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The Havok Festival YE 40



Planet 188604
Osman City

It was beautiful, well-orchestrated chaos on that hot, sunny day in Osman City, the main hub of the back-water planet known as 188604. The city's streets had been reconstructed into race tracks, with airbikes and hovercars weaving expertly through the buildings, their engines drowning out the roar of the crowds. Out in the deserts beyond, buggies performed awe-inspiring jumps in the dunes. Above, small ships followed their own courses, all fighting to be first to a set of particular coordinates.

All of this was overshadowed by the pounding of bass and soaring rhythms that flowed from a massive stage set on the waterfront, where a roaring crowd was gathered, and danced and jumped in unison like waves on the ocean with the lone Iroma DJ. People of all races, nationalities, and creeds gathered together to party, watch some racing, and see their favorite bands perform live.

The Havok Festival had only just begun.

Out of nowhere, the music stopped, and the flashing lights died as well. The noise of the crowd died as well in utter confusion.

Then, a large, red letter H appeared on a massive screen behind the DJ, and the crowd absolutely lost it. It was time for the opening event of the festival: the Havok showcase.

The H disappeared, and was replaced by a live video feed of Jackson Howard himself. He appeared to be in the driver's seat of an unknown vehicle, somewhere far away. All of his face, save for his eyes, was obscured by a custom-made helmet that hat two protrusions built for his ears. The Minkan took a hand of the wheel and waved at the camera.

"Hell yeah! Big crowd we got here! Hope you're all going nuts out there!" he greeted.

The crowd cheered in response.

"That's what I like to hear! Welcome to the first annual Havok Festival! I'm running a little late, but that doesn't mean we can't get this party started! In fact, here's a little something we came up with a while back: The Blubell! Piloted by our own Anastasia Barlow! Give it up for our head engineer!"

The feed ended, and was replaced by a camera attached to Anastasia's helmet within the Jax Mobile, which was soaring high above the stage. A set of curtains dropped on the stage, revealing a Nepleslian rock band ready to go. They began to play.

The Jax Mobile
High Above Osman City

Anastasia sat straddled across the Bluebell before the open side door of Jax's yacht. The wind outside was deafening. Flynn flew the ship, while Adiel and Bluebell-the Neko, not the bike- stood beside her. Bluebell held a batch of celebratory cookies clutched to her chest.

"Ana, you're up! Got all your final checks done?" asked Jax through the comm system within the helmet, unheard by the crowds below.

The Elysian readied herself, leaning forwards on the leather seat of the Airbike to face the open door. Anastasia was clad in a dark blackish-blue riding suit that left holes open for her wings, which were half-covered in black protective padding. The engineer slid down her helmet visor, sealing the gap between her helmet and suit in the process. Giving the bikes frontal display a last checkover, she called back to the Minkan. "Ready for ignition..."

"Green light for jump." Flynn anounced from the bridge. "Get going!"

Anastasia fired up the main engines of the airbike, letting the machine roar to life inside the confined bay. After a moment of sitting idly, she gave it all she had. The bike punched out of the open hatch, leaving behind a twisted gale of hot air from the exhaust. The blast jolted Bluebell and tore the box of cookies from her grasp. She squealed in terror as the box slid towards the open hatch, but sighed in relief as it stopped. However, a sudden patch of turbulence sent it tumbling into the open air. Bluebell immediately resumed her squealing. Bluebell, the bike, could be seen visibly leaving the aircraft with a great deal of velocity, a small flare of blue light streaking behind it as Ana kicked on the afterburners.

The Elysian pulled one wing away from her sides, sticking it out to catch the wind as she flew by on the rocketing bike. The airbike quickly fell into a spiral, arcing downwards towards the ground. At the end of a chain of twirls, she pulled her wings back, lifting the front end of the bike up and killing the afterburners as it made a large curve a few hundred feet above the crowd below. The blue bike circled the stage again, never quite leaving a perpendicular angle with the earth before it was time to land. Anastasia leaned back, pulling the bike up as it closed in on the stage in a gently glide. Plasma jets at the bottom end of the bike pushed the bike to a halt just left of stage center, and the bike hovered on a blanket of air as the rider dismounted it.

The band steadily quieted as the crowd hollared and screamed at the amazing new device.

"Ana! Ana! Ana!" they chanted. Off in the distance, the box of cookies made a small splash in the ocean. The DJ from before passed a microphone to the Elysian, who'd grown a sort of "fan club" as Havok had started making moves in the industry. Mostly for her work, but honestly, some of it was because she was attractive. Some creepier forums on the net referred to her as the "winged-waifu" (much to her resentment). It still didn't compare to the fan site exclusively created for Bluebell.

