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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 8.4] Meeting of the minds

Josea entered the platform and stood near Misaki but left space for the Doctor to stand near her since he was the second ranking officer. He then sent a command to his FARS to upload the recordings to the Tanoshimi. He wanted a record of that encounter left aboard the ship for transfer to the Aeon during the next link up. The platform looked to be industrial in construction. Not something truly designed for personnel.

"We should be prepared for low light environment. If Kata'nova's light sensitivity is indicative of the Neshaten norm." He said to Misaki. Then turned to Kata, "Kata'nova, could you advise your people that our vision is not nocturnal. If they can not provide additional lighting, we may require the use of our flashlights to assist."
Sheela could see just fine, once her eyes adjusted to the more dimmer lighting. She took in the various smells as she took her place near the back, letting the others have a more prominent positions in the freight elevator.
Standing near Josea, Freyja heard about the possible lowlight situation. Reaching up as if to scratch her temple she hit the button on her glasses that would help amplify the ambient light. She still had her pistol in her right hand, though slowly as if she wasn't sure she wanted to she slipped it back into her holster. The undercover SAINT operative recorded everything for her to watch over later. And to report to her higher-ups.
Kata'nova rubbed the side of her chin and repeated what Josea said to the Laibe. The man stood there for a moment, folding his arms over his chest and tapping his foot while he thought; then looked down at Kata'nova and said. "Not in the main room, but in the room where I plan on having a talk, that can be done." With that answer Kata'nova repeated it for Josea, and the others, to know.

After a minute of descent, the elevator arrived on the bottom floor; before the doors were even opening Kata'nova's ears flicked as she heard the sound of music. When the doors did open, the group would find themselves stepping into a large circular room, it was dark - but there was just enough light to make out various objects hung on the walls and the ceiling - this included, amongst them, the Kingdom's Flag. However, there were also people in the room as well; a four-legged creature was standing beside a holo-display, their tail was taping on it while their other paw had what looked like a drink in it.

A Daur, similiar to Kata'nova in height, was standing near one of the doors leading further into the facility. In fact, every door had someone standing beside it, they all wore the same uniforms as well, although they were of mixed races - the ones near the door that would take the group to the meeting area were Laibe's while the others were Daur's and My'leke. Of course, there was also something *else* in the room, a group of furry little creatures that ran across the floor before the group stopped, turned toward the crew and rushed toward them and stopped just a few meters in front of the Kata'nova.

The creatures bore a slight resemblance to rabbits but it was obvious they were not; they had a flurry tail and cat-like ears and cute furry white paws. Although each one had a slightly different coloration to their fur, they all let out a resounding 'meow' like sound before one jumped up onto Kata'nova's head and then raised a paw toward the group.
Saki followed the groulp, staying within reach of XO, Josea and Kata. Her eyes went wide as she saw what all was in the room. First there was the tall kitsune-like man outside and there was a four-legged creature, who was clearly very intelligent and another one like Kata. All in uniforms. That meant that Kata's nation was a union of races. That was interesting. Saki was now more curious about it even more. Although she was still on duty and could not have noticed the teeth and claws of the four-legged creatures.

Then it was all ruined when the tiny things ran to Kata. At first Saki's hand went down to hilt of her blade, but then she saw what the little things were. They are absolutely adorable and Saki loved adorable things. It got even worse when one of them jumped on Kata's head and raised its paws as if to greet them.

Saki raised her own palm, mesmerised by the tiny adorable rabbit-like animal. "Kawai...." she whispered.
Sheela didn't know what to make of everything as majority of her view was blocked by the others from the Aeon. She eased from her position and moved to where she could what was in the room. Eyes scanning ad taking everything in. Her ears flickered at Saki's whisper.

As she stepped off the elevator she jammed a piece of metal into the gap between the frame and the door then bent it in place to lock the door open. Letting her body block the view of what she just did quickly in a matter of seconds. Thus rendering the elevator useless till the metal was removed, preventing others of Kata'nov's people from following and trapping them in here. Her commando training and instincts at play again. But it was better to err on the side of caution and increasing her chances at survival, also hopefully the others of the crew also.
Yoshiro just watched and followed as the group led out of the elevator. He watched the man that was leading them and he turned to see Sheela doing something and then turned to walked out to something that seemed to resemble a club of some sort. He saw a creature run toward Kata and suddenly perch on top of her head raising a paw toward the group. It was all he could do to not laugh and he was doing an admirable job of it. "Kata, might I ask what those cute little creatures are?" He asked her smiling and trying to not laugh at her.
Kata'nova laughed nervously as the critter moved about the top of her head before it stopped, peered over her forehead and pawed at her eye-brows. She then brought her hands up and picked it up and held it in her arms. "These are U'renese, they are creatures that are prominant on my homeworld," as she spoke the critter looked up at her and pawed at her mic.

