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RP: YSS Wakaba [YSS Wakaba] Episode Two: We ain't in Yamatai No More

Deck 12

The soft groan that escaped from under an overturned group of Mindys would have been a cause for concern had the four or five that made up the pile not started to shift. Another noise, this time a grunt, came from the pile as they eventually began to get pushed around until eventually one slid off and a hand poked out. Bloodied, a finger bent unnaturally to the side, it gripped at another and began to pull it aside with a bit of a struggle at first until eventually, it moved aside. Eventually, others came over to help only to reveal white hair with a tinge of wet red that stained it with color, and red eyes to match that peered out from under the pile of the power armors.

After a few more moments of help, the Neko would finally free herself from the pile and pull herself to her feet, and push off anyone that came to ask if she needed medical attention. She shook her head for a second and checked herself over before she pushed and popped things back into place. Her finger dislocated, popped back in with a satisfying snap, her nose straightened back with a grunt and a small crunch, she gave another head shake before she looked around. The place was an absolute mess, and quickly Midori began to help with what was needed. She began to help lift and return the power armors back and otherwise clean the area up, though she made sure to report in with the commander of the ship, to tell them she was finally up and moving around.

She had only recently returned to a ship-based assignment after some time away. She wanted to make sure her memories had all synced back up correctly, to make sure there were no issues, and finally, after a short time, she had found herself a ship to join. Barely even any time into the assignment, and she woke up under a pile of power armors and busted up a little. She white-haired Samurai, a vet of the military, let out a long drawn-out sigh as she peered around to see what she could help with next with her creepy, stone-faced expression.
Corridor to Upper Engineering

Hiroshiko audiably sighed heavily at the mention of it just being "a flesh wound". Sure Nekos bodies were capable of staunching all but the most serious bleeding and even regrow limbs in time, but getting grazed by a bullet is a flesh wound. At least that is what the voice is saying in response to the comment. "Oh joy, she is one of those Nekos isn't she?" the voice sarcastically mentioned as Hiroshiko tried to focus on the moment and not the side comments of her new companion.

"Was the valve yellow or red!?" Hiroshiko yelled back at Yuri no sure which valve she had gone. With the pain, she was not thinking too much on cardinal directions. "If it is yellow, it is just an emergency block to allow quick patchwork repairs. The red one reroutes it into a dump tank which then signals the system to stop circulating. Since I did not a hiss and a groan at all, it must have been the yellow one!! I guess you are going to earn your technician wings today!!"

Hiroshiko proceeded to establish a direct link to Yuri to allow her to relay instructions on what materials are needed from nearby storage to make a basic bypass to at least prevent a catastrophe pressure blow out that would be extremely difficult to repair. She was unsure of who else was alive and her pessimism was not playing nice given a scientist was the one that found her. What was she even doing in the section? Questions for her savior later on.

Hiroshiko continued relaying instructions to Yuri when she say movement once more. She was quite anxious, it being transferred from her state of survival to if Yuri was going to get herself killed following her directions in starting repair work. Scientists were supposed to be intelligent, but there is a lot more to being a technician than just being intelligent after all. There was a lot of intuition needed to figure out issues that had not manifested yet or could not be detected right away.

"I do not know what happened, I think I was on my way to damage control and found myself under this debris. The scientist further down and I cannot lift this off of me, so I am having her work on basic repairs. Sorry I cannot stand up and salute you." Hiroshiko said in response to Fletcher's question. She could not actually see Fletcher initially, but considering he was talking, she didn't assume it was some assassin being funny before offing them. As she could finally see him as he got closer, she decided to end with some attempt at humor.
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Off to see the Wizard of- Wakaba as ordered

The Drake Rider flitted down a corridor as the two made their way to Wakaba, the sprite they were supposed to work with. Runa had heard what people were saying, that they weren’t in Yamatai anymore. It had caused her to groan in disappointment, knowing it probably wouldn’t be good to do anything bad, since she’d need their help. She didn’t know how long it would take them to get back home. “Exyrus up!” She commanded, though she didn’t need to, as the drake saw the debris in the way and ascended its flight and soon they were there.

“Seo-hei reporting to you as ordered, ma’am,” she said to the Wakaba’s sprite.

The total image of what the Wakaba had been through was still unclear, but one fact was clear. Whatever was thrown at her, whatever dragged her into an immense rollercoaster ride, it barely survived. The death report was luckily not that high, they had crew Missing in Action that was quickly recovered from space near decompressed open areas of the Wakaba. However, the medical facilities could barely keep up as Kazue sighs and sent a message to Fletcher. //"Priority those that can survive the current condition"// She shrugs as the message disappears from her screen marked as sent.

