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RP: YSS Resurgence Resurgence of Yamatai - Mission 7: The Great Seelie Rescue

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YSS Resurgence - Bridge

"I fully agree, Sir." Mineko said, nodding emphatically. She loved the utility of Bisen Lighthouse facilities, plus it seemed awfully romantic to lead such a desolate life as an operator of one.

More to the point, she asked, "Permission to operate active scans on the planet?" She was unaware if Aoba was fine with his ship's presence being able to be detected by doing so.

She looked to Euikoshi, likely about to leave the bridge with the support of her captain to collect samples firsthand. It seemed fun getting to go on away missions collecting intelligence, but the analyst didn't trust her sea legs for it just yet. She smoothed out her 30C, using doing so as an excuse to look away from the captain and the scientist and down at the dark fabric.
YE 45.1.3 - Morning

Captain Aoba ended up giving the crew a rest period of two nights so everyone would be refreshed after the events on Gashmere. Several of the crew had requested special permission to join the efforts to stop the Kodian Civil War, which the captain had granted, resulting in a crew that was somewhat smaller and shuffled. The agenda for the day was pretty relaxing, consisting of some rudimentary space exploration of the Kepler's find system, to be completed by the end of the day, whereupon Resurgence was scheduled to return to the Bard Cluster.

As usual, the cook, Rossa, had put on a great breakfast spread of waffles, fiesta eggs, and various meats for breakfast in the wardroom. She even had several kinds of coffee available.

Euikoshi arrived, got her food, and immediately started recruiting volunteers. "Who wants to visit some planets?" she asked around.

Kiyo walked in in half a exercise uniform and towel over her shoulder as she walked to where the food was laid out, and grabbed some waffles, and milk. She noticed Luna had arrived so she let her cut in line before she got to the end of it and moved to find her spot.

"I'd love to!" Luna said 'but i'm just a technician so i cant, mom, wanna visit some planets?" Luna asked Kiyo who nodded "yeah as long as they dont attack or blow up.." "silly mom" Luna said with a giggle

It only just dawned on Chiasa that this was her first large meal after the mission on Gashmere. Combat was exhausting for anyone and forgetting to eat for over a day after fighting ten-foot tall bears in close quarters combat certainly made the list of the dumbest things she had ever done that month. Fortunately, she could correct that mistake now, by piling her plate high with waffles soaked with syrup, breakfast meats, and scrambled eggs—a meal that seemed to large for a Nekovalkyrja as tiny as her to handle.

And yet, handle it, she did.

Chiasa ate quickly and in relative silence, downing her meal like a ravenous kitten, while still trying to maintain a veneer of ladylike grace. Once her plate was empty, Chiasa took a deep breath and finished her drink, before putting her dishes away as she looked across the wardroom.

It was only then that the pharmacy specialist realized that she might have been the first to finish.

"Thank you, Rosa," Mineko said as she put a palm around the mug she had poured. The cook had made her some espresso with hot water and the analyst was quick to begin sipping, letting out a relaxed sound after she had. Because Mineko had recently worked at a Warn and Sweet, she had been feeling a little off since training without upwards of six shots of espresso a day to keep her going.

Nanook sat on the edge of his bunk, a discarded, half-eaten meal in a container lay near by. He idly scratched at his left arm, the hair growing in was itchy and annoying. He had not had the motivation to do much lately. He drug himself to the wardroom. Nanook found a large plate, slapped a large stack of waffles, a paw full of eggs, and a paw full of meats on it before trying to quietly make his way back to his room.

Pidole Henitot, the red-haired technician, arrived with a few junior engineers in tow. While they got their food, she found Euikoshi and told her, "I fabricated the probes you requested."

When the scientist near her was approached, Mineko made sure to she could listen to what was being discussed to do with the probes by a quick pivot of her body.

"Great," Euikoshi grinned. "I want to get a closer look at all the planets here before we have to leave. The captain wants to pick up the pace so I don't have a lot of time. We're not a science vessel, so I guess it makes sense."

"I was brought onto the crew for leading away mission security. I will be volunteering for all of them," the booming purr of Emiko's voice replied to Euikoshi's request and explanation. "I first must eat." It only took her a few strides to make it to the buffet line, and she squinted at the small utensils for serving. It took her some time to shovel a proportional amount of carbs and meats onto her tray, and it was piled high. "Excuse me, I will need to return for the rest of it," she warned Rossa.

Luna observed Chiasa and blinked at her ferality. Kiyo looked at Emiko and nodded

"If you need anything, please let me know." Mineko couldn't help herself next to Euikoshi, adding, "I'd love to help if you need it."

"I do!" Chiasa piped up in response to Euikoshi's recruitment, always eager for the chance to join an away team. She was a pharmacy specialist, but also a Nekovalkyrja. If the opportunity for adventure or battle presented itself and she refused it, Chiasa thought that she would be doing her Kami disservice in doing so.

"The Chusa is ever eager to move onward to the next, more difficult of tasks." Koyama remarked while passing Euikoshi. She cradled a small tray, an almost comedically tiny coffee cup and saucer sitting in its center. The smell of the coffee wafting from it was rather strong.

"Okay, so here's the plan," Euikoshi said, whipping out an extending wand from her pants. She pointed it at a volumetric whiteboard that she projected with her uniform's teal crystal. "Team 1 will take a shuttle to the surface of Kepler VI with a VCMAD Terrain drone that will get soil samples. The shuttle will also contain a large number of drill sections the away team will have to assemble on site. We will attempt to penetrate the solid ice and access the liquid methane below and recover a sample of the nanomachine life. While we are doing that, we will also deploy VCMAD Space drones to all the other planets in the system. There's not all that much here unless you're into mining, so after that we'll pack it up and go somewhere new."

Kiyo listened as Euikoshi went over the plan while Mineko sidled up to her to listen, as well, saying "Hi," to the blue Nekovalkyrja as she did. "Hiya!" Kiyo said to the other and smiled.

"Is there a Team 2?" Chiasa asked, the tiny Nekovalkyrja's squeaky, high-pitched voice rising over the chatter.

"I don't think we need one, unless we have somewhere else to go in person. Did you have a suggestion?" Euikoshi asked.

"It sounds like a milk run of sorts, nothing too intense except for the time window," Cassie commented poking her head into the conversation.

"No, not really." Chiasa frowned. "Is there a chance we might run into some pirates or say, space miners who may or may not be too pleased at our presence, for one reason or another?" She added. "Kepler V is rich in resources, but light on patrols, as far as I'm aware. Perhaps someone might be attempting to take advantage of that."

"The system was claimed by Abwehrans but as far as I know they never sent anyone here to enforce it. It's possible some random space explorers could have been here but there's no sign of other ships on sensors," Euikoshi explained.

