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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 7.6] Repairs and recovery

Steak and More
"So would you like to order first?" Yoshiro asked Sachi. He looked over his menu and tried to make a decision. There was so much that he wanted to try and that, in and of itself made the decision tougher.
Steak and More

Eiven smiled as it did sound very good; however that ribeye called to him with the bell pepper and zucchini mix tugging at his shirt sleeve. "Sounds good," he replied, "I'm thinking that ribeye out there will hit just the spot for me. Though I think I'll have some chilled tea with mine."

The menu was good for avoiding his eye wandering when not paying attention; however staying with Sunflower's eyes was about as dangerous. The doctor dreaded having to put the thing down; but that was usually the best way to signal that they would be ready to order. Finally he put the menu down, knowing walls were not what he needed right now; but he also made sure that when looking at the well dressed Medic in front of him, that his eyes did not go lower than her throat or higher than her eyes.

"Well, I guess I'm ready then," Eiven smiled.
Steak and More

Sachi looked at Yoshiro, "I will wait to order until you have made up your mind. After all the waitress will not deliver the order until both of us order." she said with a smile. "Have you ever eaten family style? We each place an order and then share what we get. It is a great way to try new things without ordering too much?"

Sunflower watched Eiven's body language. She noticed that he seemed to be avoiding looking at her, but why? "Then let's get our food ordered and then we can get back to our earlier discussion." She put down her menu, and watched the waitress approach. When the waitress asked for her order. She told the woman the order she had told Eiven, came over, gave the woman her order. Including that she wanted her steak cooked medium, and she wanted a raspberry vinaigrette dressing on her salad.

"Your turn." She said looking at Eiven.
Steak and More
"You can do that? Ok, that sounds good. I think that I will get the T-bone, medium rare and the vegetable mix." Yoshiro said. He didn't go out to resturants much so he didn't know much about what you do at them. He was happy that he could do something with a good friend. "I'll have an iced tea with lemon to go with it."
Steak and More

"Some restaurants actually have 'family style' dishes which are large dishes that are placed into the center of the table and people take what they want. This place does not offer that, but friends can share by asking for extra plates, and when our food is delivered we just put half of our food on one of the extra dishes and trade them."

The waitress came over to their table; "Ready to orders?" she asked. Sachi proceeded to give her order to her, and then looked over at Yoshiro.
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Steak and More

Eiven smiled and did the same; patiently ordering what he had previously talked about as well, ensuring that his was to be done medium rare. The interruption was nice, as it allowed him to organize his thoughts a little while the waitress was present. Sunflower's mention to continue from where they left off, however, made him a slight bit more nervous again. Which subject were they going to pick back up?
Steak and More
Yoshiro was surprised at that statement but he had never eaten out before. He told the waitress his order with extra plates and smiled. "Well you learn something new everyday." Yoshiro said with a smile. He also ordered a bottle of wine and two glasses. He wanted to toast to life and new friends.
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Steak and More

After the waitress walked away, Sunflower took a sip of her water. "So, back to our discussion before we got here.

So, now that you have a new Minkan body you have a longer life ahead. Are you going to be more open to the prospect of getting involved in more personal relationships? Perhaps find someone to share your life, eventually settle into some sort of long term relationship." She wondered what would make a person avoid relationships. Eiven she decided was an enigma wrapped in a conundrum.


Sachi smiled at Yoshiro, "I live by that philosophy. I try to learn something every day. Sometimes its just learning a new recipe, or a style of cooking. Other times its trying new things. Or meeting new people. After all learning is how we grow as people."
YSS Kyoten
Location: System AX-03

VCE Booth

Josea was sitting in one of the two chairs in the booth. "Take a seat Freyja and I will engage the VCE. Once activated we will be in the 'waiting room' as they call it. A minimal simulation that will give us a moment or two to get used the experience. Then I will select our destination."

Taking the open seat, Freyja placed Me. Waffles on her lap and nodded. "Is it going to work like a combat simulator?"

"It is similiar to combat simulations, but the VCE has a wider range of capabilities. In fact I believe some of the training facilities are upgrading to it. In this case, the place we are going to see is based on memories of my time on Daichi. They will form the background, and then the VCE will take over after that." Josea replied.

