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RP: YSS Kaiyō Mission Thirteen: Miyabi


The power armor Alastair faced lost pressure within their suit as the aether saber had slid into the shields as well as the shining golden orange armor itself. The armors were all downed or sucked into space by now, leaving the Kaiyō crew victorious.

Alastair stood over the body of the beaten golden armor. They stood no match for the wonderful and magical combat skills of Alastair. He had harnessed the power of determination after he witnessed one of his crew getting hurt. The battle was won but like many things in life, the war from far from over.
Systems Room

The Nepleslian flicked his lance, causing the blood and viscera to splatter across the deck. He looked over and saw Wyatt's target dead as well.

As William received the order to guard Care, he moved and stood in front of the medic, like a bulwark. Nothing would get past him as long as he had air in his lungs. "Understood." He replied simply as he locked himself in place.

Then the air was sucked out of the room. He could feel the atmosphere flowing around his suit, attempting to pull him out into space along with the air. Loose objects and combatants were launched into the blackness of space without a sound. William nodded to Care. "Nicely done." He said softly.
YSS Kaiyo II

The tall mechanic crawled through the conduit. She saw the leak and quickly approached it. "Just fine," she replied. "It's spraying everywhere but I'm at the leak now." The red panel grabbed her mechanic tools and tried fixing the leak. "Did the hydraulic fluid just hit my crest?" she quietly asked herself, not having time to check.
Mark sighed with relief as the last hostile met a rightful end. Remembering Care's orders, he opened a comm line to the team before heading towards the bridge, "Nito-hei Oaklen heading to the bridge. I'll get us caught up with the kayo ma'am."

A moment later he stepped onto the now empty bridge and took a seat in what could be assumed the captain's chair. Not because a want for that old position, but because it was where each console was equidistant from him. With a breath he reached out with his Geist and tethered his will to each console. Each one coming to life and adding a part to him as he connected with it. His eyes would glow as data flowed to him on the ship's status. He couldn't read any of it, but he didn't need it.

He felt the hull and everything within, even a soreness in his side from the hull breach into the CIC. Mark willed to move forward and as if flexing a muscle, the engines answered. His own body did not so much as stir, but the shell around him moved as if in answer to his thoughts. The vessel began to change heading towards the kaiyo's course.

Mark tried to use the comm system, or what he thought was one to try and message ahead, "YSS-Victorious to kaiyo actual, this is nito-hei Oakley. Away team has successfully boarded and commandeered enemy vessel. Repeat friendly coming up on your six, hold fire.", he said copying his own mindy's IFF over the ship's.

"Care ma'am, ship ready to head enroute for rendezvous, any further orders?"

"We won." Sacre said, the adrenaline and painkillers that she had been running on wearing off. She closed her eyes to help herself deal with the pain. She felt she should give herself some more painkillers and perhaps a stimmie to stay up. However, the world seemed so far away. She tried to fight through the haze, but a cloud of darkness descended instead. She slumped to the floor unconscious.
YSS Kaiyō

"Good job, everyone," Hoshi said into team comms. "Shosa Teien wll de-brief everyone while I write one massive report. Oh and Oaklen-hei. Do not go naming that ship. You might get ideas about keeping it for yourself. We can't lose another one of you to such things..." She gave a slight chuckle, then shook her head, closing her deep blue eyes. Aloud, to only the bridge, she said, "Deio, in my ready room."

"Hai, Shosa!!" Asuka said astutely as she bounced from her seat and followed after Hoshi.

"This is going to be one," Hoshi said as she entered her quarters, "massive report."
YSS Kaiyō II

"Let's hope the planet defenses can deal with the fragments. There might still be pieces large enough to make it pass the friction of the atmosphere. But they might also be directed away from the explosion. I will have the computer run simulations and forward any threatening projected paths." Mikael said upon seeing the destruction of the planet.

He then makes that so before making sure his routines are still doing their jobs, manually going over any information that might look out of place. He forwards any relevant information to Hoshi.
The Palm
Systems Room

Hearing that the mission was essentially over - or at least as far as he was concerned - Wyatt holstered his revolver and put his back to a wall, slowly sliding down it until he was in a sitting position. The Minkan tested his injured arm as the adrenaline began filtering out of his system, it wasn't in the greatest state but he was glad the arm was still attached to his body, he gave a small wince of pain as the golden helmet that still leaked a viscous purple fluid was passed over to his good hand.

Wyatt looked into the face of the helmet and let out a sigh before he gazed past the room he was in, to one of the exterior doors that had been opened to flush the Kuvexians out - the minkan took a moment to appreciate the view, hunks of planet along with countless bodies and god knows what else that floated around in space, all backlit by stars and cosmic bodies with their own planets just like the one that had been mostly destroyed today.

Well maybe not exactly like the one they had been deployed to but they had the potential. Wyatt's voice chirped to life over the comms to nobody in particular "Kuvexians weaponizing planets, well isn't that a kick in the head" he spoke in that boring and deep voice he seemed to always have, he had a slight and short lived smirk on his face as the minkan looked over the golden helmet in his hand.

It was going to look nice on his shelf.
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The Palm
Stern Section

That was it, then. Mission success. Kaiyo crew managed to best the Kuvexians, and comparing loses, the latter lost an entire super weapon and their troops. Walter Hyde knew that whatever casualties his side got weren't as noteworthy as losing a entire planet.

He looked about the empty section, watching the rest of his team walk in and relax. He looked at his sword, reminded of Edwin and her own tales of how she cut down legions of infantry with eight one-handed blades. Granted, this Minkan was seven blades short of being a true Edwin Hyde, but case in point, Walter's beginning to feel more like her as he followed her footsteps subconsciously. It felt good, especially since this is his first mission to actually lay waste to his enemies, and how he had to deal with his moody superior, but...

Perhaps staying onboard the Kaiyo II for a few missions might be warranted. Despite the fact he is a competent warrior and excellent problem solver, Walter found himself being used for tasks even basic infantry can accomplish. Doing this kind of job over and over might rot his brain to become one with the basic infantry, and that is the last thing he wanted.

... Now that Walter thought on it, perhaps he could ditch the Nodachi blade, too. Swords aren't that cool to begin with, when one of your mothers is synonymous with blade-sucking zealot.
Systems Room

Care paused as Jack requested orders, taking a brief moment to think before shaking her head. People were still looking to her for directions, and it was unfathomable to her. Couldn't they see what she did, the fact that she knew no better than anyone else present? She feared reprimandation if someone were to figure out how much she was simply making up as she went along, as if she were an impostor trying to fill a role that wasn't hers. With a roll of her shoulders she began to move out of the systems room towards the Bridge of the ship.

"We're wrapping up here, Mark. You have clearance to start pushing the ship towards the Kaiyo II once you make sure everyone, especially wounded, is on board. As for everyone else transport the wounded and present all injuries, critical and non-critical, on the bridge. We're going to make this as painless as possible once we intersect the Kaiyo II and move everyone back on board. Help the wounded first, it's imperative that they receive proper treatment and are delivered unto the Medical Bay without delay."

The wounded were what came as important in her head, and she had no doubt that the crew would carry it out with the fervor she needed. It would be busy today regardless, and Care wanted to begin right away, there was no need to make a single soul here suffer a moment longer. Life was pain, and war was something she saw as the ugly and hurtful beast it was. She could not always stop the pain and keep her crew safe, but she could respond appropriately, the cold mother with a healing embrace, to regretfully relinquish its arms from its children so that they may sprint forth into danger again.

And some wouldn't always come back.