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RP: YSS Wakaba [YSS Wakaba] Episode Two: We ain't in Yamatai No More


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RP Date
YE 43
RP Location
Notice: The Italic Convo bulbs are flashbacks


A cup floats in the dark shimmer room that was giving off red flashing lights at a slow pace. It was completely quiet as you could hear the cracking of the friction metal rubbing against each other. Some sparks burst off the damaged consoles as the sunlight enters the windows slowly.

"What the hell is going on, why are there so many Kuvexian ships here....how did we miss this..."

The light that came through the cracks of the windows touches the first body that lay lifeless against her console. More crewmembers were seen motionless at the bridge. Their uniform ripped, their hairs messy, drips of blood floating in the room as gravity was gone.

"We have an incoming anomaly, origin unknown, classification unknown...Taisa I advise we move away from the graveyard now before it's too late..."

Slowly moving out of the bridge and through the window, the view followed the cracks that made the visible damage quickly known. Near the bridge, a gap of destructed metal was ripped part from the outside reaching down to the rear of the ship showing flashes of damage.


Giving a slow 360 shot of the damaged vessel, the name came out of the shadows showing its name YSS Wakaba with a crack of damage through its name. The engines were completely dark indicating it was offline or worse destroyed.

"It seems...I can't hold my promise dear sister, where ever you are I will miss you Katsuko"

Zooming out from the scene more damage and derelict ships were seen forming a large asteroid belt that was in orbit of a blue dwarf. Quickly zooming back into the bridge to a woman with blue hair as she gasps for air looking upwards as the sunlight reflects in her brown watery eyes.

Taking a deep breath and a moment to let sink in what was going, Kazue saw the severe damage in her bridge and narrowed her bridge. She felt her head pounding suddenly as Kazue placed her hand onto her head and felt the wetness of the blood that had poured only so slightly out of an open wound "Fuck..." she mutters to herself. She tried grabbing to a chair and manage to get a grip. Taking another look around she saw more people waking up from the sudden jump shock "Inaho...damage report" She calmly brought out.

Her uniform was ripped from the wild ride "I told you that tunnel was too small..." She mutters and gets herself to a console that was working. Her facial expression changed to sadness and then to horror "Speak to me" She looked up to the Taisa that looked directly back at her "Engines are severely damaged, jump capacity is gone. Long-range sensors are down, launch bays are down medical facilities are only running 1/3 of their original capacity but medical personal are being overrun with the injured crew. Hull damage is severe and data still coming in, but we got various decks that are either damaged, decompressed, or don't have life support"

That was not the news she wanted to start her day with, only a few hours ago she was laughing and starting her shift while hunting down those Kuvexians remnants "Get an SOS signal out to the Star Army, start with recovery operations on all decks" Kazue orders as Hara intervene "Ma'am with the long-range scanners down, the communication grid was taken down as well. We require to go outside to see it fixed" Kazue nodded to that "Get a team of technicians and get into your spacesuits. That antenna needs to get fixed, go"
It was a beautiful day in the sun. The whole Canterbury Clan was together. A wedding or something like that. He wasn't sure. He didn't really care much. What 10 year old boy does? All he knew was there were a lot of other boys his age, cousins and 2nd cousins, running around playing war. He was with 3 others boys. Two his own age and one several years younger. They had the high ground. The creek ran through a raven with lots of boulders and rocks making small waterfalls here and natural slides there. In the middle of a large deep pool of water was a huge boulder. That was high ground and the 4 boys had pushed all others off and had held it against two attacks so far and were waiting for the third to start.

They came in a rush all at once. The youngest, Caffran, tried his best, but being the smallest was quickly tossed aside, though he tripped up one boy on his way down and they both fell into the water. Trowa had the best balance of them all. His mom worked in the circus and he had been helping her lately in a couple of her acts. He had pushed two down before another boy pushed him from behind and off he went. They had had to ganged up on Jack, who was the biggest. He was laughing as he threw two off into the water. He was finally pushed off, but he dragged 3 more with him as he fell. One boy left. By now boys who had already fallen were climbing back up. The top of the rock became wet and slippery. There were just too many and he slipped and fell, knocking his head on a rock.

Thomas opened his eyes and struggled to remember what had happened. He was laying on his back and the sun was shining in his eyes. It made his eyes blink. But it didn't feel warm. In fact, it felt quite cold. He tried to sit up but his body refused to move. He tried again. Pain shot through his body. Pain so sudden and strong he almost passed out again. But with the pain came a realization. He wasn't a little boy. That was over 20 years ago. He was Chusa Thomas Canterbury, the new First Officer of the Sharie-Battleship YSS Wakaba. A First officer should not be laying around while on duty.

He tried to sit up again, but couldn't the pain was almost overwhelming. Why was he in so much pain? Digging deep he tried a third time and was able to sit up. That also made him sick and he threw up. His vomit floated before his still blinking eyes. No gravity? That seemed to click something in his mind. Suddenly it all came rushing back to him like trying to take a drink from a fire hose. It made him throw up again but now at least his mind was clear. They had been in a battle. Against Kuvies. Not much of a fight really, the Wakaba had outclassed, outgunned and just plain out fought them. So what had happened?