The other creatures ran forward and stopped in front of Kata'nova, staring at the Aeon crew in curious wonder.

For the elevator, a blue light began to pulsate on the door panel, something that the Laibe took notice of - the words above being in Tinacen; the Laibe smiled and looked away from it.
He held his hand out gently toward one of the creatures and smiled as if to say that he was nice and wouldn't hurt anyone. he thought they were cute and seemed to want to be friendly but being bigger than the creatures were, he did not want to scare them. "I wonder what this place is. It seems like this is like a nightclub or something. " He said out loud as he continued holding his hand out.
Misaki was certain something was going on back towards Sheela, but as soon as she verified there was nothing wrong with her, she kept her focus to their host to not arouse suspicion. What was that? She thought to the back of the group, though she tried pinging one of the FARS to figure it out. The XO kept her calm demeanor, even when the small creatures arrived. She carefully examined them in the low light, considering shifting her vision more extremely, the officer commented, "If they pass medical screens and inoculations they could become a popular import in core space assuming they are similar to our concept of pets..."

It was interesting to her to find their culture consisted of different species, making her hope just a bit that negotiating formal, friendly relations would be a simple matter. The older Nekovalkryja then admitted, "They are quite pleasing creatures, at first examination. Try to get a scan of one." The Chusa mentioned to Eiven as a side note. It would be nice to know if they could bring any back at all, any fauna would have to be able to not only not transmit something to the species in core space, but also not catch everything they had never encountered in return, which meant typically finding inoculations that could be tailored to them. The blue-haired woman had never owned a pet before, but she sensed someone would desire one before the mission was out.

"If we are ready to begin formal talks..." Kurusu addressed their host, "...I only require part of my delegation. Is there something else the others can do?" She knew that if there was a trap that their hosts might not realize how powerful everyone was, and thus more likely to strike. If it was not a trap, it just meant there was a higher chance at cultural exchange going on informally that would only leave a lasting good impression. The species of the Kingdom all made her think they would make very popular friends of the Empire, especially the Daur, and especially if they had an affinity for creatures like the U'renese.
Sheela missed the look from the XO and not being telepathic like the rest, the question. She noticed the panel light flash, but didn't react as she continued on with the group and to the side to see what everyone was gawking at. U'renese to her looked like just another pack animal that was obviously either pets or a rodent catcher for the rodents that always some how seam to find their way wherever intelligent space faring species went.

With her sight adjusted properly, she could catch the nuances of body language to help her meager Tinacen to grow. It was always showed good taste and respect to your host that you cared enough to make the attempt to speak their language.

She kept the XO in her line of peripheral sight not miss any unspoken hand signals as she took in the activity going on around her. Being bold, looked to the nearest Duar and spoke in Tinacen, slowly as she wasn't prepped like the way she did to Kata'nova back on the ship. " >Bye. You're officer is welcomed. Please help wayward traveler thrash domicile! " <

She smiled friendly at the Daur she spoke to. Not being proficient at the language and speaking the words that was easily spoken. Hoping she was greeting the Duar in a friendly manner.
Saki herself set herself up at the entrance to the room in the usual guard position. She watched others talk and interact with the Urenese and other neshaten. To Saki, the little bunny-like creatures seemed too clever to be just pets. More like buddies. Still they were adorable and should the talks go well and two nations becomes allies or at least neutral, Saki would probably try to adopt one. And well.. if the thing did not go well and the two nations would end up in a war, Saki would be around that as well and could adopt one as well. She hoped it would not come to that though.
The Laibe stood there for a moment to wait until most everyone was off the elevator, then got off himself and steppedo ff to the side. "This way please, there is a private room set aside for us to speak," he said and gestured toward one of the many exits to the room; one that had two guards standing on either side of it. "As for the rest of your entourage, they are permitted to explore the facility; but do understand that some areas as off limits to them.

While he waited for the translator to finish, his ears perked when he heard Sheela speak up, it was a broken form of Tinacen and in the back of his mind he wondered how the Daur would respond. Although he could see Kata'nova's response in the form of a snicker, as the Kit held the U'renese in her arms while watching Sheela.

The Daur listened, taking their eyes off the pad they'd been looking at a moment eariler; they seemed to know right away that Sheela wasn't fluent in their language - whether that was due to her being obviously alien or the broken language. Whatever it was, the Daur put their pad away and smiled at Sheela before responding, although they weren't about to mention that the alien had actually requested to thrash the room. "You are welcome," they then gestured off to their side toward another group - a few My'leke and another Laibe. "Join us?" one asked.
Sheela watched them, seeing on how they responded. She felt pleased when one responded to her. By the gesture and words, she took an educated guess on the meaning. Trying more of the Tinacen > "Pleasure to be happy," < Giving a nod, then realized they spoke limited Yamataian. " Swiftpaws," pointing to herself, as she nodded to join the group they indicated.

