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[Yamatai] Hanami Festival & BBQ Cookout of YE 45 - OPEN RP

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Aerin spent the time wandering the festival with Hanako, Andar, and the gang engaged in small talk- As much as she could have tried to sneak business in here and there, the seasoned CEO knew that proper relationships were built on things other than advertisements. that, and it wasn't necessary to pitch anything to Hanako as the Star Army was already a huge customer. Instead, it was a festival to be enjoyed, and the small woman made sure to enjoy it. Thankfully for Zus, her boss' earlier frantic dashing from one food stall to the next had ceased, and the taller blonde Iromakuanhe was able to finally enjoy the festival. Rather than speak to the premier, Zus found it safer to speak with the Noval entourage, especially Enki.

When Hanako had to leave, Aerin said her goodbyes as well, "It was a pleasure to meet you, Hanako," she said, bowing in a polite but less formal manner. "I hope you enjoy the rest of the festival and that you and yours continue to do well."

Zus Storhan likewise sent off Hanako, but this time with an Iromakuanhe-style goodbye gesture, before waving as the Premier made her way to her next destination.

This left the pair from Origin with Andar Noval and his fellows.

"Well," Aerin began, putting her arms up behind her head and beginning to stroll slowly along the row of festival booths lining the park, "What do you think of Hanako? Of Yamatai? As much as Origin tries to distance itself and remain a neutral party, this is my home and I for one am glad to have someone as tempered by experience as she is as the Premier."
Andar smiled over at Aerin.

"I liked her," he said, thoughtful. "She could have been pretentious or dismissive, but she was neither. I think it speaks well for the future of Yamatai that she's that sort of person. With her history, it could be easy to picture Yamatai becoming more militant, but it seems that she's more than just that."

Then he took in the surroundings. "As for Yamatai itself - it's harder for me to say. I like it, to be sure, and see the possibility here. The NDC is my home and I'm invested in seeing its growth. I'm hopeful that includes a deeper partnership between its government and those throughout the rest of the sector, as well as for corporations like ours. The Kuvexians were a reminder that there's a wider galaxy out there - and not always a peaceful one.

Well, I suppose there's not that much reason to choose a favorite. It takes almost as long to travel here as it does from Sanctum to Nephis."

Andar gave her a warm smile. "I do have to admit that I've been impressed by the quality of people here. Thank you for introducing me to the Premiere."

As the two chatted, Enki was enjoying the company of the Iroma captain. Enki had seen plenty of combat herself, though hers was usually the up-close type, and so it made for an easy kinship.

"So, other than all the ships you've crashed, what else have you gotten into?" she said, her voice that of a confident warrior - with just a bit of a humorous edge thrown in. One of the maids looked aghast that the woman had made a joke. Enki was more making fun at the others for giving Zus a hard time than disparaging the woman herself. She'd seen plenty of plans go awry.
Walking into the festival was a small group of people, One was a human and was speaking to a snowshoe hare that was walking alongside her, and just behind then with a nervous grin was a red-skinned alien.

The human was dressed informally with a nice deep purple shirt and dark grey or black pants, around her waist was her family's Kitana, secured in the scabbard, and clearly seen that it will take effort to remove the blade. on the other side was a holster with what looked like a stun weapon of some type, dress boot finished out the human's outfit. The snowshoe hare nearby is wearing a simple belt around her waist that has a holster with what looks to be a stun pistol and a pouch, Choosing to go all fur, she was smiling as she spoke with the human and sometimes looking back to the Red-skinned alien. The red skin alien was wearing a simple pair of black or dark grey pants, and a white undershirt with a brown vest atop, at her side was what looked like to be a crowbar.

Nikicon, are you sure you are going to be ok like that ?? "The human would ask the Snowshoe hare as they get closer the hare nods some and then says "Take a look there are some that are doing the same thing, but I have fur over me and that will cover me just as well." Taking a look around the human sighs some and then says " ok Nikicon, Zeck lets get something to eat I am getting hungry, Also Nikicon did you get word back from that company you talked about on the way here?" The Hare would nod some and then says " not yet, I think its because of the Festival that I didn't get any word back from them. " The human nods as they approach a plaza as she looks around, she can smell someone grilling on a grill but most of them seem to be private as there was a bunch gathered around talking to each other.
Mileena the Fox
Mileena stirred in her sleep as her Guppy discovered Yamatai. The ship’s AI started bringing her out of her Virtual Home Sleep environment just in time for the comms to alert her to contact by The Star Army, that noticed her little harmless ship. She was able to convince them of her intentions, that she was a simple Vixen looking for work that a non Yamataian Citizen can get.

