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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 8.4] Meeting of the minds


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As the Tanoshimi sat on the landing platform, the falling snow melted as it touched the hull. The metal of the exterior and engines could be heard making slight sounds as the cold and precipitation touched the surfaces.

Josea activated the controls for the starboard airlock, extending the walking ramp from the airlock down to the ground. As this took place a two groups of Neshaten wearing protective clothing emerged from the closest structure. The structure itself was too small to hold that many people, so it was clearly an access point to the structures below.

"Atmosphere is withing tolerance, but the temperature is -2 C with it expected to continue to drop as the sun sinks lower. There is winter gear available in the ship's locker. Hooded coats and gloves that should be sufficient." Josea called out to Chusa.
Aoiko listens to the Josea speak about how it was -2 C, and how it was best to have gear, she solemnly agreed. She gathers up her gear and places it on her body, and steps out looking around quietly and awaiting the others.
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With the ship safely landed and systems shut down or placed on stand-by. Sheela scampered through the ship. She put the ship on automated systems to purge the air of the ship and replace it with fresh air after running it through the scrubbers for decontaminations and catching other detrimental stuff that would harm the crew. Plus it also gave the Scientist and Medical Personnel samples something to study when they returned back to Yamatiain Space aboard the YSS Aeon.

She hoped Rin would enjoy her time with those leaving the ship as she made sure everything was shipshape for the return trip.
The two Neshaten citizens approuched the Tanoshimi, but stopped just a few feet from it when they saw the boarding ramp extend outward; despite wearing heavy cold weather they didn't appear to be weighed down at all by it, moving easily through the blizzard - their hands not even over their helmets but rather they were just staring at the shuttle - waiting for someone to come out.

Kata'nova took in a deep breath, then exhaled, and then took in another. She watched the two curiously, noting that there was a lack of any visible weaponry. "They will be armed," she said to those around her. "Its standard procedure, so do not fret if you notice a weapon please, doing so... would be very bad for us... for you..." she corrected, turning her gaze toward those around her, then refocused on the two outside with interest.
Even in such a cold place, Saki would be fairly okay, but there was no telling if the weather would get even worse. So she opted to get a coat, and pocketed a pair of gloves if needed. Of course the gloves avalaible had five fingers or at least Saki did not find any with only four. Sometime it was a bit annoying being old type of neko, but to tell the truth, Saki never saw a point of having a little finger and had no idea why they added it to some of the NH33 models. Well except maybe to blend in more with normal yamataians and nepleslians.

"Thank for warning Kata," Saki said, just to say something. Of course she expected the welcoming party to be armed. If she would meet unknown aliens for first time, she would arm herself as well as she could. That would be no surprise, since it was common sense to the neko.
Yoshiro went to get a jacket and some gloves to go out in to the cold. He heard Kata speak about the welcoming party having weapons so he was prepared for that. He watched and waited for the others. "Hmmm...never seen so much snow before." He said out loud.
Standing there in her cold weather kit, Freyja had her standard issued pistol on her hip, and her black SAINT issued on under her jacket in a holster pocket. Her Drone followed her with out Mr. Waffles, who was sitting at her bridge station awaiting for her, Carrying a box that contained her gift to the peoples of Kata's. Quietly it was scanning and recording everything. She was quiet and falling back into her standard unassuming poster.

After some preparation in Medical, Eiven arrived on the Bridge again, dressed in a heavy coat and carrying a medical kit with his FARS in tow.

"We're ready when you are, Chusa," He offered, "How would you like us to proceed?"

Sheela looked up at Eiven and smiled at him. He looked like a big walking teddy bear in his cold weather gear. The cool air from outside the ship that was being pumped through out the ship had dropped the temperature a few degrees, even though it had passed through the heating system to maintain a comfortable level of temperature. She finished up adjusting the air storage tanks to a cooler degree to store more air in them under standard ship pressure.

Josea looked around, and looked at the waiting reception committee. "Well, as the most fluent in the language of the Neshaten, I guess it is up to be to walk out and get things rolling.' he thought. He zipped up his SSS cold weather coat, he pulled the collar of the coat up and stepped into the lock. He pressed the control to cycle the outer door. There was a pneumatic his as the mechanisms holding the hatch secure retracted. It then swung silently inward on its hinges. He walked forward and came to a stop at the top of the ramp. The heating elements in the ramp were keeping the falling snow from freezing on it. He took out his Type 31 Science Scanner and checked the atmospheric condition. He then walked down to the bottom of the ramp.

He activated his datapad and queued up the translation program. He then spoke to the Neshatens, "Greetings from the Yamatai Star Empire. I am Josea Gustav, a civilian who belong to our Science community. It is an honor to meet with you, we have been getting to know Kata'nova, and are grateful to return her to her people. The commander of our vessel should be out shortly."
Aoiko looked at the Kata'nova quietly and gave a nod towards her in confirmation, before turning and heading down along with Josea, the Chui-ranked SAINT Operative decided to stay quiet and allow Josea to do the communicating, not that she knew the Neshatan language herself. She placed her hands behind her back and stands nearly at attention, using her cold stare to study the two citizens.

Saki, now clad in winter coat and warm hat covering her head and ears, she wore goggles over her eyes to keep the snow out. She stepped out of the airlock after Josea, side-stepping from the doorway, allowing other to disembark as her eyes scanned the surroundings and the welcoming party. Saki moved her sword to her coat, so she could get to it fast and her NSP was a tucked away in one of the large pockets. Getting under the coat would take too much time. The cold weather bothered her very little, one of the advantages of being a nekovalkyrja.