"They may be not too pleased at our presence, but I will be more than pleased at theirs. Do not worry, we are the patrol!" Emiko laughed, after having retreived another enormous triple-portion of breakfast to set beside the first. Finally, she sat down, hunkered over the Yamataian-sized table, and began to consume.

"I'm so excited," Mineko quietly said out of the corner of her mouth to Kiyo next to her. Her smile was wide, showing a mouth full of canines beneath sparkling eyes. "I've never been on a milk run with so many unknowns."

YSS Resurgence - Shuttle Bay

Sakuko's shuttle, NG-S1-575-3 (a standard Ke-T7 "Raccoon" Transport Shuttle), was filled with hundreds of drill sections in the center of the shuttle, requiring the away teams to awkwardly crawl into the shuttle on either side of them. Next to it, Beryl's shuttle, NG-S1-575-4 (a stealth Ke-T7) carried a portable aether generator and a drilling machine that could handle the drill sections for the core sampling. A loud whine and then a low humming filled the bay as the shuttles powered up and went to idle.

"Kiyo-Heishō, you're number two on this. Ensure everyone's kit is in order." Emiko instructed her NCO, "We're going to make this like picnic. No one wanders off, everyone pays attention. I'm counting on you."

Kiyo nodded her head, "I understand!" she said feeling excited for the trip.

Chiasa made her way onto the shuttle, floating gracefully past the drill sections before taking her place in the cramped seating section. Her size made the feat that much easier to accomplish, even with her heavy aether pistol in hand.

She likely wouldn't need the weapon, after the engagements on Gashmere and the machine moon, Chiasa found that she was thoroughly allured by the thrill of combat, even the mere prospect of it giving her excitement.

Less thrilled was Mineko, who found herself doing any task besides loading up on the shuttle. Eventually, though, she had no choice but to quit stalling and enter the Ke-T7. Her armor was very offensive oriented with shield projectors, NSBs, and capacitors along with a science kit in its equipment pack.

Cassie crawled into the shuttle with the pipe, making sure they were secured. She had her Mindy armor on and a rifle. She gave Chiasa a wave.

Euikoshi called Nanook on his communicator. "Are you coming to help us set up this drill? Do you really want tiny Cassie laying all this pipe?"

Pidole boarded the shuttle next to Euikoshi. Her Mindy armor had the little beetle pod on the shoulder again, with the blue insect looking out from its domed window.

Nanook stalked on to the shuttle, hunched over in order to fit. He glanced to his left and right, taking note of the individuals and equipment aboard. He looked to Emiko, nodding, he hadn't had the opportunity to meet her yet, but she seemed to have more substance to her than most of the other beings on board the Resurgence.

Emiko nodded back. She was not quite as hunched over as Nanook, but she was over the line of hunched versus not-hunched. She managed to smile despite it, shifting so that her shoulder was between some equipment to give her head more room.

Kiyo made a quick check on everyone's kit to make sure they were all in order before the shuttle took off. Her tail swayed adorably as she focused on her important task.

After everyone was loaded up, the two shuttles hovered out of the Resurgence's bay and into orbit above the planet. They quickly began a controlled descent and began to enter the

There was a beep as Euikoshi transmitted on the team's encrypted frequency. "The planet has a thin, toxic atmosphere that's nearly 60% CO2 and our landing site is -57 Celsius. Don't take your helmet off or you will die. Do not ignite anything, there's methane and oxygen in the air and methane below and everywhere. Think natural gas. Got it?"

"Wait, we're burning through the atmosphere," Beryl commented as the shuttle descended in an envelop of orange plasma.

"Well, try to slow down a little," Euikoshi requested as the shuttle buffeted and rattled them.

"Oh dear another ice world?" Kiyo couldnt help but remember her and her daughter's adventure on their first ice world discovery, but this time she knew that they had friends and allies, she had friends and allies. Subconciously her hand moved to a railing or something for her to hold onto as she remembered partly what happened.

After a mildly unpleasant ride, the two shuttles raced through the thin atmosphere just above the ice sheets to the drill site Euikoshi had selected, and came to a halt to let out the team members. The moment the shuttle doors opened, the shuttle's interior was coated in a frost.

Euikoshi, Cassie, and Beryl shuffled out onto the ice, looking around at the alien world. It was a flat white alien wasteland as far as they could see in any direction. The ice was covered in weird textures.

Kiyo forced her way off her seat and then followed the three out. "this is.. just like that planet me and Luna found ourselves last year." she commented as she looked around.

"I'll help you unload the drill equipment," Mineko offered. As far as she was concerned with a passing glance at the terrain was that anything worth analysing was going to be under what they stood atop. Getting the drill setup and working was her best bet to break the ice.

Nanook tured to Emiko as he moved out of the shuttle, "Permission to survey the perimeter?"

"Any chance these nanomachines are evil like the ones on that spaceship, the SS Spark?" Pidole asked Euikoshi as she went to get the generator and the drill system.

"The question for me is why were they created," Euikoshi replied.

"Yes. It looks like you're in your element. Take a buddy and sweep around a few different radii out. Then get back for construction detail, relieve Cassie-Heishō and switch out overwatch with her." Emiko nodded. "Kiyo-Heishō! You two security. Stay together, report anything out of place. Return immediately on any contact."

"Wilco." Nanook replied to Emiko before striding off to find his tiny pharmacy specialist battle buddy.

"What do you think? We're finally getting to do some regular astronaut stuff," Cassie commented. "It's kind of nice not being attacked for a change."

"Maybe they were created to be found," Mineko said to Euikoshi and Cassie.

Kiyo nodded her head to Emiko. "Agreed, that would definitly be wise. Between the cold and the nanomachine's unknown threat." She didnt finish her sentence, but she was curious about the SS Spark nanomachines.

Nanook turned to Chiasa, "Ready to sweep the perimeter little one?"

"So the way this works," Pidole explained on the team, "We have feed the drill sections into the driller machine through this hole in the top as it moves the drill down into the ice," she told them as she conected the aether power generator. "Mineko, could you get the VCMAD Terrain drone going with the soil sampler?"

"Of course I can," the analyst said, backing away and to the shuttle to immediately get going on the multifunction drone.
Kepler VI

While preparing the VCMAD for launch, Mineko idly watched the Resurgence crew getting ready. There was a professionalism in the way they worked that eased her troubled spirits mightily. Working amongst them as she installed the soil sample module for the mission at hand brought a smile to her face.

"Taking the soil sampler drone out," Mineko said with a wave to Pidole once it was down the shuttle ramp. She stayed close to where they had set up to have the drone take its first sample via AIES. Looking out into the vastness of white nothing, her mind explored the possibilities of what they could discover here. Euikoshi's question of why something non-organic had been created here intrigued the analyst. Despite her own earlier response to the question, which she didn't fully believe, she knew there was more to scratch beyond the surface. Quite technically, in fact, as the VCMAD did exactly that before scooping a sample of methane ice.

