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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 7.6] Repairs and recovery

Steak and More

Eiven chuckled at Sunflower's question, realizing he may have misrepresented at one point or another. "My immediate family, and in particular now my sister, actually grows grains, canola, hay, and some vegetables," he corrected with a smile, "Dad just happened to be one of the best grillers in the community, and was frequently asked to help out with the Fall Feast. My uncle, on the other hand, ran the abattoir he picked up after old Grenvik retired, and my cousin was a rather promising butcher's apprentice."

"I used to help out quite a bit on the farm, really," the doctor's smile becoming wistful with a small edge of pain, "We worked before school, after school, and when we were let out for summer vacation. I didn't mind it, as hard as it was, and I'd likely do it for a few years after I retire - especially with these modern bodies. However, I was always curious about how we worked, what made us go, and patching up people, and sometimes animals, felt rather rewarding in the end."

"It really ended up either this or veterinary school," Eiven grinned, "Shall we head in?"
Steak and More

Sunflower listened to Eiven. "It sounds very nice, although some what surreal, like something in an entertainment video. Very different that what we Nekovalkyrja go through. Even though I have many sisters, the two are totally different context." She paused then responded to his comment. "Well we came here to get some dinner, so let's go in." She moved forward towards the door and took hold of the handle. "After you." She said out of respect for his age and position.


Sachi listened to Yoshiro? So you ate all of your meals at home? Did your family have some sort of prohibition against eating food prepared by other people?" she inquired wanting some clarification.
"Oh no it isn't like that. We just never had enough money to pay for a night out like that. We had enough money for buying food but it never was enough to go out for dinner." Yoshiro said. "My dad always said to never worry about things like that but to always cherish the family and what we have. He was always wise and always paitent with me when I was growing up and would always give me advice, always making sure that I was okay and always trying to provide for me."
Rough Bar

Sheela looked from one of the vid that displaying the news of the Yamatai Star Empire, when someone tapped her on the shoulder getting her attention. It was one of the many drunks that had a headstart on drinking and was looking for a good time.

Once seeing he had her attention, began his spiel to seduce her, but his beer breath turned her off. Sheela Just stared at him as if he had something embarrasing on him, while she sipped her drink. "Squeak squollies squake squickies?" Watching his expression go from disbelief and then to disappointment as he just wasted some good material on a non-Yamataian speaking species.

He was embarrased as his friend hooted in laughter as he left to rejoin them alone.
Steak and More

Eiven shook his head with a smile until Sunflower grabbed the door and offered to open it for him. The politeness of the gesture was the first thing to hit the man; however it did not take long for him to recall the old per-imperial priority seating on trains with the down pointed red triangle sign containing a cane. Oh, hell. Here we go, the doctor thought to himself half worried about how it would appear - him looking as he did.

His rank was the last thing to pop into his head, requiring him to recall the medic's ears and think about the position she had been designed for. However this brought up a conundrum as this meant if Eiven followed his self-respect, he might offend his Nekovalkyrja companion. The image of those ears flattening if he told her to go in ahead was admittedly cute, but also rather worrying at the same time.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't. The doctor would let the door be opened for him this time, and thanked Sunflower as he went in; but his honour would require him to pull out a chair for her once they were set up with a table.
Moving Walkway

Sachie stepped onto one of the moving walkways in the concourse with practiced ease. She smiled in a teasing fashion, "Well, Yoshiro, it sounds like your father was ALWAYS very busy. It also seems that he passed on some good principles to you. I believe the proper term is you do him proud. The restaraunt is at the other end of the Concourse." she said.

Steak and More

Sunflower watched Eiven and puzzled at his reaction to her holding the door open. She was being courteous to a fellow crew mate. 'Have I done something wrong? Perhaps I have stepped on some pre-imperial custom he follows.' she thought.

Once Eiven was through she followed him and slipped her arm around his. "Eiven, do you have a spouse.... I mean a wife? Children?" she said attempting to make small talk.
Moving Walkway

"I guess he did. We didn't always get along when I was younger but I would like to think that what I am doing makes him proud. He was a good person." Yoshiro said as he followed and smiled, but in the back of his mind he was a bit sad at the loss of his dad. A small tear formed at the corners of his eyes and threatened to reveal themselves. He smiled as brightly as he could but he felt fake. "So what was your life like?" he asked, suddenly curious about Sachi's origins.
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Catching the kit staring at her. Turing to look back at Kata', Freyja smiled. "I should find out what Mr. Gustav would like with me. Um..." She didn't know what to else to say to Kata', she wanted to tell her to go back to the ship and get checked up, but the kit should be able to go and enjoy herself.
Sachi was enjoying the moving walkway, so when Yoshiro asked his question, she had to think for a moment.