"Oh.." The red head leaned back into her seat and closed her eyes. The combat simulators had always made her dizzy when they kicked in, and if this was so much more powerful then she wouldn't have a chance. With her eyes sealed her hands rested on the stuffed dinosaur.

Josea got up and made sure that the Halo was properly positioned for Freyja. "Just relax, Everything will be fine." she said

He sat back into the chair he had been and activated the system. Freyja would feel her body relaxing as the system intercepted her neural impulses. A moment later she was standing in a white room that had a variety of large screens.

Josea was standing in front of her. He was wearing blue demin pants and a gray shirt. A patch on his arm showed "YSS Tansaku."

Freyja would find herself wearing a similar outfit, although obviously tailored for a female.

"Hello again Freyja. If you like take a moment to walk around and get your legs. We will be going into the landscape in a minute. You will have all of your normal physical attributes." He said with a smile.

It took her a moment before she opened her eyes and looked around. She first noticed he had changed cloths, then her own. She had never worn anything like this, the closest was her flight suit. She took a few steps before she was feeling a bit normal.

Looking around she felt like she was in a dream, but none of her dreams where ever this real. "What is with these clothes?"

"Well as I said this landscape is based on my memory. I was wearing what I have now at the time. The VCE modified your clothes to fit. While we are here you can change them by thinking to the system. Once we go into the system, changing clothes would mean having to remove them and put new clothes on like you would in the real world." To demonstrate, Josea's shirt turned to a light brown sleeveless style.

The red head closed her eyes and thought for a moment, her clothes changed over to a flight suit, and a leather jacket with Mr. waffles holding a fight on a patch covering the back of it.

Opening her eyes she looked at her arms and her legs. "I guess it works." She smiled up at him, "I'm ready to go now."

Josea reached out to a panel next to him, and pressed a section of it. Instantly the scenery around them was replaced with a dense forest. Above the two of the the branches of the trees formed a dense green canopy. The air was fragrant with the smell of the plants. A soft breeze caressed their skin and made the leaves above them murmur.

"This is the forest north of Ryou. I came here on leave to visit a friend of mine who was getting married." He gestured to the path they were standing on. "That way leads back to the city, and this way will take us to the coastline. That is our destination. It is a short walk." He turned and started walking. "By the way, why a flight suit? Since this is supposed to be relaxing."

She was wide eyed staring at everything, almost falling back on her butt as she looked up into the canopy above. his words were almost lost on her as she took in the forest, and the trees.

"This is relaxing..." She spoke almost absentmindedly as she bent over a root and poked a bit of moss. it was wet and squishy beneath her fingers.

Josea watched Freyja take in the environment. He smiled seeing her trying to take it all in. When she bent over to poke a some moss he could not help but wonder if she realized that in her flight suit, such a maneuver accentuated her posterior.

"Well, as long as you find it relaxing. It does show some of your figure, depending on how you move." he replied.

At that moment something scampered out from behind a bush near one of the trees. It was small and furry it seemed to be a feline. It seemed to be curious about the two of them.

Freyja would have panicked and fought to pull the leather jacket down to cover her, but she was far too intrigued by the furry animal that had come out of the bush. She was looking at it and wondering if she could get closer. "What is it?" She asked in a whisper. her glasses were already showing a search for what the furry thing was, as Freyja started to slowly approach it.

"That is an Otar. They are native to Daichi. They are curious little felines. The colonists encountered them shortly after landing. Having never seen people before they had no fear of them. As you can see its not like most cats in that it has those little ram like horns on its head.

They like people and are typically friendly." Josea said watching Freyja advance on it.

"Are you sure?" the data was streaming now across the lenses of her glasses, as she crept closer. she wanted to feel how soft it really was. the fur looked fluffy and warm. her and reached out towards the Otar, with each step her hand neared the animal.

"Yes, I am sure. Unless you are a small rodent or a bird." he replied.

Nodding, she took one last step forward she was able to reach out and run her fingers across the top of it's head.

The Otar watched Freyja with its bright blue eyes. It made a short trill sound as Freyja reached out and brushed against her hand.

With her hand on the little feline animal Freyja turned her brown eyes back toward Josea, "It's so cute!" She smiled and turned back and started running her hand across it's head.