Anastasia paced towards the front edge of the stage as her heart stopped racing from one stimulus, to racing from another. She had been working on her public speaking skills for the past few months leading up to now, partially thanks to Jax and his attempts to bring viral marketing campaigns to the company. The suited Elysian stopped a few feet from the front of the stage, folding her wings behind her as she pulled up on her full-face helmet and ler her dark hair fall out. She took a deep breath out of microphone earshot, before yelling to greet the party crowd. "Hello everybody!"

Another cheer. So far so good!

She took a step back, keeping up a confident voice. "I don't think I need to tell you why we're all gathered here today." A short pause. "But I can tell you anyways- making Havok!"

The Elysian stood in fron the giant red H, looking up to the sky for a moment. "Now as you've heard, we've got great things in store! Game changers across the board for every rider- but it doesn't feel quite right yet... I feel we're missing someone."

A quite murmur began to spread through the crowd. Some on the edges began to point down the coastline, where a small black dot approached closer by the second. A dull roar filled the air, ever increasing until finally the odd, green shape shot past in a crescendo of noise and speed like a fighter jet. It flew off down the coast and doubled back. Anastasia stepped to the left, clearing the view of the view screen for the front row.

"Seven hundred and two miles an hour," Jax's voice announced over the speaker system to the crowd, who were still scratching their heads. Just what the hell had that been?! Certainly no ship, and certainly no bike! "That is the top speed of the Maverick hovercar."

Above the stage, the screen showed a camera that followed the vehicle- a sleek, cat-like machine with a fastback profile- as it lurked slowly down a marked off roadway to the stage, hovering just a foot off the ground. Just beyond the ropes was the VIP section, where several people Jax had invited stood. The founder of Havok rolled down his window and waved to them as he passed. Jax pulled the vehicle up onto the stage, next to the Bluebell, shut down the engine, and stepped out. As soon as he did, a preplanned bunch of fireworks exploded in the sky.

The crowd once more devolved into a deafening cacophony. Jax nudged Ana and gave a bow to his audience. She followed suit with her own, spreading her wings out lightly in an Elysian manner.

"Nice work! We'll practice some more later." Ana's boss murmured privately. He rose back up and took the microphone from her.

She responded quietly, out of reach of the microphone. "Thanks! You keep em energized. I'll do the thing."

"Ladies and gentlemen! We here at Havok would like to introduce the Bluebell and the Maverick! These are our latest products from our new motors division! The Bluebell is the galaxy's first airbike specifically designed for Elysians! With a max airspeed of one-fifty-five miles an hour and a flight ceiling of two thousand five hundred feet, the rider uses their wings to aid in steering and lift." As he spoke, Anastasia flaired her padded cobalt wings out to almost their full length, which was quite wider than one would expect from a glance. "And, of course, it's named after everyone's favorite Neko!"

Several "aawws" arose from the audience. Several elysians in that crowd cheered the loudest.

"One of these puppies can be yours for twelve thousand KS!" Jax continued. He let the applause die before continuing on to the Maverick. "Last year, I bought an Advent from Origin. It was nice...! I guess...!"


"But I wanted more, and you all should want more! So, being as 'extra' as I am, I built the Maverick! Y'all have already seen how fast this hunk of steel moves! It has a flight ceiling of five and a half miles! It has to use fucking thrust vectoring to maneuver! Most importantly, it has CUPHOLDERS! Twenty thousand KS, and it's yours!"

More cheers, more excitement.

"Now, that's all we have at the moment here at Havok, but remember to stay tuned to our vlogs and follow us on social media! Now, I'm going to shut the fuck up so we can listen to some god-damned MUSIC!" Jax whooped, pumping a fist into the air. He pointed to the sea of people. "Now get out there, drive fast, and party like there's no tomorrow!"

The band resumed playing, confetti began raining from above, accompanied by more fireworks, and Jax dropped the mic and waltzed off stage, throwing up deuces to the audience, and heading for the VIP section. Anastasia peeled of the stage behind him as a squad of five Mavericks and three Bluebells passed over in formation overhead, officially kicking off the Havok Festival.
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Planet 188604
Osman City
VIP Section

A ship of the empire, now sitting in an unfamiliar hangar at Uesureyan Fields, the YSS Kaiyō II, had many of her crew far from her. West of core Yamatai, which they had recently saved from a wayward and fast-moving planet by the Kaiyō crew, on the aptly described backwater planet of 188604 was where many of her crew could be found.