Leaning onto the console looking as if she is busy, Kazue could feel the weight now taking its toll demands on her. The Wakaba was in a desperate situation, people's morale was at an all-time low, they didn't know where they are and the repairs on the Wakaba might take weeks if not months. Then she heard a voice come from Momosumi that was relaying the latest area information and didn't flinch until she heard the SMX reference in a private channel. Walking to Momosumi console and looking at the data, it was indeed an SMX battle pod, without showing emotion "Keep scanning those ships, find any information on them if you can and match it with our known database" She sents a private message back to Momosumi //"Don't mention the SMX pod if you find more wrecks of those ships alert me asap"// she pads Momosumi shoulder and moves away "Inaho what is the status on the ship"

Inaho was all but in a happy mood "Engines are fucked up, shield generators are down, power systems are barely holding, the list gets longer and longer" Kazue then sends a message to both Inaho and Thomas in private on command level //"Don't react to this, but we might have a serious problem...Momosumi has found a first-generation SMX battle pod. Meaning whatever happened to us has been happening for quite some time. Whatever is here and whatever is going on we are in more danger than we might presume. Inaho gets in contact with Yukiko and lets her finish at least two working turrets then reroute to Engines to get at least two workings. No questions asked. Thomas, I need you to get the ship into combat readiness without alarming what is going on, let the squad outside do patrols. Send non-essential crew members to medical to help out and get engineering to the backend of the engines....get them to work as soon as possible we are sitting ducks"// Kazue stops at the middle looking at Kazue "Get me the systems going okay?" Inaho need a second to process the information that was given to her and knew that her Taisa didn't want to get unnecessary panic, but the SMX is a huge problem if they manage to survive the trip as they did. She slowly nodded "Got it Taisa, I am on it" She relay a message to Yukiko //"Change of priority, get two turrets working and leave the rest for the technicians, head with Runa to the engines and get some of them working asap, no questions asked"//

Corridor to Upper Engineering

Yuri blinked a bit at the two valves and looked at Hiroshiko "I guess I am a technician?" Looking back at the yellow valve that was now closed and scratched behind her head. The voice of the doctor was coming from her side looking at Fletcher "Hello doctor, don't worry about me, I got it totally under control ..." some sparks come from the console " ...yep nothing to worry about your focus on that one" Looking back at the console and trying to remember the basics of engineering was going to be a pain in the butt.
Deck 12

Thomas and Setsunu moved towards the armory and hanger. They had run into a few techs along the way that they set to working on clearing the corridors for faster movement of personal. The members of Setsunu squad that had been sent to the med bay had reported in. The place was overflowing, but they had managed to connect with the secondary med bay that Thomas had set up earlier in the mess hall and now non critical injuries were being rerouted down to the mess hall which was helping with the congestion around the med bay. The not serious inquired crew were being treated and as per Thomas's suggestion had gotten something hot to eat. Moral was improving.

Just as Thomas and Setsunu were about to enter the Power Armor bay, the XO received a priority message from the Captain. He stopped to read the message. Don't react to this, but we might have a serious problem... Thomas laughed, "HA! That's the biggest understatement I've heard all day." Setsunu looked at him question but he just shook his head and kept reading. What he read next removed any trace of humor from his face. Momosumi has found a first-generation SMX battle pod. Meaning whatever happened to us has been happening for quite some time. Whatever is here and whatever is going on we are in more danger than we might presume.

"Sacred Feth!" Thomas swore out loud. He looked at Setsunu who was looking intently back at him. He hesitated. This was a command need to know only information at the moment. He needn't have worried. Setsunu was a professional soldier. She wouldn't ask questions and she would follow orders. Thomas, I need you to get the ship into combat readiness without alarming what is going on, let the squad outside do patrols. Send non-essential crew members to medical to help out and get engineering to the backend of the engines....get them to work as soon as possible we are sitting ducks."

Thomas took a deep breath. Couldn't they catch a break? His response to the Captain was short and to the point. "Aye, aye Ma'am. I'm on it." Thomas put his arm around Setsunu and pointed towards the power bay. He needed a PA suit so he could get around unassisted. The PA bay was a mess. Suits everywhere. But work had already started which was good. Fortunately, Thomas's own PA suit, a Daisy II, was still in it's stand. Setsunu helped him get in. The suit helped take his weight off his broken leg. He left his helmet off for the moment and moved through the bay. His implants allowed him to identify who was in the bay at a glance.