"They are definitely cute. That one looks to be about six to eight months old. That's the age when they start leaving the nest so to speak. They make wonderful pets. Several of my friends with the SSS have them. They say they are actually quite handy to have around." He responded while watching her. He was glad he suggested this excursion, Freyja was definitely relaxing and enjoying herself.

Carefully she started scratching it behind the ear. "Why don't we have some aboard the Aeon?" she asked as she scratched and tickled the Otar.

"Because having pets on board is against the rules. Though there are quite a few of them on SSS Tansaku-Class ships." Josea watched as the Otar decided to scamper around Freyja's feet and return to its starting point.

Trying to watch the Otar, Freyja ended up falling back onto her bottom. "But that is stupid... Oww..." She smarted as she rubbed her backside and looked over at the Otar

The feline sat in front of Freyja and mewled at her. Almost as if to say, why did you do that.
Josea chuckled briefly. "Well I believe it is a Star Army regulation."

She sat there staring at the Otar, 'But that is silly, think about how much more happy people would be aboard. Even the grumpy one, Nagato, would be less negative all the time."

"Well, feel free to discuss it with the Taisa. I do not make the policy, but I like you have to abide by it. Shall we continue on our walk?" he said reminding her they had another destination in mind.

"Ok.." She stood,dusting herself off, before reaching out to give the little furry beasty a ear scratch. She would have to talk to the Captain about it, because she figured, that people would be happier more often with a ship's pet or three.

"Where are we going?"

"I promised you to see the ocean, this path leads to a cliff that overlooks the Himiko Sea. It is a great view and there is a path that leads down to the beach below just in case you want to get closer to it. Besides most likely your new furry friend will probably follow us. As I said they like people."

"Isn't the water all cold and wet?" Freyja frowned, "Why would we want to get closer to it?" She started along with Josea, glancing over her should every so often to see if the little fuzzy Otar was indeed following her.

The Otar was moving along the path darting behind tree trunks and bushes. But it was keeping up with them.

Josea chuckled, "Well, isn't a standard property of water to be wet?" he grinnes, "This time of year the water is actually fairly warm. The Himiko sea is almost always warm because of its location. But we are not dressed for swimming if that is what you are afraid of. Although some couples have been known to come down to the beach at night for a little skinny dipping.

However, getting close to the water allows you to feel the pounding surf, and to feel the sea spray carried by the on sure breeze."

The little Saint operative eyed the Science man. She wasn't sure if he was kidding or trying to make a hint. though these thoughts got derailed as she caught sight of the little Otar behind.

"At least that was what I was taught, unless there is dry water now..." She started looking up at the canopy far above, marveling at how green it was, and how it would move sightly with the littlest of breezes.

Josea stopped and knelt down. He made a trilling sound and the Otar came over to him. He picked it up carefully. and came back to Freyja. "Here, it will be safer for you to walk while holding her, than walking and trying to keep looking for her." He then handed the Otar over to Freyja.

Freezing in step, Freyja locked up and didn't move. She had never anything of the like on her. "You sure this is ok?" She asked out of her tight lips.

"Yes, this Otar is called 'Felis' by one of my friends in the SSS. On this day she sent him to find me. Felis is tamed. Or as tamed as any cat is with claws. But he is friendly."

"Oh.. Ok.." Freyja nodded but remained stiff as she let the fuzzy move about on her shoulders. "Do they like water?" Slowly she reached up and scratched the Otar as she looked over at Josea, "Would it want to go swimming?"

"They like fresh water, and they have sometimes been seen near the surf chasing little fish, But they do not like swimming in the ocean. The salt water dries out their fur. But fresh water they don't mind a bit."

"I can sympathizes then, The way you described the surf... It's a bit overwhelming." Freyja thought for a moment before continuing, "though I felt the same when I first flew a fighter."

"I've never flown in a fighter. But the ocean is an interesting thing. Some days the surf is gentle, some days it can be quite terrifying. It all depends on the tide and local weather. Today the tide is on the gentle side but still interesting to watch the waves form and break on the shore." He answered continuing up the hill. A faint pounding or whooshing sound could be heard from ahead.