His brain had no answer for that one. He remembered reading his display screen in disbelief at the gravity charts. They had been all over the place. He had stood up and was warning the crew to brace when... Well, he wasn't sure what had happened. He had the impression of being thrown around like a rag doll. Warning alarms had started blasting and flashing across all consuls. Then darkness.

He blinked again. Why did he keep blinking? He wiped at his eyes with the back of his hand and it came away red with blood. So that was why he kept blinking. Blood was running into his eyes. He wiped again at his eyes then tried to get to his feet. That was when he became aware that right leg refused to work. Any more injuries you want to inform me of? He asked his body. There was no answer to that but Thomas wasn't sure if that was a good thing or bad thing.

He did mange to pull himself up into his station chair. His station aboard the Wakaba had monitors for the whole ship. Best to see what was going on. Half the display screens were dark. But the ones that were working did not paint a pretty picture. His eyes widened and all the pain in his body was momentarily forgotten. This was bad. This was very bad. Engines severely damaged. No jump capacity. Long-range sensors, launch bays and weapon systems all down. Severe damage to the hull and several parts of the ship reading compromised. That could be anything from damaged, decompressed, or no life support. "Sacred Feth!" The big Nepleslian cursed.

First thing to do was to get the wounded tended to and start organizing work parties to get the ship fixed and to assess just how bad the damage is. Thomas began communing with officers and NCOs across the ship, using the ships intercoms where they were still working and using Neko Telepathy. Even though Thomas wasn't a Neko, he had long ago added that hardware as sometimes it was useful to an officer. It was very useful now.
From her tiny spot on the bridge, everything was blurry, frozen for a moment. As she came to, she could see her mask floating away, having gotten knocked off in all the chaos- but she couldn't go back to being Momosumi, not now. The tiny mini neko floated up to it, hoping no one could see her. She took a second to look into the eyes of her own robot mask. This was the real her, the better her. She put her mask back on, recollecting herself. Fortunately, the rest of her robot costume was still intact, along with a little rank pin to go on it. Her miniscule size proved to be an asset in this situation, both making her a much smaller target for any flying debris to hit and also giving her drastically less mass to slam into something with. With a flick of her electrical cord tail, she pondered how they even got in this situation. She was a new crew member on the Wakaba, and this was a hectic way to begin. "Oh dear... what systems are still operational?" she asked, intending to be resourceful with the skills she learned as a SAINT operative.
Several Days before Incident
Crew Cabin

"How does it feel to return to Yamatai?" A white haired woman in a Nepleslian Green Marine uniform asked on a datapad resting at the head of the bunker. Looking at her facial features, she was clearly of Yamataian origin.

A brunette haired woman wearing a Type 42 bodysuit can be seen neatly unpacking her belongings in an orderly manner. She then looked up at the datapad with an annoyed expression. "I don't know yet, but I don't have to deal with those ID-SOLs trying to undress me with their eyes anymore." Hiroshiko replied back.

The woman on the video call just started laughing until she fell backwards in her seat, her combat boots being the last thing seen before objects can be heard hitting the ground. "What? You disappointed you can't use that CRIED injection your father gave you?" she woman can be heard before her face reappears on the screen with a look of embarrassment. "Speaking of your father, have you let him know you are back from your exchange?"

"No, he sent me a letter awhile back that he was going on exchange himself. Didn't tell me where though."

"Oh I see."

Corridor to Upper Engineering

Hiroshiko came to from her minor coma and instantly started to move when she felt the heat of a fire from a bursted plasma conduit thankfully just far away from her to not cook her. But with the movement came an intense pain from above her knees and only above her knees. She looked down to see that she was pinned down by debris.

She made an educated guess that her lower legs were likely destroyed as she could not feel anything. But she knew her Neko physiology would eventually correct that in time. Her biggest concern what getting away from the fire. She attempted to lift just enough of the debris to free herself, but it proved useless.

"You need to call for help." A masculine voice whispered in the back of her mind. It was the same voice that periodically came to her in times of stress. But she never really talked in her own head before and just ignored it... until now.

"But, but the angel of death will hear me! I only just escaped him before." Hiroshiko whispered to herself as she felt the pain and her mind began wondering to the events on the YSS Dawn Hammer. The memories of the Elysian ripping Mindy clad Nekos with an aether scythe continue to be fresh in her digital memory. She placed her hands over face in a feeble attempt at hiding.

"Call for help or you WILL die!" The voice said, taking a more assertive tone with her.


"JUST DO IT!!" the voice rang out. Almost like she was compelled by the force, she moved her hands to cup around her mouth and started shouting as loud as she can.

"Is anyone out there? I need help and there is a fire." Hiroshiko said weakly and telepathically in hope that someone was still alive around her. Hiroshiko's luck with Sharie Class Battleships seemed to be utterly F- tier, she thought to herself as she listened to the fire rage on.