They permitted Mileena to pass and encouraged her to participate in the Hanami festival. Perhaps she might meet contractors or someone there, so long as she doesn’t break the laws. Mileena got onto a transport down to the planet, and found her way to the Hanami Festival, where fresh scents attacked her Fox nose. Some scents were familiar to her, as the Capital City of Draco Eridanus did have some Yamataian cuisine, but there were unfamiliar scents here too.

“ok.. The first order of business, get food, second order of business find a job.” Mileena said to herself as she walked to the food stalls.

Mileena was without clothes like a few of the Festival goers. She, like the adorable Nikicon, went all fur for the occasion. But unlike Nikicon, she didn’t appear to be armed with a weapon of any kind. But the only thing she carried was a black and red backpack with the symbol of the NDC at its back. As she stepped up to where the food was being served to the public, she shoved her hand into the bag and brought out KS, the local currency.
She paid for the meal of her choice, and also casually mentioned that she was looking for work. The Merchants mentioned they’ll spread the word to any interested parties before Mileena looked around for a spot to sit at. Eventually deciding on a shaded bench under a tree, she made her way over there. “DracoTown has nothing like this” She murmured as she observed the falling blossoms.
Licking her lips, she began eating some of the meal.

He reached out and tapped his finger against the badge. "Yup, official ham inspection badge. Never leave home without it. Never know when you might need to check out a nice ham." He said leaning to the side to get a nice side view of her. "I'd give it an A+." He said with a wink to her as he leaned back up. "Drink can bring the spice and you can bring the sweet. Though, we still need the delicate." He commented while he looked around. Though he wasn't really look for anyone but then someone caught his attention. As far as he could recall, this was his first time seeing a Anthro with such big ears. He could only picture how soft there were.

His smile curled into a grin. "Come Majnun, I just found the delicate." He said pointing towards the new guest. "Time to have you meet more people." As he finished talking he reached down and took her hand once more. By now it wasn't a soft hold but a full on fingers locked type of hold. Surely it would cause people to wonder. They quickly made their way over to the new group and Miko with Majnun in tow walked right up to them. "Welcome friends, what a wonderful time we are having here. I will be your host, Mikodimus at your service." He said with a bow towards them. He then lifted his hand which was holding onto Majnun. "And this is the wonderful Majnun, who recently moved into the area. Who might you all be."
Over by AELYA
A person who was fairly short was dodging in between people. They finally seen who they were tasked to deliver a message too. She quickly walked over to her. "Um, miss Aelya." She said in a low voice. "Special delivery of a priority message." She said with a smile. On the front of it was a big dragon logo with the name Seraphina under it. "She said it was related to Norian refugees and that you'd know what to do." He gave a short bow and vanished into the crowd leaving the letter in her care.

Should she read the message it would contain the following:

Greetings to the wonderful Aelya Caeyara,

We have not had the pleasure of meeting, I am Madam Seraphina Belmont, CEO of the Belmont enterprises. I am reaching out to you as I have matters to discuss regarding the refugees under our care. We have gone to great lengths to care for them but I am concerned we are still not doing enough. It was brought to my attention you would be the correct person to speak on these matters. I do hate to bother you during the current ongoing event but did not wish to miss my chance to speak with you as we are both very busy with our duties. Would you be able to meet as soon as possible after the event? As there might be some concerns coming directly onto our property I offer the mutual meeting place of Takeda House. I look forward to meeting with you and wish all the best.

Signed Seraphina Belmont,
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Somewhere in the festivities

It had been a little while since her retirement from her long service in the Star Army of Yamatai. Suzuki Akira had originally planned on finding some remote part of the universe to homestead and conquer, but she instead ended up getting hired as a starship captain for the Fujiko Development Corporation secondarily and primarily as a "security consultant" to help them clean up and rehabilitate the population back into a "civilized" state.