"May I have a buddy before leaving the landing zone?" Mineko asked generally, about to go look further with the VCMAD. "Unless the drone counts," she added, half-joking.
Kepler VI

Thad stepped up beside Mineko. "I can go with you, I know a few things about plowing and getting soil samples." He said with a big smile, letting his comment hang for a moment. "Back on my home world I'd tend to the crops so I learned a few things." He said with a smile. Thad walked around the VCMAD giving it a look over. "Bet we could strap a plow and planter to this bad boy. Along with a gun or two for good measures." He said as he tossed his weapon over his shoulder. He gave a nod towards Mineko letting her know he was ready to go.
Kepler VI

"I wonder if that would initiate its self-destruct or not. Though I'm really very sure that this lil guy self-destructing would cause a volatile and explosive chain reaction in the methane present." Beginning the walk away from the shuttle, Mineko spoke to Thad through their comms. "It would be an easy way to get through to the liquid below, if any of it or us was left afterwards."

She turned to him as she stopped walking and the VCMAD started its scooping on the white hard crust of ice.

"Still want to try?" She asked evenly.
Kepler VI - Surface

Euikoshi and Pidole tugged and tugged at the drill control unit, tugging it across the icy surface to the drilling location not far from the shuttle, and then hunched over the drill unit, which extended its legs and clamped onto the surface as Pidole activated it. Euikoshi found the first core bit and placed into the hole at the center of the drilling unit. The bits were shaped like pipes leaving hole in the middle of them for core samples. Each interlocked with the next, allowing them to extend as long as needed, so long as the drill unit could turn them. As the drill began to descend, Euikoshi began to add sections as it went while Pidole manned a control planet to regulate the rotation speed and depth.

"Nanook, can you give me a hand with the drill sections?" Euikoshi asked the big strong Kodian.

"Do you suppose the ice has nanomachines frozen in it?" Pidole asked.

"Interesting question," Euikoshi replied.

"Will we need to decontaminate after returning to the ship?"

"It's probably a good idea, just in case," Euikoshi said. She remembered Pidole recently lost her Mindy armor to some hostile nanomachines during the mission to the Tr'pocka system.
"Polar Bear volunteered for first security sweep in snow, it should not be a surprise." Emiko boomed over the comms back at Euikoshi. "I will help. Wotjek will return to relive Cassie from work detail." The enormous woman, at least as powerful in terms of raw strength as a typical Nekovalkyrja, but with much, much longer arms, could scoop up bundles of the pipes under her massive arms in a number her strong, but smaller companions could not. And along with her size, her greater mass, more than most of them had when cranking their inertial system all the way, helped her kept the long tubes balanced. "Next time bring graviton projector, I think." Gesturing with her head, "I will follow, and be the dispenser." Her terse, clipped tone was infantry as a concept made into speech. "Not even I can hold all day, even in this gravity. Let's go!"
Kepler VI - Surface

It was a hard day's work on the surface. After connecting hundreds of drill segments, and dealing with multiple restarts, Euikoshi finally broke through the water below and used the hollow drill to suck out some samples like a giant straw. She placed them and several ice core samples in portable freezer containers she'd brought along for the mission. All in all, the mission had gone rather smoothly. With the sample done, and Captain Aoba eager to get somewhere a little more exciting, they got the order to pack it up and head back to the ship, leaving the drill on the surface for future scientists but taking the generator.

"All aboard," Sakuko called over comms from her shuttle. The shuttle's rear door opened up to let the away team in.

Pidole and Cassie climbed in as soon as they good, happy to be out of the extreme cold. Even in the heated Mindy armor suit it wasn't exactly pleasant.

"I'll be ready to take off in a moment," Beryl replied from her shuttle, "It'll be nice to be back on the ship again," she added, carefully tying up a warm, fogged-up plastic bag and pulling her pants back on. She double checked the cockpit door seals and opened her shuttle's rear door as well.

Euikoshi dragged the samples towards the shuttle. "Nanook, a hand?"
Nanook strode over and hefted the container of core samples under one arm. He continued to scan the horizon for threats or anomalies as he boarded the shuttle and secured the samples with cargo tie downs. He plopped he large rear on the deck plating and secured himself with some cargo ties as well. Kodian sized seats in shuttles were exceedingly rare and sometimes you just had to improvise.
YSS Resurgence - Shuttle Bay

Once everyone was onboard the shuttles they came on, the two cargo specialists closed and sealed the rear doors of the shuttles, and flushed out the toxic CO2 and methane atmosphere with a standard one. The shuttles lifted off without issues, giving an initially bumpy ride that evened out and became smooth as they left the thin atmosphere and went into space. As the Resurgence passed overhead they synchronized orbital speed and carefully lined up with the shuttle bay door, gliding into the ship's shuttle bay and coming to a rest on the smooth gloss black floor.

There was a hiss as the doors opened to reveal the familiar white and Star Army blue painted bulkheads of the Resurgence's interior.

Cassie immediate headed over to the armor bay and doffed her Mindy armor suit on the rack. "Who's ready for a warm shower?" she asked.

YSS Resurgence - Bridge

"Set a course for Shirakawa no Iori in the Ahmar star system," captain Aoba ordered, ready to continue the Resurgence's exploratory tour of the Kikyo Sector.

"Aye aye sir," Gabriela Lively nodded. Soon the ship was on its way.

YSS Resurgence - Wardroom

As the long day of sample collecting wrapped up, chef Agrippina Rossa was bringing out a dinner buffet to the serving line, consisting of beef udon noodle bowls, tempura shrimp, katsudon (fried pork cutlets), seven different types of sushi, edamame, gyoza (Japanese dumplings), takoyaki (octopus balls), sunomono (pickled vegetables), salad with ginger dressing, steamed rice, and matcha ice cream for dessert.
YSS Resurgence - Shuttle Bay
Kiyo raised her hand “me! I feel ready for a shower, and at least time in an onsen if there's one onboard the ship.” She commented to Cassie as she got her own armor on the rack. She stretched her arms after a hard day's work, as a uniform appeared over her form. “I wonder what deliciousness Chef Rossa has cooked for us too” She said glancing over to Cassie.
YSS Resurgence - Shuttle Bay

"Make that two of us," the analyst chimed. "Want to clean up for dinner and then hop in the onsen afterwards?" Mineko asked Kiyo and Cassie while she cheated her body to Emiko, checking her reaction as well. "It'll be nice to be around girls instead of with Thad the Master Plower as I have been all day." She said the title with a roll of her eyes as she pushed up and out of the leg portion of her Mindy.