"Is anyone out there!? There is a fire and I need help!"
Several Days before Incident

Will didn't get much time to spend with his parents, his father was in charge of the Seventh Fleet, protecting the Northern Border. His mother kept house in Yamatai, but he didn't see her much thanks to also being a serving officer in the Star Army. The three of them talked and ate, mostly about the little nothings that life was made of.

"If you wanted to advance faster, you should apply to the command academy." His father suggested warmly, but Will's speed or lack thereof was a bit of contention between them."

"I'm getting valuable command experience on the Wakaba, I did lead an away mission." Fletcher pointed out.


Fletcher was focused on a Separa'Shan crew member who had deep burns on his tail from a plasma explosion. Around him was a medbay in chaos, there were a lot of wounded, and even a few dead from their injuries. Those could be revived, although without their memories since their last backup. The wounded were categorized and tended by the medical staff of the Sharie. The tall thin Shosa took on the most critical patients where his skill would make the most difference.

With the Separa'Shan clean, he moved on to a Neko who had been impaled by a metal rod. Applying hemosynth, he worked the beam out. Then stitched together a blood vessel that had been ruptured, stopping the flow. There was a row of a couple of stitches and the blue cat woman would be back to work in a few hours. He was satisfied with his work as he moved on, letting the other doctors and nurses prioritize his work to keep the crew ship alive.
Several Days before Incident
“But! That’s not a ship for Mini Neko, and I refuse to change bodies!” She exclaimed loudly to the people in the room, her parents, and a recruiter for the Star army. Anger filled the Mini Neko’s body as she glared at the three of them. Rune Seo had finally matured at three months, and that meant she had to join the military, something she was very loathed to do. She hoped that the fact she had been a part of a gang would have excluded her entry, but her parents were resourceful, they found a way to have the court ignore that. They’d made it out that the gang wasn’t a true gang, and that the supposed burn damages their Drakes caused were not true property damage.

No one listened to the little Drake Rider when she told them, and now it seemed she was to be a part of the military for three years. Her parents hoped that they could make a decent member of society of their daughter, which meant military time. Fortunately for Runa, they compromised on letting her take Exyrus along which seemed to calm her down so to speak. She honestly thought that she could use her pet to cause havoc, maybe get herself dishonorably discharged or expelled from the military. That would show her parents. She knew it would make them angry at the humiliation that she’d cause, so she surprisingly seemed to agree to the whole thing. They didn’t realize what she’d planned on doing, though there was a small part that did feel somewhat guilty at the thought of causing some injury, but she thought that like those in the past those in the military would be bad too.

Time past and finally she got onto the ship and rode her Drake, which caused some amusement to several crew before the incident happened.


Runa jerked when she felt movement close by her and pain-filled her as she began stirring from the unconsciousness she’d been in before. She remembered the dream, a memory of her past before being forced to join a ship. Her eyes opened somewhat, and she found herself in an alien environment. Tall plants all around her, causing her to think they were on a plant and she was in the grass. As her vision cleared, he saw that this grass was blue, and as she pawed at it, it felt odd to her. Her mind began processing what she’d just touched, Hair. She was on someone’s head, someone that’s moving and someone that was injured. She saw the wound this person had, but based on the hand, she thought it was a girl. Her eyes began closing as she heard voices, a vibration, meaning the owner was talking.

Kazue, her mind processed, she was lying on Kazue’s head, in her hair, though fortunately away from the wound. Runa felt exhausted, and she didn’t have the energy to move, but slowly her memory was coming back to what happened. Fucking Kuvexians She couldn’t help but think as she rested her head. At least Kazue’s head was warm and comfortable as far as Runa was concerned.

Exyrus was sprawled on a console near her mistress in a state of sleep mode as her internal components focused on repair to the non-warranty havoc Drake.
When you were a ship-borne sprite, that feeling of disorientation and sudden loneliness of absent communications from the PANTHEON which created you were the closest thing to hell that you could have. Wakaba-Chui had survived the anomaly but, the damage and the confusion of all was further enhanced by the unfamiliar banner of stars that unfolded in every direction. It didn't take long-ranged sensors to figure out that what lay around them was not home. Just where the heck had they gone? They had bigger problems, Yukiko listened as the ship's avatar, her mother listed the damaged critical systems. As Combat System's Operator, her primary job was weapons. She had bad news to give, as she followed Inaho's report, "Motoyoshi-Taisa, weapons are non-operational. Let's hope we don't need them in the immediate future, I might be able to do some workaround to get us a few shots from some turrets, but for the most part - we're not combat-ready at all." While it was beyond her scope, she checked the emergency systems at least something seemed to work right - but nothing could be confirmed.

