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RP: YSS Kaiyō Mission Thirteen: Miyabi

Dolphin Team - Approaching the Palm

While Kyoi would enjoy breaching first, her rationality told her Walter Hyde would be the best to breach first. Or rather, firing upon those escape pod hatches to blast them open again and then teleporting in would be the best-

Know your place. You aren’t the one running the show.

Right, she told herself. Providing cover would be the best idea.

“Covering breach point.” Kyoi stated to her squad, loading in the fin-discarding sabots, her rifle already focused with the barrel heating up to blast open the pod doors.

She would not make the mistakes of the past.
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Mark arrived at the Palm and entered the breach into the CIC. He saw the kuvie assailant and immediately brought weapons to bare. With his 20mm and his LATR in SMG mode, he opened fire.

"Shosa, if we can secure the ship, I can man the helm. I don't need a crew, I have the Geist.", Mark sent to Eden as he fired.
Team Kraken
Danger Zone

Wyatt moved toward the sound of commotion just in time to see Mark open fire on the set of golden power armour, the marksman sprinted forward and dropped into a slide which sent sparks flying about in his wake, hoping to stay under both hostile and friendly gunfire alike.

The SDR was being braced across his injured forearm that still held the sword as he continued to slide forward, squeezing off three heavy shots from the anti armour revolver that was aimed at the golden helmet before Wyatt quickly fired his thrusters to get up-right again and into a standing position near the Kuvvie.

The recoil was sending jolts of pain through him but they were bearable, nothing much could be done about his injury in the current moment so he thought it best to just toughen up and push through.
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Team Kraken
The Palm
Hull Opening

Care saw the unarmored Kuvexians and didn't waste any time, her LATR raised as she looked into the scope of it, utilizing the SMG mode to fire off three shots at each target that she could see, be it the unarmored or armored members. She did try to focus on the male who picked up some communication device, but her focus shifted to the power armored units as they appeared. She didn't try to be fancy or anything of the sort, all three shots of each burst she fired were directed at center mass of its selected target. She strode forward, the wings of her Mindy folding against her back, her comms turning on as she began to speak.

She had thought about it as medical information and various communications came across to her HUD, particularly the order to continue the assault. She tried to make room for the crew behind her as they appeared, but she appeared cautious to push too far ahead in a dangerous situation. Her comms were set to the Kraken Team in general, with a more broad message was sent to everyone within range of the ship, although it lacked any vocal speaking of it and was presented more as a polite notice.

"Team Kraken, board the section of the ship I am currently in, and move as a spear into the ship. We are to assume direct control of the vessel and its systems, due to the distance of the Kaiyo II and the presence of our wounded, it is our prerogative that we nullify the threat of this vessel and utilize it to return our crew to the Kaiyo II. The crew of this vessel made the conscious decision to attack us, neutralize all risks of threats as they appear, and seek to make sure none remain. It is a high possibility that they are responsible for the destruction of the planet and the deaths and wounds associated with it. They have already dealt us a blow, give them no chance to make another."

The message she sent out to everyone though was quite different.

If possible, please avoid damage systems of the ship critical to movement and flying. Thank you!

"William, I want you carving a path to the Bridge, and Mark I want you supplying William with needed fire support. We move as a group, try to move faster than they can properly respond, but leave no one behind." Her voice was cold and calculating, yet she spoke rather quickly as she continued to step forward. "The rest of Kraken, team up and pair up on me. If it's hostile, you kill it."

Alastair had the most evil of grin as he enjoyed the sound of the clashing aether against the armor of the Kuvexian. His hands were calm but his mind was very excited. It had been awhile since an opponent put up a good fight. His hand to hand combat training raced through his mind.

He watched as his hopes of a single strike killed were dashed as the Kuvexian managed to slip away. Get back here you four eared son b. He thought to himself as he moved to strike again. He watched as the Kuvexian turned monkey and climbed up the side of the wall to the ceiling. As the Kuvexian jumped towards him he jumped into action.