When she started hearing the surf she wasn't so sure it sounded gentle. It sounded like engines firing off and then down throttling. Almost like a carrier's launch bay. She was intrigued and wanted to see it, even though she wasn't so sure she wanted to get too close.

As the continued the trees fell behind them and they were standing on a hilltop. From this vantage point The sea was clearly visible, the waves moving toward the shore below rising from the depths, curling and then breaking as they hit the shore.

Josea stood silent for a moment and listened to the surf.

her eyes grew wide as she took in the large vista before her. She could have smelled the sea from in the woods, but the smell of the water increased so much that she was able to pick it out perfectly. The wind blowing up from the water blew her hair back and for the first time in a very long time her whole face was visible as she stared at the waves crashing below and the horizon so far away.

"It's so big..." Was all she could stammer out.

"It is an impressive body of water, given that it is surrounded on three sides by land. But in truth it is the smallest sea on Diachi. The wind is coming towards us which makes the waves larger and more powerful."

Nodding she reached up absentminded and scratched the ear of Felis. "I didn't think it would be so big. People swim in that?" Freyja was so enchanted with the whole scene that she was partially talking to herself.

"This would be a nice place for a picnic, though it is a bit breezy..."

"Yes, people do swim in it. When the tide is going out the surf is gentler. And if you get past the region where the waves are breaking, it is just gentle waves. Some people actually surf on the waves, but I have never tried that."

"That's crazy... But flying a glider down there would be fun." She mused thinking how the winds would help keep it aloft for longer.

"You would fit in with some of the folks who live here That is how many of them spend their days off. Flying on the currents here. With all manner of gliders.

Well if you like we can sit here and look at the sea since you seemed nervous about getting closer. Or we can walk down and just walk along the beach. Lady's choice.

"We can get closer... if you like." Freyja blushed a little and then turned back to look at the woods, hoping the wind would hide the reddening of her face. "As long as the waves don't get bigger it looks safe."

Josea took Freyja's hand and started walking down the path on the hill. "Let's go its a pleasant walk, and the waves will not get bigger."

Following along Freyja looked down at his hand holding hers. She wasn't sure what to say or do. Last time someone got this close to her, they were transfered away. She didn't know if she should let herself get close to him.

But with the warmth from his hand and him leading her down to the water's edge, it was hard to care. A smiled formed and she let the more serious of the questions float away for now.

When they reached the bottom of the trail, a small wicker basket was present along with a folded blanket. Josea walked over and picked them up with his free hand.

"Some refreshments when we decide to stop."

"Oh.. I guess all the salt in the air could make one thirsty." Freyja smiled and started wondering again if this was an romantic date, and not just a friend trying to show another something greater then inside a ship.

Josea lead Freyja along the beach, keeping them well away from the waves. He finally stopped where a patch of grass was on the top of a dune. "We can sit here."

He let go of Freyja's hand and handed her the basket. He took the blanket and gave it a flip to open it. He then laid it on the grass and took the basket back and placed it in the center.

He then walked to the side of the blanket and knelt on the fabric then moved to a sitting position.

She took off her jacket and laid it out on the blanket before undoing the front of her flight suit. "it was a bit too hot for this get up..." she reveled the sports wear swim top, though only the very top of it, one had to remain modest, even when over dressed.

She knelt on the blanket and looked at the breakers, now that they are closer. The foam and spray was the most interesting part. watching it float in the air for a second before falling back to the water or beach.

'Sneaky', Josea thought when Freyja removed her jacket. As timid and shy as she had appeared, he definitely did not expect her to have a swim suit on under it.

"That's a nice top you are wearing." he said with a friendly smile. He opened the basket and pulled out two bottles of water. He twisted the first one open and handed it to Freyja. Then opened the second one and took a drink from it.

"I can spend hours sitting on a beach just watching the waves and listening to the surf, the wind and the wildlife. Of course the nice thing about being in the VCE, one can decide how much time passes while you are in side." he said watching Freyja.

She turned beet red at the comment about her swim top. "I...I ... normally wear it under the flight suit. It's better then nothing like others wear." She took the water and held it as if she was trying to hide the open part of her flight suit.'that or my operations suit.. but I can't wear that anymore...'

She looked back over at him, "Thank you for bringing me here, it is far more beautiful then I thought it would."

