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RP: YSS Kaiyō Mission Thirteen: Miyabi

YSS Kaiyo
Outside the Bridge

Arete's slightly-plump body shivered again as the disembodied voice of MEGAMI resonated around her. It was just... weird, even after a couple of months! Nonetheless, her response was relaxed - about as relaxed as one's voice could be on a warship in engagement, anyways. Or chasing a planet, apparently. How the hell do they chase a planet at warp speed?


Monitoring Room

Arbitrated Iemochi's wonderfully asymmetrical irises dragged her reddening face towards the staircase as footsteps called forth the other angel's approach. Arete, with her helmet off so her face was clear to see, smiled lightly towards the maternal Arbitrated.

"Iemochi-Heisho? Are you alright?" She wasn't able to keep track of the battle outside - not to the extent of the people on the bridge or this girl in the monitoring room. "The Chusa sent me up to-"

"Mochi is what's wrong!" Arbles interrupted the unspecialized soldier. "He's out there and everything's going wrong and I can't help him and-" Cutting herself off, the shorter of the two smols once again buried her face into her palms, sobbing - on the verge of tears. Arete stepped forward, looking to the displays with a short gasp. The planet... the planet was shattered! And moving!
ISS Palm
Stern Section

Walter Hyde felt the shots impacting his armor, akin to raindrops on his orange coat. No, drizzle was a better term, just from how frequently such harmless projectiles hit his chest. Walter stood there, letting the Zesutanium do its work. Yare yare daze, he thought to himself. At least I have something to keep me focused, to a degree.

Walter advanced to them, calm and undeterred. He felt like he was at home, where he and his colleagues could walk just about anywhere and assert their dominance in any style; like a raging hurricane, a creeping nuclear winter, or anything in between. Right now, the Minkan was a reaper with a 55 inch sword that demanded Kuvexian flesh, and Walter zoned out as he proceeded to go into melee range and begin his slaughter-fest. If he were to do away with these foes, he'd rather do it with strong, precise cleaves through their torso.

And yet, Walter didn't stop there. Being pulled into that Imperial mindset from sipping from the metaphorical cup of power, he also released his femtomachines and NSBs. The former went to anyone within two meters of Walter and ripped and scarred their skin and clothes, and the latter rushed to those outside his melee range and shot the Kuvexians over, and over, and over. The NSBs were right within arms length of their targets, and the femtomachines were crawling up and down the legs and arms of his enemies, each of them having just begun breaking down and tearing the Kuvexians all apart inhumanly.
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Space, the final frontier

Seinosuke gritted his teeth a little, twirling over himself in the inky blackness as all he could do was listen into the comms. His armor was holding, just enough, but it was unlikely he could do much else than wait.

Before he knew it, the form of his close friend and superior Eden blinked into view beside him, a modicum of relief sweeping through him. "It's not too bad, I get a great view at least!" he jested light-heartedly as the former captain looked him over, concerned.

"That being said, I need to get back to the ship so I can help you and Hoshi out." He grunted, spinning upright so they could teleport at Eden's will, "Arbs will be having a heart attack too.."

The Kuvexian was the first person she had ever actually killed, the first person she had pulled the trigger on and, as a direct result of her actions, was killed. Did he have time to realize he was dead? When he hit the floor, what was he thinking? What was he feeling? She had opened his chest, unless there was a massive drop in blood pressure he likely had mere moments to process the fact that he wouldn't be getting back up. He was dead, and Care killed him. She knew why she was wondering these things, and it wasn't out of any sense of humanity or regret for having taken a life, quite simply it was because of a lack thereof.

She had shot at several people, and had taken part in killing them. She had most certainly delivered a silencing blow on the armored unit, but what frustrated her about the whole scene was how little the act meant. War was a dirty thing and soldiers were cursed with bearing the weight of their fallen enemies, whether it be satisfaction that they no longer would curse to Galaxy, or regret that they had to take a unique and potentially great life. Care, however, felt absolutely nothing. They were husks, machines that lacked life in the same way she did, at least that's what they felt like if they made such little difference to her. She knew that she wanted to feel strong as she ended what threatened the crew but she had secretly hoped that it would illicit something.