"Awaiting your orders...," she said, unsure of what to prioritize to best meet Taisa's and the Wakaba's needs.
It was slowly sinking in that with the reports coming in that the damage was more significant than Kazue expected. She already noticed Rune on her head and let her be, for now, the crew didn't need correction right now, it needed answers. Noticing Thomas her new right hand cursing behind the console and narrowed her eyes a bit "Canterbury, ship-wide communication is being limited by the amount of damage we have received, move to the lower decks is more effective" She turns her attention to others until she looked back over her shoulders to Thomas "And Canterbury, save as many as you can. Secure areas and keep me up to date, stay safe"

"Motoyoshi-Taisa, weapons are non-operational. Let's hope we don't need them in the immediate future, I might be able to do some workaround to get us a few shots from some turrets, but for the most part - we're not combat-ready at all."

"Awaiting your orders...,"

Looking back at Yukiko and struggling to not shrug at that report "Get me whatever weapons you can get online, we are unknown area without knowing what happened. We need to be prepared for whatever is waiting out there and perhaps hostile. Get to the weapons itself and repair it if you need to, go" Kazue spoke calmly and grabbed Rune from her head and place her on the ground "Take Rune-Hei and Tetsuya-Kohosei with you" looking at Rune "Help wherever Wakaba-Chui needs you okay?" Asaka was wounded, but already standing next to Yukiko.

Hearing the voice of another Mini, Kazue looked at her and tried to remember her name. Maybe it was the hit of the travel that messed her up as she rubbed her forehead "Life-support works, I think that is the most important part of the ship for you guys Momosumi-Hei" Inaho spoke with some sarcasm trying to figure out the mess. Kazue finally remembers the name "Momosumi-Hie I need eyes, ears out there....I need to know where we are or what I am dealing with. Use whatever communication system that Inaho can give you. Give me a sitrep as soon as you can" Kazue looked at the console that was operational and data was pouring in, the medical facility was unreachable and low capacity but it was overflowing with wounded. William should be able to handle that frontline, but Kazue made a mental note to visit him as soon as she could or contact him as soon as the internal communication grid was back on.

Corridor to Upper Engineering

"Is anyone out there!? There is a fire and I need help!"

For a moment it stayed quiet, nothing was heard, nothing but fires crackling, metal bending, or friction against other cracked metal. Consoles that gave sparks off, the lights were dimmed and suddenly Yuri came out of the corner standing there for a moment. Then noticed in her eye corner Hiroshiko " Mizumitsu-Hei!" She rushed to her aid and saw that she was pinned down, cursing in mutter she looked at her side seeing the fire closing in. Quickly Yuri stood up and checked the consoles for one that was still functional and slammed it eventually "Fire systems are down...fuck..." She rushed back to Hiroshiko side and tried to get the rumble off her legs "I NEED HELP!" She yelled at her side and looking back "Hold on, I will get you out"

Most of you got enough creative freedom to continue now, if you get stuck please do contact me. Noodle you will get later this week a DM from me on the forum on details of the situation we are in.
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Thomas's attempts to establish contact with the rest of the ship was not going as well as he could hope. The damage to the ship reactors were causing interference at a distance of more than a few decks. There was also a lot of confusion. So many personal had miner to extensive injuries that it was difficult to find someone who was could give a clear update. The pain in his leg was really starting bother Thomas as well. Normally a very composed man who was able to think clearly in an emergency the whole situation was clouding his judgment. He let out another curse of frustration that seemed to bring the attention of the Taisa. "Canterbury, ship-wide communication is being limited by the amount of damage we have received, move to the lower decks is more effective."

"Aye, aye Ma'am." Thomas said. It took him a moment to get to his feet. With the ships gravity down he didn't need to put any weight on his leg, which was a relief, but he had to be careful not to bump it against anything. At the door he heard the Taisa call out. "And Canterbury, save as many as you can. Secure areas and keep me up to date, stay safe." Thomas paused and turned back. He understood. They were in big trouble. This wasn't something that could be fixed in a matter of hours. It could be days, even weeks before things were brought under control. If it could fixed at all. Right now, the most important thing was to prevent further damage to the ship and to get as many people patched up and back to work. It would take every single crewmember working together for the ship to have even a chance of survival. "Understood, Ma'am."

Deck 12

Thomas made his way through the ship. It was very slow going. For one, half of the doors wouldn't open. Some didn't have any power. Others had been breached so wouldn't open because there was no atmosphere. This forced him to find other paths around. Another was his leg. It was becoming increasingly apparent that it was far more damaged than he had thought. But he continued to ignore it because the other thing that had been slowing him down. The crew he found. Some were pretty hurt. Broken bones or bad concussions or worse. Most were just dazed and shook up. These he reassured. "We're in a pretty bad way, but I've been in worse." He would say. "The important thing right now is for us to keep a clear head and get the ship fixed up. The Taisa and I are counting on everyone to do their duty. We'll get through this." That brought a smile to the younger crew members. Good, first thing to do was reassure them that they were going to be ok, then give them a task to keep them occupied from thinking about how bad the situation was.