Normally this involved training the corporation's security forces to a standard the SAoY could actually passively respect, but today she was tasked with watching over the Reds that were selected to attend the festivaties on Yamatai. With their previous reputation for being unruly and violent, it didn't surprise her at all. Even if these particular clones were some of the best behaving ones she has ever seen. Old sleep training habits are hard to kill.

She wandered around the food stalls wearing a purple jacket over a dark grey Liu and Liu leotard half environmental suit, the only hint of it is the obvious skin of her hips peeking out past her low cut lighter grey pants.

Aelya's head popped up at the exclamation of interest from Yuri. It seemed that both were intrigued by Norian culture, which she would be more than willing to teach them. "I would be honored to teach both of you whatever it is you want to know! Though if there are any specific topics you are hesitant as possibly crossing your boundaries let me know. Otherwise, I will cover everything!" she said happily hopping a bit while still holding on to Yoshiro's hand. Her appetite for adventure piqued at the opportunity to learn about all the food options available for their people here in Yamatai, totally not anything to do with her mushroom obsession. "I absolutely love mushrooms!" she squealed excitedly. Clearing her throat and respond in a more calm manner, "I meant to say, yes. I have had them before and they are amazing." When she felt Yoshiro move forward towards the counter she released his hand so that he was not constrained.

This day was full of firsts that much was certain. Attempted kidnapping by an ex, or well alleged ex since they never assigned a title to anything. As a result of that two new friends, both who were as eager to learn about her as she was about them. Now they were ordering for her! The swoon potential was increasing with each wholesome pleasant activity that occurred. Although she simply would have to pay Yoshiro back for lunch somehow, perhaps a cultural gift or returning the favor at another time. "Oh my goodness, that is very kind of you Yoshiro! Thank you so much, I cannot wait to try it." she said with a smile and energetic little happy food dance. Suddenly a voice she did not realize was next to her trying to get her attention.

Slowly she simultaneously raised her eyebrow while turning her gaze down to look upon the messenger. Who in their right mind delivers a message to a naked woman during the middle of a festival? Had no one heard of emails or instant messaging? Curiously the accepted the message embossed with a dragon like logo politely smiling at the messenger. She did not even get a chance to thank them or get their name before they dashed off. Bemused by this recent turn of events her fingers gingerly turned it over inspecting it for signs malicious intent. Seeing none her fingers flipped the letter right side up and opened it to reveal the contents.

The contents made her confused about a few things. One of which being why in the world a Belmont was contacting her directly about refugees when that was being handled by the government of Yamatai and her brother Airwin. While she did directly play a hand in these matters, this certainly was not the politically correct way of going about things. It made her wonder if there was perhaps an ulterior motive to the message given that it was easy to surmise relation connections. How did Seraphina even know where Aelya was? That raised several security concerns, but it was not like she had a private guard following her around. Although after this that could very likely change. What did the Belmonts have to offer that Yamatai did not? That was not her call to make, it made her eyes close releasing an audible sigh of exasperation. Aelya vespered both Airwin and Lynira with the information so at least they were aware. Lynira certainly was within range, so that would cover her in case Airwin was not. Well as she had no pockets and was feeling somewhat perturbed she looked for the nearest refuse receptacle depositing the letter within before returning swiftly to Yoshiro and Yuri. Afterall, where in the world would she have kept such a letter? The woman had not a pocket of her own in sight.


A light laugh whisped past Majnun's lips when Miko inspected her thin frame after commenting on inspecting hams. "No hams here I am afraid, so sorry to disappoint. So change that grade to an F" she said rolling her eyes sassily tracing the letter "f" into the air. She nearly choked on her drink when he called her sweet, which made her smirk mischieviously. "Well I certainly would say that you are the sweet one out of the two of us, but I will play along!" Her gaze flicked over in the direction which he pointed, "Well alright, lets go!" she said while squeezing his hand gently as their fingers interlocked. The thought had not even crossed her mind that this might raise eyebrows amongst the crowd. Upon their arrival Miko had introduced them, which saved her the trouble. In turn she offered the new acquaintances a smile and cheerful wave with her free hand, "Hello!"
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While the three were standing there, Nikicon would overhear Mileena talk to herself as she passed by, taking notice of the backpack-wearing all-fur fox, and the NDC logo on the back of the backpack. She smiled some and leaned into Lenna, "Hey Boss, I just overheard that one talking to herself about wanting to find a job." Lenna looks over toward Mileena as she is almost swallowed up by the crowd but her thoughts are interrupted by a new voice.