The snowy planet brought back memories of one of the old missions. When she was in her Mindy, fighting in the NMX war. That was back when Trowa was with them. Saki's blushed a bit remembering the nepleslian pilot, she still missed him. It was a good mission then, fighting strange Ice-burrowing creatures, killing Mishu's and freeing prisoners, that were used to mine in the NMX outpost. Saki missed those times a little, but she knew very well that times were now better. No war is a good war after all.

Sheela in her winter work coveralls loaded with tools for the exterior checks. With a soft "scuze mez," squeezed by those blocking the exit out into the brisk air. Her nose and whiskers twitching at the abundant scents of a living planet. Ears would pop up fully extended then collapse as the wind blown ice particles landed against the more delicate skin within. Then give a shake to repeat the process all over again.

Looking at the two Neshaten as she scurried by them, "squeak!" Giving each a hand paw-wave as she jumped the last few feet off the ramp to the snow ice covered ground. Then in baby talk Neshaten, >"I greet you. Welcome to Kata'nova! 'Scuse you, I look after exterior ship. "<

She pulled out her scanner and began to scan the exterior of the ship. Her tail curled lose to her back as the tip wiggled at the ice particles hitting it. Focused on her work, making sure things were in excellent condition. She paid close attention to the exposed hydraulic and pneumatic lines of the landing leg systems.
At first the two citizens weren't sure what to say when Josea stepped out, and even more, when they seemed to have a translation of their language. They listened to the translation and repeated what was stated in their own minds, before one of them smiled and another turned toward the door and waved at it. They weren't sure how to respond though, despite their relaxed demenor, a demenor that only lasted a few short seconds before they were startled by Sheela's rather boundful appearance. They watched this girl as she spoke to them in a broken language and then out onto the snow, they looked at each other with a blink.

Kata'nova picked this moment to step out, walking through the airlock and out into the windy climate. The Kit looked around for a moment, before she unsealed the locks on her helmet and slid it off her head, revealing her fox-like ears to the two that had come out to greet them. She shook her head to free her bundled up hair, which allowed it to move freely in the wind. The girl then looked toward the two who were now staring at her, confused still. "Hello there," she spoke in their native language. "F'Bantau Sui'yrena Kata'nova," she introduced herself; just in case these two didn't know whom she was - after all - members of the Youth Corp weren't as wellknown as those in the primary military.

"Inform the Ehe'sii'ne (Emissary) at once," the citizen nearest to Kata'nova said to the other, who nodded and took off.

"It is nice to have you back Kata'nova," one of them responded with a curt bow of the head, then removed their hood to reveal a male Daur with light orange fur. "You've been gone a long time, but..." the Daur sniffed the air, despite the coldness, they could smell something else. "I can tell that there are others aboard that craft, who might they be?" he asked, looking toward Josea and then at Sheela before staring toward the airlock.

Eiven eventually made his way out as well; but let Josea do the talking. Of course his NSP was where it always should be, however the doctor made sure that it was not 'easy' to get at - the medical kit being his higher priority. In the end, his hope was that both would be unnecessary and that his joking desire for a sled would be more appropriate.
Since coming aboard, Maki had remained in the shadows, obsurving, taking notes for SAINT and the like, all that was expected of a spy who was otherwise staying out of the way. She let her fellow operative, Freyja take the prominent position, since that neko knew the alien and was involved with this diplomatic process, where as Maki was just there to take notes and be an extra soldier in case everything went to hell.

Now, in her cold weather gear, Maki stood at the back of the group in the airlock. She had her NSP at her side and a datapad in her hands, recording software up and recording the conversation outside.
Misaki sent the rest of the crew ahead, and then went to get some of the presents she had ready, though the most ornate was certainly the ceremonial katana she had bought the last time there was ample time on leave, and the first contact with soldiers was basically the best time she thought she would have to present them with that kind of gift. Of course, she had her practical swords as well, and ensured that her uniform would appear formal and crisp even in the snow. "It will be brisk." She replied to the message, then checked her sidearm.

Ignoring the cold, the long-haired officer stepped out from the ship and nodded to her party before coming to join the others at their side. "I am the military commander in charge of this part of our first contact. It is a pleasure." She nodded to Josea, hoping he could translate, or at least someone could as she took her place, "Forgive my tardiness, I was gathering gifts for your representative." She had missed the question about who was in the ship, but was hoping that whatever representative they most likely had waiting would be moved from the ready site to greet them, now that she hoped they realized they had a mission revolving around diplomacy and nothing else.
Sheela enjoyed the brisk cold air with icy particles pelting her softly in the gusts of wind. Her tail weaved behind her as she made her checks on the landing legs. She remotely activated warming system on them to keep the ship free from sticking to the icy ground.

When the wind was right, she listened on the conversations going on with the group at the ramp.
Aoiko didn’t like how nosey they were, and demanding they were towards knowing who was on the ship. However, she understood such precaution on their part especially from the knowledge that they didn’t like outsiders, nor have they had experience with outsiders. She stayed quiet, however, and continued to watch. She was on guard however for any trickery that they might pull, the long haired neko had long since been used to treachery by unknown species. Despite this, however, she did find their stature and furriness had… charm… perhaps she found them even a little bit cute. This wouldn’t interfere with her duties however as she stayed firm.
Moving up close to Josea, one to protect him, and second she didn't like the strangers they were greeting. Kata was pretty violent when they first met and attempted to shoot her, but then again, Freyja had befriended her fairly quickly... She wasn't going to risk it though, and the warning that Kata's people would be armed didn't make things rest well with her any more. So she flanked Josea, just to his right and a step behind. Glaring at anyone who drew too close.