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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 8.4] Meeting of the minds

Josea paused for a moment as he mentally translated what Misaki said. He turned to Kata'nova. "I am going to translate what the Chusa said, if something I say comes out wrong. Please feel free to add your translation."

He then spoke to the Neshaten, adding a few details left out by Misaki. "This Kurusu Misaki commander of our group. She is pleased to meet with you. She was unavoidably delayed because she was gathering gifts to give to your representatives."
Sheela finished with her checks and making sure that the ship would be ready to launch when needed. She ambled over and parked herself off to the side. Her collection of tools she had on her clanked a bit when she walked.

With her wrist computer, she tapped into Josea's translator device and copied what was in there. She looked at the tiny view screen and looked through the words in one portion of the screen and the translation of what being said in another section of the screen to get the proper Neshatan grammar down.
"It is," Kata'nova smiled as the other Daur looked at her curiously, before turning his attention back to Josea. "Our own representative should be out here momentarily," he said and cast his eyes upon Kata'nova once more, watching as the Kit moved away from the group and toward the edge of the platform.

Kata'nova peered out, looknig across the vast whiteness of the surface. Snow, something she didn't see often back on her world due to her place of birth, but something she always wanted to. So pretty.... the Kit smiled at herself, both hands clasped behind her back as she watched the snow fall from the sky, it didn't seem to bother her that the wind was also blowing some of it into her as well.
Well, all the people were in place, as far as Eiven was concerned; how it was about how things would continue forward. The doctor only stood aside as the ceremonies began - event-less as far as trouble, and well within how he preferred it to go.
Yoshiro walked behind the chusa and stayed where he could be of help if and when something went down. He had watched Kata'nova and smiled. He helped someone get to her people and soon her people would take her home.
Kata'nova's ears twitched when she heard the airlock doors open into the faculty, and turned around to address them - but when she saw who it was, her eyes widened and her quickly drew her pistol from its holster. "YOU!" she shouted and aimed at the person standing just a few feet from the door, this prompted the two workers to draw their own side-arms as well and pointed them straight at Kata'nova. "The hell are you doing here?!" Kata'nova demanded.

The man, a Laibe standing almost seven feet tall and wearing a rather elaborate gold robe, stared at Kata'nova - he didn't seem to be bothered by her reaction one bit.
Sheela was into the nearest snowdrift at the sight of Kata'nova weapon. Peeking out with melting snow on her head, seeing what would transpire next. Her hands were busy checking the tools she had on her that she could use as a weapon till she could acquire a better one with more range to it.
With the two working pointing their weapons at Kata, Frejya moved on instinct and training alone. Her hand blurred as she brought her standard issue NSP out of her holster and up into a two handed stance aimed at one of the workers. She wanted to bring her black ops one up on the second target, but she also didn't want to have to break her cover just to cover a second person when the rest of the crew was there.

"Kata' Can you please tell us all what is going on.. before something bad happens?" She asked almost scared sounding, and even more then that unsure. All carefully crafted to keep her mousie self image.
Yoshiro drew his sidearm as well and looked over to where Kata had shouted. He looked over at the person who was being shouted at and the size of him. "Whoa." he merely said and pointed his pistol at the second worker. He wasn't about to let anyone that was on the Aeon get hurt, not even guests of the ship. He activated his FARS discretely and set it to record.
Kata'nova's ears flickered a few times and then went straight back, she glanced at Frejya and spoke in Yamataian to her. "He's a murderer, responsible for the deaths of hundreds. This man should be in prison, nay, should be dead..." she had a rather angry look on her face.

The man watched for a few before he raised a hand, causing the workers to holster their weapons and just stand there. "You need not be concerned about me Sui'yrena, though I am more than understanding of your actions," the man kept a straight face, and spoke calmly to her. "It is that you do not know everything."

"I do not know everything?" Kata'nova shifted position, along with the hand that her side arm was in. "That's rather vague, what is it that I do not know?" she asked.

The laibe sighed and looked at their guests for a moment, and then back at Kata'nova before he pulled something from his pocket and held it up. At the sight of it, Kata'nova holstered her weapon and looked at the Aeon crew. "It's fine, go ahead and holster," she said and folded her arms over her chest.
As hostilities ended with the ending of weapons being holstered, Sheela vacated the snowdrift she had used for concealment. Brushing snow from her coveralls as she plowed her way out from the snowdrift. "Squeak!"
I wonder what is going on here, it seems that there is something that went on either before or after we met Kata. Yoshiro thought to himself as he holstered his weapon. He had hoped that he had done nothing wrong in drawing his weapon. He sat there silently watching in case something went down again.
The Chusa knew her crew would react, and that she had more ways than reaching for her NSP if things became a problem. Ways that their new hosts were not aware of, that was something she was counting on if small arms did not do them much good. "Apologies, my crew are mostly soldiers, they are used to reacting when someone pulls a weapon. I am certain you can appreciate how soldiers are." She looked over to Kata'nova to ask, "Can I assume that he's someone on the other side of the conflict that moved over? If so, I would like to proceed. Keep yourselves guarded." She reminded the others.

