RP Precinct 13, First dispatch: The Assault on Precinct 13.

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8th floor

The halfhorns shot struck, But not quite where it was intended. A long rifle zeroed to such close quarters wasn't necessarily a poor choice but it wasnt prime, not that the kuz could be blamed for their choice given their armored opponents. The shot landed above its intended mark, In the soft under layer between the thigh and groin and passed through completely. Shattering and splintering the mans hip and pelvis that would have filled the floor with screaming even louder than the gunfire if the Golem didn't automatically buffer or filter out loud noise through its speakers. So instead he fell to the side of the doorway grasping at his leg.

The others where/where not so lucky depending on how one might look at the situation. Eastons flashbang went off true and loud, but somewhat disappointing when the next two officers through the door merely glanced away as their tinted goggles and noise cancelling equipment in their armor nullified the worst effects of the banger, Only making them flinch on instinct and training alone. They entered with guns blazing, Passing their wounded comrade and taking cover behind a cubicle wall. It was far from bullet proof yet it masked their positions.

The other three entered pushing the massive munitions crate in front of them like mobile cover with two of them pushing and the third following behind firing their rifle fully automatic. A slug from O'doyles shotgun struck one of the men in the shoulder, halting the advance to just outside the doorway. He recovered shortly after and threw himself behind the cover of the munitions crate with a single good arm bracing his rifle to put out a stream of automatic fire indiscriminately into the teams cover.

Once locked in place down the only means of advance a lull took over the invaders line as they positioned themselves behind cover, A single helmet protruding above cover to glance at the team and the other officers who provided a weary overwatch.

"The fuck are you guys doing?!" He glanced over his cover and pointed accusingly at the defenders. "We should be on the same fuckin side!" He sprayed off a burst of automatic fire to keep the team pinned before banging his fist against the side of the crate, Shouting something about lights before taking cover again.

"Last chance to be on the winning team!" He shouted behind cover, Over the screams of his injured comrade. "They'll make it worth your while, Just step aside!"

Without waiting for an answer the invaders stood in unison, Rifles trained ahead of them at the teams position.

And then the lights cut out...


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Jackson was well in to his second magazine and about to reply in the negative to the offer when the lights went out. It was a good tactic for sure, utilizing the superior tech of the golem. He communicated to the defenders, "They are switching to Infrared people, get low, bangs or explosives to distract." he crouched low behind the little cover he had as he spoke softly, "Lil, quiet flank." he said the simple phrase, first holding his finger to his lips then pointed it downward and twirled it. Lily gave a hushed whine as he plodded off, her enhanced senses a boon in the darkness.

In the meantime, Jackson drew out his standard sidearm and grabbed the brave soul beside him in the dark, pressing it into his hand. "Listen, you are about to do something really dangerous but we all need you right now," he said in his best fatherly voice, "This firearm has a flashlight on it, I need you to do your best to find these sons of bitches and give us eyes. When they see the light you will become a target so only use brief flashes and change position after each time."

He hated puting people in this position but he had to prioritize and inside he just knew that his shooting would contribute more, otherwise he would do it himself. He stayed crouched and ony sparingly popped his head up to see, well to see anything really and react.


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Flannery switched out buckshot, intending to simply stall at this rate instead of killing. The lights had gone out and the enemy could see her before she could see them. She wanted to push up and flank but the other mobile cover she could get was a weapons case that would've been chewed through before she was half way there. The stress of the situation was starting to bear down her...

But then she noticed something. A light. Too low for it be a friendly unless they were crawling but it was moving fast. The gears turned her head before they clicked and she drew her HHG to distract the enemy from Lily. She fired off several shots at the enemy to keep them slightly busy before waiting for the light to flash on again.

Once she could see an enemy turning to face the the flanking light on their side, Flannery opened up with the shotgun, aiming the buckshot at any sides of exposed joints to make sure something hit. Or sting at the very least.


