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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 7.6] Repairs and recovery


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Orbit above AX-03 I

The Aeon was sitting in the Squadron's Starbase Kyoten repair dock. The station personnel would ensure that the Gunship was fully operational before Katae took the squadron on the next leg of their search for Kata'nova's people.

The ship's engineer Hisa had put together a subspace communicator and given it to the Thaurgon's so they could contact their homeworld.

She picked up the intercom handset and dialed the ship wide. "Attention all personnel we are now at Condition 5. There are cabins arranged for your use on the Kyoten. Pack a small back and disembark. You have 48 hours of leave and can make use of all the facilities of the dock."

After she put down the handset, the lights throughout the Aeon flickered as the ship switched to external power and the generators shut down.

"Eternity, keep me apprised of personnel departures. I will be in my cabin packing an overnight bag." she said leaving the bridge.
YSS Aeon

Sheela flopped down on a chair in the lounge, finished with the last of her maintenance chores. She gathered her stuff up and secured it against the wall. She visited the ship’s wardroom and gotten herself a meal of several sandwiches, milk. She sat at the table in the wardroom to eat her meal, that she had been missing cause of her workaholic nature.

She even didn’t even have a cabin yet. She had been working till she gotten tired enough to just lay down where ever she was at and take a catnap, which usually means she slept for 6 plus hours.

She could still feel Hisa-Itto’s tail chewing when ever they met about the ship. But farther they got from the last battle they became less and less. Sheela had proven herself over and over by doing the job right the first time and following up testing her repairs before moving onto the next.

Sheela sighed softly as she ate. Unsure of what her future held for her. Her duffel and pack were in the crew lounge, still packed. Shewas wearing a very dirty work uniform with electrical burn marks from her repairs. She looked like a warzone all by herself.

Sheela got up and put away her dirty dishes in the proper place and went down to the crew lounge. Sheela went to her duffel and grabbed a clean uniform and her toiletries. She moved to the crew showers to get cleaned up. She was not hungery, content in knowing that she had done her best despite the few mess ups she did. There was two more things on her list before leaving the ship. Get cleaned up, Grab her stuff and then head off ship to get temporary quarters on the base to get some sleep. Then see about if her orders were correct and if she was assigned to YSS Aeon. She was going to miss Hisa-Itto. Maybe they could hang out.

Sheela heard the annoucment from the Tiasa, "Squea!" She softly exclaimed. Which meantthe ship was in port and they was free to leave. She finished getting dressed and checked to see if Itto had anything for her. But her schedule was free and hopefully cleared to leave the ship.

Sheela stopped at the exit port. She logged herself out and leaving the ship, recording the time she signed out. She sighed softly and patted the door frame of the ship, as she stepped through onto the station docking tube. She pulled her duffelbag on a luggage dolly and wore her pack.

"Squee..That was a quick assignment," Sheela muttered to herself as she made her way bravely into the station proper and checked in with the Station's Security. She checked with the nearest Info Kiosk to get her quarters till she found whether or not her orders were true or false. If they was false, someone was gonna pay rightiously. She was surprised that Tiasa had even gotten her temp quarters on the station.

She would have to send a thank you note to the Tiasa of the Aeon for being so thoughtful of a mere Santo-Hei. She squeak/giggles as she wasn't so invisible when she made that wrong turn onto the bridge before the blast doors trapped her there.

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Yoshiro packed his bags for the shore leave. He decided to leave a message for his mother and tell her that he was ok. He had not spoken to them since he found out that his father died. His little brother had sent him another picture and the little sister had sent him a picture of a mech, which of course was crudely drawn. He thanked them both when he sent the message and prepared to go enjoy himself. "That is what I am fighting for...so that the innocent can live in peace." He whispered to himself as he thought of the last mission. "Eternity, I need to catch up on some reading. Are there any flight manuals for the Aeon and such that I can take a look at so I can get some learning done? If you got anything upload it to my quarters please?"

He looked back into his memories and remembered the time that he joined the Star Army. He fought tooth and nail to convince his mother and father that he was genuine about joining the Military. He wanted to join to make up for all the trouble that he caused and to make something better of himself.