Covered by her exercise clothes that she had worn beneath the armor, she held the position over the hip portion of the Mindy before sweeping her legs to one side and another like she was atop a leather pommel horse. With a push off of her hands and a little twirl in the air, she landed on her feet on the power armor bay floor.

Her enthusiasm after her first completed mission was effervescent as she beamed from both her smile and her gymnastic show. Part of her revelled in the act only because her dance instructor in Kyoto had been very strict, never letting Mineko become involved with something dangerous that could hurt her. Being in the Star Army was an incredibly freeing experience for her.
YSS Resurgence - Wardroom

Dressed in her usual choice of uniform, a Type 42 with pleated skirt and combat boots with no tights, Thia arrived at the wardroom. In one hand, she held a datapad upon which she was fixated intently, while her other held a coffee mug that she let swing by her side as she walked. Thankfully, she clearly didn't have any coffee left as she joined the queue for food.

Once she was close enough, she pressed a few buttons that overlaid the text from her datapad onto the input from her cybernetic eye. This let her carefully balance her coffee mug and a plate on top of the datapad while she continued to read a recent neuroscience research paper on the effects that different kinds of brain trauma had on personality.

Taking small helpings of katsudon, edamame, sunomono, and filling the rest of her plate with salad, Thia gave Rossa a lopsided smile and tried not to bat her eyelashes too fiercely.

"I don't suppose I could get a few mouthfuls of your bittersweet nectar, Amante," Thia used her free hand to lift her empty mug to resolve the ambiguity of her request.
YSS Resurgence - Shuttle Bay

Thad had been getting himself out of his armor when he overheard the others. He was not interested in going to the onsen till his second made a comment about him. He puffed up his chest that she thought of him as a master, even if he didn't like the term very much. He climbed out of the Mindy armor and stood in front of it. He had not worn any clothes underneath as per usual. "Do I overhear someone over there making comments about my plowing skills. I am not one to brag though I must say we did do well on the last mission. And best of all, nothing was blown up, a first I do believe." He said with a laugh.

Thad watched as Mineko showed off her neko like powers. As her feet hit the deck, Thad had already started to clap. "Good show, I'd give that a nice point five out of ten." He commented as he walked over to the group. "I shall leave you all too it while I go get myself cleaned up." He then lifted an arm and took a sniff. "I don't care how good they say the Mindy armor is, I can't help but think I smell like strawberry nasty." He laughed more as he put his arm down.
YSS Resurgence - Shuttle Bay

"See what I mean?" Mineko huffed as her blueish red eyes looked in exasperation to the power armor bay ceiling when Thad had left. "It was nice to have a first mission where nothing blew up, though, as he said. I expected to be on the bridge running analysis, but it was pretty amazing being on the away team and seeing how everyone is a working piece of the larger kind of machinery that makes up a ship's crew."
YE 45.1.3 - Evening

YSS Resurgence - Wardroom

Poppy went to the wardroom to get dinner and was impressed by the big spread of Japanese food chef Rossa had been able to produce for the crew. Even with the "Emma" robot assisting her, that was a lot of dishes for a lone cook to make for one meal. She was going to complement Rossa, but the cook seemed to be in a conversation with Thia. Poppy went over to Euikoshi instead. "How'd the mission go?"

"It was a success, and I'll start detailed studies on the alien artificial life soon. I'm too tired to do anything else but relax for the night, though. We had to assemble around a hundred drill pipe sections in the middle of below freezing weather," she told Poppy. "Thank goodness I had help or my arms would have fallen off."

Nanook strode into the wardroom famished from his exertions on the planet surface. Deep core drilling was a worthy scientific pursuit, but was neither interesting or stimulating to his tastes. He had enjoyed the weather, it was kept far too warm on the ship in his opinion. He approached the dinner spread and surveyed the menu.

He opted on an entire tray of fish and rice. Picking up the tray and an entire jug of green tea, he proceeded to a quiet section of the wardroom and began to wolf down Kodian-sized paw fulls of fishy rice.

Pidole came in with her beetle in tow, and Euikoshi offered her seat to the redhead engineer so that she could slide over and sit by Nanook. "Hey, big guy," she smiled.

"Hey, small woman." Nanook replied in between mouthfulls of salty goodness.

Kiyo walked into the wardroom feeling hungry after work on that ice world. She planned to grab something to eat before joining her daughter in the Onsen.

Emiko's pile was not quite as grand as Nanook's, but it was still impressive nonetheless. She surveyed for her fellow infantry personnel, and for her fellow officers, thinking on deciding which way to go. In the end, she went with "whatever was closest so she could get started eating."

Emiko did, however, wave and nod to Kiyo in passing. "Heishō."

"Were you asking something about marriage?" Euikoshi asked. "I heard something about that."

"Mmmm yes, about that. I think... I may have turned down an offer of marriage from Ms. Chiasa. I fear it may have insulted her deeply. This is reinforced by the realization that she just left my arm on Gashmere. There was the whole, getting shot at thing, but still..."

"I am surprised Poppy didn't grab it," Euikoshi said, "Perhaps she didn't see it. Maybe everyone just figured growing a new one would be easier? I appreciate it has sentimental value. Um, I don't know if you should rush into things anyway, you have only known Chiasa a short time, right?" Euikoshi said, giving Nanook a friendly pat on the back.

Nanook washed down some more fish and rice with a large pull of tea. "Indeed, I was quite...taken aback when she mentioned an engagement. I am not used to having to worry about entanglements like ... this." He said, his right index claw made a circular motion in the air. "On Gashmere life was simple. We trained, or we went on patrol, or had a mission. It was much more, task oriented. Things here seem more ... intimate."

Kiyo nodded to Emiko in greeting, before her attention went to the conversation around her and blinked her eyes.

Bidole the blue beetle audibly fluttered across the room and returned to Pidole carrying a dumpling in its legs.

Kiyo blinked as she both saw and felt the little adorable beetle scurry by.

"I think it's a natural process of everyone trying to fit in and work as a group," Euikoshi told Nanook. "I think you're doing a great job for being so new to the ship," she said. "I'm glad you're with us for this ride around the Kikyo Sector."

Nanook flung the last bit of food from his tray into his toothy maw and chewed on it as he mulled Euikoshi's words. "I am honored to be here, as for fitting in," he raised his paws in front of him. One paw with claws very close together, the other with the claws far apart. "Sometimes it feels like it is a very tight fit." He chuckled at himself, finding his comment supremely humours. "I feel like I should go and cleanse my fur. Thank you for the kind words."

Euikoshi made an, "mhmm," sound and gave Nanook's paw a squeeze. "I'm sure it will be good for your back after today. See you, Nanook."

"Do you like the beetle?" Poppy asked Kiyo, gesturing for Kiyo to come over to sit with her and Pidole.

