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RP: NSS Inquiry [Mission Two] Zero Tolerance


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Atmosphere of Polup
Zachitnik-class Shuttle

Cadence Newborn looked to her team assembled in the shuttle as it brought them down to the surface of the planet, just as it had done for them on their first mission. She gritted her teeth and stood, trying to draw their attention.

"We're going to do things a little differently this time." She spoke out, "We're going to use radar only." She put emphasis on the last word. "You all know that your Raider armor is specially outfitted to resist scalar attacks. This is not something the main troops have gotten. We have these made for us specially. Know that you're lucky to have this going for you. There are several more squads landing on the planet, but none as well equipped as we are. We are to make it safe to land forces in this area. They trust us to get it done right. That's what we're here to do."

Cadence said, "Private First Class Adam Edison will be replacing Dornseif in the squad. Welcome him aboard by not letting him get shot and not getting shot yourself. Got that?"

She went on, "We'll assume diamond formation. Stein at the rearmost point and me at the forward most one. To my left and behind, Nelson. Behind her will be Milton and behind him, Sullivan. In front of Stein and to his right will be O'Riley. In front of O'Riley will be Edison and in front of him, to my right, will be Sharpe. In the center will be Corbin and Carrick. That will form a diamond. When we encounter hostiles the first half, all five of us in the front will drop. Myself, Nelson, and Sharpe will lay flat. Milton, Edison, Carrick, and Corbin will take a knee. Sullivan, and O'Riley will remain standing to shoot while Stein covers out backs."

With that, she said, "We won't lose to these fuckers again." A moment later the shuttle landed and she was disembarking and yelling over comms, "Go, go, go!"
Atmosphere of Polup
Zachitnik-class Shuttle

Stein stood next to the door of the shuttle, acting as the crew chief. His Na-W3301 ‘Scout’ Cannon in his hands. However this time he made sure to procure the "special" ammo for his cannon. One of the features of the scout cannon is its ability to fire 40mm Infantry Grenades, alongside the standard 40mm Guided rounds. He was loaded down with magazines with different types of grenades as well as the standard guided rounds. He loaded a magazine of fragmentation and racked the slide. He also pulled out his Na-W/P-08 Heavy Automatic Sidearm V1 and cycled it several times as well, checking the action.

He nodded to Cadence, and as the skids hit the ground he smacked an armored hand on the door control. As the ramp began to descend and show the world outside, he spoke. "You heard the Boss! These fucking deer people made us look like fools. But this time we have come back and we brought some more toys to the party." He boomed into the squad channel. As the ramp hit the ground, he spoke again. "Squad, get the lead out of your asses and go say hi to the natives. GO GO GO!" He ordered as he ran down the ramp, taking a knee and pulling his scout cannon up, scanning the tree line with radar.

If something moved, it was getting blown to shreds...

Atmosphere of Polup
Zachitnik-class Shuttle

Now this was more like it. The Raider power armor was an old to Tobias from his days working with the IPG as a computer specialist, and he moved in it with practiced ease. He was loaded out with a lot more weaponry than before.

In his hands he held a light plasma autocannon connected to its power pack on his back. As long as it was hooked up, he wouldn't be needing to reload and the ammo wouldn't run dry.

On each arm was a forearm mounted Grenada launcher, allowing him to bring explosive firepower to the fight.

"Time for some payback."
Atmosphere of Polup
Zachitnik-class Shuttle

Linda was now in a Raider class armor once again. This was a system she was familiar with and the weight was so much less and the maneuverability so much better. Of course, there were sacrifices compared to the hostile as well, but she could live with it.

Knowing that they would head into a heavy combat situation, she chose not to go light with her armaments. Of course, she had the LCA with HEAP rounds as her primary without a second thought, however rather than taking the MCG30, she picked the AS4GS. It was a rare choice for her to bring one, especially as a second, but she wanted the destructive potential when needed. Of course, even though she was much more comfortable in this armor, she still had her emergency pack like last time, in case she had to leave the Raider and operate on foot.

Careful not the interrupt Cadence, Linda waited till she finished with the orders to speak up over the comms to everyone. "The Raider is not as armored as the Hostile, don't expect to be able to take a battering like last time and still be able to move. Also, make sure to use your snakeskin systems." With that advice, she calmly but quickly got off the shuttle when it landed, her rifle already prepared and ready to fire. She would've preferred to operate solo now that she had stealth capabilities, but the squad needed as much direct firepower as it could get.
Atmosphere of Polup
Zachitnik-class Shuttle

Adam sat within the shuttle looking around at his new squad. He kept to himself as he usually did but that didn't not stop him from judging everyone silently. As if his thoughts were working against him he contemplated how he could best fight the group in the confined shuttle area. He shook the thoughts away almost immediately turning them toward the mission ahead.

The Raider armor was his usual thanks to it being a cheap and light armor. The penal legions prefered their expendable soldiers in expendable armors. He carried a Light Coil Autocannon loaded with High explosive rounds. He had strapped his Machete to his back alomgside his personal rifle.

