-Jôtô Hei. We are going in, we are going to take out the missile batteries. Proceed with your orders with regards to approaching to the garrison, and supporting the away team." she said.

On the console in front of Sheela came a message for Hisa.

Swiftpaw-Santô Hei this is Usaga-Ittô Juni.
What are you doing on the bridge.

That station is for senior crew members to coordinate damage control and repair operations. How are you going to repair things if you are locked into the bridge? We will talk more after the alert about where you should be during condition 1.

Sheela's ears wilted and her tail went limp behind her, allowing the roll of the electrical tape to escape. After seeing the message. She responded with text.

Usaga- Itto-Juni.
I apologize for my ignorance. I will be down as soon as possible. Iz wanted to monitor and reroute power where it is needed and this seamed to be the likely spot to help you.

Sheela didn't know what to do. But she was stuck there as she glanced around spying the roll of tape. She dove out of her seat and recovered it quickly. Returning to her seat and brought up the ship schematics if allowed by the MEGAMI, the ship's computer.

Sheela looked around, fidgeted, realizing she needed to make her escape from the bridge. She was in Officer's Territory on the ship. Spying a Maintenance Hatch, she wondered where it would lead to. With the ship locked down, known the way her luck was running, she would end up in the brig or trapped in someplace that would get her thrown off the ship and made to walk back.

She sat there, looking defeated and restless as she fidgeted and squirmed. Every-time she got her courage up to speak, she lost her nerve. And if possible shrank even more into her seat. ~~I'm the noodle brain to even chosen to come this way!~~ ears tips wilted even lower.

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"Yes Ma'am." Pulling into a turn the Tenba came about and raced towards the location of the Away team. "Switching over to the comms of the Away team, main channel still open though." Freyja spoke as she switched over to the secondary channel.

"Ground Team this is Tenba, Please give me sit rep and team markers. I'm bringing in close air support. mark targets and give me any area you need heavier fire on."
::YSS Aeon : Bridge ::

Besides the ocassional looks from the officers that they give when an enlisted invades their territory without invite. Sheela focused on the screen before her, learning more about the ship.

Sheela had split the screen into easy viewable windows to show the status of major systems of the Aeon along the top of the big screen. Guns in one status window. Defensive Measures in another window. Engines and the power grid in another with the help from the MEGAMI. Everything could be seen at a glance with up to date info as it happens without calling for MEGAMI to bring it up on command.

In a long window just below the smaller screens was the total layout of the ship in 3D slowly rotating along the length axis in color code for each sensitive system. In one corner near the bottom left was the legend that explained the colors represented in the 3D schematics.

Leaving the bottom third of the screen for critical information that required immediate attention for various departments aboard the ship.

Only reminder to the Officers on the bridge, she was there by the soft clicking of her claws against the console's keyboard as she worked dilligently at the project, hopefully improving what was already there.

Not quite sure what the young Daur said, the old doctor sighed at the signs of further refusal. What ever confidence she had must come from somewhere - whether it be the foolishness of youth or something he hadn't seen yet. Either way, he decided to given for the final time, as he needed to be ready for any additional casualties.
"Ready to fire." Misaki called in a clear, calm tone of voice.

She was ready to make up for what she felt was a slip in concentration that allowed them to be hit by the missiles in the first place, even if the commander felt it wasn't that bad, she was not used to being easy on herself, especially where combat was concerned. The Aeon had more than enough fight to rain some firepower upon their new enemies, though she already found herself wondering if they were a splinter group, or they could expect the same from any other of the species they encountered.

Katae started the gunship's charge towards the Thaurgon's garrison. The shields were raised to full strength and they rose to optimum altitude to allow Misaki to fired.

"XO, you may fire at will. Take those batteries out." she called in a calm voice. She just hoped that their response was going to be sufficient to keep the civilian population from being wiped out.


As Freyja streaked forward in the Transporter, her tactical systems showed a number of targets ahead. The system identified them as tanks, model and capability undetermined. They were targeting the Tenba.