After the Kuvexian's Planet H attempt attack, the Kaiyō II had been stationed at Himiko System along with the 5th and 6th squadrons of the 1XF to prepare for a launched attack by the Kuvexians... An attack that did not come. They stayed there until Command deemed it appropriate to allow them to wait for new orders, thus rest and relaxation were imminent. The crew knew that those orders would come late next week, but today was....

"Friiiidaaay," Hoshi sang out, off tune and a little tipsy from the Instadrunk being passed out by Koga Akemi. "Friiiiiday," she sang along to Kyoto Sekai's recent hit, "IS THE BEST DAY!!! It's when... na na nana naaa..." she mumbled loudly, rocking into the shoulder of Deio Asuka as she did.

Nekovalkyrja's drunken-ness wholly depended on their desire to be drunk. She could purge her system in an instant if she felt like it, bu this Nekovalkyrja wanted to feel the pleasure of inebriation, despite only being able to get a buzz and not fully drunk-drunk. "Where's Chlooraaate? Where is she, I need to find out if she can sing as well as Kyoto Sekaaiiii!!" Her vowels were coming elongated and her voice was chipper and happy as her deep blue eyes saw the Nekojin came off the stage.

"You did great, Jaxin'!!" Hoshi said with a little more control over her vowels. "As always, my friend."

The little male Nekovalkyrja, Koga Akemi, wore a full, head to toe ensemble of sparkling white jewels adorning his body. He had bought several tens of thousands of real and true diamonds recently, which he had made into a full one-piece get-up with stirrup heels and gloves as well as a diamond lucha libre face mask that showed off his petite pale face in sections. He was holding onto Muyomi and Halsie Nighni by their rears on a couch, watching the performance and waving here and there to people before slipping his hands back around the bums.


"Heeeeeeeavens, yeah!!" Eden screamed out as she man-handled the buggy she was attempting to steer, though a more accurate description was that it was steering her. She looked to the empty passenger seat with goggled, golden eyes and then back to the orange dunes in front of her, thinking how much she wished her wife were able to enjoy this with her.


VIP Section

Jax snapped his fingers, and a beer flew through the air. He deftly caught it, popped the top, and took a swig.

"HOSHHAAAAAAAAY! How you been, girl?!" Jackson called out cheerfully and gave the small Neko a one-armed hug. He saw the rest of the Kaiyo crew present and added, jokingly: "I see you brought the kids!"

"Akemi! My man! How's our team looking? They like the bike I made 'em?" he asked the other catboy from over Hoshi's shoulder.


As Eden made a rather large jump in her buggie, a modified, aerodynamic shuttle blasted through the gap between the vehicle and the ground. It rose a little into the sky soon after, performing a roll and jetting off towards the mountains. Soon after, five other, similar shuttles rocketed past, trying to catch up. An air race!


"Hey guys, this is DJ Blizz-E in the Havok Radio booth on the first day of the Havok Festival! Things are really heating up out there in the desert! Remember to drive fast, party hard, and put on some sunscreen! Seriously, my pasty ass is going to fry like a gyoza today! If you get thirsty out there, swing by Akemi's for something cold, and always remember to tip the waitresses well! This is DJ Blizz on Havok Radio, and here's some music live from our north stage..."

Gravity cackled like a mad woman and checked the rear cameras to see the buggie fast disappearing into the distance.

"Think Eden knew it was us?!" the pilot asked Sacre with a devilish grin. She'd calculated that pass perfectly, and still managed to maintain her lead. Now she just needed to pray that her superior officer was the forgiving type. If not, she didn't care! She was having a blast!

The name of the game right now was to be the first to a series of checkpoints, without going over five thousand feet. So far, the Neko and her lovely co-pilot were wrecking shop! These losers couldn't compete with the Dream Team: Gravy and Sass!



A mindy suit could go real fast, the ke-m2-4 could reach something like 2000kph if Wyatt's memory wasn't acting up but the fact that he was being shot at most times he managed to reach such speeds took away from the fun of it, along with all of the suit's systems that were put in place to help negate some of the negative effects that came with all that speed.

