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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 8.0] Destination North by Northeast


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The day after shore leave.

Kyoten Starbase – Repair Bay

Time: 07:45 hours

In the cavernous bay two ships were positioned sides by side. The YSS Aeon dwarfed the ISC Tanoshimi. Katae stood between the two vessels in her Type 35 uniform. She observed a crew of Star Army technicians walking off the Tanoshimi. That meant the final preparations for their next phase of the mission was now ready.

Katae mentally reviewed the sensory data that the squadron had gotten. Using their combined sensor arrays, and coupled with data supplied by Josea. The results were very promising. So much so that she came up with the plan that involved the Tanoshimi. She had already explained the plan to her XO Misaki.

So now it was just a matter of waiting for the crew to arrive in the next 15 minutes.
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Kyoten Starbase

Rin had come to the starbase to try and reassign with the Aeon, he felt bad he had to leave on such short notice, but it was a family emergency.

As he walked down the Repair Bay to find the ship he was getting nervous 'what if they don't need me anymore' he thought to himself. As he neared the Aeon he saw the Captain and walked towards her "hello again Captain" he didn't know if he would be recongonise him as he saluted her "I'm Santo Hei Okumura Rin, I had to leave a while ago from your lovely ship, I was wondering if I could return, I am able again, this time for much longer." Rin looked a bit worried as he let his hand fall to his side and waited for a responce from the Captain all the time his body betraying his worriedness that he won't be allowed back to active duty on the Aeon.
Repair Bay

Saki walked into the repair bay herself, carrying the small bag of few essentials she took from Aeon. She saw the captain and some unkown face and came closer. She simple bowed to the captain, giving her time to reply to the man. Saki herself was curious what was their next destination. The catgirl was highly unsure what to do with herself outside the work. She did want to go for a drink with Josea, but the man was busy. It was probably better to just do her work and train for her job as ships armourer anyway.
Repair Bay

Katae looked at Rin. The soldier did not have a particularly note worthy time aboard the Aeon, but her memory allowed her to recall every crew member with clarity. "There is no need to salute Santo Hei, unless you are reporting to an officer.

We are heading out on a critical mission. I will give you a second chance Santo Hei. Your skills will be needed. Take a place to the side, once the rest of the crew arrives I will commence with the briefing."

She looked at Saki and returned the bow with a shallower one. "I hope you had an enjoyable shore leave. I had to pull our SSS Liaison back to the ship last night. If you would please go to the bridge and let him know that we are getting ready for the briefing."
Repair Bay

Rin smiled as he went to the side with his bags, he brought them for the just in case he got back on. As he waited he opened a part of his bag and brought out Cerus the little robot and started to work a bit more on the inner workings, the outer chassis still wasn't made so it was a skeletal four legged robot that was all wire and metal.

Rin looked back up to the captain "I feel terrible for leaving you, if it wasn't for a important cause I would of stayed."
Repair Bay

What confusion. Eiven truly had looked to relax over the time given for rest; however, between the evening with Sunflower and his nephew's further decline as a shut-in was a weight he worked hard to bare effortlessly as he packed up to return to the Aeon.

Making his way down the gangway, the doctor noticed the two already with Katae and stood back to allow for the formalities to complete before interjecting himself. Last thing he wanted to do was to interrupt the Captain in the middle of something that looked important - even if it was directly for only one person.
Repair Bay

"Leave was nice, a bit too long for me," Saki said to the captain. "Yes, ma;am I will go get Gustav-san, shall I bring him here, or will the briefing be in the wardroom as usual ma'am?" Saki asked Katae. To her it was interesting, yet stange that they should held a meetingi n the repair bay in front of Aeon. In anywaya, as soon as Saki would get her answer, she was going to lift up and fly off towards the Aeon to get Josea.
Repair Bay

Katae smiled, "Too long... " not something that Katae usually heard, and from her own perspective most leaves were too short. "The briefing is going to take place out here so return with him. If I know Josea he's buried himself in his work and lost track of time."
Misaki emerged from the civilian vessel dressed in her usual uniform. She was well-armed for the task, at least in terms of her sword and side arm, and had pulled her hair up into a french braid to keep out of the way for the upcoming mission. It helped she wanted to make a good impression, but it was not as easy to tell she was trying a bit harder than normal given how detailed she was with her hair. It was one of the things she did more often on previous assignments to help integrate with crews that had a more normal creation and what passed for an upbringing to Nekovalkryja when compared with herself.

"It was just long enough, or maybe a bit too short indeed." She noted, bowing slightly to Katae as she moved in to her side and about half a pace back, sliding her legs to shoulder width apart, the XO clasped her hands against her back and waited for things to get rolling. In truth she was finding it a lot easier to occupy her leave with tasks other than just training when Katae was with her, but she was not really going to say that out loud, though, she did send her a quick little message anyway, I am sure I could have managed a month of leave if you were there to get pampered with me, at least if we didn't have a mission to fulfill...though that will never be the case.
"I would have to agree with the XO," Eiven finally spoke up before offering a proper good morning bow to both Katae and Misaki. "My original itinerary ended up expanded upon more than I had originally estimated," he continued, "though I will neither complain about that nor about getting back into action."