But it hadn't, and so she strode forward, motioning for Kraken to move quickly on in the gap of soldiers they had left. "Like a spear, Kraken, pierce their defenses." She repeated, though her enthusiasm was notably lacking. Her weapon was raised, ready to fire upon any enemy that was unfortunate enough to run into the group. "Report any and all injuries as they occur, keeping the crew safe starts here."

The dead littered the floor the team stepped over until they were in the…

Systems Room

Wyatt entered what was apparently a systems room. It was made evident by the many utilitarian cosoles for the ship's sensor, communications, navigation and computing, to see the two Kuvexians inside of it were unarmored and incapable of putting up a wothwhile fight. He would know this because the shots they fired from their sidearms did nothing to his Mindy.


Alastair’s hand was hit by a blast from a different armor’s gun, which managed to not do any damage to his Mindy-gloved hand, just as one of the surviving Nekovalkyrja shot the coilgun out of the enemy’s hands.

“Thesilis, now!!!” she called out as she took a shot at the Kuvexian armor.

The kick to the face didn't make impact, though, as the Kuvexian power armor he was up against moved aside—just in time for his shields to be seared into completely by Alastair’s long sword.


All ten Kuvexians crumpled, thanks to IYS Walter.

YSS Kaiyō II

“Gravity,” Hoshi called out. “Fire on that planet!! Main aether array!”

Conduits Above VIP Suites

The hydraulics were spraying everywhere about fifteen meters into the conduit, towads port-side.


"I'll try moving with you, we'll get back to Kaiyō, somehow..." Eden said, beginning to wrap his Mindy around hers, hugging style.
Systems Room

William followed Wyatt into the next room and strode towards the unarmored Kuvexians who were firing on his shipmate. He moved forward and and moved to plunge his lance into the first of the two combatants. They weren't even worth wasting the ammo on...

As he lunged forward with his lance, he let out a low growl of hatred as he imagined the weapon piecing his target's heart. William was beyond anger. He felt pure fury pump through his veins for what they had done to the planet below and his friends.
Systems Room

A very faint smile curled the left side of Wyatt's mouth as the shots harmlessly plinked off of his armoured carapace that walked closer to the agressor, he could see in their eyes that the Kuvvies were putting up the best resistance they could but fortunately for him and his squadmates - their best wasn't good enough.

The marksman flipped the special duty revolver around in his hand so that he was holding it by the barrel before he brought it down on the Kuvvie's head, not hard enough to make the purple-skinned-alien's head explode but hopefully enough to render them unconscious - live Kuvexian's were always a plus to have around, maybe somebody on the Kaiyo-ii would make some ground breaking discovery about an easier way to kill them.

As he brought his arm down, Wyatt's mind went back to the golden suit of armour he had put a round into the back of just to make sure the pilot was dead - he wasn't feeling remorse or anything like that, instead he was thinking about how - despite the fact bad things usually followed the reports of seeing that armour - he liked the look of that helmet, and would this idea that began to form in his mind really be that different to how some folks mounted animal heads on their walls?
Systems Room

Care allowed William and Wyatt to deal with the unarmored Kuvexians as she glanced about the room, coming to a stop as she saw the many consoles of various purposes. She had not seen this exact model of ship before, but the purpose of the room was fairly self explanatory in its appearances. You could design a gun so many different ways but at the end of the day, you could most usually tell that it was a gun, a room like this held similar reasoning, at least enough for it to be apparent here. She sent the message to the general crew present, not just her own squad.

"Kraken team, we have assumed control of the Palm's System Room, I will be manipulating the ship shortly."

As she interlinked her AIES with the ship, and began to sort through the options she had control over from there, she narrowed down her options to the most quick and efficient method she could access, which was linked to the control of the airlocks and other sealing aspects of the ship. Once more she opened audio connection to the rest of the Kaiyo crew present at the Palm as she looked focused on confirming her control.

"William, Wyatt, watch my back during this. Attention all crew members in and around the Kuvexian vessel, I am going to purge the ship by spacing it. All atmosphere will be lost in non-sealed sectors. You have ten seconds to initiate the systems of your MINDY to prevent damage to yourself and others. Your MINDY is fully capable of preventing harm in this situation."

