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OOC Resurgence of Yamatai (YSS Resurgence)

Since we're going back to the ship, is there anything people would like to SP in the meantime before we go back down?

I think I'd love to do science dome stuff with the samples we've collected but only if @Immortal Cyan can be a part of it.
I think Luna's still on the station, so if we are planning ve the system i'll do a thing where she comes back to the ship.
So just out of curiosity, and I feel like such a noob, but do I rp my shuttle arrival or do I have to wait for the CO? I just got transferred to the Resurgence.
Probably. Where's your character now? Also there's a minor issue of your orders being in YE 45.2 and our plot is a little behind in YE 45.1 still because we haven't covered a lot of days. We'll obviously need to do some sort of time-skip (e.g. put the ship in port for rest) soon to sync with the main SARP timeline but we're chasing hostages and time is a factor so we can't do that until we recover them. Hmm.... We might just fudge it and bring your guy in early just so you're not stuck waiting.

Currently the ship is in the Ahmar system which is in the Bard Cluster not too far from Nataria so it wouldn't be hard to get dropped off by a shuttle from Star Army Logistics.
I can wait for your people to finish their mission first. You don't have to do anything special for me. Just give me a pm when this mission is finished and I can meet at a star base or something.
I can wait for your people to finish their mission first. You don't have to do anything special for me. Just give me a pm when this mission is finished and I can meet at a star base or something.
I think I said in a DM that I was okay with retconning Yoshiro Tanaka's assignment to the Azalea II if it would make the transition to a different plot go smoother. Are you sure you want to wait? Wes has a lot planned for the current mission that an Infantry Officer could be useful in and it'd be a shame to miss it!
If you can get me in, I would like to start playing as soon as possible.😁 If you need infantry support and someone to lead some of them, then I can be the guy.😁
I was also thinking we're about to send a shuttle to Nataria to get a new Fuji-class, which could pick you up.
Thanks, Cowboy. Was going to transfer here sooner but when Nash started with the Aeon 2 I was eager to help him out before he passed away. God bless him, he helped me out of a tough spot when my father died by roleplaying with me and so I felt like I owed it to him.
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Hey Tanaka, are you going to be able to come out to the Res JP tonight? We start at 8:30 eastern time. We can get you the link.
I think we'll retcon your shuttle arrival at the start of the JP because there was some confusion on the shuttle (the shuttle to/from Nataria vs. the shuttle with the dead body coming back from Ahmar).
You did great in the JP! I really appreciate you giving me a chance to be your GM!
I've done a major crew roster update to include new characters and to remove characters who were inactive. As always, if you have concerns please talk to me and I'll see what I can do or let you know what you need to do.

I am interested in your feedback.

1. Are you enjoying the Resurgence RP? What do you love about it?

2. What are some things you'd like to see in this plot in the future? I am especially interested in plot ideas or places to visit.

3. Got any suggestions for me as a GM?

4. What can we do to get more SPs rather than us always waiting til the next Tuesday? Should we start tracking points like Andrew's plot?

If you prefer to answer privately feel free to use the forum's conversation system.
1. I love the sense of community within the Resurgence. I like that there's opportunities to develop characters in and out of combat equally.

2. I really want to do something on the world tree of Kenichi's Star but can't figure it into the Kaiyo plot, so feel like mentioning here that it seems like an interesting place to visit.

3. I think you listen to complaints or criticisms as they come up and adapt well. This is more of a "keep doing what you're doing" suggestion lol.

4. Sorry about not SPing a lot on Resurgence, it is not my strong suit anymore. I think SO much is done in JPs that it's easy for me to think "but it's more fun to JP" and I save my writing energy for Tuesday. I'll try harder if it's important to you as a GM!