"I am glad that you agreed to come. Daichi is an important place to me. Many of my friends like here. Now I have had the opportunity to share it with a new friend." He reached into the basket and pulled out an orange. He sat watching Freyja and he peeled the fruit.

"So, what would you like for your birthday. You are going to be four in a little while." he asked.

"Am I?" She asked out load as she realized it was coming up. "I've never celebrated it before. well sort of, I was allowed to take a fighter out on long range recon practice on my first." She fell silent and looked out over the water.What would she like, she had everything she needed, clothes a ship to work from, a mission. What more did she need?

"Well, you could leave it up to me. See what I can come up with to surprise you. That is if you like surprises." he said with a grin.

"Why? you don't need to get me anything. I don't have anything I need." Freyja looked a little upset, not that he was offering, but that he felt he needed to bothered her. "You have done more then enough bringing me here and sharing this with you."

Josea laughed, "Because that is what friends do. They do nice things for friends. A trip to the beach can be as nice a present as a shiny bracelet. "

"Better then, cause shiny bracelets are silly and they make noise and glitter." She spoke not realizing what exactly she said. Or how it could be read. "but this I can keep nice and neat in my mind and see it when ever I'd like."

"Well, with a VCE console, you can come here as often as you like. There is one on board the Aeon. But I do find that VCE is better with someone real to share it with."

"Why would I need one? I can close my eyes and see it just fine." She smiled at him and laid back with her head resting on the folded up jacket. Freyja watched the clouds being pushed about in the air. "Isn't that something everyone can do?"

"Yes, digital memory let's you recall this experience in perfect clarity. Not everyone has that ability, there are people who are not NH-series bodies.

But as good as the digital memory is, it does not allow you to make new memories. There is a lot of things to do and experience. This landscape has been built based on my memories of Daichi, and those of many of the folks from the SSS and the residents there.

It is just about as good as going to Daichi. Except that unless its arranged, my friends aren't here to share it."

"I'm sorry you're so far away from your friends. I miss the hanger crews from training. Sadly I can't talk to them." She saw a cloud go by that looked like a icecream cone.

"Besides walking in the woods and sitting at the beach, what do you like to do?"

"I stay in touch with them. We send messages, and occasionally hookup on VCE." he said with a smile.

"Well, I enjoy composing and playing music. I learned when I was a teenager. I enjoy swimming, and sailing.

With your flight training did you ever learn to fly a glider?"

"It was part of my training yes. Thought I never got a chance to try one, it was all theoretical. They set up a machine with a volumetric screen for a view port, and just a joystick with some rudder pedals." She shrugged and looked over at him. "You sail? Like floating boats in the water?

Josea smiled, 'Yes, boats on the water with wind in the sails.I learned from some family friends while my parents were away on business. I think I like sailing and gliding because its so simple. No fancy computers, power generators. It is basic science, and it feels like nothing else. Standing on a deck feeling the boat cut through the water, and going over waves. All the while feeling the boat react to the changes in the wind on the sails."

"That sounds like it would be fun, though isn't it a bit dangerous? what happens if the boat sinks? I've had water survival training but it was the worst time of my short life." She frowned and looked concerned all at the same moment.

"The risk is minimal under good weather. Storms are when its risky. Life preservers are often worn by persons who are nervous. In fact most people wear them until they get used to being on deck. Also most of the time they start new folks on smaller boats that are easy to control and keep them in gentle waters. Perhaps we can try it sometime."

She tensed up, "But there are things in the water... I saw huge things when I was dropped off. They kept bumping the bottom of the raft. Every so often I had to shoot my NSP into the water." She shivered. "But if you want I can try it sometime."

Josea laughed, "Yes, there are a great many things in the water. But the vast majority of them are harmless to people. You just have to know how to tell the difference. Why don't we do a change of scenery. We can go over to the harbor. You can see some of the small sailcraft, and see some of the friendly creatures."

"I don't know, I hear there are even robotic sharks out in the oceans of different planets now." She sat up and pulled her jacket close to her, in almost a protective gesture. "What kinds of animals can survive in those waters and still be friendly?"

''Well, not all of them are animals per-say. Daichi has several species of dolphin and the SSS has been working on translating their language. We have working translators, and our teams working on studying the oceans, or working in them. Have been enlisting the help of the dolphins. There are some predators, but they are rare in the Himiko sea. They prefer the other oceans." He said.