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Takeshi rolled out of her little perch the moment the lights were killed, pure instinct knocking the half-kuz out of her almost trance-like state that had descended upon the halfbreed as she dragged her rifle out of the little space and made sure its familiar weight was still there. Officer Yeon was glad she usually had ear protection on her person because just imagining having to deal with the pain of burst eardrums with all this going on made the marksman silently thank her mothers for drilling it into her since she was young before the burnette gripped her HAS and moved back into a firing position, squeezing off small bursts of the cybernetically dampened mass-driven rounds where the gunfire illuminated their foes or even where she might guesstimate they were.

Something briefly caught her attention out of the corner of one eye as Takeshi was looking down her sights, a flash of green moving towards the enemy?

...Like hell she was going to let that awesome pupper get hurt, it may have only been a short while she'd known Lily but that green dog was a good girl.

The goodest~
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8th Floor.

A tense silence hung over the space after the lights went out. Even the muffled sobs and moans of the distant injured intruder barely cut through the temporary halt of fire. The aiding officers heavy and tense breathing cut loudly to the team as their senses perked up.

A kicked shell casing here, The scuff of a boot there, An armored elbow knocking against a wall. Each and every sound painted a picture as the intruders sound spread out in a fan as they no doubt spread out, Their light enhancing goggles giving them the clear advantage over the situation.

But thats not to say the defenders were idle. One brave officer sprung just enough out of cover to point a loaned light down the cooridor, Illuminating a long officer traveling up the middle. He flinched as the light blinded him temporarily, A hand coming up to block out the sudden light. Suddenly the most visible thing in the room the other officers opened up a split second after flannery, Whose shot caused the intruder to jerk in her dirrection, Giving a coincidental opening to a shot that might have missed otherwise.

An intensely bright beam of light illuminated the room for the fraction of a second it was visible as the searing bright beam of a nova pistol struck once in the officers armored neck, And then again in practically the same spot. While it didnt penetrate, It did however super-heat the durandium neck protector causing the intruder to jerk and scream whilst wrenching the armored collar off while he struggled. There was sudden the sound of something fast slamming into something hard and a gruff growling as the man disappeared into a side cubicle beneath a flash of green and grey and white, his screams cut off prematurely.

The takedown was never celebrate however. As soon as the officer had leaned out of cover to trade off the two critical shots, Two criss-crosses of fire had bisected him and thrown him into the wall from opposite sides of the room. With three of the intruders down, The other three had crept dangerously close from both ends of the floor. And a short shriek sounded and then cut out with another burst of fire as another officer was caught in the open leaving a sparse few left to cover he DTR team as their armored aggressors grew to practically within reach even if they couldnt be seen.

and then the heavy duty elevator behind the team started audibly climbing floors once more towards their floor...


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8th Floor

Every second felt like things were going from bad to worse for Flannery as yet another officer was cut down from gunfire. The plodding of armored boots getting closer wasn't doing a great deal to help either. Options were already limited at the start of the whole shootout and now she was scrambling to improvise for something to effective.

Her situational awareness kicked as she heard the elevator making its way up. Hopefully reinforcements, but they'd be gun down as soon as the doors open. Someone needed to keep the hostiles busy.

Then a idea popped in her head. A very dumb idea but dumb leads to good distractions. She reached for knife and waited for the boot steps to get closer... closer...

Once they nearly point blank, she blasted two shots into the nearest golem to disorientate before moving in the knife and going in for a stab into their hand before wrenching the stabbed hand and arm behind the hostile. If all went well, she'd have a body-shield. If not, she'd hopefully buy enough time for the others to do something.

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8th floor

Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding.

The elevator chimed as it climbed floor by floor, each evolution taking at least 15 seconds as the heavy elevator grew closer to its target...

Ding. Ding. Ding.

The sound was just loud enough to be heard over the heavy breathing and kicking of spent brass. One such piece of brass shuffled out of the way rolled past Flannery to stop right before her. A muffled scrape of a boot signified her quarry had come close enough to test her bravado. The first part of her assailant to show itself was a dark armored boot, Painted almost invisible in the NPF blue and black in the dark that if it handn't been contrasted to the white tile floor it might have gone unnoticed.

