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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 8.0] Destination North by Northeast

"Thank you, engineering. We are disembarking. Helm, put us on course to the mission target. We have clearance to depart now." Misaki nodded to Freyja from her seat, and she took the chance then to send a private message to Katae, If this turns out like Azorea I will really believe I am a curse to diplomatic missions. We are going ahead, I hope we will see you soon.

With that done, the XO of the Aeon smoothly brought her knees together and crossed her feet at her ankles, "Josea, do you require anything else?" She asked as the Tanoshimi got underway finally.

Aoiko did not go unnoticed, though, and she looked her way, "This is as good a time as any to welcome you. If you need help settling in, I, or most members of the crew can help you." She noted, "Things are about to become a lot more hectic, but if you have something to ask me this is the time."

Kata'nova had quietly entered the bridge, she had her helmet on and was still analyzing the tranmission that these Yamataians had received; she was trying to find anything in it that could pose a threat not just to her but to those on the ship. She looked through her helmets visor, the HUD highlighted all of those on the bridge in a green outline - something she'd programmed into the system to highlight friendlies, she slowly scanned the room before looking back down at her wrist as she tapped the holographic keyboard that only she could presently see.

Words scrolled across her HUD; she was acessing not just the transmission but at the same time was compiling a response utilizing the code phrase unique to her squadron and to her person, this was combined with her security authorization code in hopes that if or when she found her people they would believe that the message was truly from her. Of course, she also had to consider that her people might think that her code had fallen into the wrong hands, thus she knew that a physical appearance would also be a good idea.

Eiven continued on to the med bay, expecting Rin to have followed. Upon arrival, be began making a preparation of stimulants meant to make a coordinated effort on keeping the technician awake in a way that also supported the effects it was meant to cause. "I'm measuring this out so that you won't have to worry about it when the time comes," the doctor offered as he fixed a second dose.

He then pulled out a hypospray injector and some maltodextrin tablets; loading up one of the shots before turning back to Rin. "I'll give you one now so that you can keep going; but then you should take one of these sugar tablets to help you along," Eiven instructed, "In three hours, if we haven't eaten by then, take another sugar tablet. After six hours, come back for the second shot if we end up not having time to get you some rest."

Josea turned from his station to Kurusu. "No ma'am communications and translation systems are fully prepared. I have programmed the comm system to pickup Kata'nova's signal and broadcast it using the ship's transmitter to give it the power it needs to reach. We are also capable of broadcasting video upon command, but I do not have any data on their video broadcast system."

Sheela finally took a seat in the main engineering section and leaned back with her feet on the console. being careful not to tamper with the controls. She closed her eyes and relaxed, letting the harmonics and vibration of the ship speak to her.
Yoshiro, not having been assigned to the bridge headed down to where his armor was being kept and decided to see if Saki needed help. "Saki-heisho do you need some help with the armor?" He asked
Saki looked up from the armour she was inspecting. "Oh Yoshiro," Saki said and looked back to the armour. "If you want you can check your armour. It is just basic setup. LASR, capacitors, Counter-measure module and barrier module. Stuff to keep us alive and give us fighting chance. Remember though, that we are not here to fight and hopefully armour will not be needed."

Rin nodded to the doctor "okay then sir, thank you for doing this for me, I should go and find Kata'nova after you inject me" he gives the doctor his arm "it is the arm right you need or do you need somewhere else to inject me with that thing." He smiled slightly and chuckled "well I am sure that came out wrong so I am sorry."

Kata'nova's ears twitched when she heard her name followed by the mention of video broadcasts. Thinking on that she brought up a HUD view of known transmission methods for video broadcasts, then she pushed off the wall and took a few steps forward and stopped. She tapped her gauntlet and caused a holographic display to appear outward for all to see.

"There are multiple different types of video transmissions used by me people, most are publically accessible. I'm afraid I can't give you data on how to access the military ones, but the public ones I can. Once we are within range you should be able to pick up on various transmission, using the data I'll provide you, you will be able to tell the difference between the video and audio transmissions. Once you access them, sending a video message shouldn't be too hard - however..."

The young kit lifted up the visor on her helmet. "All public video transmissions are tracable, so if we were to send one they'd be able to pinpoint our location quickly, so I'll affix my security code, call sign, and Navy ID."

