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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 8.0] Destination North by Northeast


Josea thought about what Kata'nova said. "Then I suggest we go with plan B. We broadcast our message on an unencrypted channel. But the message be delivered by Kata'nova in her native tongue. That way its in their tongue and we do not have to worry about any possible translation glitches. "
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Sheela busted out with a fit of rapid fire squeaks, shaking in merriment as she laughed at Saki's comment. "Iz quite agree with herz!" pointing her tail tip at Saki as her tail came unraveled from her waist. "Still Miss Kata. The question is. Whot is yooz people called in general? Yooz star empire? Canine Hegemony?" Looking at Kata pointedly.

Kata'nova was visibly confused by what Sheela said, or rather, it wasn't the wording she had used - but rather - a particular word in it. "Ca.... nine....?" the Kit shifted her head to one side in confusion, it was a word never heard before and she didn't know what it meant. "What's a... canine?" she blinked, glancing between those in the room.
"It is another word for dog, Kata-san." Yoshiro said with a bit of a smile. He took out his FARS and activated the holoprjector, which showed a cute little puppy jumping around after a ball. "They grow bigger too." He glanced at the mission packet and leafed through it a bit. He was still a bit nervous about this whole mission being a soldier and not an ambassador. He made stuff go explodey and made bad things go away and he was getting good at it.
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"Kitsune are also canine, so are wolves." Saki explained showing volumetric picture of a fox and then wolf on her palm to Kata. "It is cause you look a bit canine, same as how my ears look feline. Felines are cats by the way. Kare, we are curious about name of your nation, your people. Like all of us here are Yamataians. So if me and Josea-san are Yamataians for example, what would you be?"
"Hmmm?" Kata'nova watched and studied Saki for a moment, absorbing the word 'Kitsune', and mentally filing it away for later. "Daur," she responded simply as first, but then expanded upon it. "Shukaren Daur to be exact, that's what my race is called," she firmly planted her hand against her chest as if to illustrate that point. "There are others though, not just Daur."
Eiven realized what Saki was really looking for; but then he realized Kata'nova was actually answering for herself a whole lot more. A wealth of information on what kind of perceptions their mission could drive was nearly the surprise of the decade - despite her seeming to know so few words before. Then there was the proper name for what she was.

Perhaps the doctor could hope for some progress after all; but it would need to wait until they figured out how they would manage looking non-threatening in light of their guest's revelations. Josea's idea seemed the best based on what Kata'nova offered; however, what about the visual component she had spoken of. Audio was easy to work with in a form that required little untangling; but video, as he understood, was a different beast entirely.
"We know enough to attempt to contact them using Kata'nova here, that is certain. I hope you will continue to help us to avoid a conflict, I hope they are happy to hear from you again, for all our sake." Misaki replied as she nodded towards Eiven, "I have appointed the doctor XO while we are aboard, keep that in mind. What we do know is what she has told us, and what our general scans have revealed. It is in the briefing packet I have provided. Are there any more questions? I want you on the bridge ready to broadcast with me, when we drop into your people's space." She informed their guest before looking at everyone gathered.

"Report to your stations."
Kata'nova listened and sighed, before holding up a hand in a kind of 'stop' fashion. "Ummm, you may want wait for a moment," she said - she wasn't sure if the gesture would come off as threatening, hateful, disrespectful, etc... but she knew that she had to say something else before they all began the search. "There.. something you should know...." her voice trailed off as she glanced away from the group in thought.
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Rin listened to the others talk, he remained silent as he wasn't good at coming up with plans so he just let the others chat among themselves as he got a seat and moved his hair out of his face. He didn't actually meet that much of the crew when he first came on, he yawned and closed his eyes laying his head on the table if only he had better sleep before coming back.
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Sheela took notice of one that had placed his head on the table as evil thoughts raced through her mind of practical joke to play. She stood up to move stealthy towards the soon to be asleep Rin. When the order came from Misaki, 'report to station' came.

Sheela diverted her direction of movement towards the exit when Kata spoke up in urgency to get everyone's attention. "Squeeeah?" Softly as she thought, ~~this ought to be interesting~~ leaning against the wall near the exit.
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About as sound as anything that would be invented for the time being, Eiven was put in mind of a few critical situations with Kurusu's decisiveness. The sound of experience, whether wrong or right, he thought to himself as a knowing smile threatened to cross his face. The doctor then paused when he heard Kata'nova attempt to add something.