Without hesitation flannerys shot struck him in his calf, Tearing a hole through the soft armor where it met the knee and starting the man forward in a fall with a muffled scream. Unfortunately for flannery it was one of suprise and not fear as he fell forward only to stomp the leg. The boot thumped down hard enough to crack tile, A sure sign of either a protein rich diet or cybernetic enhancement as he aimed in flannerys direction, But overcompensated to where her head should have been had she not been mid thrust.

The burst of fire was close and bright enough to send a drumming pain through her eardrums and ruin her nightvision with the muzzle flash but ultimately missed and caught the intruders hand as he reached out to attempt a block. Unlike his leg, His hand was organic and natural and the tip of the knife punctured into the armored mesh just enough to drive the first quarter inch into his hand and push it away with the momentum. He cursed and released his rifle to grab at the officers wrist in an attempt to stop her from driving the point any deeper or pulling it free to drive it anywhere else.


The elevator chimed for the 8th time and opened with almost dramatic slowness, The bright interior lights of the lift illuminating the final figure just mere meters behind the last, Rifle aimed at officer flannerys head, But otherwise distracted as the light blinded him in his night vision.

With a quick turn he pulled up his goggles and drew a bead at the elevator to throw off what would have been an impressive snapshot to put any spook in the IPG to shame but hesitated.

"You gotta be shitting me!" He cursed and pivoted to dive to the side but was too late as the Na-J3 Courier drone took a single stomp out of the elevator and fired the riot control grenade launchers on its side at the traitor officer. Heavy canister of high impact rubber bullets hit him hard enough not to damage him but close enough and with enough force to send him flying and skidding on the tile floor to impact heavily against the far wall.

The drone stomped forward with a slow methodical gait as the belt fed modified M2 assault rifles clicked only once before unloading two barrels of automatic death at the downed man. Any jury in a court of law even under those circumstances might have sentenced Andrej to a lengthy sentence for such a display of unnecessary force had the man not actually lived, Scrambling away at the last moment and behind a cubicle, Right into the gunhund mid lunge into taking down the man. Her jaws locking onto his hand as she shook left and right, Teeth applying damaging pressure through the ballistic mesh of his gloves before a shrill whistle called her off. The Couriers operator stepping out of the elevator and leveling a police issued zen armnaments revolving grenade launcher directly at his face. His HRRT suit looking rather imposing in its sleekness compared to the thick and currently unwieldy golem armor.

"Sorry i am the lates!" the kuz lieutenant grinned at flannery and the other officers before giving a raised eyebrow barely noticeable under the balaclava at flannery and the final intruder who managed to wrench away from flannery and was mid draw on his sidearm when the courier drew down on him. Assault rifles and grenade launchers leveled to fire.

"Ricky!" Andrej cooed over the screams of the thrashing man under lily and the weeping one at the entrance downed earlier.

"Andrej." He answered back, Letting his hand off the holster and taking a careful stride towards the lieutenant. A careful glance at flannery, easton and the others to make sure none of them where going to shoot him in the back.

"Did you burn down my precinct last time too, Ricky?" The kuz lowered the grenade launcher and matched his stride towards the center of the room.

"I helped." the intruder admitted bringing one fist into a cupped hand to crack the knuckles under his gloves, In preperation for a final showdown. "Wasnt supposed to go down that way but it did. Nothing personal, Ye know."

Andrej nodded and stopped meer paces away and rolled his shoulders in preperation as well while ricky squared up, Looking as imposing as a full SOL in his golem armor.

And then the Kuz DTR leader drew the grenade launcher in a fluid motion and fired a single canister into the mans armored chest. It would have knocked him over if the restriction grenades foam hadnt encompassed him and hardened around him in its smothering embrace, Sealing him in a barely breatheable coffin.

"Good, Thats all i needed to hear. Get all of that, Turi?" The lights flickered on, temporarily blinding most in the room and exposing the carnage of five corpses. Two loyal to the precinct and three laying motionless in their blue and black golem armor. "sorry im late!" Andrej grinned to his team as the elevator closed and started down to pick up another batch of officers...