"My life has obviously been very different. I was manufactured on Gemini Star Fortress in YE 29. While there I was selected for training as a cook and corpsmen. I like both roles, because it means I take care of people either medically, or making sure they have good food to eat.

After completing training, I was assigned to the Aeon, under the Taisa, though back then she was just a Taii. Several of my sisters joined back then. Usaga Hisa, our Engineer, Ruri Mura worked with her.

I have served on the Aeon for six years now. We started out doing exploration, then the war broke out. We flew right into the battle of UX-25. That was a terrible time. We lost a good number of recent trainees. They suffered true death, because they had not made a backup. We were not expecting to go into a fevered battle." She paused as she recalled the faces of the new people that she barely had gotten to know.

She shook her head to clear her emotions. "The Aeon is the closest thing to a home that I have ever known. I know ever bit of her, and can tell by the sounds she makes is going on. Eternity and I spend a lot of time talking. She helps me to develop menus. I have known a lot of people, soldiers who have served with us then moved on to other assignments. I remain a stable feature of the ship, providing a sense of continuity for the crew. "
Rough Bar

Given time that passed without a bar brawl, Everyone on edge and drinking were glancing at the four drunks whom one of them been shot down by the rodent looking female. They was argueing and daring the next one to see if he would have better luck.

Sheela kept an ear on them as shereturned back to the news. It was showing something related to a bunch of catlike species. Which got her wondering if they was similiar to the ones of the Star League she was part of at one time before her fatefull trip here.

Thud! Sounds of flesh hitting flesh reached her sentive hearing as the bar went quiet. All attention rivited on the four pounding into each other. Table tipped over on it side, Chairs laying on the floor with the fout tangled up swinging wildly.

Bartender yelling at them to stop as he didn't want Security in there and undue attention to the place. "Stop! Stop fighting! You'll get me closed down! Where would you go then?"

The fighters ignored him as they fought each other bumping into other drunk patrons, getting them involved. Sheela shrugged and hopped the bar to stand next to the Bartender. "Theyz whont listen!" She spoke softly to the Bartender. She sipped her drink. "Bet yooz ten KS that the one in the blue will win."

"You're on! I'll take one in yellow!" Bartender spoke as they shook hands and settled back to watch the fight between the growing combantants in the bar. Already there was a few of the patrons laying unconscious on the floor creating more hazards for the fighters to deal with as the place got trashed.

"Why you aint out there fighting?" The bartender spoke to her, fixing himself a drink to fortify himself to face the Authorities.

"Mez? Fight those Enhanced Yammies?! Yooz gotta be insane or totaly out of it! Iz like the way Iz am!" Sheela exclaimed softly, dodging a bottle flung her way to crash amongst the stock on display behind her. "Iz fight inna different way when facing super people like them!"

Bartender couldn't fault her logic on that.
"I see. That is pretty awesome. I didn't start out so good myself at least when I was older. I was a model child when I was younger but when I got older, I was always arguing about things with my dad. Then I went and started doing bad things. Stealing, getting into fights and always coming home hurt and beat up. I never was what I wanted to be and that hurt me more than anything. I felt like being trapped where I was, I would rather be a bad guy and do what I want than to work." Yoshiro said with a sigh.

"When my brother and sister were brought into this world, I knew that I had to change. I just couldn't be the person I was anymore doing the things that I did and realzing that my mother and father would need my help, I changed myself. I realized when I did this, I was the only one that could change my fate. So I worked with my dad at the family store. I lost him recently to the Mishnu when the attacked Yamatai to true death. I wanted to see him and tell him what I have done but now..." Yoshiro's voice trailed off as he remebered the times before he died.