The trio turns to look over at Mikodimus and Majnun, Lenna was on alert but did not reach for anything, Nikicon smiles and nods her head "Er um hello there! I'm Nikicon, This is Lenna, and this is Zeck." Nikicon half steps to the side as the nervous grin grew more on the red-skinned alien behind her. "Something smells good!" Zeck would say as she looked past them toward the grill. Lenna would relax some and then greet them "Hello there!"

After her greeting, Lenna would nod some and then says " I am a captain of an armed transport, Nikicon is my second in command, engineer, and mans the weapons and defense. Zeck is my main Engineer and mechanic on the ISS Sobek, they both help to keep the old converted military escort frigate running and in tip-top shape. I Was hoping that Nikicon would be able to get in contact with a company here to help with a slight issue the Sobek has. But I forgot about Hanami, as I have been away for a while. Lenna would smile some and if Mikodimus would look to her right side the Fuji family crest would be clear as day on the scabbard on Lenna's right hip resting against her powerful thighs.

"yep, yep, for the longest time it was just Lenna and me, but we are now gathering a few more crew members here and there some short time crewmembers like when the Norains needed help, but there are a few like Zeck that have found their home now on the Sobek. " Nikicon would say hoping that the one that was talking to herself about finding a job was close enough to hear as she was speaking just a little louder than her normal soft voice. those long ears of hers resting backward slowly onto the back of her head dropping down along her back as she smiles.
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Yuri’s face exploded in the happiest of smiles as Aelya confirmed that she would be happy to teach her whatever she’d wanted to know about Norian culture. Yuri being an innocent, pure soul wanting to know everything didn’t think about the topics she wouldn’t want to know. But as she thought about it, there were some topics she probably shouldn't know, topics a Norian wouldn’t want to tell others because of how sacred it was or how private.

Yuri turned her head to Yoshiro as he got food for himself and Aelya, and smiled at how generous she was being. She was pleased that he was willing to pay for her as well, which as she thought of it would probably be best as she didn’t have money with her. Like Aelya she didn’t have pockets, and she knew Luna didn’t either but her mother did. Yayoi didn’t want to be as naked as she was.

“Thank you so much, Yoshiro-Chan!” she said and pointed to her food choices which was mostly same as their own, but less vegetarian. Then the new person arrived, and she blinked as she observed. She didn’t read much in the letter around Aelya’s shoulder, but she did recognize the name. “Belmont? They are a famous clan in Yamatai, merchants, mostly, but I heard they do humanitarian work. And also adoptions of orphans.” She said to her, though the fact that a letter came to Aelya made her see her in a whole new good light.

Mileena was enjoying her meal when she heard conversation, specifically a louder than usual voice. A piece of pork cutlets was making its final journey to the cave of death when her left ear perked up, and turned itself towards the Sobek and Belmont-Norian group. The cutlet fell into the dark abyss as she turned to look over as the most beautiful and adorable Snowshoe Hare was talking about the ship she served on. That sounds like.. They are talking about a ship! An armed transport?

The fox clone found herself intrigued and her meals, eating pace was quickened, before she grabbed her bag and walked calmly and slowly to the group. As she neared, she learned that the human, Lenna was the captain while the cute hare was her first officer, and the red skinned girl was Zeck her main engineer, and mechanic. As she approached, she thought of what she could offer to the ship, to make herself useful to them.

