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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 7.5] Aeon Base


"I have a feeling someone was taking potshots at us, since we had already dealt with the blast we were previously worrying about," the old Minkan replied, starting to program the table, "I actually have half a mind to..." Eiven was interrupted as yet another patient was carried in - the technician he had been working with what felt like a life time ago, after all the action.

"Thanks, Nami-Hei," he replied when Sachi stepped in. The medical officer was worried about being further inundated, and her arrival was a relief. But then he realized what she had addressed him as and called after her with a smirk, "By the way; call me 'Doctor' instead of 'Shoi'. I haven't earned the latter yet."

"This place is becoming a zoo," the doctor commented quietly as he turned back to Josea and worked on programming more. "Once I have you and, what was her name?" he looked over at Kata'nova gain, "Once I have you and her started, I think I'm going to ask about the situation." The Kohosei then finished the program and let out a heavy sigh, "Alright, are you ready?"

"Her name is Kata'nova, she is a member of something called the Neshaten Kingdom. From what she has told us she is a child soldier." Josea replied, he looked briefly tosee how she was doing. "Ready when you are Doc."

Sachi focused her attention on her paitent, but replied to Eiven. "Sorry about that, Doc. Shoi Kohosei is a mouthful in an emergency."
Deck 5 : Maintenance Conduit

Sheela continued on with the repairs as the relays were easy to replace as she laid in a whole new wiring grid. Hoping that Itto had heard her about the 10X-19 Circuit board. Her tail held a roll of electrician tape as she worked with the most used tools sticking out of her pockets.
Misaki let a few correlating processes run through her mind quickly before offering input, "We should find out more if possible, our first priority should be the ship, if that means eliminating their method of attack first, so be it. I submit we might have fallen upon some sort of intrigue out here, rather than what they actually suggested their initial purpose was here, that or any number of possibilities that would make them want to destroy us before noting of our contact with them."

"I believe action should be taken as swiftly as possible to discern the truth. Tactically speaking they will be more forthcoming if we have a clear advantage again. If they are not, we can explore other options, including moving on." The XO suggested smoothly, still feeling some nagging issues with the fact the ship was hit stick with her. The solider would definitely review her connections to the ship later.

"Kata'nova," the doctor repeated, making sure to store the name, "I suppose no matter how similar, there are always differences." He hit the final button and the treatment bed came to life. "Just relax, and let the machine do it's thing. It should finish quickly enough," the man smiled comfortingly before walking away.

Eiven then pulled out the PMS-1 tablet and began looking at what it had found with their Neshaten guest - this while making his way to the terminal he had asked her information be displayed on. Again, so many things seemed similar, yet the differences were striking. Comparing the diagnosis to the Daur's recorded physiology offered some engaging study material; however, research would need to wait - the patient needed to be treated first.

Running through the information, cranial and thoracic trauma seemed to be the biggest issues, though not as bad as they could have been considering Josea's weight. The medical officer checked for an anti-inflammatory, hopefully non-steroidal, that would be appropriate for Kata'nova - wanting to avoid opioids for the time being.
Deck 5 : Maintenance Conduit:

Sheela replaced the last section of wiring and began testing the circuits she just laid in. Getting good readings, she smiled and replaced the panels. Seeing the burnt out circuit board, she frowned and looked through the tool kit for a replacement. She would have to go Engineering to get a replacement.

Fabrication Area:

She pushed out the tool kit ahead of her into corridor on Deck 5. Locking the tool kit in place, she fled to Fabrication and looked through the bins for the replacement for 10x-19 circuit board. "Oh squik!" Softly as she searched for it.

Maki said:
"Aeon, this is Joto-Hei Nagato Maki, I have been contacted by a member of the alien staff who has informed me that their commander, Zeumatozela has executed a military coup of the colony and severed communications with their homeworld. I have also been informed that Zeumatozela instigated the attack on the Aeon and is planning to eliminate the civilian populace" She explained quickly. "My contact also informed me they are attempting to disable the missiles to allow the Aeon's safe landing. Requesting orders asap"

Saki said:
"Ma'am. My team is here, we can react and put this creep down." Saki continued, she was furious, staring at Zeumatozela. What a monster, killing civilians. If it was true Saki would want to rip that thing apart. The alien would not be a person to her anymore, just a thing. "We are all in Mindies, which meand we are armed enough for surgical strike. We can capture Zeumatozela and try to take out their defensive grid. We should not tolerate a civilian killers ma'am. It goes against everything we stand for."