"O...Ok.." She frowned for a second more, but she fought with herself and forced a small mousy grin onto her face. "I guess we can go down to the water. If you say there are not the big scary fish."

"No big fish that want to eat Nekovalkyrja, I promise." he said and stood up. He offered a hand to Freyja.

Reaching up she let him help her to her feet. She liked it when he would take her hand, though it caused her to turn the same color as her hair. "Th..thats good... I.I... forgot my pistol..."

"No pistols. After all we are on leave. So that's fine." He turned and started walking down from the dune and towards the water.

She looked at him turning red again. "I have my pistol on my body..." She pointed back towards the woods where she though that room was. "I just forgot to bring it with me..." Freyja was fearing that she was sounding like a fool, and inept.

She followed along looking at the sand at the water's edge. It looked strange with the foam laying in the squiggly lines marking the darker wet sand and the lighter dry sand. The pilot was thinking that it wasn't so bad until a little crab skittered across the sand, and she found her self grabbing for Josea's hand.

Josea chuckled, "Yes, your weapon is still on your person in the booth. But since we did not create weapons when we started. The only weapons you will find, mean going to some place. I prefer to not tamper with the VCE. I could easily do it, because this is my landscape. But that ruins it sometimes.'

Josea kept from laughing when Freyja took his hand. She really needs to get out into nature a bit more.

"That's a little scavenger. Now if he were a bit bigger, he'd be tasty. But that small he isn't worth the effort." He stopped for a moment and looked around. When he finally spotted what he had been looking for, A pair of fins cutting through the water. He pointed to them. "There is a pair of dolphins." You can just see their fins as they swim."

"But those look like the fins of the large animals that kept bothering me and the raft..." She frowned. "You sure they're friendly, and not just trying to trick you guys into the water?"

"The fins are different. See how the fin curves along the back at the top. A shark fin does not make that curve. Their fins are straight at the back and the front curves. Sharks are not that intelligent. They are predators, and dangerous ones. But they do not have the brain power to trick people."

"You sure.. I saw this movie once... It had a shark eating a boat and then trying for the peoples... I twas called Mandibles or something... But it seemed to trick them into leaving the island." She nodded as she watched the non-shark fins.

She every so often looked back at the little crab that made her think of the Mishu a bit to much. She wanted to step on it, but she was worried it would upset Josea and she was enjoying the day too much for that.

Josea laughed, "Freyja, you will find that most entertainment vids ascribe far greater abilities than they have in nature. Besides, most sharks here would probably ignore us. They are unfamiliar with us, and we do not look or smell like food to them."

He noticed her attention on the little crab. He reached down and snatched up the little crab. He then tossed it gently into the water and watched it sink. "Like I said, he's too small to worry about. Even the larger ones are not much of threat. The scurry away from us."

"It isn't that one I was worried about, I fear the hundreds you just set him back too..." She thought for a moment. "Advance recon force that one." She force a smiled for a second before she started giggling.

"It was a spy you see... Just doing its job." she giggled a bit more looking up at him. She must have seemed like a complete wierdo but she thought it was quite funny indeed.

"Ah, I see, your military training allowed you to determine his nefarious role. I best contact the colony and warn them about a possible assault on the shore line by Crab Commandos.' he said in response.

Wiping a tear from her eye with her free hand, Freyja nodded. "Of coarse... Didn't you see the armor and the built in weapons... Though I don't think range weapons will be an issue with their pinchers." She was fighting with her self not to bust out laughing full bore. Though she was now less creeped out by them.

"Well at least they can't fly. So we have air superiority. We should just prepare the defense. hot melted butter." He snickered. Josea was very happy to see Freyja loosening up, and acting silly for her.

"Butter? Why? To make the beaches to slippery to climb?" She looked confused, she had never had crab for a meal. So the concept of melty butter with a pinch of garlic and a squeeze of lemon, went straight over her head. "Wouldn't oil or soap work better and stay a liquid longer?"

"No, crabs are terrified of better, because its what people pour on them when serving them." well actually by the time the butter is being put on them they are already cooked."

