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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 7.6] Repairs and recovery


YSS Kyoten
Location: System AX-03

Office - 2C3

Katae was sitting at a desk in an office she borrowed on the Kyoten. She was reviewing the crew personnel records. Trying to decide on promotions for the crew, it had been a while since she had the opportunity to promote personnel.

'Hopefully I can get this paperwork done, and take advantage of the station facilities. I really do not want to miss my Spa appointment.' she thought.

The walk from the Aeon over to the Office that Taisa Ise had obtained, gave Freyja Oinari plenty of time to panic over what she was going to discuss and the more simpler fact of how many people there were between the Aeon and this office. It had taken her sitting there rationalizing with herself through talking to MR. Waffles to even pull the reports on Kata'nova, and Chusa Kurusu.

'Well Mr. Waffles said that if I do this then I could go get ice-cream and get a few new books.' The thought of the concept caused a small smile to form on her face as she neared the door to the Office. Reaching up she hit the chime and waited for a response.

Katae looked up from the current report, for Josea. This was one of the easier since she could simple recommend to the SSS his status. She inquired Ishi the MEGAMI who as at the door. When she heard it was Freyja, she wondered what she was here for. She instructed the MEGAMI to open the door.

Freyja stepped in and bowed. "Hello Ma'am. I have two reports for you... Non-combat pilot reports." She held out the chip that contained both reports. "I believed you would have like to be briefed on them in person. One I'm already have orders to transmit to my keepers. The other I would like advice on if I should."

Katae watched Freyja come in and then returned the bow. She reached up and took the data chip and placed it on the desk.

"Kindly proceed with your report then, and we can discuss them." she said clearing the volumetrics.

"Well the first one is my primary mission here on the Aeon right now, Kata'nova. I have been keeping an eye on her as much as I can while maintaining my cover. It's a bit easier with her in my cabin. The conclusion I have come up with is she is Mostly Harmless. Her race on another hand i think might be dangerous on a whole. Not to say that I advise against locating them. Who knows I'm only judging a whole culture off of one being."

Freyja smiled and paused for a moment to see if Katae had any questions.

"I do not see Kata'nova as a threat to our ship, or crew. I would not call her mostly harmless though. Without seeing what fighting skills she has that would be presumptuous. As for her species and government both of those are unknowns. For all we know she may be typical of her kind, or she could be atypical. We will not know until we are able to find them." She replied.

The red head nodded, "Hence the Mostly part of it. She had multiple chances to hurt of kill me when we first met, so I feel confident in my standing, but if you feel I should change it I will bow to your experience." She smiled before sighing and then pointing at the chip. "the second bit contains what happened on the planet when the XO, SSS Officer and I were scanning about. Once we landed there were a few times the XO ignored any tactical advice and nearly lead us into being attacked by predators. I offered repeatedly to launch the shuttle to give the group aerial intel and cover. Each time she either ignored it or told me that the shuttle will be called only if we are under attack. I feel this risked the operation and our lives, unduly."

Katae listened to Freyja, and then thought about the information she had received from Josea. He had briefed her on the encounter with the large predators. The SSS member had spoken about the actions taken, and the suggestions made by both he and Freyja.

"What we do is not without a certain amount of risk Jôtô Hei. And while you may not agree with the XO's decision, in the end the operation was concluded successfully and no one on the team was hurt. You performed your job by giving her your concerns and suggestions. But you have to realize ultimately she was responsible for every one on that mission. She would not put any member of this crew in harms way recklessly. I would not put up with just behavior. But I do thank you for bringing your concern to me, and I hope you will do so in the future as well." Katae said warmly.

"Now what is the other matter?"

"Yes ma'am I understand that all. That was the other matter I had. I was just concerned, and if you feel this matter is solved in it's self then I will not forward the report on the XO on." The young SAINT operative smiled, "Though the one on Kata'nova I must pass on." She paused for a moment. "May I ask a Question of you?"

"I have no problem with you passing your report on Kata'nova. And yes, you may ask a question of me. I am always available to my crew." She replied.

"Why did you request an Saint operative, particularly an undercover one?" Freyja had been worrying this question over since she first came aboard. Now with the other operative aboard she truly was wondering what her place was.

"That is a very good question. One that I had expected to hear much sooner. As you know you were brought on board before the most recent addition. The reason was simple during the war I was seeing things that were troubling. Missions were compromised that were SAINT sanctioned. And there were problems with some soldiers. Personality and behavior ones that should have been screened out during training. With the discovery of NMX Nekos I decided that I needed a SAINT person that only I knew was onboard to screen new crew members and to bring to my attention any behavior that could be construed as suspect." Katae replied. "That is why you are on my ship."