She went further to practice what she preached, setting up several systems in her MINDY to quite literally hold her ground when it would occur. Her wings outstretched in some dramatic emblem, ready for the sudden drop in atmosphere and pressure around her. It was to utilize the same system the MINDY used to slow itself to a halt from high speeds with no ill effects from inertia.

"I repeat, you have ten seconds to brace yourselves. Some pockets of Kuvexians may remain in sealed sectors.

With a push of a command, she assumed direct control over the airlocks and seals of the ship, pushing to both unlock and open them all, to merge the atmospheres of the ship and space into one.
Systems Room

Wyatt's brow furrowed a little as he felt the room depressurize and the life drained from the unconscious Kuvexian's body, it was a shame that they lost a captive but Wyatt blamed his lack of communication on the matter. "Covering" the marksman spoke as he moved over to the golden suit that contained the recently gutted and double tapped corpse that had somehow remained relatively in the same spot - except now Wyatt had a spare moment to grab a keepsake.

The marksman holstered his half-used revolver and the unused xiphos on his hips before crouching down to rest on his haunches, Wyatt put a hand on either side of the helmet and gripped onto where the helmet connected to the neck. He began pulling back to detach the damaged helmet from the rest of the suit and the corpse contained within, ignoring the gorey hole that he had punched into the back of it a moment ago.

There was the sound of metal creaking and a pop before the helmet came free and was subsequently tucked under his arm like a football as the revolver was drawn once again - it'd look good on his wall after some cleaning, right next to the fragment of his mindy that was torn apart in the previous mission. That didn't involve robbing a corpse though - that scrap of metal had just been laying around in the cargo bay.

Wyatt took up position near the entrance to the room, ready to fire his weapon at any OPFOR that had survived the ship being flushed.
TEAM Kraken
Shasse had entered slightly behind her team, conflicting thoughts swirled endlessly as the little neko followed along behind them. Her LATR in SMG mode, hung limply from her wrist as she slowly trudged through the wreckage left in the wake of the teams, being thrown to the floor as the depressurisation caught her off guard. Shasse's mind was against her as her bloodlust and fighting programming demanded she rush ahead and tear through any survivors with savage fury, this was only boosted by her rash and excitable nature and yet she could only walk fast enough to maintain her position at the back of the group.

TEAM Dolphin
Miles watched the dead float past with a blank stare, he was more accustomed to it now yet it was not something he could shrug off just yet. The minkan followed his team and continued checking their 6 as they went, ensuring no zombies got the them.
Systems Room

She had expected it to work, and her MINDY was quite thorough in letting her know of the lethal drop in atmosphere outside its seals. The MINDY's had done their job quite well, and she knew that this was not something she would have attempted if any of the crew on board was not wearing a MINDY. She kept her AIES tied into the ships systems, more so that she could make sure it was in operating order than anything as she heard the request for orders. Orders? Simple enough question, though she was practically making it up on the spot. She hadn't planned to space the ship until the option presented itself to her. She set her message once more to the whole crew nearby, including Eden and the wounded

"Orders are twofold, eliminate or capture all remaining Kuvexian forces that are still alive, and bring the wounded onboard. Send assistance to Eden and Seinosuke if needed to make sure they make it on board. Whoever is capable needs to pilot the vessel, as we can use it to rendezvous with the Kaiyo II."

Perhaps she was overstepping some boundaries, but she saw the recovery and treatment of their wounded as extremely important, enough to warrant a little bit of power play.
ISS Palm
Systems Room

Riku had been behind Care since the breach, assisting her in the dispatching of the Kuvexians. When the order to secure the Systems Room came he took a knee and brought his beam rifle to bear, the energy coil glowing a brilliant blue as it cooled. He had going eight seconds was way more than enough to pierce enemy armor and melt it into a molten piece of armor on the wearer. Some would view it as brutal, but Riku viewed it as effective. This was his first engagement, and the first time taking another life. He couldn’t dwell on that now. He would protect his team and himself on this Kuvexian ship, return safely to the Kaiyo, and after everything settled down? Then he would dwell on the lives he took and/or assisted in taking. He would mourn them, wonder why they didn’t just surrender, and wish them the best as they traveled to their afterlife. Until he could do that, though, he would take any life needed to protect his crewmates.