Moments later, the officer turned to what she could only assume was a man placed in a high position as some kind of compromise, which meant, she hoped, that hostilities had ceased since Kata'nova was lost. Nodding to pick up translation again, she tried again, "I am Chusa Kurusu Misaki, my family name is Kurusu, my given name is Misaki. My rank is Chusa. On behalf of Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Himiko I of Yamatai, Taisho Yui of the Star Army of Yamatai, and commander of the YSS Aeon, Taisa Ise Katae, I greet you and wish for this occasion to mark the beginning of long, peaceful relations." After that mouthful was out, she paused for the others to translate anything that did not get out well before she asked another question.

"Is there a reception area? We have brought some gifts, though if it is traditional to exchange them now I am more than willing." The XO relayed, trying her best to keep from offending them more than they had by diving over snow banks, though just because she thought she knew why the alarming man was present, she did not like it anymore that things had become so muddled right away. Sending a potential war criminal to meet them? Maybe they were hoping he would be killed?
Kata'nova nodded her head, with her sidearm holstered and the girl no longer in a fighting stance; her ears had twitched when she heard Misaka ask her a question. "I can't say..." it wasn't because she didn't want to, it as because of what the Laibe had shown her - the emblem for Or'ion, or Operational Recon and Intelligence Organization of the Navy, and if that emblem was being shown it truly meant that she was quite ignorant, but then she knew that things must've changed or event's must've happened during her time away and for now she was willing to accept this Laibe although her eyes would still be on him.

Listening to Misaka speak, she turned toward the Laibe and waited, listening to the translation software as it went and correcting any mistakes it had made. "Then I shall welcome here," spoke the Laibe before a question was asked and promptly translated. The Laibe shifted his weight onto another leg and then nodded. "There is a place of relaxation for my people and is where you may present your gifts, I do apologize that we lack any of our own," the Laibe stated. "Please follow me."

He then turned toward Kata'nova, smiled, and gestured toward the elevator. As he walked toward the elevator, his movements were stopped when the ground began to shake, but it wasn't due to an earthquake, instead it was due to the ship that had rode alongside the Tanoshimi earlier - a set of double doors suddenly opened in the snow, causing an avalache into the depths below, this is where the larger ship slowly began to lower itself into. With a smile on his face, he entered the elevator and waited for the others to come in, it was a rather spacious elevator that was large enough for twenty people, more than enough room for the crew that came from the Aeon.
Near the Airlock

Saki remained calm through the whole exchange. Her hand did go to the handle of her sword, but since the situation was a standstill she did not act. Luckily the hairy animal man showed something to Kata, who calmed down. XO than proceeded to move the situation onward. Still this was not a good start. Saki also thought it was pretty bad, that the group was greeted by one of the terrorist scum.
Josea let out a breath that he had not realized he had been holding. When Kata'nova drew on the representative, he figured the mission was about to fail horribly. But when her target held something up, she calmed down. 'Some sort of insignia, or identification device. I need to remember to ask her about that.' he thought.

He moved over next to Misaki, "After you ma'am." he said. After all his role was secondary to hers. So she would have the pleasure of going first.
slowly she lowered her own weapon, and stepped closer to Josea, Freyja was nervous. Her Drone moved up close to her shoulder, as she held on tightly to her NSP. She wasn't going to holster it until either she was sure of this place or she was ordered to.
"Thank you." Misaki replied to Josea, keeping her diplomatic smile, hoping that much is at least a kind of body language they might share. Once she was inside the elevator she turned the direction their host faced, and sent a quick message to the others telepathically, Holster weapons, you are all from what we can tell faster than they are if you need to quick draw. Do not let them know we are all alerted to possible trouble. We shall prepare for possible combat but not make it obvious...a counterattack will be more devastating that way. The Chusa assured the landing party. It was the best they could do with the mission in mind. By leaving now it might damage actual good relations in the chance they were having a misunderstanding, which she hoped was the case.

Once again she felt as if she were back on Azorea, but the difference now was she did not have a member of the Imperial family to protect, which meant she could use her own strength and every bit of the ones around her to fight.

Inside the elevator, the officer's mind began running simulation after simulation to take a guess at just what they might do, or when they might ambush them. As that digital mind spun around, she waited for the others to come in, she looked as calm as she had before, the soldier was ready though, at least as much as one she hoped could be entering a space where they could just as easily be contained, at least, that might be what their hosts thought. What other resources she had left were focused on the situation and the actual diplomatic process. The old soldier knew enough to know diplomacy had many layers, even first contacts...or maybe especially.
Since Sheela had no pressing duties aboard the ship, she tagged along with the group. Slightly clanking from some of the tools she had on her for repairs and could be used as weapons if the need be. Even though her winter coveralls were clean, they still showed various ground in, faded stains of lubricants, dirt that were too ground into the threads to come out.
Yoshiro holstered his pistol and had his FARS continue filming quietly. He had gotten the message from the chusa and decided that he would watch what the others did and protect Kata and the chusa from attack if necessary.