The mousie neko stood there for a moment adsorbing the whole reasoning. It made a lot of sense. There was always a possibility of NMX nekos trying to join SAoY crews. It scared her a bit. She would have to keep an eye on the rest of the crew. Though the train of thought brought her straight to the newest SAINT Operative.

"If that is why Ma'am, then why Nagato -Hei?"

"She is here as an Intelligence Officer, as in keeping me abreast of situations within the Empire and information relevant to where we are. Her position is clearly visible to everyone on the ship. Which also means that they will not be suspecting that we have a second one onboard." Katae said with a knowing smile.

Nodding, her normal little smile grew on her face. "Mr. waf... I mean I thought that was the reason but I wasn't sure. I feared your confidence in me had decreased. But I will keep you abreast of any changes in the crew and keep an eye on the newer ones. Is there anyone in question that you are more concerned about?"

"For the moment our newest technician should be vetted. She's an alien that we know very little about. So that sets off several red flags to my way of thinking." Katae replied.

"The Mousapiean? she kind of creeps me out... but I will try to spend some time with her during leave. Maybe I'll be able to give you something one way or another when we launch the ship again." Freyja smiled, though she knew it meant that the ice cream and books might be something she would have to wait on.

"Shore leave could be a good way to get to know her, but make sure you take some time for yourself. There is a spa available along with a number of shops and activities, I expect you to have some fun." Katae answered.

"Yes Ma'am... I was thinking about going to find a new dress. And maybe see if I can find a uniform for... umm..." she blushed for a moment. "Anyways That was all I had to report Ma'am. anything past what we discussed that I should look into?"

"I think we have covered everything for the moment. We can speak after leave, and if something urgent comes up. You can contact my communicator."

"Yes ma'am... I'll leave you be." She bowed once more making a mental note to destroy the report on the XO.

Katae returned the bow, and motioned for Freyja to leave.

Freyja turned about and left. Once the door sealed behind her she let out a long deep sigh. She had a lot to do, but first she wanted to grab her stuffed dino and hit the shopping areas. Then maybe if there was time she would find the Mousapien. Maybe they could get ice cream, after all one can't lie over ice cream. With a smile she started to head back to the Aeon.


Maki noted that the others made no attempt to to greet her or any other form of pleasentries. While dissapointing, she was used to it. SAINT operatived were commonly met with skepticism, distrust and even downright hostility. It was funny how the color of one's uniform could cause such a reaction.

She strod across the lounge to where the coffee service was located and picked up a mug. She filled it with coffee, two teaspoons of sugar and a bit of cream. She then settled down in a seat just close enough to possibly be uncomfortable for the others and sipped at her drink.

Josea noticed a Neko that he did not recognize, she had a rather distinctive hair color so he was certain he would have remembered her. He crossed over to her and said: "Pardon me, I do not believe we have met. I am Josea Gustav with the Scientific Studies Service. You must have come onboard after I left the Aeon onboard the Tenba. Black panels.... so you are with SAINT. Guess I should make sure to copy you on my reports so that you have access to them."
Kata'nova had found her way outside of the Aeon, onto the docking areas that were filled with other Yamataians. She'd kept herself to the overhanging rafters and out of sight, not wanting others to see her; thus far she only knew that the Aeon crew could be - partially - trusted but the same couldn't be said about these other aliens that passed beneath her. She'd seen other ships that were like the Aeon, beautiful looking ones in her opinion but not as beautiful to her as some of the ships her own people used.

She sat curiously on a pipe that hung several feet above the walkways below, watching the aliens as they walked by; they all were in uniform which told her that they were all most likely military - she watched a few as they tended to the various starships docked within the station and others who seemed to be transporting supplies and other items to and from the other ships. Hmmm, supply people... engineering people... a smile fell onto her face as she stood up and walked along the pipe and crossed from the docking area toward the main area of the station; where she hoped to find Freyja and perhaps see more of these aliens.
Yoshiro headed toward the lounge and looked around for crew and fellow soldiers from the Aeon. A waitress came down to take his order and waited for him. "I would like to have some Teriyaki beef and a cup of coffee. Oh and some choccolate chip cookies please." He said and the waitress gave him a smile and went to fill his order. He sighed as he relaxed and decided to ask the Tai-sa about continuing his ship operator training.

