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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 7.6] Repairs and recovery

After writing her report and then filling about ten million forms, Saki was finally free to actually enjoy the time off. The neko could not write it earlier, since she had to spent some time in hemo-vat, healing the injury cause by the grenade. Report came then. She sent her report up to Katae, hoping it was okay. This was first time she lead team after all and it ended up in a bit of a massacre. Number were still not back, but she wondered how many aliens lost their lives. Saki tried to not kill in the combat, but once the SAoY team got too outnumbered Saki and other just had to shoot and not worry about killing.

The neko sighed and dressed, putting on a body-suit and her jacket over it. She was about to take her katana as well, until realising she gave it to Kyoka upon leaving Aeon. Saki sighed, remembering Kyoka again. It was a bit lonely ever since and it will be even more lonely from now on. Saki was a team-leader now, there was not chance of getting to next level with other.

The blue haired neko opened her locked and took a wrapped item in it. She unwrapped it and took it into her hands. It was the book that made Kyoke and Saki closer that one faithful night. Saki smiled and opened it. reading few paragraphs with a giggle. An old dirty novel was what they needed to become closer. It was the closes Saki ever was with someone. The blue-haired neko wondered if there will be someone else like that in her future life.

With another sight, she wrapped the book again and hid it back in her locker. She then stood up. "Yosh," she said to herself, ready to go out. With that she went out.


There were other crewmemeber in the lounge, when Saki arrived. She smiled a bit and noticed there was also someone new in there. A rather tall buxom neko with violet short hair. In infantry colouring too. Finally another ground-pounder, Saki though there were never enough of those. Saki proceeded to get herself a cup of coffe as well and then sat by the new neko.

"Good Oto-hei," Saki greeted the tall neko. "I am Arai Saki Nito-heisho. Welcome aboard Aeon." Saki made sure to check with Eternity, using nekovalkyrjan mindlink to make sure Oto Ni was really one of Aeon personell.
Ni was fiddling about with a imaginary wrinkle upon her nearly pristine uniform. Free hand attempting to smooth such down while managing to sip at her coffee. Nervous was the word to describe her when one took the time to study her face and the way she kept attempting to fix her uniform. She turned upon hearing another arrival, scanning her briefly before returning to that imaginary issue. Oh ma, oh man, ohmannn....when do I go for my interview? Will they message me? Am I already late?

She about jumped out of her uniform when the blue-haired neko settled beside her and introduced herself. She turned a bit, bowing low in a somewhat formal manner. "Good mornin', many thanks for the welcome, m'am!" She popped upright with a big ol' smile to hide her nervousness. "Ummm...by chance do you know whether I should message or just head on over to my interview? Or will I receive a message upon when to head there?" Ni iquired a bit rapid-fire in her questions.
Kyoto :: Recreational area, Swimming pools:

Sheela looked at the huge swimming pool through the observation window as she headed for the changing room. It was pertty big for one being on a space station. And to make the level more interesting, there was more than one. There was several regulation olympic sized pools with people swimming laps without being interferred by those that just wanted to play various water sports. Even a diving pool with diving boards at various heights. It seamed that with the Mish/NMX war winding down, there was more money to spend on upgrading recreational facilities on various key space station throughout the sector.

Sheela scampered in delight as she wanted to try all the pools out. Even to jump off few of the diving boards. She swiped her card through the reader, getting a towel and numbered key for a locker for her stuff. Entered through the door with a green flashing light into the well lit, roomy locker room.

Quickly finding her assigned locker, stripped down to her bright yellow bikini, making sure to fold up her stuff so when she put it back on, there would be very little wrinkles. Clipping the key onto her bikini bottoms at her side, politely shut her locker door. She grabbed her towel and scampered through the door into the pool room.

