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OOC Resurgence of Yamatai (YSS Resurgence)

With Yayoi gone who is the squad leader on away team missions? Last i looked Sanda was the highest ranked player character.
With Yayoi gone who is the squad leader on away team missions? Last i looked Sanda was the highest ranked player character.
Aoba explicitly put Gabriela in charge of the away team in the RP and Vec as second in command.
Alright, so who needs a combat award for the Gashmere away team?
You flew into a hot zone, provided overwatch for friendlies, did an extraction
Poppy, Euikoshi, Sanda, Thaddeus, Chielith, Chiasa, Vec, Zan, Zans co-pilot, I feel like I’m forgetting some though
To everyone in the plot, I'm asking you to consistently post in the RP threads. I will occasionally check on this if I notice someone's not posting in a while. These expectations are listed on the plot page:
  • Please post in the RP thread at least once or twice a week.
  • Players who haven't posted in more than 2 weeks may be removed from the plot.
  • JP nights are typically Tuesdays at 8:30pm to 10pm EST
In accordance with the above, I'm going to start dropping players that haven't been participating so they don't hold us active posters up.

Also there's been some changes to the RP group:
  • Ethereal, Ajax, and Shadowwalker are no longer on the site due to some rule violations, so that means Iemochi, Delmira, and Frank won't be on the ship anymore.
  • I think Locke may be gone too, due to his lack of posting and responses. He seems to have unfortunately bowed out. This is a shame because he's a great player and I really liked Vec. If I'm wrong about this and just being paranoid you're still very welcome in my RP @Locked_0ut so just post this weekend if you want to stay and I'll delete the transfer orders.
  • Hyralt hasn't posted once in the Mission 7 thread since it started in December and it's February now (He did post in a side JP in January). @hyralt are you going to jump in this weekend? Please? I like you and your character but I can't do anything unless you show up.
I'll be clearing the non-participants off the roster imminently so we have a clear picture of who's actually on the ship to RP with. I'll also be opening positions up to fill gaps the departing people create.

We also have some good news:
Also, I want to offer all the players a chance to play a main character as a player character and a side character or two as an NPC if you so choose (it's optional). Maybe your character has subordinates (e.g. Pidole's engineering team), or you want to play one of the "non action" jobs on the side like a clerk or caretaker. You may even claim one of my NPCs if you want (just ask first, some of them I want for myself haha).
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Appreciate the update Wes. I think it's good to remind people of expectations.

It is sad to see all the drama that has occurred lately. I do hope Eth will get to come back after a break. I always enjoyed RPing with him. I hope Locke comes back as well. He has been fun to RP with too.

Sanda will return as soon as Honeybear plot is over, or sooner depending on what happens.
I've updated the Resurgences Inventory to start putting stuff in the armory. We still don't really have a selection of power armor modules.

I also removed the 2 Ke-T10 shuttles since we basically never use them (seems like 90% of the time we use Beryl and Sakuko's Ke-T7 cargo shuttles). I added an additional Ke-T8 for routine transport.
Tachiko's Mindy was still in there as of last night.

"Enormous Freaking Custom Mindy for Emiko" can go in its place lol
Power armors have to stay in the power armor bay. They're not allowed in the armory under any circumstances because they could emit fields that could affect munitions stored in the armory.
Tachiko isn't on the Resurgence anymore lol