A figure on a dirtbike came roaring over one of the many sand dunes, hanging in the air for a few seconds before it slammed back down to the ground and shot forward with a plume of sand- The figure on the dirtbike was none other than Wyatt Alder, the Kaiyo-ii's resident marksman who was heavily lacking skills in the social department, he was clad in a leather jacket over some generic padded armour with a set of sleek goggles sitting over his eyes and a scarf wrapped around his lower face but that bright orange hair was hard to miss along with the overly stiff posture that came with it.

The dirtbike banked off to the side until it was even with the buggie, at which point Wyatt buzzed the bike's horn to get Eden's attention over all the noise. The slight smile on his face was hidden by the scarf as he hammered the throttle a few times to rev the engine up and try to incite some kind of race with the shosa - there was a clear wedge that had been driven between the ground-bound vehicles and the ones that soared overhead but that wouldn't stop him from creating a bit of healthy competition between the marksman and his superior.
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"Perhaps she did." a different voice spoke, through their comms. "Perhaps, she in fact did."

The two may have been a dream team, but Kyoi was SAINT. More importantly, she was formerly a pilot. Even more importantly she was out driving around in the desert (with some approval from SAINT) using a NovaCorp Mucoyi Civilian Shuttle, with the idea of training on her side. It was an odd control scheme, but Kyoi was determined to pilot it without using SPINE. She wouldn't get the luxury of SPINE for enemy craft, anyways.

The only way to become perfect is to work, as Kyoi had postulated. Work while they work, and work while they play. And those two seemed like the aggressive sort. They were at play, but she was indeed at work, and while to them she may be an excellent competitor, to Kyoi, they were a benchmark for her to crush. Besides, there weren't many better ways to test a pilot's speed handling skill besides a race.

"Your challenge is accepted," Kyoi stated through the comms, shockingly flat compared to how she usually was. She cut, and hit the accelerator as hard as she could.

Jack Pine

Mark Oaklen(kaiyo)--->VIP section
Mark stood amongst the people on the crowded floor area as they watched various activities happen around the city. He wasn't really here for the races, but just to enjoy being where it felt like home. He opened a comm line to everyone, "Hey guys, I hope your enjoying yourselves. I'd also like to welcome you to my home. Later when everybody is free, I'd like to take everyone to dinner. My treat, perks of being someone of influence I guess."

Mark Oaklen(S6)--->dessert
Mark sped across the dunes on a DR1 with no helmet, and at full thrust. The specially designed tires easily finding traction. He was just enjoying the drive mostly. Speeding by a buggy, it caught his attention. Slowing down to match speed, he saw what looked like someone he knew, "Eden?!"

Jack Pine--->nath tower
Jack watched from a room in nath tower. He was not one for races to be honest, but watched nonetheless. Intrigued by the various visitors, including those from the star empire. S6 was running security for the event, most of it discreet, unless it needed to be noticeable in certain areas. A few of his group's own vehicles had been entered. Some actually setup as prizes, donated for the occasion.

Switching through feeds he spotted a familiar face, Mark, different but the same. Jack gave a flick of the wrist and had surveillance note every SAoY member in attendance, and arranged a reservation. Jax was also added to the list, and the arrangements were sent to Mark. A little S6 emblem marked the lower corner of the attached message.

The most high end restaurant located on 604 was the one located on the upper floors of nath tower. Most of the dining space was reserved for list of attendance. It would be nice to meet and catch up with his other fourth.

Neera Pine--->city track
Neera drifted through the streets in a Raven Sports, the plasma engine roaring as she burnt rubber through the streets. She was enjoying this greatly.

Seraphina Cerulius--->streets
The angel watched as cars zoomed by, and as she sipped from some slushie style alcoholic drink. It was nice to have a day or two off. Hopefully she could find company, or it would be kinda lonely.

Nora--->VIP section
When she had asked to help represent, she wasn't expecting this. In a negligent, gothic style, Nora strode into the VIP section as the S6 rep for the event. She was supposed to represent the teams of theirs for the events, and just as a presence there. She felt out of place, even more so as she came near the group with the drunken neko. She gave a curt bow to Akemi and Jax, "Thank you for the festivities mister Jax, and Akemi for the entertainment groups. My grandfather sends his thanks as well."