Ise-Tai-sa this is Tanaka-Heisho and I was wondering if we were going to continue my pilot training. I wanted to know because I would like to get a certification to be a pilot if that is needed.

He waited for the response and his food arrived. He wanted to eat first and then talk to anyone that was new. He ate his food with gusto since had not had a good meal since the mission. Yoshiro was going to have fun and he would do it to the fullest whil he was on the station.

"Nagato Maki" she replied to Josea with her own, her acid yellow eyes turning up from her coffee mug to examin the face of the new comer now standing before her.

"Yes, I am with SAINT" she acknowledged. "And would very much appreciate a copy of your reports, thank you" she offered him just a hint of a smile. Of course she did not need him to send them to her, she could very well access them on her own without much effort, but it was a nice gesture on his part and saved her time, so she wad more than happy to accept.
On her way back to the ship Freyja had a strange sensation, along with the little mental beep from a bug she had planted. She looked up and saw Kata'nova sitting up high in the rafters. The red head smiled and gave a small wave, before popping a volumetric screen up next to Kata. It had a picture of both of them having ice cream. Though there was Mr. Waffles there too.

She waved again and pointed at the ship, with hopes Kata would follow her in.


She continued on to her cabin and started gathering up Mr. Waffles and sending off the report to SAINT. She felt kind of bad that she was spying on a friend, but then again she was helping Yamatai understand Kata and her people more, maybe even preventing any problems in the future between them.
Kyoto: Lounge:

Sheela entered the Lounge, looking around the room at the various crew members from ship docked at the station and station personnel having a good time. She stood out being one of her kind here. Even as a teenager, coming into a new place was always awkward for her. Maybe she could be friends with Kata, as she was also alone. But the Aeon and Crew was looking for her homeworld. Life was interesting being her situation. As she made a big splash back in basic along with the otherss trainees.

She found an empty table and settled there, eyes darting arond her taking in the decor, lighting and shadows of the Lounge.

Maybe she would leave here and find a place that served food that could be eaten on the move. Just as she was gettig ready to leave, a waitress appeared at her side, asking what she would like to eat and drink. She ordered simple foods that were not spicey and a cherry flavored juice.
Tanaka-Heisho, actually while you are onboard the Kyoten you have an ideal opportunity to train if that is how you want to spend some of your leave. There is VCE Cafe on the starbase. you can use that to pull up some training programs from the SATA library. If that is what you wish to do, I will authorize the request. Ise-Taisa.


"Nagato-San, so have you made any plans for your leave aboard the starbase? There is a variety of things one can do for diversions." Josea asked.

Yani let out a laugh at Eiven's response. "Well, I never had a mother, so I make friends with whom I please and when I please. It keeps things nice and simple. So what kind of card games do you like playing Doctor-san? We sometimes play poker with Josea-San, but never for money."

"I enjoy poker," Eiven replied, though realizing that the black panelled Neko was SAINT put him off balance slightly. "However," he continued, regaining himself, "I find that people play too loose when there is nothing to gain or lose. That said, I've only played in house games where you paid into a pot, then used the chips to play. The one who wins gets the pot."

Kata'nova had been so focused on the people walking around that when she saw Freyja she smiled and waved back, but had been caught entirely off guard by the sudden appearance of the display which caused her to nearly fall off her perch - saved only by the fact that she quite nimble and held on. In her mind, she grumbled at the rookie mistake she had made, knowing that if her commander had seen this he would've ripped her one for not paying better attention.

She followed Freyja back to the ship, moving through openings in the wall and keeping to the darkness of the ceiling. When she was close to the ship she dropped down to the deck and quickly followed Freyja back inside, where she removed her helmet and allowed her hair to drop below her neck; she then ran ahead of the Neko and stopped just a few feet in front and smiled at her.

"No, no plans yet" Maki replied to Josea's question. Truly she had yet to put much thought into it. She was used to constant work, not much in the way of lax time. "Any suggestions?" she asked as her eyes wandered, catching the doctor looking in her direction. She fixed her piercing yellow eyes on his.
"Hello..." Freyja smiled back at her friend, though she was surprised by Kata' popping up like that. She had kept a eye on the tracking program, displayed on her glasses.