Katae turned to Misaki, "Pinpoint those missile batteries using the data from the attack. Calculate a firing solution. I want them gone within seconds of my command." she said. Then snatched the handset. "Away team, this is Aeon-Actual. If you are certain of the veracity of the data. Then take Zeumatozela into custody. If you need to engage his troops, try to avoid unnecessary bloodshed. But I want the responsible party alive when we turn him over to his people for justice.

We will be coming to your location to provide air support."

She hung up the handset and took her seat. "XO, take us to Condition 1, sound battle stations."


Hisa came into the room. "The repairs are going well. We have most of the primary systems restored. So now its just a matter of fixing the minor things."

Sheela nodded, "As soon as I get this 10x-19 board in place, this ship will be in good fighting condition." As she programmed the Fabricator to make the desired board. Giving Hisa a glance of puzzlement as she went to work overseeing the production of the desired circuit board, "without this board in place, theyz will have no quad cannons."

She fidgeted with impatience as the ship's harmonics and vibrations changed. Her tail wrapped itself around her waist with the roll of electrician tape still on it.
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After finding something that seemed like it should work, Eiven loaded up a low dose as an extra precaution. With almost anyone else, he would have given them some extra hemosynth, a pain reliever, and have them lay down in one of the isolation chambers for observation. With Kata'nova, on the other hand, he wasn't sure that would be such a hot idea.

Making his way back to the Daur kit, the doctor set the PMS-1 monitor down and used his free hand to gently pet her head like one would any sick child. "I don't have much for you," he started, "but I can give you something for the pain." The old Minkan held up the hypospray for her to see and waited to see what reaction he would get - bracing himself in case she tried to bite him.

Listening to the translation, or rather, the rough one made Kata'nova calm down a little bit although feeling the hand on her head made her wonder if this was compassion to these aliens, and if so; it was something she could potentially work with in the future when... or if... she ever made it back to her people. Seeing the hypospray, Kata'nova stared at it for a moment, she assumed that given the pain she was in it might be for that - and these aliens had yet to do anything to really harm her especially considering that they'd had plenty of time to do that already. With a faint smile she looked down at her arm, a typical place for such an instrument, her people had them although they looked a bit differently.

Of course, her suit had its own supply of pain suppressors but she didn't want to risk depleting that supply as it was already low and she preferred to save it for the most dire of circomstances... this? This wasn't a dire circumstance, the pain she felt was miniscule compared to what she had to deal with whilst training to be a pilot and learning survival skills.

Katae picked up the handset and opened a channel to the Freya, "Aeon-Actual to Oinari-Jôtô Hei. Away team reports situation at the Thaurgon settlement is devolving badly. Seems the leader staged a coup, and now fearing reprisal if we notify their homeworld he is ordering the killing of the civilians. We will be heading back to the settlement. When we start moving, go in low to ground and fast as possible. Provide additional firepower to help the Away team hold their position."
Fabrication Room

"Port engine is out of synch with the starboard one." Sheela spoke as the Fabricator console showed three quarters finished with the 10x-19 circuit board. "Old ship?" Glancing at Hisa briefly. "Theyz moving the ship."

Her ears swiveled to pick up the nuances of the ship she was on. Whiskers wiggled a bit as she fidgeted impatiently for the fabricator to finish. "Aughta let the Taiza know about the quad guns, Itto."
Fabrication Room

"The Aeon has been in service for six years now, and she's seen plenty of combat. But she still has plenty of fight left in her.

The Taisa was already briefed about the lower quad guns. I reported the damage prior to your arrival. The Taisa knows the status of the ship, and will do what she feels is best given whatever situation we encounter." Hisa said. "Finish the work on that board and get it in place. "I am going to engineering to run a diagnostic on the port side systems. Come down when you finish the repairs." The nekovalkyrja then walked out of fabrication to the main space of engineering.