Sacre looked behind the shuttle, somewhat cramped in the small confines. There were times that being as long and tall as she was was a disadvantage. This was one of those times. "Are you stupid enough to think she can't figure it out if she wants?" Sacre asked. Although the words were aserbic, she was still enjoying herself. Although watching the buggy turn into a dot very quickly brought her to the second thing that was making her uncomfortable. She was used to her own tail being the fastest way to get from point A to point B. Sure she rode on starship and flew a Mindy. However, that felt different from getting shoved into a box in the awkward middle ground between powered armor and a starship then hurtling through the shy with no control. She looked back at Gravity. "I think Kyoi wants to challenge us for the lead though." Gravity made her feel good about this strange experience. Sacre wanted to reach out and touch her gently, but Gravity was flying and didn't need the distraction.
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VIP Section

In the middle of the VIP section existed a certain deep purple eyed hawk with light blue wings. Said hawk had been mostly, and just slightly, shaking of excitement. The blue winged Elysian scanned the stage where Anastasia and Jax had been just a couple of moments ago, moments where he might have almost lost his own voice from sheer cheering. Sure, the Bluebell and the Maverick where two amazing vehicles to be excited about. But this certain hawk wasn't here for the cars or bikes. He was here for someone else.

Orion Jones purple eyes scanned his surrounding, ignoring the music and random speech for a moment. He was looking for a certain Elysian with cobalt wings which had recently been on the stage...


Osman City
VIP Section

A rather funny-looking couple was standing in place in the VIP section; the tall Iemochi Seinosuke supported his adorable pregnant wife Arbitrated, her swollen belly making it quite hard to stand most of the time - let alone walk. Today was quite a special occasion, though. This would have been the first time she's seen Anastasia for a long, long time - what felt like over a year! Arbles wore a maternity-specific pink shirt, matching her wings almost perfectly; atop her head was a wide-brimmed hat perfect for keeping the sun's light off of her delicate skin.

She had to give a little laugh to the pseudo-intoxicated Hoshi and her bubbly singing. She never did get off on the right foot back when the blue-haired captain first commanded the Kaiyo, but the once slightly-chilly relationship had thawed to a more comfortable feeling overall. Leaning slightly against Mochi, she turned her face towards the ecstatic Orion and said, "I'm glad you couldn't stop talking about how Ana was going to be here! I don't think, I don't think we would've come otherwise! Heheh!" Which was about right - the ride here was a bit long for someone in her condition, but the chance to talk with someone she hasn't seen in so long, face to face as well, was worth it in the ex-Shan's book.




Gravity far out-ran her, but Eden was willing to give the pilot more than a promotion for her actions aboard the Kaiyō II, she was willing to give her an out for one-upping her. Something Eden could do for just about anybody. Eden tooted her own horn out in excitement as she saw Wyatt became a part of what she considered a balanced diet of competition.

"It's on," she said telepathically to the infantry marksman in a haughty voice and she made sure they were even with one another, accepting his challenge.

Just then she saw a Mark without an eyepatch and a covered arm and her heart flipped and buggy stalled. The veritable deathtrap spun in the sand a few times, remaining on all four wheels, before Eden regained control to a negligible degree. The buggy stopped, eventually, surrounded by a huge orange dust cloud.

Osman City

Hoshi laughed out a line to Jax, "Brought the fam just for you, fam!" Her hand had found purchase on Asuka's shoulder and she looked happy and comfortable amongst her crew and friends. "Akemi, how do the teams look?"

Akemi put a hand up to address Neera and called out over Sekai's poppy tunes, "Care to join us, beautiful?" He then looked to Jax and Hoshi, saying, "You know I don't play favorites, they're all amazing! I haven't placed any bets against Havok, promise!!"


Osman City
VIP Section

Seino had been very wary in agreeing to come along with the others to 188604, having discussed it at some length with his eager wife. Of course, the scientist had been happy to come and see how the woman who helped him build the IRIS and MAW was getting along, it had been too long since they had last met!

Arbles leaned gently against him, the feeling of her beautifully rounded belly warm against the curve of his side. He'd been as excited as she was to come along, surrounded by their friends in a fun locale.

Now, however, he was a little more apprehensive. The VIP box was dotted with various high-level looking men and women, the memory of what had happened the last time his father had discerned his and Arbs' location springing to the forefront of his mind. Being in a crowd was one thing but who knew how many people around him had ties to IIS in this reserved area.

In fact, he wouldn't be surprised if a representative was here, scoping out some Havok gear to buy and sell on or something. Or maybe a direct business partner of theirs, a mere few meters away. Still, now it was his duty to make sure the mother-to-be under his charge was comfortable and it wouldn't suit to worry the smol one.