Alastair jumped into the air and aimed to put his boot into the face of the Kuvexian. No one gets the jump on Alastair.
Rear of ISS Palm
Dolphin Team

"Kiseki-Hei, Jones-Hei, focus fire on those escape pods. Destroy as many as possible before entering through the escape pod ports and regrouping with Hyde-Hei and myself."

No reason to deviate from her plan of attack when she'd already latched onto the ship and begun slicing through the joints and connectors for the airlock. If this ship wasn't outdated and in need of repair, she might've reconsidered, but she didn't expect much resistance in this situation.

"I will break. And you-" Mitsuko grunted with effort, before tearing off the airlock door and flinging it into space. "-will enter." She'd cleared the way for the much larger and better armed Hyde to breach the ship.
Rear of ISS Palm
Dolphin Team

Walter nodded, and went right inside the airlock. He took his sword, punctured the secondary door with the weapon. Being strong and large, making a large hole in the door didn't take as much time or strength to pull off.

The Minkan kicked the door down, and entered the interior of the ISS Palm. NSBs floating about him, he keeps an eye out all around him for an enemy. Seeing nobody as of right now, he gestures his team leader that it is safe to enter.

Consider it breached. Everyone seems to be keeping the enemy busy.
Dolphin Team - 0.2c away from ISS Palm

"Instructions processed." Kyoi stated, as she swung her rifle towards the escape pods. "Shall we capture one? SAINT may see some use in doing so. As one, I'd rather get in their good graces."

Why would she need to, though? SAINT had nothing really...against her. Sure, she was an interesting one when she was received, but they didn't have any ill will or anything.

Just a service for the Kaiyo, then, and their bad history with SAINT agents. Or so, she told herself.
YSS Kaiyo II
VIP Suites
"I'm afraid not," said the nerdy cockatoo. "Boss told me to come here and said I would have to go through this room to access the maintenance conduit. It's a hydraulic leak, so you need to have the engineering knowledge to fix it... eh heh.. It's in the conduit so I'm sure I won't be in your room for long." She glanced at her wings for a split second, then looked at Rei again. "Trust me, I'll be able to fix it, I'm the mechanic," she reassured Rei.

Chlorate happily beeped when her crush complimented her. That seemed to boost the aimbot's confidence, as now she was destroying the floating rocks and dirt even faster.
TEAM Kraken
Shasse was stumped, one second they'd been guarding a cave and it seemed like all was going fine and before her little ears could perk up at the rumblings of the tremor the planet was splitting in half, at least it felt that fast to her. With little idea of what to do the neko had stuck to her training, recalling everything she knew to survive... by following someone higher rank than her, who happened to be Care their team leader for now it seemed. Now it looked like they were heading to a ship that had come out of nowhere, that seemed a little strange but it looked like everyone was going so must be the right thing to do, and it certainly beat sticking to that dying world.

Shasse turned to watch the planet explode, or break more or whatever it decided it wanted to do only to find it had taken off with the Kaiyo in tow, "How peculiar, never seen a planet run away before." The little neko mused to herself shrugging and continuing on. As she closed the distance between her and the team the blue skinned neko heard Care's orders and smiled sadly, back to work it would seem and she readied her own LATR also in SMG mode. Although she would much rather be outside the ship picking off those who tried to flank her team. Shasse was made to kill, she didn't feel remorse or guilt in doing so but something about her existence often darkened her mood, she trained as a sniper to get away from the trigger happy front line soldiers, not all of them were like that but it was rare to see a sniper with the same attitude.

Just once she would like to be given a different mission, but she didn't even have her own freedom. She was property given emotion and thought and as long as she was she couldn't complain about her tasks but rather perform them to the best of her ability.