Sheela ears twitched and tail wiggled with the excitement as she finished up her project. The 3d Schematic of the YSS Aeon lit up the systems being used. The smaller independant windows showing different systems was showing levels of power usage. Everything looked good as her eyes scanned over the main screen.

"Shields at max. Weapons hot and ready. Target locks are registering." She muttered softly. "Squeeeee.." Softly as the MEGAMI fed good info to the screen. She could watch the screen on the status board and know what was happening anywhere in the ship. Sheela diverted power from the weapons that weren't needed to those that would be a lot more effective and allowing them less power up times between volleys.

If she was going to pay for her mistake of coming to the bridge, she was going to make sure everyone had an excellent chance to survive. She did all she could do, but watch the screens hoping that she could catch things before the Taisa could. She remained still and quiet as she did her job in the limited way she could.
The screens in front of Sheela streamed system data from all primary systems of the Gunship. It also started showing the raw tactical sensor data stream. The screens showed her information on the power systems, and the rising temperatures of the system. The gunship was currently only flying using the graviton engines. But she could see that the aether drives were on standby, but that Katae was leaving them in that mode.

The brown haired Nekovalkyrja turned in her chair to look at Sheela. "Santo Hei, keep a line open to the Engineer report any damage that your station reports so she can direct the drones to effect repairs."

"Squeakies Mezlady Captain!" Sheela checked to see the direct line to main engineering was at as she tapped commands to open a line and lock it open.

Sheela kept her eyes roving over the screen as the data changed to reflect the ship's systems in action. She was a bit puzzled why the ship still flew when the main aether drives were on standby mode. She inputted the question and MEGAMI replied back, highlightling the graviton engines, explaining indepth of how they worked on a small window in the corner. "

Sheela smiled at seeing that. "Thank yooz, Miss Aeon." naming the MEGAMI. She could feel the 6 year old warship harmonics and vibration perk up? as she also typed in her responce to MEGAMI. "Wez are gonna be good friends!"

"You are welcome Swiftpaw-Santô Hei. However my name is Eternity, not Miss Aeon." came the reply from the MEGAMI.

Sheela eyes widen in delight as her tail wiggled in delight. "Please Eternity, call mez Sheela in private. Iz gotta set up a coms link with yooz." Eyes darted over the screen. "Can Iz talk with yooz from anywhere in the ship?" Keeping her voice low, so it would not disturb or interfer with the Taisa and bridge crew.

Sheela was delighted and it showed as she sat straighter. claws tap-danced across the keyboard. Eyes sparkled with reflected colors in merriment. Now she had two whom she could call a friend. Making a silent vow to do her very best for the ship's welfare and crew.

Eiven made another round of the lab, first checking on the two tubes to make sure Eun-Kyung and Sunflower were still coming together nicely. Their missing legs seemed to show evidence of getting perceptibly longer, causing the doctor to smile a little at something going right for a change. The whole process would still take some time; but at least intellectually he could be sure they would be alright.

Next he made his way by Rin; checking the monitor and gauging the progress between that and what he saw. Thankfully the shaking had stopped before these procedures were initiated otherwise there could have been worry of cuts happening where they shouldn't, or bones being set incorrectly. This was a worry that could have been extended to Josea, whom the older Minkan checked on next.

The progress with the scientist also seemed to be going decently, causing the Kohosei to nod in satisfaction. Instead of getting carried away talking, however, he just smiled at the other man and gave him a thumbs up before moving on. Eiven wanted Josea to continue relaxing and letting the machine do its job as efficiently as possible - something that could be affected by a patient moving around too much.

The medical officer then looked over at Kata'nova again and sighed. She almost looked to be the most comfortable person there - pain not withstanding - though he wished there were a way he could be certain. Unfortunately, since he found himself without the necessary translation toys, any attempts at communication would only be partially effective one way.

Finally, Eiven poked his head into the back room to see how the Thaurgons were doing. It was nice to see that they had managed some positivity with their first contact, but he hoped that the facilities were of help to Marnissa.