"What else are we missing?" he asked the young Daur as he looked over at her again. Eiven wasn't quite sure; but while some of her body language looked familiar, a decent portion did not quite fit. Being something different made that difference easy to justify; yet upon further inspection, a few more signs did look familiar - for Carnivorans. Was Kata'nova that agitated?
"One warning," started Kata'nova as her tail began to swish from side to side. "There those among people that not like outsiders, there is war between my people and another, war ongoing for many many years," the girl stopped and tapped her gauntlet - an image appeared above it depicting a blood soaked flag with a Daur and My'leke whom were crossed out; there were symbols etched over the two races but they were in a different form of lettering than the one that Kata'nova had shown the Aeon crew. "This is their flag," she remarked and tapped the gauntlet.

"They not like Daur or My'leke, see us as inferior beings," she said and sighed, placing her hands on her hip. "If they see ship, they certainly will fire; if they see Daur, they fire. Their ships hard to distinguish from friendly, caution is advised, fly same flag to fool friendly ships into thinking friendly. Can recognize between friendly and enemy though, part of job description," the Kit smiled.
Josea looked at Kurusu. 'Wonderful, so there is some sort of civil war present. There is no way to know until we get into a system. I really wished she had come forward with this when we first set out on this mission. Rather than wait until embarking on the final leg.' he thought.

He took a moment to evaluate the new data. He could not come up with an alternative. He looked at Kurusu. "Ma'am. I will pass on this information to Ise-Taisa so that she will ensure the squadron is ready to respond swiftly if needed."

Josea looked at Kata'nova. "Thank you for passing on that information. That is important to our first contact.
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"Well that certainly is good to know," Saki nodded and rubbed her chin in thought. She then looked at Misaki. "Well in that case, when we make contact I would like to have myself and Yoshiro-san in armours. In case that we run into these racist bastards. Depending on what kind of ship we run into, two Mindys, might be enough to disable it. I mean... I think we would rather side with the non-racist part, these Shukaren Daurs. Hopefully though, that won't happen. Kata?" Saki looked back at the little alien girl. "How big is the chance to run into these bad people. What do you think? Do they have big ships? Military or civilian ones?"
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Sheela spoke, throwing in her two cents worth, "Wez could just by pass whot ever ship is in space and make direct contact with her kinfolks. For one so young to have the responsibility of flying a scout ship. Her Parents must be well respected and be in the same squadron. And know direct link to her parent's ship." Sheela looked at Kurusu, directing her observation to her. "This way wez know that first contact will be friendly. Since a parent would be more than overjoyed to know that their offspring is alive and well. Theyz will go the extra kilometer to ensure the safe return of their puppy and the wealth of knowledge she brings with her.

"Wez could even start transmitting in the general direction of the planet way before wez get in range of the planet and whot ever detection equipment they have. Just slow the ship down so that the radio signal can have time to cover the distance required. By the time they.." Sheela nods towards Kata'nova. "...receive it and send a tentative inquiry back. They will already putting steps forward for a peaceful meeting."

She kept watch on Kuruso as she relaxed leaning against the wall.
"Our priority will be to disable any enemy vessels over destruction, only if they open fire on us. It is against standing orders to get involved in conflicts such as this without direct orders from command or when under threat to our own vessels. That said, having the squadron on standby is a given." The XO nodded to Sheela curtly, "That is possible, however I would prefer we not cost Daur lives as a point of first meeting, if we can return her on her own." She gestured to Kat, then looked to Josea, "I am adding the identification marks to the mission profile, and ship sensors."

"Things have changed. Be ready for combat the moment we drop into the system. I want us to turn from diplomatic mission to combat mission within a moment's notice if we have to. I realize this is not the best vessel for that, but you are a military crew, and I have faith in you all, and your training. Keep your senses about you, and remember our protocol. I am authorizing armors, do not let them be seen unless the situation escalates. Our technology is most likely not so foreign they will not recognize them for what they are." Though she was interested in what Saki had asked herself, and shifted her eyes slowly back to Kat.
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Freyja raised her hand up and waited until she wasn't interrupting. "It isn't our place to be making policy decisions that could effect the Empire as a whole. I might be speaking out of turn, but we need to stay out of their civil war. The mission stands to make contact. It is the politicians and the Empress's job to decide wither we enter their war." She blushed and then scooted back as if to hide for opening her mouth.

"Mmmmmmmm...." Kata'nova folded her arms over her chest as she thought about Saki's question. "I know not, when left territory, enemy had small and medium ships - not large ones. But it been awhile, might have larger ones that I know not about, best consider possibility, thought not want to."

The Kit tapped her arm in continued thought, eyes closed, but then slowly opened about halfway. "I am sorry not mention this earlier, unsure how to talk about it, difficult subject."
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"Of course madam," Saki replied to XO, when Kata was done talking. "I also wonder. Do we have codes from Kata's fighter? We could transmit those, for the Shukaren to see that we are friendlies and we are bringing one of their own. What do you think Kata? Would your people see that as good?"