Casting it from his mind, the tall blonde wrapped a comforting arm around his partner, squeezing Arbs a little reassuringly. "We can't wait to see her, I bet she'll be staggering." Mochi added to Orion, his rather unusual wings attracting a couple of cursory glances. "It should be amazing!"



Anastasia tread off-stage following Jax, shedding her riding gloves in the process. "Well Jax, I think that stunt worked. But, I'm not flashing my wings to the crowd again." Her "crazy" still needed some more thawing.

The Elysian slipped the back padding off of said wings with a shake, and set her helmet on a box behind the stage. It took just a second to recognize the unusually intoxicated Taiyou Hoshi out of uniform, and she felt a compulsive urge to apologize to her when she did. However, she was a little late as it was, and it may have been better to leave this to a professional. She passed Jax, giving him a tap on the shoulder while trying to contain her excitement. "I'll be back in a while!" She passed by Hoshi, greeting her with a simple "Hello, Hoshi". The Elysian blur was on the move again, this time off the bike.

VIP Section

He never stood a chance. From his right side came a loud and familiar "Orion!!" A small wave of other VIPs were parted to give way to the incoming Intercontinental Ballistic Girlfriend. Anastasia wrapped her arms around Orions shoulders, not yet stopping to notice the group of other former crewmates.


VIP Section

Hoshi murmured to Asuka in a voice loud enough for the Iemochi family to hear while her eyes trailed behind the cobalt-winged Elysian.

"Watch out, that's the girl Command wants us to convince to take one more job."

"I know her... By us," Asuka said, "you mean Eden, right?"

"That's the XO's job, 'member?! Do what the captain can't!" she said in a telepathic half-whisper.



Wyatt nodded and raised one hand to begin counting down from three when suddenly a new challenger entered the ring, the new rider was obscured by Eden’s vehicle and the cloud of sand it had spat up yet he could hear the whines of some top of the line engine. He was caught off guard when Eden suddenly began spinning out, the marksman steered his own vehicle away from the scene until it had mostly stopped - at which point he turned the bike violently toward the buggy and dug his foot in to the ground, which spat up another thick cloud of sand and left a deep rut where the tires had been flicked almost at a 90degree angle.

“Eden-Shosa, are you alright ma’am?” He called out verbally rather than telepathically while simultaneously detaching his suit’s tether from the bike he had been riding, he kicked out the bike’s stand to keep it upright as he moved into the dust that hid her buggy. The man hadn’t heard the sound of metal creaking nor any screams of pain so he hoped the Shosa was mostly unharmed.
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VIP Section

Jax released Hoshi and allowed her to do her thing. He shot Akemi a thumbs up and gave a light bow to Nora.

"Hey, it's no trouble, sweetheart!" Jax replied to the gothic S6 representative. "I'm just glad this all went off without a hitch!"


Gravity's eyes narrowed at Kyoi's shuttle. She looked back at her new girlfriend with a mischievous smirk.

"This'll be fun!" she said to Sacre, pressing the comm button on the dash.

"Bring it, Fido." she murmured dangerously to Kyoi. Slamming the throttle forwards and coming up neck and neck with the other shuttle. The other racers were still very far behind, making this basically a head-to-head. Next checkpoint was ten miles and closing, through a narrow mountain pass.



Osman City
VIP Section
Kikios (Kaiyo II)
"I found her, Chusa!"
Kikios called out to Hoshi, dragging Chlorate along who was making a clanking sound and not wearing anything. "She's been acting strangely though... Is she glitching?"

Chlorate (S6)
Chlorate cried out, being dragged into the VIP section by a bird. She looked at Hoshi and said "Hello Chusa Hoshi. How has the Kaiyo been?"

Chlorate (Kaiyo II)
A clanking sound could be heard as ANOTHER Chlorate, this one in a kimono, entered the VIP section. "I have arrived, Hosh-" both Chlorates looked at each other. "Chusa Hoshi, have I been replaced?" the kimono-wearing one asked worriedly.

Kikios (S6)
Kiki sped across the dunes in a buggy, excitedly bouncing up and down as the vehicle went over the hills. The cockatoo cheered on her way over the desert.

Adria boredly waddled down the sidewalk, with her long tail wrapped around Adilis' arm. One of her wings smacked right into Seraphina, causing her to spin around and let go of Adilis. "AH! Stupid wings!"


"Eek!" Adilis cried, being tripped by Adria abruptly turning. He fell over, only to be met by Adria blaming him by saying "Oh get up you clumsy dork!"