Sheela looked at the XO, the leader of the group to see if was okay as she held her hand up with one finger raised in the (hopefully) universal gesture of 'wait a moment'. Since she was a Tech and really had no job other than providing security for the Command Element.
Araan moved with the rest of the group, his eyes scanning everyone and everything around them. The confrontation on the surface had been quickly abated, but as their XO had communicated with them, being alert was key. Keeping his motions fluid, but pointed he continued onward, adjusting his coat and with the same motion checking his NSP without drawing any attention to it. He was ill at ease, but wore an expression of wonder, something he grew used to doing among the Yamatain culture.

I have an odd feeling down here, low lights, plenty of potential hostiles, even with advanced bodies if they overwhelm us it won't be pretty. Araan communicated to his squadmates, eyes still looking around and feigning wonder.
Yoshiro took up position near the door outside and sat in a chair watching the room as he guarded the door. Watching with a guarded expression on his face he waited for the meeting to start as he checked his weapon and put it back in its holster. He stretched his neck and his arms to keep himself ready in a fight. One of the U'renese that he had seen climbed unnoticed on to the top of his head and fell asleep there. "Ok, try not to get to comfortable there, now." He said to the creature with a smile, even though the U'renese hadn't heard him. He just hoped that Saki hadn't seen it or if she did she wouldn't laugh at him about it.

He continued watching the room, being careful not to toss the creature around as he did so. He decided that he would take this creature to someone who knew how to take care of it and make sure that if it needed one that it would have a good home.
Of course Saki noticed Yoshiro. She scanned the whole room and saw the other solider getting comfortable in a chair, covering the room from there. Saki at first wanted to berate him for sitting down on guard duty, but she thought that perhaps he did not want to be too offensive towards the Neshaten. But when the tiny bunny creature climbed on top of Yoshiro and made a nest there, Saki felt something.

It was not laughter, she did not really want to laught. What she felt was clear jealousy as the adorable creature fell asleep on Yoshiro.

"Mouuu," she said to herself so no one would hear and looked away. It was a sound of complain against the whole world and unfairness of cute animals ignoring her and instead going to Yoshiro.
Sheela and the Duar she was invited to join up with, were busy in conversation, It seamed like they was inventing a whole new language to speak in as Tinacen and Yamataian got spoken with a lot references to either e-notepads and computers with volumetric displays. Sheela picking up Tinacen better with more guided practice and correction and she taught / guided them in Yamataian. Cultural Exchange at the best. Teaching each other basics of language, and grammer.

She openly squeaked laugh at herself when one of them told her what she said for her opening greeting remarks. Partially it was true if the situation turned out hostile, yet as the basis of trust developed with her and the Neshatens through teaching of each other languages through trail and error, unafraid to correct each other. Sharing laughter at unintentional mistakes that otherwise could be misunderstood in other confrontation.
"All right. Thank you. Lankinen, Josea, Oinari, with me. We'll continue the formal discussions. The rest of you explore and take advantage of their kind offer. No groups smaller than two disconnected from the main team." Misaki announced, though she sent the same orders to them telepathically, for those able to understand, before moving towards the conference room, still balancing the gifts she was carrying on one arm, the XO nodded to the rest of the crew.

She knew if there was a big issue it was more than likely the Neshaten had not encountered the likes of her soldiers before, and continued confidently into the room, moving well inside, she looked for a place to settle her gifts in preparation to offer them, glad she had purchased them before leaving port.
As the officers entered the room; they'd be meet with a rather glorious site - there were two streams of water that feed into the room from the outside, merging into the center to form a plus sign. Several trees were planted around the room and a number of U'renese populated the areas near the tree's and the stream, although scattered at the sight of the Yamataians. In the center of the room was a diamond shaped transparent table that was surrounded by chairs, in the center of the table was a holographic device that presently displayed the planet.

Kata'nova had joined the officers, she was still concerned about this Laibe and didn't fully trust him. When she entered the room, she looked around it, nodding with approval before she walked over to one of the chair and stood behind it, her eyes following the Laibe as he walked over to a chair on the opposite side of the table. "Please, take a seat," he said - and gestured - toward the chairs, Kata'nova translated just to make sure that nothing was mistranslated by the software.


The Neshaten that were with Sheela snickered for a moment, watching the other Yamataian's leave on some important business. "Will rest join us?" one of the masked, looking toward those Yamataians that hadn't left with the others.