As orders came from Care, he wondered what he should do. Request to advance to the Bridge and clear it? He couldn’t pilot it, but he could at least secure it and make the pilot’s job somewhat easier. For now he would stay where he was, watching the Systems Room door(s) and making sure no daring Kuvexians successfully entered. His NSBs circled around him, and he distributed one drone to each teammate in the Systems Room, ensuring their safety. They would stay out of the way and provide supporting fire from behind, returning to Riku upon completion of the mission.
YSS Kaiyo II

"Engaging!" Gravity announced and, after lining up on the thruster system's main power plant, squeezed the trigger. The ship shuddered as a massive aether beam lanced out towards the runaway planet.

Many fighter pilots liked to brag to helmsmen that they had more kills. In truth, they probably did. But Gravity had learned after flying the Fuji-class that the quality of her targets was more important than the quantity. Sure, the fighter pilots had tallied up several fighters and gunships, but Gravity was certain that none of them could ever say that they'd destroyed an entire universe, and now, an entire planet.

'Gravity: Dragon Whisperer and Destroyer of Worlds.' thought the Neko in the back of her mind with a little smirk. She was definitely using that from now on.
Planet H

There was a fragmentation of the planet and then, almost all at once, it dispersed on and around the Fuji-class as the ship passed through the spectacular chunks and particles of the once-home to Hanako, herself.

"Turn us around," Hoshi said. "Our people need us, now. And..." she gave pause before continuing, "perhaps we need them just as much."
Kaiyo II

With one crisis averted, Gravity took a moment to let her heart rate settle before it shot back up again.

Her precious crew! In trouble!

The neko pulled the Kaiyo into a backwards loop, stopping halfway, and rolling them over "upright" again. She slammed the throttle forward, and began racing back to the Palm as fast as she could. No one touched them!

"Kiki, how's that leak coming?!" she asked the mechanic.


As Wyatt and William burst into the Systems room, Sacre needed to go farther, to the CIC. Care could take care of them if they got hurt. However, Muyomi was down, and Sacre needed to get to her. She bounded forward, sidewinding as quickly as she could through the halls. However, she was slowed by the quarter of her tail that wasn't responding to her, forcing her to drag it along awkwardly as she made her way through the ship. Anything unfortunate enough to stand between her and Muyomi was sliced in half by a expertly wielded aether saber. She burst into the CIC, firing with her shoulder mounted weaponry. The AIES already knew where everything was thanks to the others already fighting in the room. Sacre slid through the room, and covered the downed Neko with her body. Her suit's shield was fully charged.

Care's announcement that she had ten seconds to seal the suit meant that she needed to work quickly. She sprayed the wound with the filling foam to prevent anymore blood loss. If there was a round trapped in there, they might have to do surgery later. Then Sacre slapped a patch over the hole, sealing it from the drop in pressure that came moments later. Sacre took a relieved breath.

It was at a time like this that it became ever so clear how the Ellipsoid shield wasn't really adequate for full-body protection...not in Abart's case, at least. The several coilgun shots had plenty of space to deal their damage, and as such his shields were getting rekt pretty badly. The many impacts made him flinch ans stagger for a brief moment, being far more potent than what their L'kor grunts had thrown at them.

The call for another 'nade got the snake back on track, but with that slight delay, Muyomi had already been struck before he'd managed to toss another. Adding to all this fumbling was the sudden chaos of the rapid depressurization of the cycling airlocks. "On it-..AH!" Reflexively, the tip of his tail reached out for the downed Peio, grabbing a hold of her leg to not let her get sucked away by the strong air currents.

Still intent on getting that 'nade out, he used the wide Shield to cover himself, and hide his right arm reaching for a scalar grenade, letting it cook in his hand for a few seconds. Mentally counting down the seconds till detonation, he'd fling the grenade right at the golden armor's face with a pitcher-like toss, just so it would explode right in front of it's face. "'NAAADE!"


YSS Kaiyo - Bridge

The middle-aged systems snake couldn't help but squee in exiement a bit as the weaponized planet went up in a most satisfying DeathStar-like explosion. A LOT of anergy went into bulletifying that planet, and just the tiniest little disruption would make it haywire. "Wooohoo~! Heck, whoever thought of that thing must be having a breakdown right now."