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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 8.4] Meeting of the minds

Saki frowned. She was not especially happy that XO decided to leave hout outside, but she did understood that she was just a lowly infantry. Not someone you take with you to do diplomacy. The offer to explore was nice, but Saki had other job around here. Still learning something about this place was valuable as well.

Saki walked to Yoshiro and gestured to Araan to get closer.

"All right," Saki replied to those two. "You two go do what XO said, I will remain here on guard. Stay with Sheela just like XO said. Try to see what this place is like and learn. We have comms and telepathy so I can call you two whenever I need. Okay, go have fun, have your eyes peeled. Just remember to stay on your toes."

Saki than proceeded to send a telepathic message to Josea.

Josea-san, others are going to explore. I am staying behind and watch the office. Should something happen, just send me a telepathic message and I will get there to assist you.
Sheela looked up over at the group. Seeing only the three of the others and the rest had disappeared into either a corridor or room off this on. She shrugged, "Iz dunno," responding to the question. She found these Nashatens very likeable. Probably they could afford to be nice to her since she was heavily out numbered by them. Even with the Three Armored Neko's.

Sheela turned her attention back those she was with. "Whot is this place?" She unzipped the heavy winter coverall a bit as it was getting a bit warm for her, showing she had on a simple black t-shirt with a big grease stained yellow smiley face. :)
"All right. We'll do some recon and make sure that nothing is out of the ordinary." He said and went with the other Neshaten and took a look around, gesturing to Araan to follow.
Araan checked his sidearm unconsciously as he followed behind Yoshiro, adjusting his hair slightly out of his face with his free hand.

"Aye." He said simply as he followed behind the man.