It wasn't easy for them but they gave him blessing after cooler heads prevailed. He wanted to do right by them and do his best serving his nation as a soldier but when he had heard his father died, he was devastated. He finished his trip down memeory lane and headed to his temporary quarters on the station.
Cabin 7

Having waited until the Condition 5, Eiven could be found in his cabin working on packing his casual clothing and a spare uniform. He had not expected a break so soon after arriving; however with what trouble he had seen the Aeon go through it became inevitable in his mind.

The old Minkan had been wondering what he would want to do - especially since it would be a station they were going to as opposed to a planet. Perhaps he would find himself a friendly game to play, or see about a virtual visit with his nephew. Then it occurred to the good doctor that all whom had no need for his help never did stop by, seeming to leave Sunflower as his only company. This could not do for a position such as his - he needed to take the time to get to know everyone aboard and not let his office be a barrier.


He took his time to think about what would end up a good idea as he walked out into the Lounge and took a seat. It would be best not to sign off while lost in thought, was Eiven's reasoning, and perhaps it would be high traffic enough for him to catch some one on their way out and come up with an idea.
Josea left his cabin and made his way to the lounge. He waved at Eiven and put his small bag on one of the chairs. "So Doc, any plans for the next two days. The Kyoten is not a star fortress but it does have some nice facilities to relax in."

Yani and Gi came into the lounge and looked around. They had already changed out of uniforms and were wearing tight fitting outfits that mirrored the other. Spotting Josea they both waved at the same time, "You bringing your keyboard Josea?" Gi called out.

"Would I deny my fans the pleasure of my music?" he responded.

Yani looked over at the doctor. "Laniken-Shoi Kohosei, I heard we had a new medic on board. A pleasure to finally get to see you in person."
Kyoten Space Station

Sheela wore her dress Star Army uniform, leaving her station based den that was assigned to her. She moved through the stations's corridors to the area that held all of the recreation facilities, eateries, drinking establishments, entertainment facilities and shopping areas.

She moved along with ease amongst the others, seeing that they had ship patches and other designated markings belonging to ships or the station. She was an oddity for she had no ship patches and she had came in on the YSS Aeon.

Sheela found a dimly lit bar, and slipped in, easing her way through the other patrons to an empty booth along the wall. She got herself settled in the booth and ordered herself an Orange juice slushy when the waitress came by to take her order. She flashed her KS Bank Card at her to let her know she could pay for it.

Only person she knew was Itto, her boss. And she barely saw her scince the last battle as they both were busy repairing and keeping the ship running through it's last ftl flight here. She relaxed as she sipped her drink and listened to the music around her.

She hoped she made a good impression for her short tenure on the Aeon. But with her boldness probaly didn't sit to well those incharge. She did step on her tail a few times. Maybe she was too rough on Itto when they talked last. She shook her head. She wasn't gonna be no pushover and her work spoke volumes for itself as she knew what she was doing. The trail of a mess on the deck, wasn't a too bright of a move.

Her drink came and she paid for it, and a menu from the waitress. She looked over at a group of Yamataian soldiers greeting one of their comrades with cheers of delight and effections. She glanced quickly at the menu and ordered so the waitress could get moving again.

Sheela scrunched back farther into the booth and relaxed, feeling a bit lost. Yet it had a familar touch to it as all military bases had. Actions were pretty much the same. Head out on patrol, get in a fight and limp back to port and blow off steam as their ship gets refitted, repaired and restocked.

She hoped it would be peaceful here as she ate her food and sipped her drink. A barfight would definitely ruin her time till she knew for a fact what her future held for her. One thing for sure, at least she was back amongst the stars. She hadn't even reported in properly. Just jumped right in when things went to battle conditions, got busy and went to work. She till had her orders, but now they sat in her temp quarters on the station along with all of her gear.

"At least Iz made things easier for the Itto by jumping right in and being abit helpful for the limited time Iz was aboard." Sheela muttered softly watching the other patrons having a good time.