TEAM Dolphin
Miles had done many things in his short time being with the Star Army, almost getting caught in an avalanche was now one of them and one he would not soon forget as the minkan had shot upwards that little bit earlier than the others simply because the tremors had caught him off guard. As it turns out managing to avoid such an encounter is one of the great events of random coincidence that seemed to cling to this ship like barnacles, Miles hadn't entirely escaped it however but unlike some only ended up buried up to his neck.

After freeing himself from the natural disaster, and then also the snow, Miles followed along behind his team wondering just what in the hell kept ensuring the Kaiyo expeditions turned this unnaturally weird. Miles too noticed the planet seeming to flee but unlike the blue neko knew what was happening having been tuned into the comms properly the whole mission. There was nothing he could do about that issue however, it and the Kaiyo were already long gone and so Miles simply engaged the enemy ship with the rest, drawing his LASR and preparing to cover the rear of the group and administer any first aid they might need along the way.

Miles wasn't blind, he'd noticed more than a few readings displaying injuries as he left but there wasn't much he could do if Sacre herself had already done what she could and moved on, she wasn't everyone's idea of the perfect role model or teacher but the minkan had a deep respect for her abilities. Some day he hoped to simply come close to her level and prove himself for the crew he believed he'd let down more than once, and to his brothers who never took him seriously on anything.
Team Kraken
The Palm
Hull Opening

William's massive frame pushed to the head of their formation after he received his order from Care. "Copy all, leave it to me" he replied to the medic. As he reached what was left of the Kuvexians, he used his gravity system to pull himself towards the enemy. His lance aiming to impale the combatants, before moving on to the next target.

His eyes were cold as he moved into battle. He had enough of their games. They were going to pay for all they had done with their blood, and then some.
Team Kraken
The Palm
Hull Opening

Sacre followed in William's wake, the massive Nepleslian armor giving her cover. She deployed her NSB drones. As they advanced, Sacre put them into semi-automatus mode. The drones would dart out away from her armor to make some shots before retreating back to be recharged by Sacre's CFS. Sacre relied heavily on her AIES and the link to the other suits to designate and shoot targets. Sacre for her part, was doing her best to make sure that William's sides were both clear so that he could keep advancing rather than having to slow down their advance.
"Hai Murakami-Juni!"

Said the light blue hawk as he turned from his superior to face the soon to be destroyed escape pods. Orion had arrived last, but the Elysian was ready to press the trigger of his aether rifle to eliminate some Kuvexian scum.

"To be honest... I've been waiting a long time for this..."

He said, his deep purple eyes staring down at one of the pods. Once his Mindy marked the pods as targets, he raised his rifle, and started firing upon the oh so dreaded escaping enemy.

With Mark's entrance, he would find the armors difficult to shoot down and would also get a comm back from Eden, "Defer to Belmont-shoi's judgement while I'm assisting the Juni!"

The power armor Alastair was up against had begun to be manhandled by the Shoi, finally, as it took an unexpected foot to the face. They stumbled backwards and was soon on their rear end. They utilized thrusters to try to regain a standing position.

Muyomi's shields were shot down while the other two Neko were the first to notice that the purple-eyed girl was crumpling to the floor after a coilgun shot to the shoulder knocked her down to the ground.

Madoka, nearby, yelled out, "Noooo! No, no..." turning her aether SMG on the Kuvexians they faced, she yelled out, "DIE!!!"


In the hallway beneath the opening in the hull, Care and Riku, Wyatt, Halsie Nighni, and Shasse's combined firepower blasted the unarmored Kuvexians apart before they could get out. The power armor seemed to be faring well against the odds, hitting Wyatt's shields in particular, at first, downing them to half their strength before moving on to Halsie. They were able to down hers just as much as they downed Wyatt's, which was halfway. Then, they took a kill-shot from Care to the chest, forcing their body to slump forward, towards the group.

Outside of Palm

Several escape pods were destroyed while the dolphin team entered, while one was merely damaged and another had been out of direct line of sight from the sniper. Inside of the entry created, there were ten unarmored Kuvexians in the general vicinity. They began shooting, but didn't leave a mark on the Mindy.

