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RP: YSS Kaiyō [YSS Kaiyō] Post-Mission One: Yame!

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Yoshida gave a wave to their new comrade Ume "Helloo Ume!" She had a smile on her face nearly as joyous as Ume's, but of a slightly different nature. It was a bit more of a mishevious expression than just sheer happiness. She also had a pair of upside down lightblue triangular tatoos on her pale face, her dark gold eyes alight with... well whatever it was it was lighting her eyes up. Hard to forget a face like that.

The Santo Hei let out a giggle as she understood the exercise, right away looking to anastashia with that mischeviously amused grin, and then, hopped up onto the table. From the ground. A straight verticle jump. "OOkkay Anastashia catch me!" She didn't look back, she merely paused for a few moments, just to make sure her friend had heard her. Standing on the tips of her toes it'd make her fall a little harder than it really had to be with that extra height. Just before falling she raised her arms straight out to her sides, and swished her tail from side to side as she leaned back, and started falling right off that table.
Navian bends down about as far as she can reach, to hook her fingers under Arbitrated's arms, stop her before she can bump the floor, and then whisk her back upright after a brief pause. That was the easy part, she figured.

"My turn now. (Don't panic.) Are you ready?" Navian turned to face away from Arbitrated, with her hands held out to her sides.

Anastasia, who had only just stood up, was caught off guard by Yoshida's sudden actions. She reflexively turned and brought her arms under Yoshida, catching her about a third of the way through her trust fall. She's fairly strong for her slender frame.
"Y-yeah." She's seen this a few times, on television and such. She moves her arms a little to get them ready to hold this large tower about to fall on her. "Ready!" She calls out, as a confirmation.
Yoshida let out a laugh as she was caught. "Woo! Your turn now?" She gave a big ol upside down grin at her friend, not making any moves to stand up on her own. She seemed pretty fine with just sitting there herself, letting her tail drag across the ground as antastashia kept her up, and hummed slightly to herself as she looked around watching others do the same exercise.
Navian leaned forward onto her toes, and then rocked over backward onto her partner. Though her wings could delay her fall long enough to put her arms in place to stop it, if necessary, they were nothing more than a complication for the task of catching her that was left to Arbitrated, who soon found her vision obscured almost entirely by slate grey feathers.
Carter stood up and, seeing his first choices for the excercise taken, turned to Hatoyama. "Nice to meet you. Call me Carter. Let's get this over with, shall we?" His expression and voice betrayed his lack of enthusiasm for the excercise, but he seemed resigned to do it.
Ume waved excitedly to Yoshida and then watched as she went for a rather dramatic trust fall. The purple neko was immediately impressed and wanted to make such an attempt on her own. However no one came over to her right away, and she began to worry that maybe she had introduced herself poorly. However her face lit up when she was greeted by another individual.

"Hi Carter." Her voice was bubbly and almost giggling, however she soon noticed Carter did not look as excited so she toned herself down. Seeing that he wanted it over with quickly she decided not to dive at him dramatically and turn around, holding her arms out and giving him time to prepare himself before falling backwards. "You should try to have more fun, it'll be fun."

Watching all around her while still focused on the first officer, Eden stated, "Thank you, Saki. I am, indeed, ready! Fall into my arms and I will catch you!"

She held out her arms, ready to both be strong and flexible at the same time for when Saki fell into her.
"Umph!" The now nearly unseeable Elysian grunts as she manages to prevent Navian from having an unpleasant encounter with the floor, Although being so small it definitely would seem like a late catch and nearly a failure as Arb stumbles at the force, flexing her wings backwards for some extra stability. Angling her body forwards to make a triangle of the two 'angels', after that she holds pretty stably, deciding not to push her partner back to an upright position.
"Normally I do," Carter replied, bracing himself and holding his hands out to catch the purple Neko. "This is just... Strange."

Unbeknowst to Ume, Carter's face lit up in a mischevious smile as an idea sprang into his mind. He shifted his posture slightly, putting one foot forward and tensing up, preparing to do... something, when the Neko fell.
Anastasia nodded and sighed lightly, placing Yoshida back on her feet. She turned, facing her back towards Yoshida, speaking firmly. "Okay. Drop me and I'm cutting off the cabin shower."

Anastasia then leaned back, falling towards Yoshida with a slight diagonal, so she could catch her right wing as opposed to her left.
"Oh haha Ana." Yoshida rolled her eyes and grinned at her presumably empty threat, sticking her arms out and waiting for a few moments, and thought to herself about how best to get access to the icecream she saw the SAINT officer eating previously. She got so into it that she nearly forgot what she was supposed to be doing infact, that she nearly forgot to catch Anastashia! While she thought it would be funny to drop her , the combined threat of no showers and letting her friend down drove her to quickly stoop down as antashia neared the ground, and caught her at almost the last possible moment with her right wing, slowly lowering her to the floor.

"Didn't think I was gonna drop ya did you?" She grinned, wondering how much she spooked her.
Sitting there, Sakamoto couldn't help but think this as so strange. Here they were, doing a little trust exercise like they were simply office workers who had all just assembled. It was cute, watching a gaggle of girls and the odd guy do this, but what was expected of them next? Stick with tradition and go out drinking together? Not that the Ex-Jiyuuian would complain, no. The exact opposite in fact. In the end though, their black clad Neko sat and watched, her ears perked with curiosity.

And uncertainty.
Navian stayed still after her fall for a good three seconds, balanced between her heels and catcher, before eyeing Arbitrated above her, questioningly. "I think this is more of a 'catch-and-release' program."

She drew her legs in and flung herself to her feet, wings splaying out and folding again as she restored her balance and rose from a crouch, and turned to look at Taii Eden, to see if she should continue the exercise.
Ume smiled with her back to Carter and once he gave her the signal she fell back towards him. "Catch me~" She was having way too much fun for someone in the army doing mere trust exercise, but it had been so long since she got to be in a squad that she couldn't help herself.
As soon as Ume began to fall, Carter enacted his idea. He lunged forward and to the right, left arm catching her back and right arm scooping her legs out from under her at the knee. With a grunt of exertion, he heaves Ume up and over in an assisted backflip, catching her on the way down and making sure her feet land squarely on the ground. "I decided to have a little fun." he said, face still split with a grin.
Ume went wide eyed when she was suddenly thrown for a loop, literally, and just a moment later she's on the ground square on her feet looking more than a little surprised. However when Carter speaks she gets this huge smile on her face. "Do it again. I'm going to go for a double flip this time."
"That's... Probably a bad idea." Carter turned around "Besides, it's my turn." He prepared to fall, mentally bracing himself in case Ume decided to do something different on her own.
Anastasia was slightly startled, looking wide-eyed up at Yoshida as she was caught just off the floor. "Just a little", she replied.
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