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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 8.0] Destination North by Northeast

Yoshiro listened to the plan as he thought about what Kata had said. It made him angry that people would be treated like garbage and killed for nothing more than being different. He was angry and he clenched his fist to keep himself from talking out of line. He didn't know what to say so he just listened to the plan. He hoped that noone noticed that he was angry about Kata's people being persecuted like they were.

"Codes?" Kata'nova thought on what Saki had said for a moment and then tapped her head. "I have codes from my fighter, but unsure if any are still accessible, with how long I've been gone its possible they were all deactivated." The young kit nodded her head as if she figured that would be the case, and then turned toward Saki. "However, there are others codes that are active at all times that I know, and I can use those to communicate with my people - with hopes - that they don't misinterpret the sending of codes as to mean that they have fallen into wrong hands, can probably fix that with counter sign..." her voice trailed off, she was unaware of well she had spoken these aliens language, she was just speaking what was on her mind right now.

Rin looked around as he tried to stay up "I could help you sorting out these codes Kata'nova" he gulped as he looked over to Eiven, he sort of remembered Eiven from his earlier time here and walked to him and whisper "I may need your help with a matter, I think I may make me slopy." He gulped and looked down "After this meeting can we talk about what I could do to help my sleep deprivation and that while looking after my sister."

Perfect, they may be in the middle of a civil war as well. Eiven took that information into consideration, even as he heard Kurusu issue her orders, likely from doing similar. It may be a good time to reconfirm how ready the Med Bay was before he checked in on the bridge - even it was only to settle his mind.

The question from Rin, however, was a moderately alarming; especially with the unknown situation ahead. The doctor tensed ever so slightly at the news before replying back, "Not the best condition to be returning to duty in. You never slept on your way back out here?"

Rin nodded "I did but it wasn't enough, I am sorry but do you have anything to help me, or should I just sleep until we get closer to the target?" he gulped "please don't tell the others that I am like this though, I still want to help any way I can."
"Maintain discipline, joto-hei." Misaki replied to Oinari curtly. "We will defend ourselves as needed. I have been in the middle of a power struggle during first contact before. Rest assured, I am well aware of our responsibilities as representatives of the Empire." The veteran added calmly, before she looked to Saki. "Please see to that right away. I want everything ready for transmission before we drop out into their system."

Their actionable plan had been improved by the meeting, all that was left was preparation of that plan and execution. "Those of you with special assignments to prepare, see to them. Everyone else, you are dismissed to stations. We are disembarking." The Chusa ordered, finishing with, "May the Empress' light shine upon you."

With that, the officer turned, her hair pulled a bit away from her body before it settled at her back when she moved out of the lounge, towards the bridge.
Josea stood up and walked over to Kata'nova. "I will see you on the bridge. I need to update our data with the information you supplied."

He looked at Saki. 'It would have been easier if her fighter had not blown up.' He thought to himself, but it had and it would have been better if Kata' had mentioned this sooner.

"Somehow I get the impression that the other group will not be using Civilian ships. Most likely warships, I do not think the Mindy's will be of much use. If things get hostile, the Squadron will be our best bet." he said. He then exited the lounge and made his way to the bridge.
"Yes ma'am!" Saki replied to Misaki a gave her a bow, as the XO left for the bridge. Well there was some responsibility for Saki, but before she could see to it, Josea approached her.

"Yes indeed," she replied to him with a nod. "But if it won't be a battleship, Mindy can still do a lot of damage and buy Tanoshimi time to disengage and get to safe distance, before Aeon and others arrive. Now if you excuse me, I have to handle the code things and prepare the armours."

Saki went to Rin and Kata. "All right Okumura-kun. Handle the codes, work with Kata and prepare transmission. Keep me posted. If you have problem with sleep deprivation, go see doctor Lankinen, before you start working."

Eiven nodded as Rin replied with what he had managed - this would be a problem. That they were all then ordered to stations meant that the doctor did not have much time to deliberate either. As he was about to start with his recommendations, however, he then noticed Saki entering into the conversation as if the old man was not there.

The Minkan stood there for a second, then smirked on the inside. "I believe he has already spoken to the doctor, Nitô Heisho," Eiven spoke up, allowing some of his smile to show through before looking back at Rin, "Come with me - we'll have to do this chemically, since it looks like you will be needed right away."

Rin looked down his hair covering the shame on his face "Okay then Doctor, please lead the way" he didn't like the idea of being a burden to the team so wanted to get this over with quickly so he can help. He looked up at Saki "I am sorry I have caused a delay in our mission" he just wanted to get the chemicals then help as soon as he could.

Once dismissed from the meeting and having her say in the matter. Sheela took off for engineering to keep an eye on things. Even though knowing the ship was in excellent shape. She liked to oversee operations.

