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RP: YSS Kaiyō [YSS Kaiyō] Post-Mission One: Yame!

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Ume frowned slightly when Carter explained that she wasn't going to get another go at it. So when she saw him ready himself she went to get into position to catch him. She had a smile on her face and she was ready.
Ume made grabby hands when Carter spoke and readied herself, catching him smoothly, however he wasn't a neko, nor a minkan, he was a human and heavier than he looked compared to the two. She almost let him slip due to the unexpected weight, but she tightened her arms and caught him, admittedly a little lower than normal for the activity, but in return for the near blunder, Carter got a nice cushy pillow in the form of the purple neko's chest to support himself against.
Carter deadpanned the unexpectedly low catch, and stood up, reaching up to rub the back of his neck. "Alright. I think that'll do." He went back to his seat, internally sighing. "Awwwwwwkwaaaard."
Ume stood up straight when Carter stood up and looked a little worried at his reaction. "We can do it again, I'll catch you right this time."
Yoshida laughed and stood, gently setting anastashia back on her feet. "Well that was fun." Yoshida then took a breif moment to scan the room, particularly amused by Carter and Ume's antics. As she continued watching though, standing on her tiptoes she noticed the very non participatory SAINT all on her lonesome, and dramatically pointed directly at her. "You need to do it to!" Yoshida looked to anastadhia, nudging her with her elbow. "You agree right?"
"Hmph." Is all she says. Not everyone has a normal sized body, and catching the weight of one is NOT easy with fully outstretched arms. After her partner did some showoff acrobatics Arbitrated turned to face Eden, placing her feet about shoulder width, her hands clasped behind her, and her head... not really having a choice other than to look slightly upwards.
Anastasia is nudged, and looked over in the direction of the SAINT agent. She stuttered a little bit, her voice going quiet moments after. "Uuuuuuuuhmmm.... ...yeah."

She looks away, back over at the Captain.

Misaki breathed heavily for a second and closed her eyes, falling back towards the Taii. For what ever reason she had the slightest worry, which quickly began to fade for the moment. Was it because she trusted her a lot more because of her words? Misaki didn't quite know, but she felt that she wasn't going to hit the floor.

Really Miya had been one busy young lady since the away team's operation against the pirates. She'd had to run through physicals for the whole away team, then the crew, then herself. After that she'd had to set up a schedule to make sure the two prisoners were kept monitored both in terms of health and by one of the ship's infantry soldiers when she wasn't available to do it. On top of that she had to keep compiling regular reports for both her own records and those to be delivered to the Taii at regular intervals.

That was why she hadn't been around for the whole briefing about team trust falls and picking partners. That was why she hadn't been available to pick or be picked as a partner in the exercise. And that was why she found herself standing in the doorway staring. A lollipop hung between her lips and a single eyebrow rose high above a dark gold eye: the signature expression of a doctor who has just heard or seen something they don't quite believe.

"Well, I can see I interrupted a fun time." She smiled and placed her toe-tips just back outside the door to back away.

Taii Teien Eden caught Saki effortlessly and even buoyed herself by use of gravity manipulation and rose in the air with her first officer. She then gently landed her back on the ground and smiled at her. Then, she spoke to the crew.

"Rest assured, you have all done a fantastic job. That will be all for now. Please, remain standing for awards and promotions."

She then smiled brightly and took out a small box and opened it, going to Navian first, then Carter as she pinned on them a grey and blue ribbon.

"For Santo Hei Carter Ytaru Dynamis and Navian, the capture medal!"

She then went topin on the combat medal to members of the team, saying, "To Joto Heisho Murakami Mitsuko, Santo Hei Leeta Aoi, Muyomi Peio, Reina Madoka, Yoshida Kokoro, Meissa Nashira, Carter Ytaru Dynamis, Yoshida Kokoro, and Navian, I award the combat medal."

She moved on and said, "To Santo Hei Yoshida Kokoro goes the recruiting award!" She pinned on Yoshida a bright green and blue medal and gave a slight pat on the head. "Thank you."

"To Chui Norogumi Misaki, the good conduct award! You really were there for the entire squadron and all of Yamatai in the best way possible this mission!"

"To Chui Norogumi Misaki, Santo Juni Seinosuke Iemochi, Joto Heisho Sakamoto Hina and Murakami Mitsuko, Santo Hei Carter Ytaru Dynamis, Ito Arnbjorg, Arbitrated Shan, Meissa Nashira, Yoshida Kokoro, Reina Madoka, Muyomi Peio, Leeta Aoi, Deio Asuka, and Navian the service award."

"Promotion to Nito Hei goes to Carter Ytaru Dynamis, Ito Arnbjorg, Arbitrated Shan, Meissa Nashira, Yoshida Kokoro, Reina Madoka, Muyomi Peio, Leeta Aoi,Deio Asuka, and Navian."

