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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 7.5] Aeon Base


"going weapons hot." The words weren't for transmission but for the black box, Freyja started to roll in for a strafing run on the tanks. She ordered the shuttle's AI to start recording and attempting to identify the tanks, but she wasn't going to wait for names to start firing.

Once the main weapon's array was fully charged and she was in range she started firing on the tanks. hoping to take out them all in her first pass, but once she shot pass she arched high and around before racing back down to make a visual inspection of the first pass, and fire at them again if needed.
::YSS AEON :Bridge:

Sheela was hyper as her tail squivered at the prospect of going into combat. Her ears swiveled about to pick up the slightest nuaces of sounds. She fidgeted in her seat as she scanned her screen before her.

The Aeon streaked forward climbing. Its cannons commenced firing at the missile batteries that Misaki had identified. They were rapidly reduced to smoldering wrecks. The gunship continued inward. Some of the batteries managed to fire of a volley before their destruction. But the ECM and quad-cannons now working properly dealt with most of them. Eternity sounded the collision alert warning, just before two of the missiles struck the ship's shields. While the destructive forces were absorbed the the shields the impact caused lose items to move about.

The console in front of Sheela showed the various canons cycling and firing. It also registered the drain on the shields from the impact. They were currently showing 80% on the starboard side.

Meanwhile on Misaki's console a group of new targets appeared closing at high velocity. After a moment the tactical system identified them as Fighters, design unknown.

Sick bay

In the sickbay Josea was feeling much better. When the ship lurched in response to an impact he got out of the medical unit. He crossed over to Kata'nova, "Feeling better, if so make sure your gear is ready for use. " He turned to the Doctor. "Do you require assistance with securing or moving these patients?"

Sachi having completed her treatment of her patient stepped out of the Medical Lab and brought in several AMES. She handed on to Eiven and the other to Josea. She then started donning her own. "Condition 1 people, that means suit up." she said reminding them.


Freyja's initial volley damaged two of the tanks their companions however fired multiple volleys at her craft with their particle accelerator cannons. As the Tenba streaked by they rotated their turret to bring their cannons to bear again.

Sheela snarled softly as she sent Itto down in engineering the updated status on the shields with a respectful request to increase power to the starboard shield emitters. Also With instructional technique on how to strengthen shields that were targeted and weaken shields that weren't under threat without burning out the shield emitters. At the same time she taught Eternity how to do it with simple precise instruction. Talking softly to a friend in a manner that did not disturb the rest of the Bridge Officers who were busy dealing with the enemy.

"Can't let mez new Den Community get damaged. Itz a long ways to push this crate, mez friend Eternity!" She muttered softly, patting the console like an old friend. "Wez gotta work together in harmony."

Sheela didn't know whether she got a good responce back from Eternity or not. But to her perspective, her screen looked a lot more clearer and neater with information updating a lot faster.

And to brace herself for more inbound. She gave power back to all of the ships guns equally power access as she glanced over at Misaki's screen, reading it correctly from her starfighter days with the MIDF. She wished she was in her Snark Starfighter.

Eiven stood before Sachi already in his AMES and three more nearby. "I already had that handled," the doctor offered, before turning back to Josea, "The two in the tubes should be alright for now. How about Rin?" He looked at the technician whom had been started before the scientist and noticed things had finished up too.

"Let's get him into a containment cell and strap him down in there for the time being," the older Minkan nodded, then went over to make sure everything was cleared out of the way before picking the young enlisted up. He then began moving the boy to one of the cells.
"Fighters inbound. Unknown make." She quickly parsed the AI to check what probability they were from a different species other than the ones currently attacking them as she gained another firing solution on the inbound vessels. It included trying to paint one with scanners of course. They already had one very oddly timed arrival, it wouldn't do to blow apart another. She was ready to do just that, though.

"Starboard quarter shields, 20% damage." She announced, then called out, "Contact the fighters and give them a standard warning to disengage. Weapons are hot and we have gained a solution." She called to Katae, ready to make them feel the void embrace them for daring to come after a ship of the Empire. It was starting to even feel like old times for her, save, thankfully, no attempts at psionic attacks.