"Shuttle here Actual, Received mission change. Setting up run, Shall I hit the deck and retrieve the wayward team?" Frejya replied as she started charging all the weapons up to full power and started plotting out the best sweeps through the hot zones to get the best coverage of weapons. One a spare screen she had worked up a simple plan for an evac path. it was quite cynical of her but she knew that risking the shuttle for the pick up was a cheaper loss then the Aeon was.
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Fabrication Room

Sheela nodded, giving Hisa a quick smile. Yelling at Hisa's back, "Bet yooz one cheese and ham sandwich. It's the Aether Igniter!" She liked Hisa as she listens to her. Just then the Fabricator chimed and out popped the freshly made 10x-19 circuit board. Grabbing it quickly as she put the tray back in the machine. She filed the rough burs and mold nipples off the board carefully before departing Fabrication.

Deck 5 - Maintenance Conduit

Scampering off down the corridor to the secured tool kit. She grabbed the necessary tools and stuffing them into her pocket. Then dove into the conduit, scrambling to the desired spot and inserted the new 10x-19 Circuit board into it's slot. She took the extra few seconds to test system.
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Seeing the arm extend, the doctor gave Kata'nova the shot, thinking her brave - one way or another. It made him wonder, not only about what training she received, but also how the child had grown up. Choosing such a lifestyle could seem fun while it was all theoretical; however once things got real, the illusion ought to die rather quickly.

Eiven set the spray injector aside, giving the kit one last look of kindness before moving on to Trowa. He did a more traditional inspection on the Nepleslian; a format that had been outmoded for years, but for him was still about as quick as using a medical scanner. Once finished, the officer cadet gave the operator medical orders to rest unless he was called, but still be otherwise ready under Condition One.

After all that, the old man acquired three AMES - offering one to Sachi and Kata'nova, each, before putting one on himself. He then made another round of the lab, checking everyone's status - noting it in a report as he went. Once completed, Eiven put together an executive summary of the report and sent it up to the captain to listen to when she had the chance. With that finished, he found a chair again and sat down to see how the rest of his first day would play out.
Deck 5 - Maintenance Conduit - Engineering.

Sheela left the maintenance Conduit next to the tech tool cart and put the tools away. She unlocked the cart and pulled it back to to Engineering and put the tool cart in it's spot with the rest of tool carts. She looked at Hisa with a smile. "All done. Even tested the system. Itz good to go, Itto." Sitting in one of the nearby vacant seats next to her.
"Whot's next needs to be fixed?"

Hisa adjusted the controls to the Aeon's main reactor having completed her diagnostics on it. The heart of the ship was always her priority. A reinitializing the engines restored them to balance. She heard Sheela come in but waited until she completed her current task.

"Propulsion is fine. The quad cannons are restored. Fire suppression is off line in the wardroom and the lounge. Take a repair kit and check them out. " She said turning to Sheela.

Sheela nodded as she stood up, then moved to the one of the tool carts. As she took the necessary items she would need for the job. "Ship feels content." Sheela moved from Engineering and up the lift to the Lounge. Smiling as she was thankful she wore her duty uniform for the trip instead of the dress uniform.


Sheela took a moment to secure her luggage in the lounge to prevent them from flying all over the place during violent maneuvers. Accidentally uncovering the Lounge's fire suppression scanner panel, bringing that back online again. At least she was learning the ship quickly as she knew where the bridge was and the stair had to lead up to the wardroom as she seen signs for the recreation area on her way to the medical and now back up to the lounge.


She scampered up the stairs into the wardroom, mouth watering as the lingering aroma of previous meal hit her nose. "Oh squeakies, Iz would kill for a sandwich!" As she moved to the closest fire suppression scanner and began her checks.
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Kata'nova shook her head at the offer, she didn't feel comfortable outside of her armor - even the short time she had been wearing civvy clothing she felt uncomfortable. The painkiller had already taken their effects, quite fast actually, more than the ones in her suit but then again maybe it was her physiology that allowed for it. She sat up and shook her head, allowing some of the cob-webs that still lingered to dissipate before she peered around the bay and that's when she realize just how bright the room once was and had to shield her eyes from the light, bringing her hand down over them - she hadn't noticed the brightness before but then again that might've been due to the pain she had been in and her mind not really focusing on it.