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OOC YSS Kaiyō II Discussion

So Gunhand, raz, Sageshooter and myself just finished up the JPs we were doing! Some of everyone is in the Ebumna thread while Sage is going to post the rest of Saya's story in a new thread. Keep a lookout for that!

November 8th and 9th are JP days, likely 6 pm PST start! Please try your best to make it : ]
I didn't realize the start time was a little late so we're pushing the main JP to tomorrow and Tuesday at 5 pm PST! Doing a little briefing stuff tonight but this way everyone can join in for longer, I hope!
The monsters climb down chains from the monster drop in the coliseum I've been writing and it was 100% inspired by @Wes's minecraft arena

edit: also I only learned how to spell coliseum after drawing this >.<
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Haha, so that is how they enter. On that note since I can't really participate anymore, it is best I just turn Narumi into a NPC and drop as a player.
Why can't you participate? Feel free to DM but if it's that clerk isn't a very active role, she can change occupations

EDIT: I'll try to think of ways to include those with very different timezones in JPs, it's a toughie
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I meant 22nd and 23rd, upcoming sunday and monday!!! Let me know asap if this doesn't work, I am so sorry for the mess up!
We did this JP 5 different nights, ranging from 2 to 4 hours... Calculator just told me we spent about 17 hours on it. That is amazing and I would be lying if I didn't say I haven't cried from joy tonight. Thank you to everyone that put in their own energy and time to make this group effort worthwhile. I can't type much more without starting more waterworks but thank you... <3
Once we post this JP, we'll have an SP thread in December for Year End, something really low key and probably open ended like "the quiet" thread at the base, then the next real mission will be in January. Heads up so people can make plans to take a break or what have you.
I forgot to mention this but have been wanting to...

@SirSkully is rewarded the infamous and never before seen Kaiyō VIP (very important player) medal of honor, an award of exemplary playership.

He didn't ask to have command of the rescue team and he did an amazing IC and OOC job. There were some hiccups between power outages and lightning striking thrice but he dealt with it all, including my own frustration ngl, admirably! I was planning on saying a big warm thank you to him since the first night of JPing but after 4/5, I had to unveil the award for his efforts. It meant a lot to have his character save his daughter and wife but it also meant a lot for him to take the very difficult role of command off of my hands- it's not easy and it's more helpful to know there's a Nitô Juni to rely on (yes I just ranked him up lmao).

Everyone that was a part of the JP, including those that led to JPs that led to this (prisoners, looking at you!)- thank you! No awards for you besides my undying thanks : )

GLIMMERGOLD post is up! You can either write being in a mindy or at your bridge station right now or wait a bit until we're there- no problemo either way!

We also won the site-wide best plotline of 2020... When raz said he had nominated the prisoner/getting them back arc I was like, "That's sweet of you but Nataria will win." It was really surprising it did win to me, but it really solidified in my mind how much effort and work and love and... so much was put into it by all of us and I really love this plot for pulling something so cool together.

I can't wait for the new adventures in store, there are some REALLY interesting and new stories we're working towards! Thanks for being a big part of it, dear Kaiwow player!
Just looking at past threads and we left Yamatai the end of YE 40, so this is their first time back to Yamatai in 2 years, which is pretty insane to think about! We spent the same amount of time writing on the Kuvexian warfront! I'm really impressed with our dedication and want to thank everyone for that!

Going forward, we're going to have more wacky adventures and focus on exploration, the history of Yamatai, and hopefully have some more character-focused RP. Is there anything anyone wants to write in particular in the coming arcs?
I'm attempting to visit every location in the setting with the Resurgence but this is a gargantuan task. Are you interested in splitting it among multiple ships and getting the Kaiyo in on it? It doesn't have to be forever.
Sensei personally I would love for us to explore some of the frontier and meet like Neppers in space before we do our next big exploration. I know you use to be CO-Fm and would be good to meet our allies who I mean we just fought a big battle alongside and I mean we have our big boi with us so might be good for him to see some of home.

I guess I would love to see some diplomatic funcition for the crew, the fuji does have the vip and diplomatic suite so would love to see it used. Also curious how some of are crew would react. I mean how would a robot deal with the whole diplomatic dance?

Other then that would love to explore and see what we can get up to. As a old simulation (plot but startrek) motto use to be "To learn all that is learnable" So would love to see what ancient ruins, maybe old star army bases that have been hidden, or maybe clues or mysteries we solve from the past :)

Though all and all just excited to see what might happen and looking forward to what you come up with.
I'll be happy with whatever we come across, I think! Indira's always in for weird science stuff and would probably enjoy not having to point a gun at things quite so much, but I enjoy putting her in situations that force her out of her comfort zone.