He had set up a secondary med bay in one of the mess halls. This was for the less serious injuries, broken bones or miner wounds. Any injuries that could be tended to with a med kit and basic first aid skills. Anything more serious than that were sent to the Med bay. He had found a couple of medics to oversee things and get people patched up. He also had a cook make some hot broth to eat. In Thomas's experience, having something hot to eat was always a great comfort and would help prepare the crew for a hard work ahead. It was a good start, until you realized that there were only about 20 to 30 people here out of a crew of nearly 2000. Thomas set a Heisho tech in charge of the the area with orders to get the access hallways cleared to allow a faster flow of people and materials. Satisfied that this area was under control, Thomas moved on.

He was headed in the direction of the power armor bay when he accidently bumped his bad leg hard against a loose panel. The pain almost made him pass out and the cry of pain seemed to echo down the corridor. He couldn't ignore it any longer. His leg needed to be treated. Being very careful not to bump it again, Thomas made his way to an emergency panel where med kits were stored. The ships lighting was dim emergency lighting where it had lighting at all so a quick tap on his uniforms volumetric projector illuminated the area and allowed him to get a proper look. It made him sick to look at.

"Hello? Is anyone there?"

Thomas's head jerked up at the sound. "Chusa Canterbury. Identify yourself." Thomas barked out. A light shone in his direction. "OH, Sir! Heisho! I found the XO!" Several Mindy suits came into view. One was noticeably larger than the others and had three red chevrons on its arm. The tall Mindy removed its helmet, releasing a long braid of dark green hair. The hair was attached to a dark skinned face that was stunningly beautiful. In a calm and authoritative tone the tall Neko spoke. "Sakurai-Hei, tend to the Chusa's leg." A Mindy moved forward with a med pack and knelt beside Thomas. After a moment she looked up. "Sir, you have a broken shin. The bone has almost broken through the skin. You also have a bad gash on your right thigh that needs to been tended to." Without another comment, the medic jabbed a needle into his thigh. The sharp pain was quickly dulled and all Thomas felt was numb.

With his leg being mended to, Thomas turned his attention to the beautiful Heisho and said, "Report if you please, Meiōsei-Heisho."
Corridor to Upper Engineering

Hiroshiko laid there listening to the strange voice in her head berate her in wanting to hide in the mental shell she had created for herself. She was trying to ignore him so much that she almost did not hear the response from Hara. Before she could say anything, the science officer was already on top of her and attempting to make use of the automatic fire suppression system.

"See, told you giving up does nothing for you. It isn't over until death washes over you and you drift away. I would know or rather HE would know." the voice said as it sensed the sense of relief from Hiroshiko. But then it felt the dread hit her like a ton of bricks.

The dread was indeed returning, but there was also a realization within her about the situation. Not going to be able to deal with the fire conventionally, she started to brainstorm how to deal with it without getting the two killed now that Yuri was here.

She looked down at her legs and then to Yuri. "We need to find the valve to cut off the fuel of the fire. We cannot leave it burning like this." she said before she tried to shove the debris off of her again. Clearly not succeeding, she lets out a frustrated yell.

"It should be back in the direction you came from in one of the maintenance tunnels. If we both can't lift this off, you are going to need to cut my legs off." she said, undoing the maintenance toolkit she had on her back with some agony. She then pulled out a plasma cutter to do the deed.

"You have a better angle to cut only what is needed." she said rather deadpan for someone freaking out moments ago.
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Yukiko responded to the Taisa's orders with a nod of acknowledgment and a quickly spoken, "Hai, Tasia" She was a little shocked by her Captain's mention that if she needed to leave the bridge to oversee and conduct repairs that she could, but she figured it would be a good time to test some repair strategies she had discussed with her comrade on the Tokyo. She immediately went to work as directed, a volumetric projection of the Wakaba's weapons and related control and power systems whirled to resolution before her. Medical facilities on the ship were overwhelmed, meaning so was the NLCS. As to avoid further complicating things she would need to strategize and come up with a way to use the sprite technicians and active personnel she had at her disposal to visit each of the twenty-eight super-heavy turrets and begin assessment and repair of those systems. She gaze a glance at Inaho before she rose from her station and headed towards one of the bridge lifts, the projection of the ship drifted along with her as she began to direct her crews towards the turrets.

The damage to the ship was severe, so priority would be given to the Super-heavy turrets that were the most accessible first, followed by those that served a significant position in the ship's fire vectors. There were fires, breaches, a whirlwind of damage had scattered crew and broken off communications links. Some of her technicians were already in their turret placements prior to the hit, a thankful relief to the problem. She was thankful for that backup she made before they left for Tange - at least she could be recovered if something happened. She grabbed a tool kit and a few other helpful items from one of the damage control stations.