Kiyo moved over to sit with Poppy and Pidole. She decided she should be polite and kind. "its very interesting" she said

Pidole smile. "This is Bidole. I love her," she said, lowering her chin onto the table so she could stare at the beetle as it ate.

"Temporary duty, eh?" Poppy asked. "What's your story?"

Kiyo smiled at Pidole, and thought about Valkyr her drake and her smile widened at the thought. "yeah temporary, i volunteered to come aboard, though i have been considdering when its over to leave the ship alone, and let Luna stay. and theres not much to tell, i'm Yayoi's youngest sister, we came from the same batch. While Yayoi was a Ranger, and a Giretsu trained one at that, I was a Infantry, trained by a Samurai Yojimbo, and gained Armorer certification. To stop people hassling me when i did maintenance on my Mindy"

"Oh, I didn't realize you were sisters!" Pidole said. "Neat! And a fellow technician?"

"My daughter Luna is a true Technician, and yeah we're sisters, see the person in charge of our creation treated us like her daughters so we'd just started calling each other sisters, and we aren't the only ones.. Theres like a army of us hehe." Kiyo said before munching on her food.

"It's very Nekovalkyrja," Poppy grinned.

Kiyo smiled and nodded "Indeed."

YSS Resurgence - Onsen

Cheilith was soaking in the Onsen and trying to relax

Opting to head straight for the showers after doffing her Mindy, Chiasa quickly cleaned herself off before heading to the Onsen on a whim, if only to relax after a long away mission. With a dainty steps, the tiny Nekovalkyja went up and down the steps leading into the circular pool before settling in, taking extra care not to cause a splash in doing so. Her white hair was worn in its typical style—with cornrow braids on the left side while her right side was worn own.

A presoaked Luna entered the Onsen with a yawn as she made her way into the Onsen's waters.

Mineko had followed a few of the other away team members. Her hair was soaked through but tied up in a double bun, over which she kept a wet towel. While showering, she had wrapped a small towel around her torso and hips and is was already wet by the time she sat at the lip of the pool

"Nice way to follow up a relaxing first mission," Mineko said to the room. "With a relaxing soak."

"Hai..." Luna said sleepily as she relaxed. "Though i've not had a first mission, work was tiring today." She said to Mineko

"Ever thought about being a combat engineer?" the analyst replied.

Luna shook her head. "nah, i mean i thought about it, but the amazing Itatski Sachiko is or was one, and it feels like i'm just copying her." Luna replied.

"It was a nice change of pace." Chiasa admitted. "Though I wouldn't have minded if we had run into pirates, rogue mercenaries, or angry nanotechnology miners." She added with a playful smile, before lowering her naked form into the pool as a dreamy sigh escaped from her pouty pink lips.

"I've thought of how different things might had been if I had went for Infantry, but I feel like I made the right choice as a pharmacy specialist. I still get to shoot stuff at least!" Chiasa added with a coy giggle.

Mineko was about to make a quip, but at Chiasa's last words she slid into the water. She settled low on the bench so that even her mouth was covered by the warm heat of the water.

"Have you thought of other occupations, Mineko-Hei?" Chiasa said, before mirroring the hime cut-Nekovalkyrja's actions in sliding into the water, causing a few bubbles to manifest on the surface as she did!

Mineko's eyes brightened and the blue at the bottom of them shone as she heard the question. She tilted her head so that more ofher neck dipped into the water while her mouth raised above the surface.

"Yes!" the black panel said. "I was interested in the science field! There's a lot of overlap between scientist and analyst. I was friends with my recruiter, though, and she um, saw potential in me for SAINT." Mineko wasn't quite sure what it was Stella had seen in her. Perhaps it was her athleticism, the analyst wondered. "So I get to do a bit of the same as a scientist with a bit more of the unknown of... all the rest."

Luna shifted as she listened to Mineko's response to the question. "Science is amazing!" she couldnt help but add in.

"Technician has a bit of overlap with science, as well. As does a pharmacist." Mineko agreed. "It's interesting."

"Science? That's so effing rad!" Chiasa poured out, briefly floating up out of the water to bring her head above the surface, a wide grin manifesting across her pinkish-tan features as she did. "You should totally go for green if you get bored of black, if you get my vibe! Take it from someone who also switched, but I didn't exactly switch colors..." The tiny Nekovalkyrja mused.

"I can confirm the overlap between science and the pharmacy! I work in the science lab when synthesizing prescriptions and drugs." Chiasa added.

"The science lab on the Fuji seems so cool," Mineko straightened in the water and swam forward a bit as she said this. "It's like your own little weird attic. I don't have any reason to go up there... yet." She added the last words with a little bow of her head and a glint in the red of her eyes.

"Maybe i should switch completely to scientist" Luna said as she listened, it all seemed interesting to her as she watched Mineko and then followed her. "As for saint.. I think my old captain told mommy that she could do well in SAINT, and i do know of another who might work well there too."

Chiasa's features immediately turned a special shade of crimson, at which point the tiny Nekovalkyrja bashfully covered her mouth, closed her eyes, and briefly lowered her head under the water, bubbles sprinkling across the surface as she did. She came back up a moment later, her white hair sticking to her narrow shoulders as her pointed, elf-like ears twitched with elation.

"If you ever need a reason, let me know~" Chiasa purred softly, before shifting her attention to Luna. "Who else do you know that might do well in SAINT?" The pharmacy specialist added, arched eyebrows raising in curiosity as she spoke.

A satisfied smile formed on Mineko's face as she both backed away from Chiasa and looked from her to Luna. The lean girl laid back in the water with her happy smile intact as the white towel clung to the middle of her chest. It splayed out at her hips, so she twirled in the water to cover back up.

Nanook entered the Onsen, wearing a pair of dark purple swim trucks and a towel the size of a large blanket slung over his shoulder. Seeing the pool was occupied, a wicked thought entered his mind. Making some quick calculations he broke into a run, leaping into the air, he curled into a fetal position as all two thousand pounds of Kodian plopped into the pool with all the grace of an overturned elephant.

"A Neko named Makoto, she's so cool, she has a body thats similar to ours but different, she can fully turn invisible, and she's a Ninja." She told Chiasa. Then blinked as the hugest man she'd ever seen, and her eyes widened, "oh...my..."

At the entrance of a new member of the opposite sex and the mention of people being able to turn invisible, Mineko became nothing more than a floating towel and the flickering backdrop of the onsen behind her thanks to her skin-based holographics. Not quite as infallible as that which the NH-33s that makato possessed, she was still able to attempt to hide herself.

Mineko had absconded at his quick approach and made it out of the pool before he had made it into it. Having taken inspiration from Luna's words, she giggled in her direction.

"She can turn invisible? That's so rad!" Chiasa exclaimed.