Enjoying the various activities offered by the variety of pools, Sheela lost track of time. Swimming, playing volleyball, diving off the various boards into the pool doing fancy acrobatic maneuver before splashing into the water.
"That is simple, jsut send a query to Eternity," Saki replied as she blew on the hot coffee in her hands. "It is Aeons Megami. She will tell you what to do. Also an advice, when you talk with the captain, don't pretend anything. She would find out and then you would just feel sorry." Saki grinned at the tall neko in a mischievus way.
"Query, honesty, and many thanks!" She downed the rest of her coffee; slurping up the sugary treat clumped up at the with a purr. "Man, that sugary goodness, ya know?" Putting her cup to the side she offered her hand to the other. "I know I just bowed but mind if we shake hands? Abit of a habit, heh..oh and do you know where I can purchase an axe? Need to get back into working on my techniques."

Eiven nodded at what Josea told him about the starbase, and at least one thing he expected was there. "Well, I know the VCE Cafe is one place I'll need to stop by at some point," he began, "but that's for more of a personal matter than general entertainment. Never did plug in much growing up myself."

The doctor then stretched a little and smiled, "Maybe I'll go to the bath, let the last run boil out of me, then think of my next move." The Minkan looked around at everyone seeing what reaction he would get next.
That sounds like all too much fun. I prepared some things in case we set out further. I also took the liberty of changing. Are you getting ready to depart or shall I meet you at the spa in a while? Misaki sent to Katae.

It had actually occurred to the XO to try and get herself something to wear while they were away (she did not often have a large collection of clothes until joining the Eucharis given before that she just projected it on herself when needed), even though she had the desire to train members of the crew further in combat protocol, she knew she could do that when they were underway again just as well, when they found themselves focused on their normal tasks and needed something to break it up, something like a class or jarring combat drill, of course. The best most of her former comrades could do was to prepare as much as possible for combat to hope it would follow them through until accomplishing their orders and missions.

The air felt good in Kyoten though, she had to admit that. For someone that had spent most of her post-training time in ships it could almost be unsettling if she were not made to be used to it after being around long enough. A bit of time at a spa was something she'd never actually experienced before, even given the love most inhabitants of Yamatai had for going to large baths and anything attached to them, the old soldier found herself training her art more often than anything else. Running through drills using her mind often calmed her, as the ability to simulate combat internally was something she found particularly practical when left with extra processing power in that computer of a brain of hers.
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Kata'nova cocked her head curiously to one side, the translation was rough and she didn't really know what this 'ice cream' was; although the prospect of going out again made her that much more curious... although she wasn't entirely sure about the other aliens there as she didn't really trust them or what they may or may not do. With a slight nod of the head, she walked back toward the airlock and glanced out back toward the main dock.
Kyoto :: Recreational area, Swimming pools:

Sheela ended up in a heated arguements with a few Neko's and Minkans on who was the better species as she relaxed between bouts of activities. Even though the debate ebbed and flowed, tempers rose and fell of the inuendos and out right insults between those involved.

Sheela was surprised at well mannered the Yamataians were as even though tempers flared, there was no violance breaking out at even when the most vilest insults were traded in adbandon fashion in the heat of the moment. She may not be as strong as they were, but it was obvious that they lacked the years of experience she had.

As the Debate wore on, the younger Minkans and Nekos were being slowly replaced by those with more experience to call upon. Even though tempers did flare up, it was becoming a rarity as the debate was shifting from 'One-upmanship' to 'Lets get to know each other better!' conversation.

Freyja grinned and grabbed the kit by her arm and dragged her off the ship and towards the rec-centers. "You'll love the ice cream. It's cold and sweet and yummy!" Freyja smiled she had a friend on one arm and Mr. Waffles under her other.
"Nya, How very nepleslian," Saki replied looking at the offered hand for a second, before she reached out and took it. She gripped it firmly as she saw Luca in the cartoons do. It was a bit strange to her, as bow was good enough greetings and people did not have to touch each other, but she felt it would be rude not to shake hands with this new soldier. Even though it was a tad bit too familiar, but then the new neko, had no idea that Saki was away team leader.