The Weapons operator had to divert from usual corridors into damaged maintenance tubes for proper access to the first of the turrets which were located aft, in the dorsal-most arrangement of the turrets. She arrived in a pitch-black compartment devoted to the independent systems of the entire unit. She instantly began to access the damage to the turret, its power, and control systems and would try to get some power to the turret's systems. "Wakaba-Taii.." she addressed her mother-like superior telepathically, "It is a mess down here...and we have a....corpse..." Her words stumbled as she noticed the fried corpse of the spite that had been too close to the aether conduit when it exploded and overloaded. Yukiko swallowed hard, just as the blast shutter closed sealing off the turret from the rest of the ship. Did anything work properly now? She calmed herself to focus on the task at hand. She would worry about leaving when the time came.
Unknown Location

Darkness was an embracement, the quiet vibrations were in balance and the sun shined its dreadful power upon the derelicts ships that dared to take passage to its domain. Barely any ship survive the ride throughout the passage, a natural yet cursed anomaly that bends its severe gravity force upon its victims. Yet among those ships, aside from the Wakaba that was forced into this new terrain against its own will, was another ship, a larger ship that stayed dormant and acted as a derelict ship. But in truth, it was waiting, lurking, stalking for its next prey to arrive by the cursed anomaly that brought it here.

No ship that would be dragged into this area and actually survive the journey would notice it, even with the best scanners this ship did its job by staying diligent and quiet until the victim would no longer be able to escape its claws. The bridge of this huntress was shimmered in a dark red glow, the crew that was a mere a shadow of the light remained seated as a tentacle moved over the floor slowly. Slowly following it ending at where some Neko girls with their light brown uniforms lose as other tentacles were around them "Lord, a new arrival" A woman spoke from a console "Sharie Class, Star Army"

"Interesting, it has been a while since we had a new guest. Let them recover, but do bring us unnoticeable closer" With that said, the ship slowly started to push through the derelict remains of its previous victims.

The ship is unnoticeable for the Wakaba, Tags are still open for @Charaa @Noodlewerfer and @Soban. Need help? Do ask!
The hand got the reaction of a groan of complaint from the Mini Neko as she was picked up. This had the effect of causing her to fully awaken from her original state and she remembered she’d been laying on Kazue’s head. Once settled on the ground, she immediately floated up and turned to face Kazue. She considered making a smart remark, something to piss her off and get herself closer to dishonorably discharged from the military. But she didn’t know where they were and she thought maybe she should play nice for now.

She spotted her Drake and immediately checked on her, and then carefully did any repairs she needed before the drake sat up and licked her mistress. “Alright’ she said in reply to Kazue and climbed on her drake and rode her as they moved to Wakaba-Chui.
Deck 12

With his leg being mended to, Thomas turned his attention to the beautiful Heisho and said, "Report if you please, Meiōsei-Heisho."

Joto Heisho Setsunu Meiosei brushed a stray hair out of her eyes and reported. "Sir, infantry had received orders to suit up in preparation for a fight. 50 Mindy suits were in the hanger waiting word to deploy. I had drawn backup duty so I had 2 squads suited up in the power armor bay in case we were needed." Thomas had known Meiosei for many years. They had served on several ships together and shared a love of music. They also both enjoyed boarding actions against enemy ships. Though her tone was calm he could detect the bitterness in her voice at pulling what she would have consider the easy duty.

"I received your warning and ordered my squads to brace when I assume we were hit. The power armor room went wild and then dark. I don't know how long it lasted, but as soon the ship stopped bucking we took stock. Because of your warning we weren't to damaged. Ship comms were down so we had no way of knowing what had happened. I immediately went to the hanger..." Her voice caught in her throat. Meiosei was a hardened veteran. A type 33A she always stood out from the other nekos because of her height. She was also very beautiful which, combined with her fierceness in battle had earned her the title Angel of Death. Seeing her fight to keep control of her emotions was more painful to Thomas than his leg had been.

Meiosei cleared her throat and continued. "The hanger was a wreck. Damaged and wrecked ships, equipment and power armors everywhere. I immediately assigned a squad to search for wounded and try to get things under control. We set up a makeshift hospital in the pilots ready room and began to search for other survivors around the hanger and adjacent decks. Finally I needed to know exactly what had happened and to try to get some relief so I sent 3 Mindys to try and clear a path to the medical center. We have some very serious wounded. The rest of my squad I've taken to try to make it to the bridge so we can coordinate."

Sakurai-Hei finished attaching a splint to Thomas's leg and spoke up. "Sir, I've stopped the bleeding for now and have the break immobilized. You shouldn't feel any pain for awhile but you really need to go to the med bay and have your leg properly treated. If you don't I'm afraid you might lose it." Thomas managed a small smile. "Don't worry. I'm Nepleslian. We lose a limb we replace it with a better cybernetic one."

Turning his attention back to Meiosei. "Exhalent work Heisho. The Wakaba has taken a bad hit and we've got a lot of work to do. Heisho, send one of your Mindys to the bridge. The suits comm system should be strong enough to overcome the interference we're getting. That should help the Taisa coordinate with the rest of the ship. We also need eyes in the sky. Until we get sensors back online we're floating blind. Techs are already suiting up to head out and I want them to have cover. We'll send the rest of your squad out to cover them but also to give us some warning of anything that might be out there." Thomas got to his feet and held himself in place. For the first time he was envious of the Nekos ability to hover. "I'll also need a someone to assist me. I'll need a comm and some propellant to help me take stock of the rest of the ship."