Her movement slowed, not because she didn’t think she was useful, but because her potential future crew and boss were talking to others and she didn’t think it was polite to just join without permission. She used the time to go over her skills, combat, engineering, marksmanship, and piloting. She was certain she could be of help, and she has brought a ship to the table too, though her ship was small.
Yoshiro got Yuri what she wanted and handed it to her. "You are a great person and I would love to learn from you. I would also love to teach you as much as I can about our culture." Yoshiro said to Aeyla and he looked at his watch and sighed. "Looks like I have to meet my mother, she wanted to greet me and see how I was doing. Maybe you could meet her sometime, she would be so happy that I found a good friend such as you. Also, thank you for listening to me about my father. It's still rough to think about but you helped me out more than you know." With that he bowed to both Yuri and Aeyla then took his leave. He ate his lunch as he went to meet his mother.
Aerin Nodded at Andar's take on everything, thinking about it a bit herself. "As much money as we've made off of war, I'd give it all up for peace. But like you said, there's a whole huge galaxy out there, and we need to be ready for it." the CEO looked about, at everything going on around them, the people having fun, friends meeting, relationships happening, as well as the scenery and the trees, and of course, the cherry blossoms, petals gently falling every now and then with the breeze.
"Everything here was fought for, and will continue to be fought for. Those on the front lines, I think, wish for peace even harder than those that get to enjoy it, even if they themselves don't often get to see it. So those of us that get to live in that peaceful world they fight for, it's our duty to make sure they have everything they need no?" Aerin stuffed a hand in one of her uniform's pockets, and pulled out a small medallion, which had been carefully shaped and etched into the Origin logo, with a dull sheen that seemed familiar- the weight it gave to Andar's hand when the small woman deposited it let him know that it was made from a chunk of Zesuaium. Further inspection would reveal that it was actually made from at least three different pieces, all carefully made to fit one another. A grey piece, a green piece, and a blue piece.

"There's only a few of those in existence. It's made from hull and structure pieces of both Star Army and Mishhuvurthyar vessels, that we bought for salvage. The weight is a reminder, and its source tells a story of sacrifice. What's been fought for, what we've fought against. both of those vessels were destroyed before your nation even existed, and it's because of their sacrifice and others like it that any of the people here can enjoy days like today. I meant to give one to the Premier, but she's busy as expected. Perhaps I'll have another chance. And perhaps there's more that us who lead corporations can do to make the burdens of those who fight for our freedoms a bit lighter."

As Aerin and Andar spoke, Zus was a bit taken aback at Enki's teasing. "I haven't crashed anything?" she responded, confused. "I was a Frame Runner for the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth before traveling to the Kikyo sector, where I joined Origin industries. I've been with Origin for quite some time."
As the festival was in full swing, a lone figure emerged from the crowds and made her way towards the edge of the park. It was Asuka Matsuo, a former Star Army officer who had recently left the military to pursue a career in photography. She wore a simple white dress and carried her camera equipment with her.

Asuka looked around at the bustling crowds, the colorful outfits, and the pink cherry blossoms. The festive atmosphere was infectious, and she couldn't help but feel a sense of belonging. She had grown up in Kyoto and this festival had always been one of her favorite events.

Without hesitation, she began snapping photos, capturing candid moments of people enjoying themselves. She moved around the park, getting shots of the food vendors, the Star Army booth, and even the crew of the YSS Eucharis.

Asuka was in her element, and she felt a renewed sense of purpose. She had always been passionate about photography, and now that she had left the military, she could focus on pursuing her dreams.

She continued to take pictures throughout the day, documenting the Hanami festival for future generations to enjoy. This was just the beginning of her new life outside of the military, and she couldn't wait to see where her passion for photography would take her next.

He listened careful as the group was introduced. It was fun to have run into a another crew of a free ship. He was just use to running into others from Star Army that this was a nice treat. "Nice to meet you all." His gaze then took notice of the Fuji family crest on the scabbard which lay against the watermelon crushing thighs of Lenna. "Ahh, I see we have another family here today," He said as he pointed towards the crest Lenna was wearing. "I too am part of a family." He then reached over and into the pocket in the apron Majnun was wearing. "Excuse me while I dig in this pocket for my multipass." He then gave a wink towards Majnun. A moment later he pulled out a slip with a crest on it, the Belmont crest to be exact.

"I am Star Army Rikugun, rank of Nitô Hei, pleasure to meet you captain Lenna. I am the resident chef where ever I go. Care to try some of my spicy meat? Majnun has been a great sport and been enjoying it a lot." He did a short bow and then looked towards Nikicon. "Though I am most interested in you miss Nikicon. It has been awhile since I have seen one with such long ears. They are just too cool and look so fluffy." His head tilted to the side as her ears fell and laid flat against her head.