He smiled as a particularly fond memory came to his mind and he started laughing. "I know that he is proud of me so I do not have regrets. Though the only regret that I have is that I never had a chance to say good bye." He said with a sigh after settling down from his laughter. "Just out of curiosity, whatever happened to your sisters that joined with you?"
Steak and More

Seeing he had chosen wisely, Eiven was able to relax some; however that seemed to be when Sunflower pitched her next curve ball. From the door to the arm seemed a little inconsistent; but with her being a Nekovalkyrja it might just be another thing they learn - as much as observation typically only put it between two, often urban, females. With the family question as the follow-up, however, the doctor started to quietly worry to himself again. Separate, the incidents were innocent; together, something may be up.

"I honestly never gave myself the time for that," he replied with a rueful smirk, a look of stating the facts with a touch of reserved self-depreciation put forward, "My niece and nephew have been entertaining proxies for the later, however. What's been especially nice, though don't tell my sister, is that you could always give them back to their parents when trouble started brewing. You can also spoil them without nearly the same consequences as with one's own children."

This got the man chuckling as he recalled a few things he had done to poor Ansa when it came to her children. All the candy, toy rocket launches, theme parks, and the card games with his friends when they got older. He always made sure they were safe; but he rarely felt that it should impact fun - which eventually earned him a shirt that Anja and Alfrid had given him. Those were the days.
Moving Walk Way

Sachi listened and watched Yoshiro as he spoke, being the ship's cook, also made her the ship's bartender for the lounge. One thing she had learned over the years, was that bartenders were supposed to be good listeners. She could see and hear the hurt he carried. "You may not have gotten the chance to tell him what you had done. But I am sure he knew. After all he was your father; he would have seen the change in your behavior, even if he did not know what the source of the motivation was. I am sure he was very proud of the man you started to become. And I think he would approve of the man you are working to become." She said and paused for a moment or two. "As for my sisters; well Usaga Hisa is on the Aeon, and Ruri Mura is on the Integrity. We get together from time to time when there is shore leave."


Josea looked at Kata'nova and then to Freyja, "Perhaps it would be best if we saw Kata'nova safely to the hotel. Then we can have our discussion."

Steak and More

The hostess motioned for Sunflower and Eiven to follow her.

Sunflower was uncertain what to make of Eivan, 56 years of life, he surely would have had time to marry and raise a family. Perhaps he had fallen in love with someone long ago and lost her. Such things were common in the pre-history and without mental backups they were not retrievable.

"Well it sounds as though you enjoy your niece and nephew. But surely in a life as long as yours, you must have had someone that you considered the idea. You are an attractive man, and from what I have learned so far. A good and decent man. Why reconcile yourself to a life of bachelorhood? I hope I am not being too forward. But from what I have seen and not just in vids; most citizens seem to like that kind of life." she said. When they arrived at the table the hostess lead them too, she said, "I hope you enjoy your meal, if there is anything we can do to improve your experience with us. Please do not hesitate to ask." she smiled and walked back to her place at the entrance.

Sunflower disengaged herself from Eiven's arm, she looked at the two places that were set on the table. She was uncertain which one to take, so she decided to let Eiven choose his seat first.
Steak and More

Eiven accepted Sunflower's curiosity as they followed behind the hostess. A number of those whom he had been interested in did die, with one of them being during the time that back-ups were available, but not updated often enough to capture their relationship. They had tried, but in the end the memory gap had torn them apart.

Another more 'recent' woman, he had taken too much time in deciding whether to pursue due to previous failures. A final one, during his own black-out period, hadn't liked what he 'become' after the accident. It was almost as if his love life was cursed in some tortuously demented way.

"I suppose I had more grown comfortable with it rather than actually reconciled myself with it," came the doctor's reply when the hostess left. He then pulled out one of the chairs, and with an open palm, offered the seat to Sunflower.
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"Yeah I think that he would be proud of me too. Anyways we have arrived." Yoshiro said with a smile. "I'll get us a table." He waved down the Hostess of the Steak and More and got her attention. "A table for two? Right this way." The hostess said as she led Sachi and Yoshiro to a nice table.
YSS Kyoten
Location: System AX-03

Warm and Sweet

After seeing that Kata'nova was safely in a room at the hotel to rest, Josea had lead Freyja to the closes Warm and Sweet shop.

He held the door open for the red haired Neko.

Timidly the Saint neko followed Josea, She had been wondering the whole time why he needed to talk to her. She assumed it was something having to do with the incident on the ice cream parlor.