Meiosei nodded and turned to her squad. In a calm and authoritative tone that made Thomas admire her more and more she gave orders. "Shimizu-Hei you've got the best communication skills, head to the bridge and assist the Taisa. Tamemoto-Heisho, take the rest of the squad and head back to the hanger, they should have it cleared enough for you to slip out. Full coverage. Report anything, and I mean anything you see to Shimizu-Hei on the bridge. Go." The squad saluted and was gone without another word leaving just the two of them alone in the hall.
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Being called Momosumi-Hei was a strange feeling for Momosumi. She recognized that she was still Momosumi under her costume, but it wasn't what she was used to. She became Robosumi to get away from being Momosumi. She was only supposed to be Momosumi when she didn't have the costume on. Still, she acknowledged it. "Understood, Ma'am," she responded, in an ever so slightly dejected mood. She couldn't let her robotic façade break now, though, even if she wasn't being called by the name she adopted as a tiny android. She turned to Inaho and beeped. Actually, she didn't beep, she literally just said the word "Beep". "Did the scanners pick up anything at all before we crashed? What kind of damage are we looking at, were we hit by a projectile?" She gave a flick of her electrical cord tail, as if she were ready to plug it into the ship's console.

"The situation is bad Taisa" A voice finally rose at Kazue's side who was looking at the latest medical reports "Technicians are busy with the communication grid and it's getting interference from every deck. Wakaba-Taii is doing her best to recover some of the weapon systems and that front doesn't look healthy either" Inaho spoke with a sigh getting the latest reports in herself about the damage "The distress beacon is on, but no response or anything in the location where we at is jumping in"

Kazue finally looked up from her pad "Tell me, where are we?" She turned her head towards Inaho who looked questionable eyes back at her Taisa "So far reports coming in from the outer hull state something different, the alignment of stars is not in line with what we know" Kazue spoke looking back at the broken bridge screen that viewed the outside "Suspicion is...whatever brought us here, we are no longer in the Kikyo Sector" She narrows her eyes looking back at Inaho who simply slowly nodded "If this is true, we got a long journey ahead"

"It does add up with the premature scans I am receiving, I actually presume that it was a malfunction in our sensors. I will add it on the to-do list for us to investigate about" Inaho confirmed to her Taisa as she moved away from her. Inaho heard Momosumi's questions "The initial scans picked up nothing weird, we are looking a shipwide damage indication on a scale of 1 to 10 around a 9 for being severely damaged. We don't have engines, life support is working but on backup systems, weapons are still down but being looked at and our shipwide communication grid is a mess. We got breaches on several decks, a medical facility barely functional but overloaded with patients, and a cargo bay filling up with bodies" She walks to the next console to resume her own repairs coordination. Inaho head looked up hearing Wakaba-Taii voice in her head and looked back down on the console sending a message back "You will see more bodies dear, we do what we can...get me something operational, we are sitting ducks. Use Rune-Hei and Tetsuya-Kohosei that went with you"

"Shimizu-Hei reporting for communication duty for space units sir" Kazue looked at the woman that had pilot gear on "Good, tell them to patrol the area around the Wakaba, any information can be related to Inaho" Kazue reported "Plus keep me informed about the technician progress of the sensor systems that was hit outside and the exact damage to the Wakaba from the outside" The woman nodded starting her communication round with her team.

Corridor to Upper Engineering

Looking back at Hiroshiko wounds and then back at her "It's a flesh wound, don't worry so much" Yuri said with slight confidence to calm Hiroshiko down and looked at the console to see that there was a valve nearby that would control the flow of the source that was providing the fire fuel "Stay where...." looking at Hiroshiko "Well don't go anywhere..." She said with a shrug and moved into the damaged area and slowly moving through it as she could hear the cracking metal. The corridor of this was very unstable and she needed to be careful. Slowly the internal systems come back online as Yuri could hear voices crackled over the intercom "If anyone from medical could be making their way to the upper engineering...I got a wounded crewmember that needs medical aid" She spoke hoping the transmission was being sent and received. She opened a hatch and saw the valve system slowly closing it as she could see the fires dimming out "See it worked" She yelled at Hiroshiko. But by closing the valve also produce a clog in the system that slowly started to build up pressure.

Fletcher finished with a patient and as he did so, The intercom crackled, "If anyone from medical could be making their way to the upper engineering...I got a wounded crewmember that needs medical aid." He sent a acknowledgement and looked around the sickbay. Things seemed to be calming down slightly in sickbay, so Fletcher grabbed a bag of medical supplies and headed out towards engineering.

Corridor to Upper Engineering

Fletcher made his way slowly around wrecked hallway. The scanner told him that they were up ahead, he waved as he approached, taking out his scanner to see what was wrong. "Allright, I'm here, what happened?" He asked.