The old man stood to greet the scientist as more people arrived. He recognized Gi quickly enough, however the other he was unsure if they had been aquainted yet. Their outfits had given him pause as he sorted out how to feel about them before Yani asked her question.

Who to respond to first as one would be interrupting, while the other may be having someone wait longer for a response. Having already met Josea and him having moved to a different conversation, however, Eiven decided the last question could be first this time.

"That I am," he replied to the green haired Juni, "and whom might you be?"
Maki packed a small overnight bag to take with her to the station. She had little to bring. When she had come aboard the Aeon, she had only brought her uniforms, sidearm and kit. She had never stayed long in any one place, not long enough to collect personal items anyways.

The SAINT operative adjusted the collar of her space black uniform anf shouldered her bag before leaving her cabin. As she moved along she thought of what she might want to do, 48 hours was a long time for someone who was always on an assignment somewhere.

She paused as she passed the hatch to the lounge, hearing voices inside. She did not recognize them, but as it was, Maki had yet to meet the entire crew. She shrugged and stepped through the portal into the lounge.

Maki's acid yellow eyes swept across the compartment, taking in the gathered personnel, cataloging them and assingining ID's from the ship's manifest. Her black SAINT uniform immediately clashed with the civilian clothing.

Yani looked at Eiven and pushed her green hair back behind her ear to keep it out of the way, "Kahen Yani-Ittô Juni, night shift science and sensor operator. Working night shift Gi and I don't get to see most of the crew, we're coming on shift when most of you are going off shift. Although it is nice to be on the bridge when its quiet looking at the stars, and listening to music.

But at least when we have leave we get the chance to hang out with our friends, and to meet and make new ones."

Sheela's communicator let out with an electronic chirp. A short and concise message was displayed on the screen.

"Swiftpaw-Santô Hei, report to Conference Room A117 for your interview with the Taisa."
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Kyoten: Lounge - Conference Room A117

Sheelafinished off her drink after reading the message. She sooted from the booth and left the bar to go find the desired conference room. After several wrong turns, she found the desired room, only to realize she had forgotten her orders as they was back in her temp quarters on the Space Station.

"Oh squeakies..." Sheela muttered as she turned to go get them.

At least she knew the route, but it never paid to keep a new ship commander waiting. Damned if you do, damned if you didn't. She hadn't officially entered the room yet, as she figured the time it would take to get them and returned. But then the Taisa would know how long it took her to show if she was the one to sent the request to her.

It was time to bluff her way through this fiasco. Sheela looked herself over to make sure she was still presentable. Taking a deep breath and entered the conference room, A117.

Sheela marched boldly up to the Taisa, looking her right in the eyes. Coming to a stop at the recommened distance, Sheela came to attention and saluted with the back of her right hand against her forehead, above the right eye, claws hidden. "Fli.. Iz mean... Santo-Hei Swiftpaws reporting as requested, Taisa."

YSS Kyoten
Location: System AX-03

Conference Room A117

Katae was sitting in the conference room with a cup of coffee placed carefully to her left. The heavenly aroma wafted from the cup and teased her senses.

'Interview in the field, definitely different, but then so is this newest recruit. A species descended from rodents on a ship filled with cat girls as some would call us. Talk about irony.' she thought.

The MEGAMI Ishi gave her updates on Sheela's progress, she also had Hisa's initial review of her work.

It was time to bluff her way through this fiasco. Sheela looked herself over to make sure she was still presentable. Taking a deep breath and entered the conference room, A117.
Sheela marched boldly up to the Taisa, looking her right in the eyes. Coming to a stop at the recommended distance, Sheela came to attention and saluted with the back of her right hand against her forehead, above the right eye, claws hidden. "Fli.. Iz mean... Santo-Hei Swiftpaws reporting as requested, Taisa."

Katae raised an eyebrow as Sheela saluted her. While she disliked the new option of hand salutes, the fact that Sheela had saluted wrong made it less acceptable.

She fixed Sheela with her green eyes and counted to five before speaking. "If you choose to salute instead of bow, then kindly perform the proper salute." she said and then returned Sheela's salute with a proper one in return.