So when he opened and held the door open for her she quietly went in, stopping not far past the door, waiting for a que from the Science Liaison.

Josea stepped in carefully since Freyja did not enter very far. "Are you trying to have me run into you again?" He said with a grin. "That is not my normal way to start a conversation. We can either go up to the counter to order, or we can take a booth and wait for a waitress. Lady's choice." He said gesturing.

She at first had wondered what he was meaning running into her just to start a conversation, but it was the question about what to do and the Lady's choice that had gotten her a bit confused. She looked around for a moment before she realized the Lady he was meaning was her.

"Umm, I guess sit down?" she responded with a question as if she wasn't sure herself.

"As you wish, he walked over to an empty booth that was not too close to the counter or the doors. A place that would be good for talking. He stood next to the table, "Have a seat here, we should be able to talk without too much noise or distractions." he said.

Nodding, Freyja slipped into the seat setting the stuffed dino next to her. Nervously she rested her hands on the table, interlacing her fingers. She could smell the yummy smells of the cinnamon roll that the shop specialized in.

Josea moved into the bench opposite her. He watched her careful attention to where her stuffed dinosaur was seat. 'Curious behavior for a solider, but then Nekos do not have the same long childhood humans do. I guess its a coping mechanism of some sort.' he thought.

Before he could speak, a waitress glided over and slid a menu in front of each of them, and placed a glass of ice water and a napkin as well. "Well, hello there. Always nice to see a new couple of folks coming in to sit. Most of our customers just grab and go. We have a special on the cinnamon rolls. Buy two get a third one free." She smiled warmly at the two. "I'll give you a minute or so to make your decision." she said and walked away to clear a table that had just emptied.

Josea watched the woman leave, "So I presume there is a story behind... Mr Waffles?"

She had sat there quietly as the nice lady had given them the beginnings for the table. though the sound of more food did sound good, in the light of the yumminess, she wasn't sure she should eat anything more. Then the question was asked about her stuffed friend.

Protectively she moved Mr. Waffles closer as she spoke, "He was given to me, by one of the fighter ground crews where I was trained. I was alone a lot of the time I wasn't in classes or behind the controls of a simulator or the crafts themselves. So I had my only friend Mr. Waffles. The tech said I reminded him of his daughter, but a bit bigger."

"I see, well you are not with the fighter crews anymore. Plenty of people on the Aeon to make friends with. Oh, and once again, my apologies for knocking you to the floor at the Ice Cream Parlor.

So, what do you do when you are off-duty? Any hobbies?"

"It.. it's ok, Most people don't see me until it's too late." She smiled a little. It was strange, or at least if this was an interrogation these were the most unusual questions she had ever heard.

"I do paperwork, I just got one done on the maintenance cycle for the shuttle I have been using so much. It might need to be increased, there was a ticking sound in the left power distribution nossle last time. Past that I talk with Mr. Waffles and now... I hang out with Kata'nova. She seems to need a minder... though maybe one that isn't trying to poison her."

Josea smiled and only managed to resist actually laughing at Freyja. "Paperwork is not a hobby, its doing your job. Trust me I know, I am a linguist, and spend lots of time reading documents in various languages. But to relax, I like composing music, or practicing. More important though I spend time with friends." He picked up the menu and surveyed it quickly.

"Freyja, besides Mr Waffles, do you have any friends? People that you spend time with just for fun? Your time with Kata'nova counts, but you seemed ready to draw a weapon on Kata and Sheela for something that was not much different that the trouble most crew experience during shore leave.

Have you ever taken a walk with someone through a park, or along a beach at night. Perhaps holding hands, or maybe even dance?"

"No... But I have been aboard ship, or on operations since I left flight school." Freyja had to mind how she said things, or she would have said that she hadn't had a chance since she left the Saint facilities.

"Though it's not surprising. I'm not really part of the crew. I'm just a fighter pilot that has beed relegated to shuttle duty aboard a ship with out a fighter complement."

"I believe that Katae-San would say otherwise. I am sure she considers you to be a member of her crew. Someone that she is responsible for. We all have different jobs, but that does not mean any of us are not part of the Aeon crew.

I also believe you are part of the crew, and someone that I would like to know better, and hopefully get to be friends with.

I am more of an outsider for the Aeon crew than you or even Kata'nova believe it or not. You are all military. I am a civilian."