Dorsal Turret #6​

Yukiko opened her toolkit and grabbed the flashlight, she turned it on and looked at the conduit. //"Well good news, I think I can get the lights on at least. Not sure on the rest, but mainly just some power routing needs to be corrected,"// she said, back through the telepathic connection to Inaho. She pulled back the yarvex shielding over the inner workings of the power conduit and began to physically move the breaker-like switches around. Within a few moments, there was an energizing hum and the lights flicked on in the section beneath the turret. "One step in the right direction," she said to herself as she scrambled to her feet. She didn't know why the body bothered her so much, but every time she looked towards the 'extra crispy' crew member she felt overwhelmingly sad.

She moved towards the control console, and the volumetric screen brought up the diagnostic system and she began the diagnostic cycle on the turret assembly to see if she could narrow down any problems other than the power routing that would bring the turret online. Hopefully, this one would be a simple fix because the Wakaba was a big ship and there were a lot more turrets to go, her attempts to raise other sprites and members of the turret crews had only proven somewhat successful.
Deck 12

Half the lights in the corridor out and the of the few that were working half of them seemed to dimmer than normal and one kept blinking, casting eerie shadows on the walls. The Chusa and the Heisho stood in silence alone in the hall, each consumed with their own thoughts. Finally Setsunu asked, "How bad is it?" Thomas forced a smile and said "I've had worse. Once when I was just a Chui I..."

"Thomas." Setsunu said softly, her voice barely above a whisper.

They had served on different ships together on and off the last decade. Both of them loved a cutting out action, boarding an enemy ship and taking it over, intact. They also shared a love of music and were quite skilled amateurs. Thomas playing the violin and Setsunu the cello. Off duty they would often play together sometimes for long hours without a single word other than the music they made. There probably wasn't anyone in the whole Star Army that Thomas knew better. That was why Thomas knew that Setsunu was really shaken by the what had happened.

Thomas took a deep breath, "It's bad. Very bad. I've never seen a ship in such rough shape." He wouldn't lie to her. She would know right away anyway. "We've got massive damage all over the ship. Emergency generators are barely keeping life support going, much less what we need to fix her and..." This was the rumor the he feared was true but had been squashing it whenever he heard it until they had confirmation. "We have unconfirmed reports that we're not even in the Kikyo Sector anymore. Which means there won't be any rescue coming to help us. We are completely on our own."

Thomas sighed. That information if confirmed, and he was quite certain that it would be confirmed, would be a huge blow to moral. Thomas was a natural leader. He took to command like a fish to water. But there were a few times, and this was certainly one of them, when he felt the full weight of responsibility that rested on a commanders shoulders. As the ship's XO every life aboard the ship was his responsibility. Yes there was the Captain who ultimately was the number one authority responsible for the ship, cargo and crew but that didn't lessen his own duty. A duty that Thomas had always took very seriously.

"Sir, request permission to speak freely?"
Thomas managed a real smile, "Do you really need to ask Setsunu?"

Setsunu was already a tall Neko and in her Mindy suit she was just about the same height as he was. Despite this she moved forward and laid her head on his shoulder. Thomas instinctively put his arm around her, even though she wouldn't feel it through the PA. They stood embracing one another in the dark corridor. They weren't lovers, both of them would deny that. They were comrades in arms. Two soldiers of Yamatai who had known each other for a long time. They had fought, played, wept and celebrated together for over a decade. They knew each other's strengths and weaknesses as much as they knew their own.

"We're going to make it Sets. Of that I have little doubt." Setsunu raised her head off his shoulder and touched his forehead with her own. Their noses were barely an inch apart. It was an intimate position, one that spoke volumes of the trust they had in each other. "I believe you. It's just... the scene in the hanger." She shuttered a moment then locked eyes with Thomas. "I knew the names of every infantryman that was suited up in the hanger. Then after the hit... They were all gone. There was wreckage and bodies everywhere, but not enough for 50 suits." Thomas nodded his understanding. "I personally trained over half of them. And for them get wiped out like that... It was like the Astraea all over again." The Astraea was a ship they had both served on. They had led a cutting out action against an enemy ship. Setsunu had walked right into an ambush and had lost her entire squad. It had haunted her for months afterwards.

Foreheads still touching Thomas said, "We've got to be strong. I believe we'll make it, but it's going to be a long hard road. We've got to keep our spirits up, at least for the crew." "I know... Thank you Tom." They remained together another moment, each giving the other strength and assurance that they would get through this before pulling away.

"Right, Let's head to the hanger. I want to get a look at things and maybe get a PA for myself to help get around. That will free you up help outside."
"Aye, aye Sir." Setsunu said as she took his arm over her shoulder and lifted him up. Together they began floating down towards the hanger bay.
Momosumi sifted through the information on the scanners. "The sensors aren't picking up any life outside the Wakaba. There are remnants of several ships, both from the Star Army of Yamatai and Kuvexian," she said. Though, she noticed something somewhat alarming that was detected by the short-range scanners. Telepathically, she privately notified Kazue "Ma'am, I think you should see this. There is a first generation SMX battle pod nearby. It's damaged, but it's there." She had never seen a Mishhuvurthyar in person, but the thought of one was enough to worry. Fortunately, this one was heavily damaged and the scanners hadn't detected any life outside- but she still didn't like its presence.