Out of the corner of his eye Miko caught sight of another nearing. Though they paused short of joining the group. He turned and waved towards Mileena. "Come join us, don't be a stranger. We have plenty to offer."

Majnun hopped a little letting out a slight squeal as Miko retrieved his multipass from the apron pocket. "Glad you found just what you were looking for" she said with a smirk. Her attention turned back to Lenna as her apron provided presented his family crest. "It is rather delightful I must admit!" she chimed in response. For someone who initially had not tolerated spice well he sure seemed to be adjusting quickly. She also took a moment to observe Nikicon in a curious yet respectful manner. When she notice Mileena she offered a cheerful smile and welcoming wave, "He's got snacks!" she said in a joyful manner.

He had sent Nara a brief message telling her that he would be at the Festival, if she felt inclined to join him. He didn't expect her to show up, but it would bring a smile to his face if she did. He was dressed in his typical civilian-esque clothing, a black military style long-sleeved shirt, black fatigue pants and combat boots. He was not openly carrying any sort of weapon, however as was his habit, he had throwing blades attached to a slim gauntlet under the sleeves of his shirt and a boot knife. He never expected trouble, but it always boded well to be prepared.

He was sitting away from a group of people seated on a bench with a book in his hands, which was also customary for him. He was lightly skimming through the book which he had read multiple times already as he was watching the various crowds around him. As of yet, simple looks had kept people from encroaching on where he sat, but he doubted that would last long as this was a festival, and the point of most festivals was to be social.
"Frame Runner?" asked Enki, looking thoughtful. She was digging through her memory, searching for the term. She knew of the Iroma, but didn't have much exposure. The context seemed to be enough. "A pilot before becoming a captain, then."

The dark-haired woman gave a thoughtful nod. "I've been able to get some time piloting frames in the NDC, even earned a bit of a reputation for it. Might be fun to test our skills sometime? Would be fun to see what the Commonwealth is capable of."

As for Andar, he considered the object in his hands. He'd held plenty of pieces of zesuaium in his hands - a big part of how his company had bootstrapped itself to where it was involved learning how everyone else was doing things. That involved a lot of scrap, which was, unfortunately, plentiful. Except for the salvaged Kuvexian vessels they'd gotten ahold of. That species might be a good customer of theirs these days, but he held no love for any of them that took part in the war.

Still, the design of it, and the work it took to produce such a thing, held a lot of meaning for the woman standing next to him. He held it in a fist and gave Aerin a short, respectful bow. It seemed the right thing to do.

"More that we could do," he mused as he tucked the item away. Noval wasn't really the company for making sector-wide changes; their usual clientele were not the sorts of people who would find themselves on the front line. At least, not historically. Still, if there were a way for him to use his influence, such as it was.. "Maybe it's time that the corporations of the Kikyo Sector find new ways to work together. While I've never considered Origin a business rival, since we tend to make things for different markets, I have to admit we haven't thought much about ways that we could benefit you in return. We simply make what works best for us. That's well enough for our direct customers, but I wonder what the experience is like for the people who are customers to us both."

The wolf-eared man looked to the distance for a bit, eyes fixed on what seemed to be nothing in particular. "Two pilots from the NDC recently joined a Star Army expedition. We offered to send along some military-issue frames for their use, but maintenance and parts replacement were major concerns." He frowned. "I hadn't given it much thought - Osman Heavy Industries had something in the works that solved the matter - but it might highlight an opportunity."

With Enki teasing and provoking Zus in the background and his two maid servants nearby, one trying to hide her disdain for his casual attitude and the other overjoyed to see him making friends, the heir of Noval finally gave up avoiding business and looked to Aerin in an official capacity. "What do you think? I feel like you might have something in mind already, but how do you think our two companies - and others, perhaps - can do more for the people of this sector?"
Kaiko Park
Kaiyō Grove

Dappled lighting touched at the tanned cheeks of the Kaiyō's MEGAMI, Boss. She was in a circular arbor of iron trellises, but the metal and wood were obfuscated by the plant they propped up. White and purple wisteria hung in long clumps in looping rows that formed clusters. In the middle of the stone-laden grotto was a plinth on which a zesuaium model of herself —the Fuji-class starship version of Boss— was displayed. Some visitors had milled about to look on at it, unaware that its very own viridian-haired avatar was in their midst. She reverentially had been there for more than a couple of hours now, at some point having taken up telling people a story or two as if she were a tour guide and hadn't been watching the Kuvexian war stories unfold between her manifolds. But for the last half an hour, she had remained quiet, only thinking to herself.