Sheela kept at her post, diligently watching and reporting to Itto everything she saw on the board, in her soft voice not to disturb the more senior officers going about their business.

Once Rin was laid out in the containment cell, Eiven grabbed an AMES and began wrangling it onto the young technician. First he started with the main suit, working each piece into place untl ther ewas only the helmet left. The doctor then paused for a moment to think before worrying about the strapps first, being sure to only do what would keep him down and, but not unable to escape. He then set the helmet on, sealed it, and set the system to use the environment until the internal support was needed.

With that the Minkan closed the containment cell and began going around to various places checking that everything was still secure and that there were injectors ready with the basics incase more arrived. He then made another round of the medbay, checking tubes and such before returning to the concious people present. "I suppose we will be like this for a little while yet," he smirked.

Hisa worked at her station in the main space of engineering. She was routing additional power to the starboard shields to bolster them. She swore silently at whomever it was that was trying to damage the Aeon.


The first wave of fighters appeared to be trans-atmospheric craft and they fired several waves of missiles at the gunship. The missiles streaked forward and the automated turrets commenced to fire upon them to neutralize the threat.


"Fire at will XO, anything that targets our ship is to be considered hostile." Katae called out as she banked the ship to shift the weakened shields away from the attackers.

On Misaki's console a second wave of fighters was approaching from port side, and a third from dead ahead.


Josea donned the AMES as quickly as possible, his years aboard the Aeon had helped him hone his skills in that department. After that he assisted the medic. This was the part of combat that he hated. The having to sit and wait. At this moment there were forces trying to kill them, and he could not do anything about it. He decided the best use he could be was to help clean up the areas where Eiven had been treating patients. After all it was likely that they would have casualties before the end of this.

Sheela fidgeted in her seat, taking glances over at Misaki's console, taking note of the new positioning of the ship. Gave an involuntary annoyed "squeak" as she would've maneuvered to bring the most guns into play. She looked over her board and asked Eternity to show what guns systems could be fired from the starboard side across the ship without bring harm to the ship in order to bring in more fire power into play.

Then Sheela transfered the information to Misaki's board, highlighting the starboard guns that could be used with the proper overrides. Then getting a bit braver, sent to the Taisa the perfect angle to place the ship at to bring in even more guns into play while protecting the weaker side of the ship by dropping the port wing two meters along with the nose of the ship. At the same time it provided more fire power to the starboard from the belly guns systems also. "Squeakies... do Iz have to do everything...." She muttered as she kept careful watch on the status board, with quick glances at Misaki's console and screens.

She knew she was treading dangerious grounds by doing what she was doing. But hopefully it would save on the damage to the ship and crew with less maneuvering. She plotted the course to fly if the big Gunship had to move quickly by using the planet's gravity and main thrusters. She debated in sending that to the Tiasa as she had her job and command to worry about.

Being free with minimal work to do she had time to think things through quickly with no distractions, except her status board. And having experience in fighting ships, hopefully she could pass on the information that would prove beneficial to the ship as a whole.
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Freyja jinked and bobbed the shuttle about as she marked which tanks she wanted the shuttle's AI to fire at. At the same time she was marking the ones she was going to hit herself as she made her pass. Once she spent the few seconds dodging the shots from the tank, she dived for the deck and hide in the terrain as she raised towards the tanks.

Once the tanks popped back into the view, out from behind a hill she started firing along with the AI's auto fire. with a blink of the eye st was passed them and weaving back into the terrain.

The console in front of Sheela went blank. Then across the consoles flashed, Unauthorized access to command systems revoked.

Reinitializing console at limited access level. The console came back online but only showing system status.


A survey of the area that Freyja had just passed through showed that the tanks were either destroyed or damaged sufficient to render them inoperative.

Once again Sheela felt the sting of chastisement. Giving a soft "squeak," of disappointment she focused on her duty. She was fidgety in a non-distracting way as she focused on her board. She had to find away past the bulkhead doors into the ship proper. But it gave her uninterrupted time to study the ship's systems, their specs and schematics. Performance ratings, history of the Plumaria Gunship that she could access or allowed to get to.