It was only then that Chiasa's gaze widened as her pointed ears registered the powerful footsteps of a giant, two-thousand pound Kodian approaching faster than such a large being had any right to. She knew immediately what Nanook was about to do, but could do nothing to stop it save for letting out a high-pitched squeak as he came crashing into the warm water, splashing not only everyone inside the pool, but anyone who might be standing outside of it as well!

Nanook sat up enough that his nose, eyes, and ears emerged from the settling pool. Attempting to gauge the reactions of the other occupants. A few bubbles escaped the water as he breathed out of his nose. He rose up a little, he hated getting water in his eyes. He grabbed a nearby towel that seemed to just be floating about for convenience...

Luna blinked and whiped Onsen water from her face. "Hiya Giant Brother!" she called to Nanook before she turned her attention to Chiasa as she registered she'd said something. "Yeah!"

For her part, Chiasa giggled upon realizing that Mineko was now a giant towel, a prospect which drew out a few adventurous thoughts before she shifted her attention back to Nanook. Not long after, Chiasa's gaze went wide when she saw the Kodian grab said towel!

"Nanook, that's not-"

Unfortunately, Chiasa's warning came far too late!

With a small squeak of a noise, Mineko was sure to keep her projection up on the part of her body that had been covered while also raising her arms, letting the towel fall at Nanook's pull without hindrance.

Nanook wiped the water from his eyes with his new found towel, then saw Chiasa wide eyed before him. "It was a calculated risk, and I never said I was good at math...."

Luna blinked as she watched and remembered Mineko turned into a towel. Then watched the scene before her.

Unseen, the analyst inched further away from the pool, sure to keep her mouth clamped shut as she felt even more sounds trying to erupt forth. But something on the floor caught her attention.

"I was going to say that wasn't going to get you dry." Chiasa frowned, before looking back to said "towel", which was now moving further away from the pool. "But maybe I was wrong?" The tiny Nekovalkyrja blinked.

"Isn't the point of this to get wet?" Nanook asked as he tossed the towel over the side of the pool and started to float about on his back.

As he said this, he wouldn't have been able to see a bucket somehow floating around the flickering bamboo walls of the onsen. It scooped into the water next to Chiasa. As the bucket lifted above Nanook's prone position, Mineko came into view in a black bodysuit -obviously projected- with a double fanged grin that spread from cheek to cheek. She dumped the water on the furry belly of the Kodian, savoring his words.

Luna covered her mouth as she watched the scene before her and tried not to betray Mineko with her giggles.

"That is the point!" Mineko said with laughter infusing every word.

Nanook flailed about as the bucket of water poured over his face in a very unfair ambush. His large frame sunk, muscle didn't float very well unless you could concentrate on it. He was able to get his large paws on the floor and stand in a large trubulent fountain of water. He glanced around, trying to find Mineko, he fixed her with his gaze. Then. His ears flattened as he mumbled out loud, glancing down, "Where's my shorts?" He quickly fell backwards into the water.

Chiasa let out a high-pitched, cackling giggle as the scene came to its climax, causing the tiny Nekovalkyrja to unwittingly slide deeper under the water!

Luna giggled though her own was much more quieter so that poor Nanook didnt get extra embarrased because of it.

"Sorry, Nanook-san," Mineko said from outside the pool. "You probably didn't know but you grabbed the towel I was wearing. Only fair to get you back." She had tried to give a proper apology, but her lips were squirming to stay shut and not break out into a wide smile. "I'll give you your shorts if you give me my towel back?" Mineko said, fishing around for an amorphous purple blob in the water.

Chiasa located said purple blob, and discreetly kicked it back to Mineko while it was underwater, a playful giggle on her lips as she did!

YSS Resurgence - Bridge

"Arriving at Shirakawa no Iori," Gabriela said. "Would you like to dock, captain?"

Aoba nodded. "Yes, go ahead."

Gabriela immediately began requesting clearance. After a moment, the Resurgence proceeded into the one of the huge docking bays of the Fourth Fleet's Iori-class Star Fortress. Soon, they were docked with a large mechanical arm attached to the Resurgence's side, allowing the crew to walk between the ship and the station. Since most of the Star Army of Yamatai ran on a common time schedule, it was night on the station as well and pretty quiet.

"We'll explore the station tomorrow, and the planet below. Until then, feel free to get some rest Gabriela," captain Aoba said. "You too, Kalena," he added. In the safety of a friendly port, the ship had reduced bridge crew requirements.

"I think I'll go to the onsen," Kalena grinned. Meanwhile, Gabriela went to find her old friend Poppy.
Nanook signed out with the watch commander to go and explore the Star Fortress. Stepping off the Resurgence and onto the bustling platform of the Star Army Star Fortress, the warm, orange light of the station's artificial sun radiated down from the vaulted ceiling, casting the spaceport in a gentle glow. The station hummed with activity, and the air was thick with the sounds of voices, the hiss of pneumatic doors, and the thrum of engines. Nanook took a deep breath and closed his eyes, letting the sounds and smells of the bustling station wash over him. As he opened his eyes, he was struck by the sheer scale of the station. The walls stretched high above him, lined with docking bays and bustling with ships of all shapes and sizes.

Nanook took a deep breath and closed his eyes, letting the sounds and smells of the bustling station wash over him. As he opened his eyes, he was struck by the sheer scale of the station. The walls stretched high above him, lined with docking bays and bustling with ships of all shapes and sizes. Nanook made his way down the corridor towards the recreation district. As he walked, he took in the myriad of species and cultures that filled the halls of the station. He passed by groups of Nekovalkyrja, who moved with a grace and precision that spoke to their enhanced abilities.

The recreational district was a stark contrast to the busy corridors of the spaceport. The soft lighting and plush carpets gave the area a homely feel, and the scent of fresh food filled the air. Nanook found himself in a small café, where a handful of beings were enjoying a meal. The menu was filled with dishes from across the sector, and Nanook eagerly ordered a plate of stuffed squid. As he ate, he watched the other patrons, wondering what their stories were. There was a sense of community on the station that he found comforting, despite the diversity of the people who called it home. For a few silent moments, he forgot the weight of his own burdens, and simply enjoyed the warmth and companionship of the station.
With her food finished, Kiyo lifted herself from her seat, and took her tray to where she needed to deposit it, and the other cups and things, and stretched her arms. “Onsen, here I come!” she said out loud, but to herself as she soon made her way to the Onsen where she hoped to soak and relax. On the way she met up with Luna, who had left the Onsen after Nanook had, but was still naked. “Hey, going to the Onsen? It's really amazing, just like the Kaiyo 2’s” Kiyo smiled ”of course it will be, the compartment was created by an amazing person after all” Kiyo replied as she gave her daughter a kiss on her forehead before she went on her way.