"Take a seat Swiftpaw Hei.

Sheela quickly fixed her salute, before dropping her hand to her side once the salute was returned. She took a seat across from her and visibly relaxed, yet still had proper posture. "I guess habits die hard, Taisa." She spoke slowly to pronunciate her words. She fell quiet after that little blurb of speech.

"You might want to refresh yourself on protocols before you return to the ship. Ishi can download them to your communicator so you will have them handy." Katae replied.

"I will do that, Taisa." Sheela gave a soft smile, as she reached over to her wrist computer on her left wrist and typed in commands to download the protocals, She glanced at her computer screen, seeing the download bar begin to turn green as the info was downloaded. As she waited for the Taisa to continue to more important matters. She thought to herself, ~~smooth move mousey...starting off on the wrong paws..~~

"Are you ready? There are no wrong answers. But I do expect you to answer honestly." Katae said, and picked up her cup and took a sip watching Sheela.

Sheela looked at Katae for a long minute or two. Then gave a soft sigh of resignation, "As I will ever be, Taisa. Just don't ask for my orders. Theyz are in my temp den here on the station. I'll get them to the Aeon. If Iz am still assigned to the ship."

Katae smiled, "That's not a problem, those were your copy. Eternity already received them and I have them in my datapad.

~~These people are very effiencient~~ Sheela thought to herself as she studied the Lady before her. "Squeak." Relieved that wasn't a major issue any more.

"So Swiftpaw-San, why did you join the Star Army?" she asked placing her cup back onto the table.

"Iz always had a fascination for the Military and their equipment. It's always been the top of the line. And to operate the equipment such as areo-space crafts of all sizes. Vehicles that can out manuever everything else." Sheela spoke with passion. "Pitting skill against skill of others in the ultimate challenge. Where Iz probaly fit in better where knowledge, skill and experience gets me accepted a lot quicker."

Katae listened, Sheela's response had the distinction of being unique to say the least.

"Well your superior, Usaga Hisa Ittô Juni says you have good technical skills and a definite aptitude for problem solving." Katae said, "She feels confident that with a little time, you will be a valuable member of her team."

"Iz do mez best to be an asset, not a liability. Iz did hit the ground running so to speak." Sheela couldn't help smile at the compliment. First Line Supervisors were the ones to impress for easier acceptance by the Command Elements.

"Why were you on the bridge during the combat on the surface, when as a technician you should have been positioned for rapid deployment to make repairs." She asked keeping her facial expression neutral.

Sheela leaned back in her seat and gave a soft squeak/chuckle at her blunder, "Iz would say Iz had made a wrong turn being unfamiliar with the ship. But ultimately it still mez fault not being more aware of mez choices." Sheela recovers from her little chuckle, shrugs, "Iz made a wrong choice in the heat of the moment."

Sheela looked right at Katae, not afraid to face the repercussions of her actions if Taisa wanted to give her didciplinary actions. "Iz have learned, but Iz never will promise that whont happened again, but Iz do my best to prevent it though."

"Well obviously you should take some time to familiarize yourself with the deckplans for the Aeon. Usaga-Juni will let you know where you should be when we go into combat conditions to be of the most good." She was keeping track of Sheela's demeanor, she was much more calm than some of her earlier recruits.

"Where do you want to find yourself in say five years from now? What plans do you have for the future?" she inquired.

Sheela looked thoughtful, "probaly incharge of mez own team of techs, or some logistic job where knowledge and skill is preferred over reflexes and strength of those designed for combat. Even though Iz am well trained in combat, Iz just didn't have the extra strength that the Star Army wants in their combat soldiers."

Katae smiled, "Well strength is not everything in combat, and our combat armor system can easily make up for the difference.

Do you consider yourself to be a social person? We live in close quarters and everyone needs to get along."

"Having served aboard many ships of the line. Both big and small. Crew is mez family and be treated as such. Wez look after each other through good and bad times. Modesty is something a soldier gets over." Sheela pauses in her speech, looking thoughtful, "If a problem developes between mez and another. Iz do mez best to solve it between us. If it can't be solved between us...then Iz use the Chain O Command. The problem still exist. Iz leave or the individual leaves. Disharmony aboard a ship will kill it quicker than the enemy can." Sheela demeaner became a bit cold during the last part of her speech.