Katae continued to engage the hostile fighters, and kept shifting the Aeon's position to avoid them. Some of the hits impacted on the Gunship's shields but they were currently operating at a level that ensured the ship was safe for the moment. The Aeon could have shot straight for the Thaurgon's Garrison, but Katae wanted to keep as much of their military focused on the Gunship rather than the away team and the Transporter that was enroute.

However, one of the temp on one of the port graviton engines was starting to climb entering into the Yellow on the digital gauge.

Across the bridge speakers Saki's voice called out. "Aeon actual!" "This Aeon ground team leader, we are engaged in combat, I repeat we are engaged!"

Katae keyed the communications channel. "Aeon ground team this is Aeon Actual. We are keeping the Thaurgon's busy, have dispatched the Tenba to your location to provide you with air support. Also arranging backup to assist at your location."

She turned to Misaki, "XO, head down to the Power Armor bay, and suit up. Grab a volunteer. It sounds like the Away team might need some additional feet on the ground."

After saying that Katae sent the command to unlock the blast shutters so her XO could move freely through the vessel.


In the Medical center the personnel present were in for an interesting ride. The inertial compensator system was dampening most of the forces, but as the gunship performed its dance of death in the atmosphere against the Thaurgon fighters the occupants were feeling the pull of inertia compounded by the occasional impact against the shields. The various medical supply cabinets rattled as their contents were jostled about.
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Sheela spotted the graviton engine began to overheat, "Itto, Squeak... port graviton engines over heating. just past into yellow." She informed the chief engineer as soon as it registered on the status board. As she straighten up, forgetting being chastised. Focused as the ship was gyrating about the air.

After a particularly violent jolt by the ship one of the ceiling mounted light assemblies broke free and fell with a shower of sparks. The power cable that it had been connected to swung back and for sending more sparks about. The light assemble shattered as it hit one of the AMTC units.

Sheela eyes widen at seeing the medical area coming up on her board. She immediatly called down to Itto, "Squeeee, Itto, damage in the ship's Infirmary!" Sheela hung on with one hand as she looked over the status board. She was focused as she made a list of areas to be fixed once things calmed down.

As the shakes and shimmies got worse, Eiven began finding that his inertial manipulation was helping less and less. Soon he was grabbing onto one of the tables, then the light decided to fall. Luckily he let go just in time to avoid the cable and use manipulation to stick himself to the wall.

"Sound off!" the officer then called out into the darkened room hoping his own voice wouldn't be the only one.

"Hai. Firing commencing. Priority on incoming craft. Standard warnings are being ignored." Misaki announced even as the Aeon opened fire on the incoming craft. She did her best naturally to keep the most guns on the enemy fighters, and space lit up with activity around the damaged gunship while the enemies kept streaming in. She ensured new targets were painted and fired at before bowing tersely as the shutters released.

"The team can expect me quickly, good hunting." She noted, giving Katae another look before the hatch opened, she sent her last firing algorithm to the Aeon, and then transferred control back as she signaled to the ship what vector she would be departing from on the current flight of the ship. Once in the passageway, she keyed the shutters again to protect the bridge, and made for the launch bay.

Katae sent a brief message to Misaki telepathically. 'Take care and make sure our people return.' She then returned her attention to the combat. While the fighters were no ship killers by any means, the Thaurgons had a lot of the blasted things. Katae was doing her best to disable the fighters rather than vaporizing them. After all they were only following orders. She watched the ship's shields drop another notch and banked the ship, then put on a burst of speed that caused the Aeon to streak towards and past a cluster of fighters. The wake from the ship caused the fighters to be tossed about and several of the crashed into their comrades.


Hisa was doing her best down in engineering. The fact that her new subordinate had gotten herself trapped on the bridge was another annoyance. She sent a brief message to Sheela. "I have my hands down her busy taking care of the shields and weapons. Do what you can to cool the graviton drive. Divert cooling from other areas and if necessary from the environmentals. Everyone should be in an AMES so if the ship gets a bit warm in places so be it."


Josea watched the fireworks and made his way to grab an extinguisher just in case it was needed. "I'm fine. " He called out. Meanwhile Sachi made her way over to dangling cable and grabbed it with her gloves. "I'm okay. Hopefully the safeties will kick in and kill the power to the lights."