"I'm going shopping, then ice cream, and maybe buy some books. I would like it if you came with me. We can get you a few dresses and maybe some souvenirs from our lands." she smiled and reached out her hand. "Come on" She had Mr. Waffles and now she was gathering up Kata'. Soon Ice cream and Books will be hers!
Kyoto : Lounge

Sheela looked over the other patrons, she spotted one wearing the Aeon patch eating his cookies. She was about go over to say hi to him, but her food had arrived and he was busy looking at something next to his plate on the table.

Sheela thanked the Waitress and began to eat her food, enjoying the meal of Salmon with a ranch/lime dip, mashed potatoes in a thick gravy, and mixed cooked vegetables along with a few dinner rolls to help clean the plate.

It felt good to be able to sink her teeth into something she enjoyed eating. She looked over the desert menu as she ate, debating whether to see what else this station had to offer.

"Cards and Spa have come up so far," the doctor mentioned to the SAINT operative, "I like a good game of chance now and then, however I almost wonder if you might have an unfair advantage over us." His smile was slightly unsteady at firs, but gained in confidence over the seconds.

"Then again," Eiven continued, "it's been a while since I tracked down a nice bath house and let the water warm everything away. An out door hot spring during the Kyoto winter is usually the best in terms of that, but one must take what they can get sometimes."
Armor Bay

"Hey diddy diddy..." Ni hummed under her breath, polishing rag swiping over the visor of her Mindy's helmet. She had yet to meet the crew, having arrived a fair 'while ago and occupying herself with overseeing her armor safely placed in storage and polished to a blinding sheen. Arm dipped and rose to swipe once more, continous in its routine. Her humming and spewing of the occasional tune giving the bay a somewhat cheery feeling in what she hoped would be her new home. Infact, she was waiting to see whether or not what she preumed to be her commander would message her for her interview after mentioning such upon their odd meeting.
Armor Bay

"Hey diddy diddy..." Ni hummed under her breath, polishing rag swiping over the visor of her Mindy's helmet. She had yet to meet the crew, having arrived a fair 'while ago and occupying herself with overseeing her armor safely placed in storage and polished to a blinding sheen. Arm dipped and rose to swipe once more, continous in its routine. Her humming and spewing of the occasional tune giving the bay a somewhat cheery feeling in what she hoped would be her new home. Infact, she was waiting to see whether or not what she preumed to be her commander would message her for her interview after mentioning such upon their odd meeting.

Overhearing the mention of cabins and packing an overnight bag. She looked briefly to her luggage she had brought along from the shuttle with a parting huff passing lips. Putting away her cleaning materials she set about stuffing a duffel with what she'd need, stopping when she took note she didnt own enough to even consider packing. Ears drooping, she'd get up. "Mam MEGAMI? Can you give me directions to the lounge?" Her tone was of the utmost respectful upon voicing her inquiry.
Eternity the Aeon's MEGAMI provided Ni with directions. She also informed her that the Taisa would conduct the interview onboard the Starbase.

Josea look back at Eiven, and then to Maki "Well there is a lovely park aboard the Kyoten, with a number of plants found during the Aeon's early explorations. There is a VCE cafe so folks can make use of that for a wide range of activities. Two bars that I am aware of. One is a fairly quiet one, for folks who just want to relax and share a few drinks. The other is definitely more casual, a frequent haunt of those who may want to burn off some excess energy. There is a pool that is a great place to relax and have fun. Lastly there is a theater if you prefer to watch movies or shows. There is an onsen style bath but I haven't had the occasion to check it out."
=== Lounge ===

"Thanks MEGAMI!" She'd place her stuff out of the way. Intending to put it in up once a cabin was assigned to her. Ni soon made her way into the lounge, the rather tall and apple green neko bowing respectfully upon making her presence known to any there. "Santo-Hei Oto Ni. Hiyah all!" Her accent was strangely thick for one who was a yamatai. Sortof a Nep flavoring thrown in with a bit of a musical lilt.

She made her way over to gather up a cup of coffee and loading it down with enough sugar to give her an energy jolt for her interview. Ni'd hunt about for an empty seat and take what she could get.
Kyoto : Lounge:

Sheela finished up her meal and paid for it as she finished up her drink. Thus fortified, she left the lounge and made her way through the base, having heard of the various recreational activities. She scampered back to temp den on the spacestation.

Temp Den:

Sheela changed into her bikini, taking noticed that her uniform shirts and jackets had been delievered to her temp den. She smiled as she put on her uniform skirt and white blouse over her bikini. Once that was done, packed her uniforms away, except for one; she would wear when returning to the Aeon when leave was up.