She smiled as the ship seamed to purr around her in contentment with the additional tweaks she did. There was a lot more she could be doing. But at the moment, she was content to just stand behind her vacant seat and scan over the dials, gauges, monitors showing the current status of the ship she was on.

Her tail would shoot out and slightly tweak a dial or a lever. Even though it wasn't needed, yet it gave her something to do. She wondered if about this back-up she had participated in aboard the Aeon before boarding the smaller ship as part of the forward advance team. Would it actually bring her back alive? Or a placebo to get fearless action in face of danger?

The external doors to the Aeon began closing. The external power connection from the Kyoten was withdrawn. Katae sat her station on the bridge and waited for Engineering to give the clear.

From the speakers, "Engineering to bridge. The Aeon is all button up Taisa. All systems are nominal and ready to respond to commands." came Hisa's voice.

"Bridge to Engineering. Good work, we are leaving the repair bay now." Katae replied.

With a few key strokes the Aeon lifted gently of the deck and retracted her landing gears. As they gear were being pulled in, the Aeon executed a simple lateral rotation. The rotation was timed with the securing of the landing gear and once the gear were in the Aeon moved out of the repair bay on thrusters only. Once she was clear Katae plotted a course to rejoin the rest of the Squadron. With the Aeon pointed on the new heading, she engaged the plasma drives and the ship surged forward to the rendezvous point.

She opened a channel to the Tanoshimi. "Aeon to Tanoshimi, this is Aeon-actual. Squadron is charging hyperdrives for fold. Since our engines are faster we will drop out of fold and switch to CDD and move to the holding position in full cloak. We will be in position and waiting for your arrival. Aeon-Out."

The four ships of the 7th Squadron began charging their drives, and soon each of the ship's were engulfed in teal spheres. When the spheres were complete the glow from the engines increased and in a flash of light the four Plumeria-Class Gunships vanished in a flash of light and only teal after flashes remained.


Josea was on the bridge and waiting for the others he had updated his data files with the information Kata'nova had supplied. It was important that the SSS and the SAOY would have a complete accounting of all data. He transferred his data to the Kyoten which would in turn relay the information to the appropriate destinations.

Sheela watched her status board, also taking note that the Aeon left the repair bay. She reached out activating a monitor to watch the departure of her home den. She silently wished she was still aboard the Aeon. But as it may be, she was here, awaiting their departure back out amongst the stars.

"Bridge, Engineering. Status all 100% and ready for our departure, Mezlady Captian." Sheela simply reported as she stood there still with eyes scanning the various controls, monitors, gauges and warning lights that would send her scurrying if they was the wrong color lit up.

Eiven raised an eyebrow, "What delay? We're still working on leaving the station." The doctor then motioned Rin to follow him as he made his way out the door.
Yoshiro rose up from his seat to speak with the Chusa about where he was needed. "Chusa, where do you need me? I am ready to do whatever needs to be done." He said to the Chusa.

Saki nodded to Rin. "Do not worry about it, nothing happened at the moment. Be careful next time. If you have troubles then visit the doctor. Remember that we have to always be ready." She said to the young man, but added a smile to reassure him that he was not scolded.

Once everyone was finished with the briefing, Freyja left for the bridge. She dropped into her chair behind the flight controls. Bringing them back up she sent a mental message to the Ship's AI telling them she was ready to start up the ship once the order was given.

Once she was ready she turned to the XO, "Ma'am, ready to bring the ship up to full power and launch."

Aoiko noticed the door open and turned around, watching as Freyja entered the bridge. Her straight and stern looking face studied the Neko quietly before listening to her announcement, she herself had just finished putting everything that had to do with the mission to memory. She took a moment to look over the finer details once more before nodding to herself.

Sheela took note as there was an increase demand for power. She reached over and made adjustments to the Aether Power generators, placing them automatic to increase power and decrease power depending on the power demands of the ship and crew. She kept an eye on the gauges for the power generators to make sure they didn't overheat and the cooling system could handle the job.

Rest of the ship's subsystems were in peek condition and operating at max capacity. Tanishimi was ready to launch. Having spotted a small fabrication unit tucked neatly in a corer, Sheela smiled as she scampered over to it. She powered it up .

"Bridge, Engineering. Yooz have full power at yooz command." Sheela reported, giving the few seconds to let the fabrication unit warm up a bit. She began to input data and specs into the unit's brain for a set of goggles that was designed for her species with a HUD display on the inside, wireless link to the ship's MEGAMI, and magnification if she needed it.

While the Fabrication unit was working on her order, Sheela looked over the menu to see what this unit could make in the way of parts. She liked the technology of the Yamataian's. If her star empire had at least one quarter of tech this Star Empire had, they'd kick tail and won.

Rin followed closely behind the doctor "I am deeply sorry about my state of health, I wish we could of met again under different circumstances, as normally I am not sleep deprived and am slightly fun at times."