Orion both yelped and stumbled a bit as a 'Intercontinental Ballistic Girlfriend' impacted him onto his side, clutching into him for dear life. The blue hawk then hugged back just as tightly as the cobalt winged Elysian was embracing him.

"Anastasia!! I missed you so muuuch!!"

The Elysian commented as he embraced. His wings dropped down some centimeters, and the rest of his body seemed to relax just a bit. Finally, after several months, he was seeing the Elysian he loved with his own eyes, he was able to Finally get to hug her. He closed his eyes for brief seconds, enjoying the long awaited moment.


Planet 188604
Osman City

Uso could hear the ringtone for her local representative of the spooky community even from her position on the balcony of Nath tower, overlooking the start of the Havok Festival. That side of things had been quiet for a while... no doubt there was some grave emergency that needed attending to.

She frowned a bit, realizing she totally should have gotten an airbike from Alex for this... the girl alex that did salvage of course, not the adopted alex who was probably busy putting on an air show... or like... mecha fighting. She really hoped she'd get to see a giant robot punch another giant robot.

But her datapad was still buzzing.

"YO SAINTLY! WHAT'S UP!?" Uso called out, the datapad answering the call for her and transmitting her message as she came back in to the clothing and alcohol strewn penthouse, glass doors sliding closed behind her and tinting themselves a glossy black.

"Hey Uso, do you think we can consider each other friends yet?" Candon asked, straight to the point.

"I don't do friends," Uso said, "You can come hang out though. We got a party thing going on. I think Jax is about to blow something up."

"I'd love to be there but something important has come up. There's an event happening at Hanako's Palace," Candon explained, "it's happening a week from now, can you be there?"

"What event? Secret Wedding?" Uso asked.

"Something like that, so wear something nice and keep it quiet," he requested, "after that shadow war I need to keep my name out of circulation."

”You make me want to put your face on the side of a building... this like, classy formal? Or like classy swanky?.... classy sexy? Classy-tactical?” She asked.

"I'd say classy formal but I know you'd probably bring battle armor. Dress like Hanako's getting married and please- please keep the weapons concealed."

”you’d totally tell me if this was a trap right? Just give me some kinda singnal only I’d pick up on.”

"If I wanted to trap you in a dress Masumi would kill me,"Candon laughed, "it's just a formal event, but it's a pretty big deal."

”got it, see you there!”


VIP Section

Anastasia tightened the hug for a moment, resting her head against Orions. The tall Elysian spoke excitedly in Seraphim, trying to keep her emotions from breaking out. "I've missed you too! I've been working night and day to see you, I I was worried and-" She trailed off for a moment, trying to regain composure with a teary smile. "I'm so glad you could make it out here."

She glanced to the side, noticing the others waiting awkwardly to the side of the event. She decided it would be best to save this for later, before it became to much of a 'get a room' affair. She looked back at Orion, finishing. "I've got a lot I want to talk about, but we should wait till we're out of the party." With that said, she gave him a quick kiss before loosening her grip.

Anastasia turned to face the Iemochi's, another set of faces she hadn't seen since discharge. "It's good to see you again, Seino!" She briskly offered her hand out to the scientist. She looked down at Arbitrated, pretending not to notice the complete change in body shape, and offered a handshake next. "How have you two been?"


Planet 188604,
Nath Tower,

Uso tossed her datapad aside after the call, "Bah, now I have to dress up to go to some thing," She complained, not really to Kyro, even though he was there.

The glass would become transparent again, showing the festivities going on outside, the lights moving around the race tracks, the kilometer high images of the rock band playing the main stage being projected onto the clouds by Vier's drones.

"I hate wearing dresses.... not like you'd know anything about that huh? What's it like to be home anyways?" Uso would rush over to Kyro, putting her arm around him and practically dragging him towards the windows, "Ever thought your old home would look like this some day?"

Kyro would stare out the window in silence, he would have his blank expression on his face as usual, “It is a new sight, that is for sure. However, I’m not sure how others would react to my return.“ He then looks at Uso, “Even after killing my family you still at least didn’t treat everyone as slaves. I thank you for that.“

Putting his large rough hand on her shoulder he says, “You don’t have to wear a dress. You chose what you wear. I’ve chosen to continue to wear my uniform.“ As he jesters at his clothing. “Even if it’s the only clothes that fit.”

"We have more clothing, that's the whole point of coming back here first... I mean, we could run off half-cocked and try to take over that other world of yours but that's not how things are done. Gotta get our shit in order first, and then start only once we know we will win.