"Sounds good. I do not see any problem with you fitting in. You will when you get back on board get a checkup with our new doctor and decide if you wish to participate in using Soul Transfer.

You are dismisses Santo Hei, go and enjoy your leave." Katae said.

Sheela stood up and turned to leave, but paused and looked back. "Whot's a soul transfer? Yooz put mez soul inna box, yet keep mez animated somehow to perform like a trained monkey?"

"Soul tranfer is a technology we got from the Elysians. Your consciousness is copied and stored. Then if you should be killed, we can grow a new body and put those memories into it. It is quite common for Yamataian citizens, there have been a number of body upgrades. But species that do not use it sometimes are reluctant to undergo the process and that is fine. It is your choice." She answered.

"Sounds like interferring with the domain of the Great Mice, Taisa. Iz look into it." Sheela spoke thoughtfully. "May yooz enjoy yooz leave also," And she scampers out of the room.


Eiven noticed the dark presence, but the conversation was still going. "Friends are always nice," he replied then smirked, "Though my mother once told me to be careful of those whom wished to be friends too quickly." The officer cadet then chuckled, hoping to maintain a more joking tone.

"As for your question Josea," he continued with a turn to the other Minkan, "I'm still trying to work out what I'd like to do." The doctor then looked to everyone int he room so far, "What plans do the rest of you have so far?"
So... Misaki thought to Katae, Two standard days of leave hm? Of course the implication was obvious to the two of them, Misaki knew exactly how long leave would be beforehand, given she already knew how long repairs, resupply, and all the rest would take, and she had guessed how long the CO would give them all for a break. I'm certainly up for something. She suggested, though wondered if part of it would be spent training some members of the crew, they had made inquires to her prior to their time mired on the planet about learning what new kinds of life the universe could make to throw at them.

Of course the XO was in her cabin, with the door open as she put some things together, and was busy putting one of her swords back on, wondering if the people they had left behind had been able to accomplish everything thanks to their intervention. Given her time in the Empire had been spent on bloodshed until she had served aboard the Sakura, the end of the last mission was like a homecoming, however brief. It did help that the continued exploration missions were growing on her too, though the soldier kept herself mostly occupied with how well the ship and crew performed for the captain, her natural training meant she also felt responsible for anything that might happen to Katae, doubly so given their close relationship.

Kata'nova had kept her presence hidden away from the bases personnel, after what happened earlier she was being a bit cautious right now. She had found a secluded location within the ships cargohold and was sitting atop one of the many cargo-containers, her legs tucked beneath her rear and her hands resting on the knees; she wore the casual dress she had designed earlier with her bodysuit laying beside her neatly folded and the helmet sitting ontop.

Her eyes were closed, her mind focused on a mental exercise of training her for what might come ahead; anything could happen and she knew that she had to be ready - especially if or when she ever returned to her people, although she wondered how her family was doing; how Ra'chel was doing, and whether the girl had taken any of her advice. It weighed a bit on her heart not knowing what was going on, but she knew she had to remain strong. She took in a deep, silent breath, and then slowly exhaled as she returned to her mental exercise.
Cabin 8

Still in her one piece footy pajams, Freyja sat at the Computer desk typing up a report to her masters in SAINT. Mainly it covered her iterations with Kata, though a large chunk of a sub-report was on the ineptitude of the Aeon's XO. Sitting on the Desk next to the screen was Mr. Waffles, he looked back at the red head with the glossy eyes of a stuffed stegosaurus.

