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OOC Resurgence of Yamatai (YSS Resurgence)

Hey, guys, I've been trying to wrap my head around the characters in the plot and to make things work more smoothly and here's what I think needs to happen:
  1. I had a lot of trouble trying to include the fighter and the mecha in the RP, as my plot's combat scenes are primarily geared to Mindy armors doing Mindy armor things. It's not an easy call and I know it's tough for Zanven and Ajax to hear but we've got to ditch the fighter and the mecha so we're all on the same page again and not splitting the party because, partly due to the large size of the player group in this plot, I have trouble keeping up when there's multiple domains of combat. I'm asking you to either change the character to infantry (or other occupation where they can join the team) or swap the character with a suitable replacement character.
  2. I'm looking for a First Officer and Co-GM. Let me know if you're interested. This is great training to be GM of your plot ship in the future and helps you build a group of players that you can trust and trust you to run an RP.
  3. If you're a character in charge of a section of the ship (e.g. medical, engineering) I'd like to let you control some of the NPCs in that section, with the exception of some of my darlings like Poppy and Pidole, who I really enjoy playing. If you want to make some background NPCs let me know. Any character who is a Heisho should probably have someone that works under them.
I plan to start the new mission with some basic mingling and adjusting to the new crew roster tonight or tomorrow.

Also don't forget we have a Year-End Party JP Friday Night the 30th at the usual time.
I'm not sure if she's going to be with us for the next mission or not (I've asked Soresu and I'm waiting on a reponse) and in either case I'm hoping to have someone join as a second first officer in order to train them in the ways of GMing. It wouldn't be the first time a plot ship had more than one.

Cowboy, if you need a home for your dude(s) I'm willing to take them.
other option get Del a keiko thought armor since its smaller than a ryoko but still bigger than a mindy and can be piloted more or less like a mech
That works for me. It would sure as heck fit in a lot more places. Like our ship. :p
it doesn't suck, it's specialized for a different role. It sucks at doing what a Ryoko does the same way a Ryoko sucks at what it does.
I should seriously swoop up the Keiko to be a mini-Ryoko since most ships can't really support the Fire Support Frame.
the thing that made the Ryoko almost perfect is i could have Del fly with the shuttle and guard it and engage other enemy ships/fighters and ground targets.
though i wouldnt mind a slight retcon if we have to change her MOS again since i did forget to get her ranger training
The SARPY awards are being nominated and voted on in the Questions and Answers forum right now and are open for a limited timeframe. If you want to nominate some Resurgence of Yamatai player characters, NPCs, enemies, and so on, please do that (and vote on responses) as soon as you can. We need everyone in the plot to participate in the awards, not just me and some other game masters. Please head over and get in your votes and nominations before they close, which will probably be next weekend. Note: Voting for NSFW Awards topics is in the Hot Tub forum.