He made it all seem so easy. She couldn't be part of the crew because of her job, her real job. She was held apart from the rest of the crew because she was undercover. It even seemed that Eli was shipped off the second she grew close to him.

"Your not that far removed form the crew, you speak their language and you live and fight with them." She blushed, though from embarrassment or anger even she wasn't sure. "I'm just a glorified bus driver. I'm not even allowed to fly or fight the ship."

"I'm not military, and you are mistaken about one aspect. I am actually not permitted to go into a combat situation knowingly. I am classified as a non-combatant. I do live with them, but see that is where you and I differ. I live WITH them, not just among them. I talk with them, hang out with them. I've spent many a late night on the bridge with Yani and Gi talking or trading stories. Or time in the lounge playing my latest song to see what they think.

As for not being allowed to fly the Aeon or control her in combat. Have you ever expressed that interest with the Taisa. I know she's been training a person who wasn't even a shuttle pilot. I am sure she would allow you to, but you would have to speak up for yourself."

The waitress came back over, "Have you folks decided what you want?"

Josea looked at her, "Well I know I have, but I am not sure about my guest. Freyja?"

'Yes ma'am, an escape route and maybe a small cake...' Freyja thought for a moment as she quickly scanned the menu. "I would like a small hot chocolate." She game a small smile and slid the menu to the side of the table.

She had never thought to ask about being on the bridge, she figured that if the Commander wanted her on the bridge she would have ordered her to it. 'Could the Aeon survive a fighter pilot at the helm?'

Josea smiled and then replied to the waitress, "I'd like an Ice tea and a blueberry muffin please. One check, I'll be paying."

"But... it's just a small hot choco..." Freyja commented, not feeling right about him buying her drink.

"Freya, that's what friends or people who are trying to be a friend do. They do little things to be nice.

I think you have been a little too wrapped up in your work, and have forgotten to grow as a person. Its like what Sachi said when I was at the Onsen to some of our other crew members. She was very wise. She pointed out that a soldier needs to have a life to appreciate what they are fighting for."

"Guess so... But I fight cause that is what I've been told to do... If there is more then I've never seen it." She paused for a moment trying to grasp how to explain it with out letting it all out. "I.. I've never been to Yamatai. I've never been to any civilian city... This place has been the closes I have come to seen.

"That dear lady is a shame. There is a lot of beauty on Yamatai, or several of the other worlds. Fortunately, that is something we can rectify in the VCE. Daichi is a very lovely wild world. It is exciting to stand on a beach when there is a storm out at sea and feel the pounding of the surf.

Some people would say that a soldier only needs to know how to fight. That might be true if they are just expected to be robots. A soldier needs to know why they fight, and what they are fighting to protect. It gives a soldier a reason to put their life on the line besides just doing ones duty."

"I am not a robot. The whys are above my pay grade and the ones we protect is the Empire. Nothing more is needed." Freyja was confused, she had been drilled, programed, and taught that nothing means more then to defend the empire from external, and more impotently internal threats.

"I wish I could explain more. It's the same as when Heisho Arai tried to take responsibility. There are reasons decided far above my pay grade." She slumped into her seat and almost hid behind the red hair that fell in front of her eyes.

"Sit up Freyja, I'm not criticizing you. I'm not talking about the why the Empire declares war on someone. I'm talking about fighting to protect friends, family, country. I have seen both in wildlife and among people, the lengths a mother will go to protect her young. Caring about someone gives a person a strength that can't be measured. But its there.

So after this how does a visit to the VCE sound. I can show you some places that I have visited both before I joined the SSS, and some after. That is if you would like to spend some more time hanging out with me."

She slowly sat back up, but the hair never was pulled back from her eyes. "That would be fine.. i guess i can order a outfit for Mr. Waffles later." Freyja looked through her lenses at the science officer and wondered why he ws trying to be nice, he had brought her here to to chew her out of the incedent at the parlor. Wasn't he?

"I would like to see a forest... That isn't exploding around me, or has monsters in the dark..." She shivered.

"Then you will love Daichi, it has incredible forests. One forest the trees are over a thousand years old, and the base is more than 25 feet across. Daichi is a such a new world, one that has not been spoiled with development like some of the Nepleslian worlds." he reached over and gently pushed Freyja's hair away from her face.