You see how happy people are? And how not 'lets kill Uso' they are? That isn't because of our drones, soldiers, guns, and grenades. That's because we're giving them a better alternative to fighting us....

... I mean, we will have to fight your people a little. We can't just throw a party so awesome they hand the whole planet over to us.... Can we?" Uso asked.

Letting go of her and breaking off, he turns away and faces the floor. “No, conflict will happen. I’m not ignorant when it comes to warfare. However, minimalizing the casualties and gaining allies is a better route then guns blazing.”

Kyro turns back to face Uso, “I do this because of power. There is too much of it used for personal gain that it’s become dishonorable. I wear this uniform to show the pride I have for my former life.“ He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a golden coin and a brass button. “I keep home with me everywhere. It’s the only things I have to remember them by.“ His voice is deep and straight to the point, like a soldier. “The only worry I have, is to show my face to those people.” He looks out the window.

"Or you could just throw them out. They are dead, they won't mind. That baggage just slows you down. . . plus we got power armors if you don't want to show your face... not those off the shelf origin models either. My doods are producing their own armors now!" Uso bragged.

Kyro gives a slight smile then says,“I think I would prefer go go out without a mask, or in this case a gigantic metal suit.”

"I mean, that's an option, but why though? You're all fleshy. You die to bullets very easily. You're not gonna want to go out there without some kind of protection.... though I guess you can get a backup from Vier so when you die we can spin up another one of you." Uso mused.

Sticking his hand up he shakes his head,“Why would someone, who brings promos of prosperit, be carrying armor? I see it as a way to assume to them that I don’t intend to start conflict.”

"Because you're the badguy!" Uso laughed, "Showing up with prosperity in hand is just declaring war on the people currently in charge of their system. Bring food, you're at war with their famers. Bring machines you're at war with their industry. Bring me? I mean, we're gonna fuck up their governments so yeah that's pretty much war on everyone and everything."

Kyro nods to her, “I understand that, but it’s better to have at least someone on the inside who will help you. In this case, I brings weapons. Though conflict is the last thing on my mind. I will not fire the first shot. I will not allow myself to be deemed as the instigator.” He taps on his head, “It’s all about psychology warfare, make the people think it’s cost more than what it’s worth. In this case, capitulation.”

"Or," Uso said, holding her hands up as if trying to paint a picture, "We fire the first shot. Arguably we fire shots 1 through 100 or really as many as it takes. We don't need to play nice with these guys. Lets just wreck them then show who is left that we're awesome and they should just join up?"

Kyro starches his beard, “That would work, if I was trying to run things the same way as you. However I have other plans. The more popular I am with them from the start, the easier it will be to get my plans rolling.“ He turns to her, ”Therefore I’ve devised a plan for you to have fun slaughtering while I manage on gaining allies. I’m sure you would like to hear about it?” He says raising an eyebrow.

"Sure, whachu got?" Uso asked, heading over to the sofa and sprawling out on it.

Kyro leans against the wall, looking up to the ceiling, "I can persuade the less hostile factions to become allies, and we will help put an end to the menace which is two other factions, which are significantly stronger. We help the underdogs and free the enslaved peoples in the other two factions. We win." Looking back to her, "It's extreamly over simplified, but I tried to be as straight to the point as possible. You of course would be involved in the combat, but I bust beg you to refrain from using anything that will cause perminate damage to the ecosystem."

"How do you feel about be lasering my face into one of the nations? I'm pretty sure we can do that now with the orbit to surface weapons." Uso asked.

"I would feel, displeased, and not amused. I wouldn't care if you did it on another one of the planets, but these two are special." Kyro says giving her his emotionless look.

"You're going to be so boring if you don't take time to enjoy the small stuff." Uso replied.

"I haven't had fun in twenty three years. I think I'm good on having fun. It hasn't suited me." He looks down at the floor, "I've been trained to be a soldier since I was three. Never had a childhood and joined the military because I was told to. I'm not cut out for civilian life. Which is why I don't want them to see me now, after all this time. I don't know how they will react to me sudden return. However, if told to, I will go out there." He hasn't faltered in his voice and his expression has remained the same.

"You have to do something for fun. Even if it is like, military-grade fun. You're not some robot." Uso frowned. "Don't make me order you to enjoy yourself."

"Is that an order?" He says looking at Uso.

"IS IT?" Uso asked, but more loudly.

Kyro gives it a second then gets off the wall, "I won't be taking any chances and just assume that it is." He walks out.