"Axe you say? Can't say I ever heard of anyone use one. And local gift shops only sell Katana's or wakizashi. There might be some shop, that would sell axe, but that would be survival and stuff." Saki rubbed her chin as she thought. "Althought you might order a custom one from Origin shops I think or maybe even Tamahagane."
== Station ==

Firmly gripping the other nekos hand she shook such deftly before releasing it. "Sorry, it just seems right to shake your hand? Dunno if that seems a bit out there, it just does." She'd get up and bow once again to the other. "Many thanks for the information, m'am. But, I must be on my way to the station to get my bags settled and hopefully, interview done. Hope you enjoy yourself!" With that she'd head back to the armor bay and snatch up her 'away' bag.

Soon making her way out, she'd stop and put in her leaving for the station and have Eternity inform the Commander that she was heading to the station. She'd make sure to check in with the security before making her way to her assigned cabin to bathe and change into a clean uniform. Ni would then wander about the station til she was informed to head to the office for her interview, stopping to snag a sandwich in her wanderings and pick up a few basic civillian outfits.
"I have one or two last duties to attend to, so I will meet you at the Spa." Katae replied to Misaki, "While you are out, why don't you see about picking up a bottle of wine for later." she said with a grin and left the bridge.

"Did someone say the bath?" Sunflower said entering the Lounge with a smile. "That sounds like a good way to start relaxing. "

Sachi walked into the lounge catching Sunflower's statement. "If its alright with I would like to go to the bath."

Attention: Oto-Santô Hei
Report to Office - 2C3 for Interview ASAP.

Ise-Taisa is waiting for you there.

"Yes, Sunflower," the doctor replied, turning to the medic, "I am entertaining it as my first choice." He then heard Sachi. "I doubt I could keep you out," he chuckled while keeping an ear open for any other responses.
== Station\Wanderings ==
After her interview, Ni went and changed into her recently purchased clothing. A simple white t-shirt with khaki dhorts and accompanying undies. Leaving her cabin she'd go on a walk about the station, occasionally stopping for brief conversations with others of her kind and a few minikans. She'd head to the park and find a place to hum to herself; soon attempting to sing a little nursery rhyme she heard awhile back in a light, jazzy tone.
Outside Aeon

It was an... odd feeling to be dragged about; a feeling Kata'nova had only felt before by her sister who would drag her off to other places - like the movies, restaurants. She really didn't know what to say, mainly due to her embarrassed looking face...
Outside Aeon

With a smile Freyja continued dragging the kit along with her. "I think you might be an strawberry kind of person... or maybe a vanilla/chocolate swirl sort of person. Me? I'm a sundae sort... I love the syrups and the cherries on the top. I can't eat enough, though my tummy gets upset sometimes after wards..." She grinned and pulled The kit into a elevator that would take them up to the shopping areas.
Yoshiro made a mental note to thank the taisa for the opportunity to train. He decided to go down to the fabrication area where he had worked before to talk to him and say hello. He arrived and looked around. "Excuse me but is there a man by the name of Ogawa Daisuke here? I worked with him before and I would like to speak with him if at all possible." He said and waited for a response.
Kyoto: Swimming Pool Section

Sheela was having a grand time, swimming, debating with others from various ships as she rested waiting her turn to use the diving board of her selection. Soon she was spinning in a flip and twisting to perform acrobatics before splashing into the water, sending water drops flying onto those who were to close to the edge of the pool.

Surfacing a few seconds later, gasping for air as she swam for the ladder to exit the pool. Hearing the yells of praise for her acrobatics and complaints at being splashed.
With her coffee finished, Saki stood up and took it to dirty-dishes counter. She then moved to where Sunflower and co. were sitting. "Excuse me Himawari-san," Saki spote to Sunflower. "I could not help but to overhear something about bath. Would you mind if I joined you?" She asked with a polite smile on her face.