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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 7.6] Repairs and recovery

Steak and More
Yoshiro was very impressed by her dedication."That is pretty cool. I have a lot to learn myself but I am ready to learn it." Yoshiro said as he offered some food to Sachi. He knew that he had to learn to adapt when his primary occupation was not needed and there was no time like the present.
Steak and More

Sprite... also known as precision purpose built. It was starting to make more sense to Eiven now, and if he hadn't known better he would have felt sorry for Sunflower as well. Even when she mentioned her satisfaction, the doctor wondered if that were not a little nugget added in the genetic programming to keep the now Nekovalkyrja from getting bored of the work too quickly. He began wondering if he ought to take that into account when determining when she would need encouragement.

Worse, however, was how a large portion of his social engagement method had also been rather plainly stomped on. Then again, if a mind is so accurately programmable, why not expressions? This was the very core of how he interacted with others though, and to think that what he was interpreting could be completely false. It was as if a black curtain had been drawn before his eyes and any hope of truth moot.

It was almost startling for Eiven to hear Sunflower circle back around to looking for ward to working with him and wanting to become friends. It would mean relying on her professionalism to not be lying to him, which, at least tilted in the medic's favour. He realized how things needed to go, however - at least for the next thing to say.

"Me too," came the doctor's smiling response, "Professionalism is always a good start; but one always needs to be able to trust that their back is covered."