"Sorry but I like to be able to see who I'm talking to. I'm going to presume those are Uno Sunglasses. Especially since as a NH series you have perfect vision. You haven't modified them to be able to scan through things like peoples clothes right." he said with a laugh.

She tensed up at the touch as he brushed the hair from her face. It would only be a matter of time before it feel back across her glasses. Then the comment about the abilities of her glasses came up. she blushed brightly.

"I can't say what all it can do, but no I'm sure that wasn't a modification. At least I wasn't informed of it, if it was." She blushed again and looked down at the front of her skirt. There was a bit of fuzz there, so she carefully started picking at it to remove it.

"I use them to help record things and keep records."

Josea chuckled at Freyja's blushing. "Freyja, you are in so much trouble if you blush like that when Yani and Gi are around. Those two love to tease and embarrass people in a playful fashion."

"You make it sound like staying with what I have been doing, is the better plan." Freyja spoke self asured again that she was fine with how she lived.

"I can see how it might seem safer to stay with the familiar. But I would rather a life of experience and friendship. A life of just work, is just an existence, and sounds really lonely and dull. But one way or another it is your decision. I asked to speak with you because I thought you could use a friend. If I was mistaken, well then I apologize."

The waitress came and delivered their orders. Josea handed the woman his KS card and took a sip of his tea.

She turned to the waitress and thanked her, pulling the mug of choco close to her and letting it's warmth work through her hands.

"Please don't take what i said as I don't want a friend. It's well hard for me to have them. Do you know how much risk there is flying? Apparently it was safer on the ground against the NMX then in the air." She sighed and slumped in her seat again, she wish she didn't have to lie to him. There were only two people aboard that knew who she really was.

"Then I guess it is a good thing that the war is over, and you are flying in a Plumeria Gunship. So do we have a date for the VCE?" Josea answered.

The blush returned, and brighter this time. Fumbling through her words, she gave up and nodded. Trying to hide behind a sip of the warm drink she wondered what he meant by date.
Rough Bar
Sure enough the Authorities showed up and waded right in in subduing those that were still conscious and fighting as the bartender and Sheela watched from the safety behind the bar.

Sheela forked over her money that she had betted as the one that wore yellow had put a lot more down than the one in blue. She waited for Authority to finish hauling off the combantants to cool their heels and sober up.
She climbed back over the bar once it was safe to do so. She paid up her tab and left the bar to wander the station and see what was there to see.
Steak and More

Sunflower listened to Eiven's response, she wondered about what his life had been like. But she was not going to pry for all she knew he had a great love early on and lost her and could not bring himself to love another. 'Or perhaps she had seen one to many entertainment vids.' She thought.

When he pulled out the chair and indicated it to her she simply smiled and took the offered seat gracefully, "Thank you." She picked up the menu and started perusing it. This encounter with Eiven was very interesting. He was such a paradox, but she actually found it interesting to try and figure him out.

"Well, they have quite the menu, although I do not think I will mention to Sachi about eating here. She might feel that I betrayed her cooking." she said with a grin.


The Hostess lead Sachi and Yoshiro to one of the side tables. These offered the client a measure of privacy, as the lighting was lower in them. The table was a round one with a curved banquette. The table was set for two with a menu at each place.

"I hope you enjoy your meal, if there is anything we can do to improve your experience with us. Please do not hesitate to ask." she smiled and walked back to her place at the entrance.

"Well this looks cozy." she said with a grin and slid into the banquette from the right side.
Steak and More

Eiven helped get the seat adjusted right, before making his way around to the other side of the table to seat himself. He had thought to continue on from where he left off, but it looked like Sunflower was wanting to change the subject. "That sounds frightening," the man replied, hiding his relief as he picked up a menu as well and chuckled, "So no talking about restaurants in Sachi's presence then."

As he took a further look at what was available, the old doctor looked over his menu. "Anything else catching your eye?" Eiven asked before looking back down at some of the impressive vegetable meddles.
Steak and more

"Actually Sachi likes hearing about new dishes. She is always looking for new ideas. One just has to be tactful about mentioning them." Her gaze dropped back to the menu. "I think that I will try the burbon marinated steak with coffee rub.With a salad and the steamed vegetable medley. I think I will have a strawberry lemonade." she said in response.