The doctor then stood with a light smile, going over who was there before trying to come up with whom he knew were missing. Though he did not get to know everyone well enough this time around, Eiven would, at least, have a better idea of the faces. One face in particular, that he did not see present yet, was one he worried about meeting up with again internally, knowing full well it was a guarantee rather than just a possibility.
Rin watched as the ofthers come, he was still playing with his little robot wiring it and making sure it could walk "hello there" he said while still looking at his robot to the new arrivals to area as he was working. He put Cerus away then looked up at the others his long white hair covering most of his face "I am Santo Hei Okumura Rin, pleasure to meet you both" he chuckles and sorts out his hair.
Repair bay

Sachi, Sunflower and Hisa came walking into the repair bay chatting to each other as they did. When they approached the group the grew quiet. "Good morning ma'am." They said together to Katae as they bowed. They then took their places in line next to Rin.

"Personally, I would have liked a little longer shore leave. But duty calls, and there will be other shore leaves." Sunflower said adding her sentiments to the discussion. She then looked over at Eivan and smiled at him. "Good morning Shoi Kohosei, nice to see you again."
Repair Bay

With everything she owned with her, Sheela scampered up wearing her MIDF Combat/ Flight Uniform minus the combat riggings and flight oversuit. Full of good cheer and her usual hyperness at the excitement of heading out once again to travel the stars.

With a flourish and the 'thump' of her duffel bag hitting the deck at her feet. Sheela executed the most regal cursty. "Squea-Ah! Iz am here! Mez Lady Captain!" Her roll-on baggage cart hit the deck on the otherside of her. "Light Commander Swiftpaws, Tech, Pilot, Commando at yooz service!" Totaly forgetting her Yamataian mililtary bearing and rank as she was excited to be part of something grand and a ship's crew. She had burst right in between Hisa and her group.

She straighten up to her full five foot height plus the few inches that her boots gave her.
Repair Bay

Sachi turned to Sheela and spoke softly. "Sheela-san, Star Army personnel do not curtsey. We either bow, which Ise-Taisa prefers or salute."

Yani and Gi came walking into the Repair Bay with their overnight bags slung over their shoulders. They bowed to Katae, "Good Morning Taisa. Hope you had a pleasant shore leave." they said together, and then straightened up. They then took their position in line with the others.
Repair Bay

Of course she had to arrive as if on cue; the wave of nervousness came over him as he worked to keep it inside. At least the uniforms helped to frame things as work, and Sunflower addressing him by rank made it even easier.

"Good morning, Jôtô Hei," he smiled, "Ready for another run out there?"
Repair Bay

Sheela nods in responce to Sachi's whisper. "Habit," whispers back as others appear to join in the ranks of the assembling crew of the Aeon. She fidgeted as she waited. She wondered what was going on and ready to sally forth into the unknown again.

Sheela looked over at Aon. Of what she could see of it, it gave her sence of belonging and her new Den home and Community she was responcible in keeping it in excellent shape. She semi-missed the action of being part of the combat teams, whether she was pilot or commando. But with these Military Grade Nekos, Sheela was happy let them have at it. She knew she couldn't keep up with them so she had used her skill and intelligence to land her a space berth aboard one of the ships.

She gave Katae an apologetic look for curtsy. It was one of her best ones. But Different species always had different customs and she was trying to fit in. But the excitement of heading out, made her forgetful and fell back on what was more familiar and ingrained in her years of her past military career.

Saki walked onto the bridge to find Josea. She made a quick stop by her cabin to ditch her back, it was not entirely on her way, but it would slow her just for a few seconds.

"Gustav-san?" Saki said out loud as she walked onto the bridge looking for the SSS Liaison. "Captain needs you outside, we will be briefed there."

Josea looked up from the screen that he had been studying. He picked up a cup of cold coffee and downed it. "Ah, Arai-San, thank you for the reminder. As I am one of the folks who will be doing part of the briefing. It is imperative that I be there. " He stood up, still wearing the same clothes he had been wearing the day before.

"Best to not keep the Taisa waiting." he said and snatched up several datapads.

As he walked towards Saki, "My apologies for not getting in touch with you last night for a drink. I got called back from shore leave while enjoying some time in the VCE. Been here since then. But the work was well worth it I believe. We will have to see about getting that drink another time."

He stepped up to the door and motioned for Saki to proceed.
Yoshiro had fun on his shore leave. It wasn't everyday that he got a chance to eat out and enjoy the company of a good friend by the name of Sachi. He placed his bag in his quarters and then went to the briefing. "Taisa." he said and bowed. After bowing to the Taisa and straightening up he waved to Sachi.
"We can drink something when we get back. Hopefully we won't be out for way too long this time." Saki replied to Josea with a nod, before she turned and started walking out. "I wonder what captain will have us doing this time. I assume we will continue with the exploration and keep looking for homeworld of our little ice-cream berserk. Did she maybe tell you something? I assume it would be her who would put you up here to work all night."