Finished, she clasped her hands around the empty box and said, "This has been an excellent first mission, everyone. We are off to really instigate Kuvexian space and get closer to our end goal every day. Let us hope the pirates we have and are going to drop off to a port are the last we will encounter for a long while. And if they're not, we'll treat the next just as bravely as we treated the first!"

"Enjoy yourselves and let's eat!" A dinner of teriyaki salmon and chicken was brought out on beds of white rice with steamed vegetables next to them by the cooks to the crew. Teien Eden sat back down and looked to Saki, saying again, "Thank you, Saki, for all that you do and have done."
Navian took her medals proudly... and a bit belatedly, in the case of her combat award, though she pushed her discomfort aside. Her sense of pride faded after hearing the promotions, where it seemed literally everyone who had been in action received the same reward. Even hearing her own name among them did not melt the ice that had formed.

She'd been working to serve the Star Army infantry all her life, but so far only a few fleeting moments had rung true to her expectations of what that service would look like. She smiled toward Yoshida, who was so far the only comrade of hers with whom she'd shared one of those moments. It wasn't enough, but she was her one source of hope that didn't lie in the distant past.

Realizing her captain was done speaking--though, not having heard a word between when her name was spoken and the two words 'Let's eat!'--Navian nodded and promptly sat down, sweeping her new accessories into her pocket, for later use. The quality of the meals was definitely not on the list of things to disturb her, and was, if anything, better than she imagined. It was enough to put her worries out of mind, for a time.
Santo Hei Nito Hei Shan blinks awkwardly at the medal in her hands, not entirely focused until she realized what was happening! Snapping into a salute towards her Taii, the tiny one blushes very slightly out of embarrassment but does her best to calm down and even out her breathing.

As the food comes out she sighs a little, relaxing into a chair at the main table this time, slipping her-wait the comb is in there still. She slips the medal into her pocket anyways and reminds herself to return Meissa's accessory, as she waits for the food.
Meissa tries to keep it cool.
She tries to keep it cool.
Keep it cool.
Keep. It. Cool.
Haha, just kidding.
She visibly radiates elation and excitement as she gets her promotion to Nito Hei. When she gets the combat medal, all her face says is "This is what it's about."
She almost instantly affixes her new medals to her uniform. She finds herself polishing her new medals to a perfect shine as she waits for her food.
Ume smiled and looked on as the awards and promotions were handed out, it took her back to when she has received her own promotion. Once the captain was done speaking she clapped for everyone and gave them a big smile. "Congratulations everyone."

When the food came Ume didn't hesitate to eat, everything looked so tasty, however she made sure to avoid any plums.
Yoshida for the most part, qas quite happy to accept her rewards. She was a bit confused at the pretty universaly libeal application on them, much like how one would butter every single biscut before eating them. Yet still she accepted her rewards and pinned them to her uniform, she admired her new bling for only a moment as she contemplated what it meant that tey were very nearly all Nito Hei.

Yoshida sigh just a little as she lamented that that meant she couldn't boss anyone else around quite yet. Still she stood, on the tips of her toes, her tail practically vibrating with all her excitment. Noting Navian's grin at her, yoshida smiled back harder and waved at her, a really warm, kind, excited smile. She wondered a bit what elicited the smile in the first place before simply shrugged it off, taking it as a sign of stronger friendship bonds.

Eventually Yoshida had decided, all was well with the crew and the ship, it was time to eat, and the captian, was maybe slightly too generous with rewards, but there was no way she was going to complain about something like that aloud. She set out to eating, taking her seat along side Anastashia again as she looked over her fellows, sure that this was what life was all about.
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Mitsuko sipped at her tea, mug in one hand and datapad in the other. Her eyes never even twitched away from the information she was reading, as she heard Yoshida comment on the SAINT Operative's lack of participation. "Sakamoto-Heisho and I were partners for this exercise. We completed it very quickly, you must have missed it while busy with your own." She took another sip, switching which leg was crossed over the other, as she remained seated near the other Heisho. "It was very efficient, yes."

She was otherwise silent until the food arrived, finally setting her datapad down along with her new medals. Murakami avoided looking at her fellow NCO, instead focusing on her plate...which was emptied remarkably quickly, for someone that seemed so careful and methodical otherwise.
"Hai, hai," Sakamoto's breezy voice replied, smooth and gentle as silk. "The two of us were very quick and efficient about it," she politely, pleasantly lied right in Yoshida's face. With that kind smile and soft, dulcet tone though, who could disagree? "Either way, it's time to eat it seems," the woman smoothly deflected their attention. Regardless of the truth, it really was time to eat. She couldn't blame her for potentially being irate though - who wanted to do that sort of thing? It was just so odd. If the Taii wanted to build trust, why not have a dare hat party, or have the crew share beds for a few nights?

Children these days.
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