His first concern came however when Cadence announced their positioning. He had been trained to take point in various operations and he only assumed she would do the same. To hear he was in the middle unnerved him a bit. Perhapz she put him there because he had no advance experience with forested areas or perhaps she just didn't think like his past CO's.

Either way made him uncomfortable but he still stood and moved out beside his fellows in his listed spot. He foundhis spot in formation no thanks to introductions but to his HUD listing the ID's of his squad mates.

He moved with his gun up and a light smooth gait that showed he was easily a hunter of violence and not prey of it.
Atmosphere of Polup
Zachitnik-class Shuttle

Shields listened to Linda's words about the state of their Power Armor's resistance to damage.

"Our armor is weaker is it?" Glynn spoke as he maneuvered about his raider.

Well, it was certainty much easier to move in this than the Hostile. Hopefully this time, he could avoid blundering about like a drunk tank in an attempt to catch up to the rest of the team. Maybe Glynn could actually use his grenade launcher in combat effectively as well, that'd be a nice change of pace in comparison to his last combat situation, something he could hope for.

While he was forced inside the shuttle, Glynn took account of his gear and thought about how he was personally going to engage the enemy if the need arise. He first thought about his role, he was the demo man, and his job was to cause chaos and to pulverize the enemy into smithereens of blood and ash. Glynn was not supposed to be accurate, that was Stein's job, and everyone else seemed seemed to fulfill the role of the standard murderous trooper. As a result Glynn raised his three barreled chain gun, and spun the barrel a bit with his hand.

"Our armor is weaker is it?" Glynn tried to confirm.

Why shoot around the trees when you can deforest the entire area and shoot through it without having to worry about missing? Even better, why not just burn the entire forest down, and light any fuel source the enemy has with a drum mag full of incendiaries that Glynn had brought alongside a case full of HEAP rounds that he also brought for general use.

Unfortunately, as Glynn's arm was going to be preoccupied wielding the massive chain gun, he could only mount one forearm grenade launcher. At least this time, it wouldn't be taken away from him quite as easily, and unlike last time, the only other grenade other than the RED high explosives that Glynn possessed was the Yellow one that he would use to distract the enemy using a ping to alarm their sensors. If they were going to be using their snakeskin devices, then Glynn knew this grenade would be indispensable for an ambush that his commander no doubt had planned.

"Then the trick is to lob grenades around cover, and constantly keep the enemy suppressed yes?" He continued.

Well, Glynn didn't need an answer, he just needed to shoot whatever it was he need to shoot, and blow the enemy to kingdom come. Glynn Shields WAS the squad's direct firepower, and promised to demonstrate it when he stomped out of the shuttle.
Atmosphere of Polup
Zachitnik-class Shuttle

Alec sat in the shuttle, nodding silently as he heard about how this new suit of armor was more resistant to scalar attack. Granted the lightness of the Raider was taking some getting used to, it could at least feel at ease knowing he wouldn't end up face first it some dirt because his armor failed him again.

Deciding to keep up with the new changes in equipment, Alec decided to deploy with the Raider's Light Coil Autocannon with solid rounds instead of the standard HPAR. His trademark medical kit still clung dutifully to the side of the armor for ease of use.

Despite his eagerness to get back into the fight he remained silent for now, contemplating on what they knew about this new enemy they were going to be fighting. He only gave a simple "Roger" to his orders and waited. Once the shuttle door opened, he quickly shuffled out and took his position, taking a knee near the center of the group and bringing his rifle up to spit out hell.
Plains of Polup

"That's right, Carrick. You got it, Shields. But not about the weaker armor part. About the grenade lobbing and suppression parts." Cadence said over comms, "Form up."

She brought them away from the shuttle in a mostly clear plain. There was a bushy outcropping about a hundred meters away, a perfect place for cover. She brought them towards it in formation just before a distraction caught her peripherals. Something —someone— running.

"One of them," Cadence hissed. "Get to cover. That's just the messenger. Don't shoot, let them know we're here. And we've brought trouble for them."
Plains of Polup

Stein followed up the rear of the crew scanning as he walked, his weapon up and ready. As Cadence led them towards the outcropping he noticed the incoming messenger as well. Once he heard the orders he added. "You heard the Boss lady, get in cover now. Use your snakeskin systems. Nothing scarier than marines you can't see." He said motioning for them to head to cover as he activated his systems, his body disappearing except for a slight shimmering effect where he stood, but it was near impossible for someone with the unaided eye to see.

He made his way to the outcropping, deployed his bipod and took up a firing position. He then activated his speakers. "Elefirn, you and your masters have been deemed a pest for Nepleslia to eradicate. You have one chance to surrender, or else we are going to turn this nice planet of yours into a ball of fucking slag." He said from his hiding spot, his Scout Cannon trained right between her eyes.
Following the Sergeant's lead, Glynn activated his stealth gear, and begun to ready his chain gun with the barrel slowly beginning to spin. If the Elefirn was indeed alone then it could be considered overkill, however if she wasn't, Glynn was prepared to shoot the forest, not the individual.