YSS Kaiyō II
VIP Suites

"Iie," Rei said before sighing out and looking at the AI. "Fine, fine... Come in." She showed that the room was empty save for furniture. There was a duct above the bed.


The sensors showed the AI's accuracy as they opened a path for which Gravity to carve through. Hoshi was getting antsy as they entered further into Yamataian space.

"Harris-heisho?!" she gasped as she looked at sensor readouts. The fusion reactors on the planet were outputting enormous amounts of energy. She looked to her bridge, "I am open to your observations, estimations, and ideas, crew!"

To MEGAMI, she said, "Have the infantry Elysian talk to Iemochi-heisho." MEGAMI relayed the message.
Team Kraken
The Palm
A pile of unarmoured bodies and one armoured body

Wyatt popped upright just as the body slumped over, he aimed his revolver to the back of the golden helmet and squeezed off one final shot just to make sure the Kuvvie wasn't going to get back up and be a hassle for the team later on. The Minkan's shields would slowly begin to build back up to full strength and he was glad they finally started working as they were intended to, it was a little late but he sure did appreciate it.

"Pushing up, taking the next room" Wyatt called out through comms as he passed the threshold in the next room with his revolver held out in front of him to sweep the room for any more Kuvvies as he waited for his team mates to catch up.
YSS Kaiyo II
VIP Suites
"Thank you," Kikios said, stepping in. Apparently, she had forgotten to take her shoes off when entering the suite. She made no comment on the lack of furniture, in fact, she didn't even stop to look at Rei's room. Surveying the ceiling where the duct was, she decided to use her wings instead of stepping on the bed. Using both her tall height and a quick hop, she popped off the conduit cover with a "galupppzah". She then gave her wings a few flaps and jumped up to the opening, squeezing herself along with her wings inside. The tall lady looked very awkward as she dangled from the duct and pulled herself inside. She could be heard giving a few grunts and utterances as the conduits were a tight fit for her big bird body.

Alastair was getting into his grove as he beat the living day lights out of the Kuvexian he was matched up against. His HUD indicated one of his team had been injured as his foot connected. It felt good and was a clean strike which only made him more confident.

Even before the Kuvexian got the chance to stand he had already engaged his thrusters to put a boot in this guys chest. His sword hummed as it trailed behind him, ready to connect should this guy be able to dodge out of the way. Play time was over, no one hurts a member of his team and lives. *Said in the voice of Duke Nukem.*

As the Kuvexian's fell to the squad combined efforts, William's vision ran red. But he wasn't sure if that was from the rage or from the blood that trickled down his face. As he pulled his lance from the last corpse, he turned in the direction of the bridge and stepped to the head of the group. "Let's go." He said tersely, using his gravity system to pull himself down the hallway at high speed.

He scanned for targets as he skid down the hallway. If anything was dumb enough to poke its head out, he wouldn't hesitate to destroy it.
YSS Kaiyo II

Gravity had many observations, estimations, and ideas. None of which were good.

"The planet's too massive and moving too fast to be stopped by a graviton beam, I estimate that we have about an hour before it impacts Yamatai and turns it into a new asteroid belt, and right now I think the best solution would be to slag its main power source and hope the resulting blast of a reactor so large turns that planet into harmless space dust!" The pilot called back to her CO.

Mikael simply shakes his head. "No nets captain, though someone could go out there and try to push it the other way or blow up its core with a force greater than its core. SAINT as far as I am aware of does not have anyone crazy enough to think this was a possibility. " He replies back to Hoshi. His tone was not one of sarcasm but more of a statement of fact. Outside of blowing the object and all its piece to sizes small enough to burn up in eventual re-entry (near atomized most likely), it seemed the only options available that he could think of.

He looks at Gravity with a nod at her near equal suggestion.