A beeping sound came from his pocket. He reached in and pulled out a EM-G11 "Explorer" Field Communicator. He flipped it open. "Okay, I'm on my way."

He turned to Freyja, a look of disappointment on his face. "Well, sadly it looks as if we will need to cancel our date. Eternity just called me. I'm needed back on board the Aeon.

I have to say I enjoyed out date on Daichi very much. Perhaps we can do this again." He stepped closer to Freyja and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. "End Session." he called out. The scenery slowed down and when it stopped the scene returned to the white room.

The world could have exploded or caught fire, Between the brief moments of thinking about sabotaging Eternity's communication circuits, then him kissing her cheek. She stood there facing forward beet red raising her hand up to the cheek.

Josea smiled, he enjoyed watching her reaction to a simple peck on the cheek.

"So perhaps we can do this again sometime? Or maybe even doing this in the real world." he asked as he pressed the panel to store the landscape. "I have a feeling that it is going to be a long night for me. No reason for you not to take advantage of your shore leave."

"I..I.." it took her a moment to reengage her speaking skills. "I have things i have to do..." She bowed to him. "Thank you very much..." Freyja blushed again and grabbed Mr. Waffles and raced out the door. She wasn't sure why she was racing into the station, nor where she was headed.

Josea watched Freyja sweep out of the VCE area. He walked out at a much more casual pace. Wondering where Freyja would end up.
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Eiven sighed and shook his head. Indeed Sunflower had misunderstood and now he would need to embarrass himself if he wanted to correct it. The solution was technically easy, however if done incorrectly could either drive a woman away or have her misunderstand even more.

The old doctor took a deep breath and hoped it would go over well as he began, "First of all: this is my fourth body; I haven't had a 'Nepleslian' type in well over thirty years. Also, with the research I have done into all three upgraded bodies I have had, I understand quite well the practical immortality that I have.

"Second: I do not avoid relationships. I have dated many women in college whom either did not work out or died in the plague and a few non-starters when I worked at PNUgen. I have lost one due to post resurrection confusion after the razing of Geshrinopolis. A relationship with one of the other partners at the clinic I worked at years ago had also gone poorly and resulted in her leaving the practice. Then there was the lady I had been with just prior to my accident, who could not stick with me after I was brought back because I had 'changed'. My latest was actually a fellow cadet at the academy whom used to organize poker games before lights out.

"I am neither less nor more open to personal relationships, Sunflower. I have just had some seriously bad luck in my time; either from poor choices, being too picky, not sealing the deal quick enough, or just plain old accidents. That said, I am also not in a rush to just find anybody. I have the time; so I figure I might as well take the time to be sure I get it right as opposed to 'right now'."

Eiven then offered an embarrassed smile that held back a good amount of the pain that the topic brought him. Could he be causing himself more bad luck at this very moment? Would turning Sunflower off be the bad luck, or would having things move forward be the more loaded option? With her being both his crewmate and his subordinate either one could prove to be problematic - and it scared him.
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Sunflower listened to Eiven's clarification. It was becoming clear that she had misinterpreted his situation. When he finished she smiled warmly. "Well, that is both awkward and relieving. I feared that you were either a workaholic; or anti-social. I apologize if my misunderstanding and subsequent question has bothered you. I will not pry into your social life again." She took a sip of her water.
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"Speaking of learning new things, I am training to be a starship operator. Since the war with the Mishnu is winding down I really wanted to do something to help the ship." Yoshiro said and smiled. He was happy about the new assignment. "I have to go down to the VCE and get my training in before we return to the ship. Would you like to join me?" He really wanted to train as a starship pilot and hopefully he could become a pilot soon.
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"So you will be serving on the bridge. That is ambitious. I have permission to come to bridge because of my duties. But I seldom linger. Once on night shift when we were in orbit I came up and sat with Yani and Gi. It was interesting standing there and thinking about all that has transpired. Watching the stars change on the main screen.