After doing the standard procedures, Kiyo sunk into the warm waters. “oh.. This is excellent!” She said to herself as she relaxed.
Luna however instead of returning to her quarters to get dressed, instead walked to the airlock, as she noticed the ship was docked. “I could get something for mom, and aunt Yayoi, and cousin.. er.. What was her name again? Darn, I forgot to ask mommy what aunt Yayoi called her daughter! ah well. Luna shrugged her shoulders as she waited for the doors to open.
Shirakawa no Iori

The passageways felt new to Mineko. Though she had spent a lot of time on Pisces Station, the hallways had not been of this Uesureyan make. The white and well lit ones she was used to were now grimly grey with dark control panels as black as her occupation color that she wore under an olive drab field jacket. She was coming from the science center aboard the ship. There she had planned to gather as much information on the planet below that possibly wasn't easily accessible in Star Army databases. Along the way back, though, she noticed just how many species besides her own there were here. It was a veritable melting pot and she took up a seat on a bench in a busy concourse, observing all she could with a little tally counter in her head of what species she saw, how often, and any notes she could make on their outward appearance or disposition.

Sitting on the bench in her jacket and bodysuit and not much else, she perhaps looked bored or tired. But for Mineko there was an endless delight in all that her mind could conjure. For a select few that passed, she made up stories for them, extrapolating their lives from the few seconds of information she had.
YE 45.1.4 - Morning

The next morning, the crew woke up without the usual schedule; since they were docked at a friendly port, it wasn't required to man the ship. This gave captain Aoba the opportunity to give everyone a free day where they could have some time off. There were also some crew changes and introductions to be made. During breakfast, the captain came down to the wardroom and announced they would be getting a new Taii soon.

Medical Center

Poppy went to go visit Chiasa. "Good morning ma'am," she smiled. "I've been meaning to talk to you. Since Dr. Wilson is getting transferred off it looks like I'm going to become the de facto Chief Medical Officer again. I was wondering if you wanted to talk about how we to run the medical lab together as a great team."

Chiasa stretched her arms, feeling somewhat refreshed after the onsen day. She had grabbed a coffee from the wardroom on a whim, so the tiny pharmacy specialist was feeling surprisingly peppy, if anything. Accordingly, she had finished inventory for the day rather early and had taken a seat to enjoy her coffee when Poppy approached.

It was only when the pink-haired medic finished speaking did the Minkan's words dawn on Chiasa, at which point the pharmacy specialist very nearly spat out her drink!

"Oh, that's...news." Chiasa frowned. She would miss Vec, but with his departure she needed to focus on helping Poppy keep operations smooth in the medical center. It at least gave her something else to do for the day. "Well, I guess we can start with going over the manifests." She suggested, though in truth the tiny Nekovalkyrja didn't really know what to start with.

"I think he felt some kind of way about the way the Mia thing was handled. I'm ready to lay the past to rest and start fresh, though. I think we could have worked it out. It's always frustrating with crew members bail and transfer off just when you get invested in them," Poppy explained.

"I don't share his thoughts on that particular incident, but it seems like most of the conflict came from there being a potential miscommunication between professionals and maybe a degree of inflexibility, on his part." She added. "Ultimately, we have to maintain faith in each others' skills. If we need to correct each other, having that dialogue is important, but there also needs to be trust in each other that none of us are out to kill patients or break the law." The tiny pharmacy specialist said.

"I think a lack of trust between professionals might have caused that particular episode." Chiasa concluded.

Poppy nodded. "I think healthy and strong relationships are underrated. Not just for military units but in society. The Star Army expects us to be able to pick up our roots and move around at any time because they want the military to be flexible but there's an importance to those roots and building connections. I think Star Army Personnel Command knows that too. That's why it tends to station people in one place for as long as they can."

"Mhmm hmm!" Chiasa smiled. "We're professionals, but that doesn't have to preclude forming friendships and relationships. I think on the scale of social engagement to cold professionalism, we might have slipped too far into the latter, at times." She added. "We need to work a balance between the two and know when one is appropriate versus the other. Even so, Personnel Command vets so well that we will never have to worry about scum who might do things like stealing drugs or intentionally harming patients getting in. Since we won't ever have to worry about lowlifes, we can do away with some of the coldness."

"Let's hope so," Poppy said.

Outside the Crew Bunks

"Combat Arms Contingent, Safety Briefing Time!" Emiko bellowed, clapping her hands as everyone there prepared for shore leave after breakfast.

Cassie groaned quietly, muttering something like, "if you're gonna drive, don't drink, if you're gonna drink don't drive, wrap it before you tap it."

"Clearly, you've not heard about the dangerous fauna on Ahmar, Cassie-Heishō! Now, if you're going to the surface, for any reason, you need to know to not interfere with the young of the Carcane! Also beware of tentacle plants!" Emiko laughed loudly, "I am wirelessly transmitting field guide now!"

Kiyo yawned as she stepped into place and blinked as she glanced over to Emiko and Cassie.

"Oh, we have to visit this planet!" Euikoshi grinned, sliding out of a vent in the deck.

Kiyo blinked "so your interested in tentacle plants, Euikoshi-sempai? interesting"

"Biology is one of my specialties!" Euikoshi said, pointing a finger in the air in triumph. Pidole and Bidole floated out of the vent behind her, each carrying some maintenance tools.

Kiyo simply smiled in response, then turned to watch the others floating out of the vents. "do you have a secret club or something in there?' she asked

"There's a whole room-sized portion of the vents where all the best snacks are," Mineko said. "The fun's in finding it, Kiyo-heisho." Having been at the outskirts of the conversation, Mineko interjected with a dry tone and a mug in hand that she nursed the muddy contents of after she spoke.

"I have honorary membership in the society of starship maintenance tunnelers," Euikoshi explained. "I was talking with Pidole."

Emiko, without hesitation, held one of her monstrous arms out sideways for Mineko. She didn't even look in Mineko's direction– it was as if it were an automatic response to her presence. "Hup."

It didn't take much time for the shorter woman to put her cup down and grab onto the large Lily-type's wrist with her own hands. What came next was a quick hop so that her feet were off the ground and her calves could wrap around closer to Emiko's torso. She flopped off of Emiko's wrists, as if to grab her cup again, but then the operative's face turned sour.

"Now I can't drink my coffee," Mineko said, dragging out the last word as she spoke upside-down. "Secret societies are cool. Emiko-san's opening up one, too. But it's more like a really hype gym membership."

"I remember Poppy got inducted in the society of people Sakuko has knocked out a while back," Cassie commented. "I've sparred her. She's built like a statue and hits like an anvil."

"There's so many potentials for different leagues of peeps," Mineko said to Cassie. "Where were you guys heading?"