Her memory went to her first time seeing this place and Ketsurui Aiko's reaction.

"It appears you have found your new home away from your body, Boss," the princess said...

Boss wished to linger on the memory from the wintertime's Year End events. The wisteria had been woody and dead looking then. Her orange eyes took in the change as now the arbor's bright and ombre blooms and verdant green backdrop of leaves blossomed with life. The time in which she had stayed her lonely course in order to protect Yamatai from Kuvexian hands was distant. The recent experiences of fighting in Uesureya alongside the first Fuji of her class and hundreds of other Yamataian starships melded with the companionship of her smaller crew compliment and the changes she had experienced as a being because of her crew. The memories mingled in a warm embrace around her as if she were the woody wisteria of wintertime being thawed for a springtime bloom.

The MEGAMI from years past that had only inhabited her body to protect her vessel during boarding actions felt like a far cry from who she was now, walking and talking amongst civilians and strangers as she was now. The woman looked distant and catlike as she walked slowly back towards the plinth where her statue glowed in the few spots where the sun shone through the overhead canopy. Boss laid a hand on it and closed her bright eyes, smiling.

She was ready to move forward once more as she had and would continue to do. For now, she chose the ryokan where more special Year End memories had been made, hoping for even more to be made now in the Spring.

The slender yet curvaceous, blonde haired Norian received Itami's message right as she stepped through the entrance to Kaiko Park. She felt her communication device ding causing her to retrieve it from the pocket of her purple mini skater skirt. "What are the odds?" she thought to herself as she began typing. "I will come to you! The farther away I am from Belmonts the better." she typed in response. Her path continued through the park as the skirt fluttered with the wind movement possibly granting passers by a peek at the daggers strapped to her thighs. The purple combat boots and matching t-shirt really helped to bring the whole outfit together.

After a short walk Nara spotted Itami on a bench and she plotted down beside him crossing her legs up underneath her when she sat. She leaned over just a touch with out getting too close so see what he was reading. "May I ask what the book of choice is today?" she asked quietly while brushing her braid over to the opposite shoulder. At the very least they could fend unwanted strangers off one another.
As they spoke to the two before them, Nikicon's ears would once more lift upward and her left one starts to move about as she hears something nearby. then they would both shoot forward at the squeal from Majnun. But soon that left ear once more moved around some, soon that ear faces the direction that the Fox clone was approaching from, and even before she was spotted by the one they were talking to Nikicon had been moving to look in that direction. Spotting the one that she overheard talking about finding some food and then a job she smiled, but before she was able to speak up Mikodimus had invited her closer and to join them.

Lenna smiles some and then as she took in the one before she looked down at her family crest and nods moving to brush a hand over it as she says " Yes, I'm from the Fuji family out of Pagoda No Uesureya, My Father has a Hotel there. And Me I am out moving cargo from place to place, and helping out others in need." Looking over toward Majnunn, "I believe you are a Norian, the Sobek was there at the fight that took place, as with delivered much-needed food supplies to Gamma Ark I believe it was?"

Nikicon looks back and nods some as she says "Yes I did a photo shoot a while back and I am a spokesperson for the Yugumo corporation. Um I didn't know what I was in for and it's really been a weird experience for me. " she smiles some and then keeps going, " I was born on a generation ship way out in space, and you can say I was very secluded to anything in the bigger universe. Since joining Lenna I have learned a seen a lot! I was hoping that I would be able to get in contact with them once more to try and get something researched for our craft. Or find a suitable replacement for it. But then again there is the event going on now that is delaying it I think."