Since we do scouts and messengers travel alone anyway? Besides, Glynn had complete faith in his Sergeant's skill with the scout canon as he awaited for further instruction as he begun to prepare to lob a grenade in the event the Elefirn decided to retreat upon making contact.
Plains of Polup

Linda did not have any trouble activating her snakeskin systems, in fact, she seemed almost at home with them. The system only disguised the user visually, but the well trained IPG Operator managed to even thin out the presence of the large suit with well-practiced technique. Pressed up against a tree with minimum movements and noise, the Raider power armor cut its communication lines down to an absolute minimum, even it's sensors went into a burst mode, scanning only once every several seconds. It was an extreme precaution, but without the more advanced stealth systems, and how the Elefirn came out of nowhere last time, she did not want to take any chances.
Plains of Polup

Alec quickly moved to cover behind a gathering of rocks at Cadence and Stein's orders. Not quite used to the Raider armor, it took him a couple extra seconds before the snakeskin system activated. His armor quickly blended in with the foliage as he peered out and eyed for any more movement.

Ace negotiation, Alec thought to himself. As much has he wanted to talk, stealth and the mission took priority over banter. Hopefully they don't have another trick up their sleeve or we're going to be eating those words.
Plains of Polup

Tobias activated his snakeskin systems. He had known that the Raider had them, but had never had occasion to use them on the one mission he had been a part of with the IPG. Now he would just wait for the signal to act.
Plains of Polup

Adam transitioned easily to the Snakeskin function of the Raider armor while he crouch moved along the cover. His instinct was to flank the being but he fought it down and followed his orders for now. He did not want to be sent back to a cell for something so trivial.

He scoffed and rolled his eyes at the majority of his team as they fumbled with the stealth tech. It was obvious to him that he was now a part of a much different type of crew. From the guy with the sweet chain gun to the guy who brought two forearm grenade launchers and apparently a rifle too. Adam wondered how that guy planned to fire a rifle when his hands had to also hold those launcher handles.

Regardless, Adam thought these thoughts as he kept his eyes on his radar. For all he knew this was just a distraction.
Plains of Polup

"Steady," Cadence said out. "We don't want to shoot the messenger, now do we? Let them come. We'll decimate them."

Within minutes, a dozen Elefirn were approaching their position from a great distance away. They cantered on all fours while their antlers just barely visible in the setting sun. They were coming from where the sun was dipping low into the horizon, making them hard to pinpoint if not for the impressive suite of visual data coming into each of the team's HUD.

"State intent!" Cadence called over her loud speakers.

The Elefirn began shooting on them. A shrub next to Linda blew up and was thrown into the air and the dirt and debris rained on Adam. Another shot grazed O'Riley but he held steady.

"Positions," Cadence called and she got low, shooting without prejudice at the approaching Elefirn.
Plains of Polup

Stein pulled the trigger and a fragmentation round exploded on impact with the target. He cycled the bolt and fires another round at the feet of the next incoming group, sending shrapnel all through one of the enemies groups.

"They have made their choice. Send them to Hell!" He ordered as he fired another shot and reloaded another fragmentation clip. He beared his teeth as he shot at the incoming Elefrin. The Master Sergeant had a score to settle and he was going to settle it with extreme prejudice.
"Copy that Sergeant!" Glynn spouted, lifting up his heavy weaponry.

"Playing the Devil's Piano now! Advising all personnel to get out of the way and take cover now!"

Then without much thought, Glynn unloaded his weapon into the forest where the largest swarm of Elefirn were detected. Maximum damage after all was desired.
Adam was not to be left out of opening fire, the only major difference would be his conservation of ammo. After dropping to a knee as originally briefed, he generally shot doubles or triples, he wanted to ensure he was getting as much out of his Autocannon as he could.

He shook his head as the debris scattered across his helmet. It was more instinct then anything else, not that it hindered his vision. Between bursts he took a moment to recheck his sensors and maybe give a quick eyeball to their flank.

"Yo, keep an eye on your surroundings too. Don't let these pellet droppers get behind us."
Plains of Polup

Linda flinched slightly as the bush next to her was caught int eh minor explosion. That did not scare her off, however, and instead, she retaliated with a full salvo from both her DART mini-missile launchers. The missiles were nothing impressive on their own but she fanned them out for maximum coverage as the hurtled towards the opposing lines. As the missiles flew, she sprinted into position with the rest of the squad and fell flat on her stomach and began to unload burst after burst into the Elefirn formation.
Plains of Polup

As soon as the first round crashed into ground near him, Alec leaned out from cover and returned fire. He kept low and on a knee, not wanting to get in the line of fire of the rank behind him. Deciding to keep ammo available, he followed Adam's lead on keeping to short bursts with is Light Coil Autocannon.

After firing off what he thought was half a magazine of Nepleslian mass driver rounds, he kept low and watched the flanks on the squad in case an Elefrin decided to take the initiative and rush them.