"Mr. Waffles... Do you think i should send this part in about the XO? or should I try to talk to the Captain and maybe hope to keep this problem in house?" she paused for a moment starring at the fuzzy green dino. "You're right, waiting to talk to the Captain, might safe the XO's career and possibly keep SAINT from going off and 'black bagging' her..." she paused again and tilting her head as if she was listening to the dino. "I know I don't like our masters ways very much, but they were kind enough to teach me to fly and let me join this ship... But I don't like the fact they then sent someone else to watch over us...." she frowned and went back to typing.
Kyoten ( AX-03 I)

Sheela scampered through the station back to her temporary den, and dug through all of her gear and pulled out her uniform shirts and jackets. Leaving her MIDF uniform and flight suit still packed away, Sheela grabbed her uniforms into a bundle. Realizing she was wearing a top that needed patches also.

She took it off and grabbed a nice white blouse minus all her MIDF patches, rank and ribbons. She put that on, looking in the mirror. She like the look as it gave her a classy civilian look tinged with the Star Army colors.

She put on her black beret to even make it look more civilianish. But the Flash on the front was shield shaped with two golden crossed lightening bolts and a silverish-white skull on a field of black with white border Grabbing the uniform tops again, She left her den and made her way to a taylor shop to have all the necessary patches sown on in their proper place.
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Kata'nova was jostled from her meditation by a sudden image that entered her mind; one that showed her people in danger, another that showed her capital burning. As the images got more vivid, they began to show the people she knew, the fellow soldiers she served with... and even people she had never meet. Those attacking her people had no shape to them, no appearance, no identity, which meant she couldn't tell what exactly they were but what she did know was that they were scary looking... enough that when one of the things looked toward and began to approach her eyes flung open and she pulled her pistol, aiming in the direction that the creature had been in her dreams.

She was sweating profusely right now, her breathing heavy as she stared wide-eyed at what wasn't there, but that HAD been there just seconds earlier. "A-A-A Dream..." she said in Tinacen and pondered to herself as she lowered the pistol and put it back into it holder. It wasn't uncommon for the most religious of her people to have 'visions' of some kind, premonitions of sorts that showed the possible futures that their people could encounter, many a times they didn't come true but in some very rare cases it did; it was often times foolhardy to just cast them aside even if people didn't believe in such.

A Dream, to her people, wasn't just a figment of ones imagination but rather their consciousness possibly transcending into another world - another reality - showing what has or could happen. It was just another thing she had gotten use to but one she would surely remember; as she stood up and brushed her dress and grabbed her bodysuit and slid into it, putting it over her clothing and then sealing it up. The heart sensors came online and a holographic display showed her current heart beat as being a bit on the high side, not surprising given what had just happened not minutes ago.

Glancing about the room, she wondered where Freyja was and hoped down to the deck below and began to slowly search through the ship for the soldier.
Katae looked at Misaki, "I took the liberty of booking each of us a Princess package at the Kagayaki Day Spa. I thought it would be a good way to relax and unwind before we set out on more interesting activities." she said standing from her station.

Josea looked at Eiven, "Well typically Yani and Gi disappear for a bit to go to the spa for some pampering. Later we meeting in one of the lounges. I play some music and they dance."

Yani gave a playful pouty face, "So you are saying that your mother warned you about women like Gi and I?" she said.

"Sounds like the kind of fun you kids should be up to," the older Minkan smirked in reply to Josea, "I usually find card games I can jump in on; but sometimes it's nice to change it up."

Eiven then looked to Yani and chuckled, "That depends, Juni. Are you trying to make friends too quickly?" The doctor quirked an eyebrow with his smirk for added effect as he attempted to tease the night science officer.
Kyoten ( AX-03 I)

Sheela entered the Taylor Shop to get her uniforms squared away, letting them know she was on a 48 hour leave from her ship. "Iz would like this to expadited as quickly as possible. Iz would be most pleased if yooz could have them delievered to the Aeon as soom as possible." Pullign out her KS Card for payment...

She pocketed it and looked at the receipt if it was required for her to pay for it. She secured the receipt along with her card as she left the shop. Seeing Hisa-Itto, Sheela gave Hisa a quick respectful curtsy when they made eye contact.

Sheela had nothing to do, but wait for her uniforms to be done. She could move her stuff back onto the Aeon, but she had no assigned quarters yet. It wouldn't be the first time she had to find an out of the way spot to catch some sleep. As she did on the way here from the Action they had.