If you would like me to come for your training, that could be interesting. Not that I am aspiring to be a starship commander. I had considered working towards becoming a ship's doctor. But the Aeon has one. So I focus on cooking. Who knows perhaps someday I will open a restaurant on one of the Star Fortresses or maybe even on a civilian starbase." she answered.
"That sounds good. I would really love to see that." Yoshiro said to Sachi. The waitress brought their food and some extra plates, and suddenly Yoshiro wondered if he had made a mistake. The waitress brought the wine and two glasses. "Shall we toast?" He asked as he poured. "To friends, to new beginnings and the Aeon" Yoshiro knew that was probably a sad toast but it was all that he could think of at the time.
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Eiven chuckled from the tension that had built up as the source of Sunflower's misunderstanding was revealed. "Now where did you get that impression from?" he smiled, "Granted, I don't have trouble with my own company; but I've never actively avoided others."

Of course, it had been the first time he had found 'anti-social' associated with him. Even during the plague; with how much it had been affecting everyone that time had ended up much quieter. 'Workaholic' however, was not a new one for him, and he always wondered how it often came up. Of course one of his hobbies had been reading medical journals and he enjoyed staying late when he had analyses to work out; but workaholic?
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Sachi raised her glass in response to Yoshi's offer of a toast. "To friends, new beginnings, the Aeon and the Future." she replied. Then after gently tapping her glass to his took a sip.

Sunflower listened to Eiven. "Well, as to getting that impression. I've served on several ships and observed many crew members. I make it a habit of familiarizing myself with the crew's medical records, and basic personal information that is contained within. I look for red flags that could indicate a potential problem with them integrating into the crew.

So when I come up on a man of your years, with a distinguished career of service in the medical field. No public records of a marriage. Doctor's normally get noticed at social events, and searches through the public social nets came up blank for relationships. Traditionally professionals in the medical field are more prone to becoming workaholics or anti-social as coping mechanisms to deal with the responsibilities and the losses we face. So I was a little concerned, but since I know that records aren't everything. I decided to bring up the matter and close the case one way or another."
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Yoshiro took a sip of his wine and offered some food to Sachi. "So, how did you train to be a cook? I always wondered how Nekos learn things." Yoshiro said and realized that he probably stuck his foot in his mouth. "Never mind, that was probably rude of me to ask that. You don't have to answer that if you do not want to." He blushed and smiled awkwardly.
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Sachi chuckled at Yoshiro's question. "Well, it depends on what you mean by learning. There is a difference between acquiring data and developing a skill. When I was at training camp SATA downloaded the basic principles of cooking. They also downloaded a number of standard dishes served aboards SAOY ships.

However the next step was to actually spend time in a kitchen and actually perform the tasks. My first dishes were in my opinion now, dismal. Yes, I followed the recipes and prepared them as they were downloaded. But they were impersonal. They could have been created by a robot. So I began to experiment. Learning just how fast to beat an egg to get the texture I wanted. How to adjust the amount of seasoning to bring out the flavors that were there. And to adjust my cooking based on who it for."

She took another sip of water. "So basically I can acquire data lighting fast by downloading. But to make that information really mine I have to use it."
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So it was work related after all. Eiven managed to relax further, having a better idea about where Sunflower was coming from and that he wasn't stepping into a potential mess. Even the doctor's smile eased into something a little more relaxed in the knowledge that the medic was also a consummate professional, through and through.

"Good to know you are so in depth about such searches," the Minkan replied, "I typically just talk to a person, watch their reactions to questions, see how they ask their own. The way a person touches their neck, how they position their feet in a conversation, micro-expressions. Makes it harder for a person to lie, even if it is supported by a possibly fabricated SYNC presence."

Eiven then sat back slightly before looking to Sunflower again. "By the way," he continued, "How did you end up choosing the medical field?"
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"I take my work very seriously. As for being in medical. I did not choose it. I was a sprite aboard the YSS Sakura. It was quite literally what I was manufactured for. Obviously I have grown as a person over the years, and I enjoy taking care of people. Seeing an injured person recover because of my treatments is very satisfying." She took a sip from her drink.

"You may want to read some of the articles in Eternity's database. Micro-expressions and other tells, can be faked by newer NH-series life forms. It is possible to create subroutines to affect certain mannerisms. The article I read was dealing with law enforcement, but one can easily presume that SAINT operatives would have access to similar protocols. Of course the article spoke of potential flaws with such subroutines, brought about by creating an emotional state that interferes."

"I am looking forward to working with you Eiven. Perhaps we will become good friends. I think I would like that."