Lenna spotting the Belmont crest blinks and then says to Nikicon, "Hey Niki wasn't that the crest we saw on the flag of um Captain Alastair, back on Sood Zadra?" Nikicon looks at the crest on the multipass and then blinks "Yes yes it was, and I still remembered his love-hate for cleanliness. Wanted to destroy the Sobek and replace it with something new because it was so dirty looking. " Nikicon makes a disgusted face and then says "Just because it looks like junk does not mean it truly is junk! The Sobek still can kick butt like we did at the rescue." Zeck interrupts saying " But didn't a turret on the Sobek blow up in that fight?" Nikicon turns to look at Zeck and then says, "Yes, but that was because the ammo that we were firing was not fully stable, even you said that. That thing that attacked the gathered fleet never did land a true hit that damaged the Sobek that day! "

Nikicon turns back to Mikodimus and blushes some as those ears turn a slight pinkish as she looked back at him. "What m m me? er um thanks!" she smiles clearly confused at the comment and then says " Well as a snowshoe hare I do have long fluffy ears that is true?"

Zeck would nod some to the spicy meat, and nods saying "I like hot meat!" Lenna would move to pinch the bridge of her nose and then ask, "I would really like to get some hamburgers if you have any, and maybe something to drink on the side." Nikicon asks " oh oh do you happen to have some nice big plump sausages? Wait what are they called again Lenna? " Lenna looks over and says "You are talking about brats Nikicon, don't you want some smoked fish like normal?" Nikicon shakes her head some and then says "It's a festival and I want something different than the normal. I want to try some of the beer brats I heard about before." smiles as those long ears once more begin to fall back to rest on the back of her head.
Mileena’s ears twitched as she heard Mikodimus’s words of greeting and invitation, then came Majnun’s words of snacks in a tone of voice she recognized as a joyful manner. Their words and the lack of response from the negative for the others told the Fox that it was fine for her to join them. Her movement continued bringing her to join the group properly. Any thought to how she was feeling was evident by how her tail was swooshing behind her.

“Greetings, my apologies, I was thinking that it would be rude to just join in on the conversation you were having.” She said pushing her nervousness back as she turned to look at Nikicon. “I overheard you talking about the ship, the Sobek? I’d like to talk to you more about it, perhaps later, after you both’ve eaten?” She asked then turned her attention back to the conversation. She took note of the insignia and heard of the mention of Yugumo Corporation. “I recognize that insignia, and Yugumo Corporation. They were mentioned in a free civilian database from my hometown. The insignia... Belongs to the Belmont Clan right? The corporation that operates and runs it out of my hometown likes both, They were impressed with the Belmont Clan, and they are cultivating a relationship with Yugumo Corp, and the Clan that runs it the Motoyoshi,” Mileena said, while surprising herself with what she knew.

Miko soon complimented Nikicon’s ears, and as her own twitched, she had to admit, Nikicon’s ears were beautiful. Though as Nikicon had called Majnun a Norian, she glanced over to her, but she didn’t see traits of a Norian in Majnun, but Iromaquanhe. She also learned that the Sobek was on a rescue mission. She wondered if that was the Norian rescue mission? She recalled a lot of ships were a part of that, and found it pleasing to learn that maybe the ship she might be able to serve on was.

Luna and Yuri
Yuri smiled her sweetest, kindest smile yet as Yoshiro was kind enough to get what she wanted. As he spoke to Aelya she began enjoying what she’d received. Unfortunately, Yoshiro had to go and eet up with his mother, She bowed back to him as he had. “Bye Yoshiro, I hope to see you later!” she said and continued to eat, and chatted with Aelya before Aelya had to go due to Norian business, so Yuri left her with another hug before Yuri skipped off.

After a few minutes she reunited with Luna, who hugged her happily. “Sorry we got Separated, Yuri-Chan! I’m a horrible guide!” Luna said as she held her fellow naturist close. “It's ok Luna-Chan! I got to meet new people so I am fine!” Yuri said as she smiled at the much older Neko. “Come, let's introduce you to your future cremates!” Luna said as she pulled Yuri off to another part of the festival area. The blue skinned girl thought she spotted Okimi, so she moved towards her area.

“Okimi-chan! You there!?” she called to get her attention as the two hurried to catch up to who she thought was Okimi.
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