Eiven smirked and shook his head before applying the hypospray to the arm, but a little away from the vein. "Shouldn't take long," he offered, "It will likely hit you before you walk out the door." The doctor then gave him the two white inch square tablets in blister packs.

"These you should be able to chew; but remember, one now, one in three hours," Eiven repeated with a smile, "Don't take them all at once. Despite the fact that they'll taste like candy, don't eat them like they are. Sugar spikes aren't so bad for the Minkan body as they were for the original human one; but then you'll end up having to drag yourself back in here in six hours."

Sheela was comfortable, and at first glance, she could've been sleeping. Her ears twitched and her tail wiggled a bit as there was a slight shift in harmonics or vibrations as people moved about the ship. But so far the ship still sat in it berthing. She wondered what was taking them so long to get launched.

Ocasionally she would open an eye to a mere slit to look over the gauges and dials of the big engineering panel before her. Then the fabricator chimed, signaling it was done in creating her specially designed goggles.
Yoshiro nodded and started to install the capacitors and made sure that they were installed correctly. He checked out the conter-measure modules to make sure that they were ready and installed them. "So Saki-heisho, what do you think of Kata'nova? She seems nice enough but those people that she talked about that see her people as unferior...Those people deserve a whoopin'." Yoshiro said as he checked his LASR and barrier modules and installed them. He clenched his fist, it made him mad that this would go on in the galaxy. "I just hope that someone can help them."
"Inform the Aeon we are jumping, when we are clear of the perimeter engage FTL to our mission coordinates." Misaki announced, "May the light of the Empress watch over us." It was one of probably twenty things she found herself often saying before a mission began. She did receive a large portion of her training at the Ketsurui Samurai facility, which was one reason she tended to be so loyal towards both her designated CO, and of course anyone of the Imperial line.

She looked towards Kata'nova and nodded, "Hopefully that will be enough."

With that, the XO keyed the main stations of the ship, "All stations: we are jumping."
"Personally I do not trust her. Though it is mainly cause it is my job to not trust someone like her. Do not forget that she is a soldier. When we rescued her, she was flying a figher craft. Not just anyone is good enough to fly a fighter. Not anyone is sent out alone to explore. Personally I think we have nothing to worry about from her, but I do want to make sure nothing was overlooked. Anyway I spoked up against giving too much freedom to Kata, back when we got her on the ship and my suggestion was taken into account, but not accepted. I think Kata saw too much of Aeon, but there is nothing to do about it now. Hopefully, the girl will help enough to make our people and her people start on a good note." Saki explained to Yoshiro.

"As for those enemies, they people fight, I would happily kill them all." She announced to Yoshiro. "Not only they are speciest bastard, pieces of shit, but they are also terrorist. To terrorist I offer only one thing. Swift death."
"I hope that too. But as for the speciests, if they come at us...Swift and painful death is all that they will get." Yoshiro said. He opened up his armor to calibrate the targeting systems. "I just hope that it doesn't come to that though. I just went through a war with the NMX and don't want to fight one so soon." He thought of the time he spent with Sachi and smiled humming to himself. He made sure that the targeting system for the weapons system that he had was as accurate as it could be and closed up the armor.
"Hmm," Saki grunted as she took the LASR in her hand and inspected it. "We should have never stopped. We should have hit NMX right at their home and exterminate them. Those bastards will be back, mark my words. We should have weeded them out while they were weak. Next time they come, they will be stronger then ever and the fight will be harder. We will wing again of course, but until we get rid of them for good, we will have to fight them every few years."
"Let them come, I say. I don't want to fight but if it means total victory against the squiddies I will fight until I have nothing left!" Yoshiro said. When he heard the warning for the jump he started to get excited. A first contact mission wasn't something he was trained for but since it was something he had to do he would learn. He stretched out a bit and sat next to his armor. "Defeat just isn't in my volcabulary and if it is it defines my enemies." He chuckled a bit and relaxed, ready for anything.

Sheela just reached the Fabricator when the announcement for the departure was announced. She quickly retrieved her goggles and secured the fabricator back to its stowed position for flight as it wasn't needed. Putting on the goggles and running a quick test on them as she scampered back to her over watch position at the console.

"squee, Great Mice, Keep uz safe in yooz paws," She murmured softly as she looked over the consoles gages. There wasn't much to do at the moment to keep occupied. She brought up the list of auxiliary equipment of the crew that was brought along. She would have to do a cursory check on the infantry armor to see if it was up to standards and specs.