"Wait, what? Me?" Cassie stammered. "Are...you trying to rope me into visiting this planet?"

Kiyo smiled as she wondered if Luna was a part of this society group too.

"Oh, it is a Safari is it? Well, then, let's just make it an away mission. Light armor and rifles, survival gear, and some chocolate and marshmallows?" Emiko laughed again. "I might need to ask the Captain, or at least the XO."

"Pretty sure Cassie-heisho is keeping a store of graham crackers up in the vents. Better bring her, too. At least if we're really going for s'more of everything," Mineko said with a tone dancing between giddy sarcasm and dry stoicism. Her hair near her face splayed out and her hime cut and bangs splaying out to reveal more of her face than normally seen and how her brows jumped around while she spoke.

"Chiasa is pretty handy, especially when she has both feet attached," Cassie suggested. "Maybe she likes deadly plant life too."

Kiyo smiled as she listened to the banter. "sounds interesting, maybe i should ask Luna-chan about it too!" she said with a giggle.

Chiasa walked in just as she heard her name, a playful frown coming over her pinkish-tan features at someone making another footless joke about her. The tiny pharmacy specialist gave an exasperated sigh. She didn't think she'd ever get over that!

"I'm interested in deadly plant life!" Chiasa piped up, upon hearing about the deadly plant life. If anything, deadly alien plant life represented an opportunity, in the form of new ingredients to study for drugs and treatments.

Kiyo nodded. "Same, I'm not a doctor but i wouldn't mind getting into my Mindy, to guard you as we investigate!" She said to Chiasa.

Emiko sent a wireless message to Aoba with her augmented-digital-mind, "Captain, Euikoshi has expressed interest in descent to the surface. Kiyo-and-Cassie-Heishō have volunteered to go along, and I will as well. Request permission for surface pass and armory draw appropriate to wildlife."

"I'll set something up," Aoba replied.

"Oh, Poppy-Heishō and Chiasa-Hei, I was wondering if I could get authorization for a new augmentation. It's just been released by Advancer and is compatible with my Zhenren. The Shin Mental Backup Implant. We can talk in shuttle!"

Aboard Space Station

Trowa Yamamoto checked his pocket watch again as he waited for the shuttle that would take him to his new posting. He looked fondly at the engraving of a Plumeria gunship, the first ship he had been assigned to all those years ago. He already missed the Aeon, it had been far to short a go. He was also missing the white uniform he had breifly worn as XO of her. But he was excited to be posting to a new ship. He had heard a lot of good things about the Resurgence and was looking forward to serveing under Chusa Aoba.

Finally the transportation arrived to take him to where the Resurgence was docked. He sat down and pulled out his data slate to view some new pictures his wife had sent him of their son. Boy that boy was a big boy. Only 4 months old and already weighing in at 20 lbs!

When the shuttle touched down, Trowa grabbed his belongings and headed for the ship. He'd never been aboard a Fuji before, but had done his homework about her. Not as elegant or graceful as a Plumeria, but still possessing lovely lines. He paused a moment to straighten his uniform before placing his officer cap on his head.

Luna smiled as she looked around the Station, having gone back out again after the Onsen session. She giggled a little to herself as she observed the light on her hand and skin before she focused on observing. It wouldn't surprise her if her mother had fallen asleep in the Onsen with how warm and comfortable it was.


Trowa walked to the Airlock where a black haired, red panel was standing guard. The one eyed Taii stopped in front of her and said. "I am Taii Yamamoto, I am here to report to Chusa Aoba. Would you let him know I am here and request permission to come aboard?"

"Of course," the low-ranking technician on guard duty nodded. She offered a hand. "Azumi, starship weapons technician," she introduced herself. She telepathically text messaged Chusa Aoba and he gave his approval instantly. "It looks like you're all clear!" she told Trowa.

Trowa nodded looking up at the Fuji. "She is a fine looking ship. I'm sure you and your fellow techs do a great job of keeping her fighting fit." He admired her again for a moment then said, "Thank you, Azumi. I look forward to getting to work with you."

The Taii made his way aboard the Fuji. He had already studied her plans in and out so he knew the way to the bridge.

YSS Resurgence - Bridge

Trowa entered the Bridge and saluted Aoba.

Captain Aoba greeted Trowa with a handshake and returned his salute. "Welcome aboard the Resurgence. I've heard great things about you and I have high expectations, especially since you're coming from the legendary YSS Aeon II," he told Trowa. "I've said this before but I want the Resurgence to be the best ship in the fleet because there's no second place in battle. I want my crew to look back and say that serving here was the best thing they could have possibly done with their life in that time they were here. What that looks like is we're going to try to put them in positions where they can make a difference and grow as people."

Trowa smiled and took the man's hand. "Thank you Sir. Yes it was my honor to serve aboard her, however short a time it was. I couldn't agree with you more Sir, and I am looking forward to serving aboard here and doing my best for the Star Army." Chusa Aoba had a fine reputation among the fleets but meeting him in person Trowa knew that this was a great man to be able to learn from.

"So what is our mission right now Sir?" Trowa asked. He was ready to get to work.

"The Empress has taken some special interest in our ship and has requested that we visit the star systems of the Kikyo Sector in a sort of sector-wide survey of Yamatai and its surrounding worlds to both ascertain their state after the Kuvexian War and to see if we can improve them or make recommendations to improve them. Essentially we are playing the role of a very heavily armed scout. Right now we have our sights set on some of the more backwater parts of Yamatai such as Ahmar and other Bard Cluster systems. One would think these would be pretty uninteresting but Yamataian space has lately been flooded with desperate Kuvexian remnants and other explorers..."

Trowa listened closely as his captain explained their mission. It sounded like a lot of work, but it was good work. "Sounds like a lot to do. I know my sister-in-law has seen a lot of different places aboard the Res."

"When the Kohanians were destroyed in a supernova, the Yamatai Star Empire recreated their species and society the best it could on Damasica," captain Aoba mentioned. "The Empire felt it was the right thing to do. Ahmar was once home to an intelligent civilization too, until the Mishhuvurthyar wiped them out during the First Mishhuvurthyar War. It might be worth looking into visiting the surface to find traces of them and see if there's anything that can be done to restore them. Would you be interested in leading an away mission?"

"Well Sir, I started off my career as starship pilot, but I've done groundside missions, piloted starfighters and briefly was XO of the Aeon II. I am ready and willing to go wherever you need me." Trowa said honestly.

On the Station

Luna smiled as she forced herself to focus instead of being a goofball that she was. That was when something from a shop window caught her attention. "Wait..mom's birthday! i need to get her something, and I should get something for Daddy, and aunt Sakura too!" Luna suddenly grinned, and from who knows where she brought out her money. "ahh.. i should have enough! OK!" She smiled and walked into the shop.

= = =

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