The final gunshots had ceased minutes before as officers trailed the courtyard, Kicking guns out of reach from subdued gangers and laying the wounded in neat roes in the precinct interior where first responders only just arriving had begun an ad-hoc triage.

The news caster who had somehow survived to sweep up her partners camera had gotten most of the chaotic battle on film for when visibility was clear enough. And despite efforts to seize the footage in a subpoena it had gone on air with rather heavy editing to show three officers ganging up on an innocent SOL not even trying to fight back.

Other footage included an officer with a heavy Kuznyetski accent in the thick of melee, Bringing down a truncheon on fleeing and somwhat armed civilians who didnt stand a chance against the mob of officers with him going mercilessly as the footage showed a man reaching up to shield himself from the lieutenants blow that finally connected with his jaw before the officer pivoted to take on another.

The final clip before the brodcast was remotely terminated by town officials was one of rows and rows of onlookers outside the station in the aftermath. The entire precinct had gathered outside its gates in the aftermath. Some had come forward with injuries and carrying friends in makeshift stretchers towards the paramedics. But most stood silently as rumors where exchanged in hushed whispers. a few people stood out before drifting into the shadows in the form of a towering full SOL and a smaller half SOL. And while she couldnt be seen through the crowd a towering, spiked mohawk jutted out above them until that too turned and disapeared into a nearby alleyway.

*8th Floor

Officers had long ago dragged away the wounded. Both traitors and loyal corpses where now covered with sheets as the room entered a brief moment of silence with many of the defending officers retreating with wounded or being wounded themselves. The DTR team, And lily. All sat in some collected office chairs watching the show as an officer slowly chipped away at the hardened foam that encased Ricky. Andrej had offered ciggarettes to any of the officers that needed them and was sprawled lazily on the chair as if he had done the most work.

Ricky had begun rambling ever since his face had been exposed enough to be heard.

"we're the fucking good guys, Andrej!" he had said at least ten times. "you where there after the war, you saw what the old man did to those that wouldnt fall in line! Hes a tyrant and he'll see half of nepleslia burn before he finally kicked the bucket or someone kicks it for him!"

nodded, half paying attention and half looking over his shoulder at one of the tech trying to get the mystery crate opened. "yes, yes yes. You've said this before. why the burngings of my precinct though?"

Ricky was silent for a long moment and looked like he was about to speak, Starting with "the people i work for..." when the munitions crate made a loud beep and its alarm started that signaled it had been forced into, Drawing the teams attention away. They gathered around as the officercracking the case ripped out a battery to cut the alarm and then cursed when he opened the crate, Making a quick dash for the elevator to get help when he saw the contents.

Inside the crate was a form forced so tightly into the fetal position to fit inside the crate as to be extremely uncomfortable. She if the person was only just recognizeable as such was bruised and beaten and sported gashes across the surface of her skin. She had been left in her underwear and the smell of sweat implied she had been stuck in the crate for hours if not days. A dataslate forced between her knees and her chest against her face.

Turi would later identify it as a closed circuit network device only hooked up to the precincts net and was used to crack security on several doors and systems remotely and had downloaded and uploaded several terabytes of data to another device not accounted for.

The girl winced at the light of the room and flinched. Burying her head into her knees and began sobbing when Andrejs careful hands lifted her out of the munitions crate. On closer inspection she was less of a girl and more of a woman. Youth was recognizable on what non bruised or blackened parts of her face could be seen and even through the weeping and hysterical rambling her tone when clear sounded mature enough to be well out of puberty and possibly in her early twenties.

Before any questions could be asked the elevator had retrieved one of the clearing teams from the floor below and a paramedic and they had swarmed the room to secure the girl and give first aid.

Ricky would give no answers to the girls identity as when the elvator opened and the attention was drawn in his dirrection and the elvator the officer working on him had disappeared. His neck guard and chest armor had been carefully removed and a sleek NPF issued field knife had been forced up through his rib cage and into his heart leaving the mystery to continue for another time...