"Shoi Midori." Thomas called out. Though he didn't know her personally, he did know her record. As XO, Thomas had made it his first priority to learn every officer and NCO under his new command. It was useful in situations like this when he could quickly identify who had the most experience in a room to do the job he had in mind. At the moment, that was Midori. "Are you good?" The hard look he received told him she was. "Good. We've taken a hard hit, but we've still got a job to do. Captain has ordered us to get to combat ready." He paused. This was the tricky part, how to get the crew prepared without spreading unnecessary worry. "Before the hit we were in combat against Kuvies. Some of them might have survived as well. We should be ready to take the fight to them if they decide to show their ugly faces around here. Shoi, I want you to take charge of the power bay and armory. I'll be sending bodies your way, get them fitted out and then disperse them around the ship. I want all critical systems secured and guarded. The Kuvies might think we're a temping prize and try boarding us. They will be in for a big surprise if they do won't they Shoi? I also what any vets with space combat to suit up and head out to form a picket line under Meiōsei-Heisho command."

Thomas then turned back to Setsunu. More quietly he said, "For the time being your our only defense. Keep your eyes open." Setsunu's beautiful dark skinned face smiled briefly. Then it was all business. "Sir, we'll hold the line." She turned to go but Thomas stopped her. He held his fist to his shoulder. Setsunu imitated the move then they brought there forearms together with a clang of their armor. It was the good hunting sign of the Canterbury Clan. Setsunu quickly wrapped her long dark green hair up and pulled on her helmet before heading for the hanger and outside.

Thomas took one last look around then headed back to the mess hall. Techs had repaired the corridors so it took him no time at all to get there. Once inside he brought everything to a halt as he called for order. In a strong powerful voice he issued orders to anyone fit to work. All red panels were to head imminently for the engines. Those with combat experience were sent to the armory where Midori would assign them a location. Everyone else were formed into work groups and assigned areas or the ship to explore and look for other wounded and to report the damage to those areas. This would help determine the condition of the rest of the ship and would give those without much experience something to occupy themselves and make them useful.
Several Days before Incident
Suttle coming in

Calandri was happy with her first posting out of the academy, it sounded exciting and something that someone of her ability would be useful to be around the team. She had also made sure that she had the documents for the medic and the captain so they would know more about her, biology and medical info for the med labs, and just her standard stuff for the captain. She knew the captain probably already had her documents sent to them but thought that having the docs just in case would be better.

As the suttle connected Calandri stepped onto the Wakaba, her hooves clopped on the ship as she let the captain know she was on the ship and was coming up to meet them first for her brief and to make sure that the info on her was up to date. The seven-foot-tall woman wandered the halls until she got to the deck to greet herself. After the quick brief and introduction to the deck crew as she spoke in her native tongue a few too many times, she corrected herself and apologized to the crew. She said that trade was easier for her than yamataian but she got confused with her species language every so often. She was happy to talk to people as well if it made them more comfortable with what she was.

After the deck she headed to medical, she could have the medical once over and handed the documents over so the medic would know more about the species and understand if something went wrong, what to do and what it could be. She was happy to answer questions and let the Medic know what she was to the best of her understanding since biology and that wasn't her strong suit.

Random Hallway

Calandri woke with a grunt, she was against a wall and unsure what had happened or how much time had passed, she looked around and had to blink a few times as she thought she saw her people with her "Kand og travis." (let the dead rest). She looked around slowly and tested her body to make sure something was too badly injured and she could help those in trouble. She slowly stood up and used her four arms to balance herself before she headed off to see if anyone needed help.

She slowly made her way to Deck 12, stumbling on the way, more like someone drunk than injured. As she made her way onto the deck, her head cleared and she could walk better "Drenic alisar culo." (what can I do clan). She paused as she looked at the others and rubbed the back of her head the sensation of dried blood against her fingers as she realized what had happened to her "sorry sorry, I was asking if there is anything I need to help with." She was still new and hadn't really talked to many of the people here apart from professionally. She smiled a little "I know a little bit about repairing, just enough to maybe help, but my skills are in fighting, so I could stand guard." She was more eager to prove she was an asset to the crew as she looked at the group here "Sorry sorry, I could also lighten the mood, help us relax, I know some songs and stories, I will have to work out to speak them in trade.."
Hiroshiko listened to the sparks from the console. "You sound way too confident right now and that starting to remind me of the Dawn Hammer all over again. I spent way too much time going over Systems Technician training to die like this." Hiroshiko said, the last bit about spending time was unlikely to be heard as her voice started to dim down to a whisper mid way in her rant. She needed to get free of this debris sooner than later.
Deck 12

Understood sir, it will be done." Midori's response was simple and concise, not something to out of place for a Samurai. After she gave a small nod to Thomas, she turned and did what was asked of her. As crew members came through, Midori was quick to get them suited up and outfitted with weaponry and gear. The woman was efficient and made sure to spread out the load outs between outright offense, defense, and support roles to make sure there was a good blend of the different roles. With each crew member she outfitted, she gave them orders as well to guard mission critical points of the ship; sensors, engines, weapons, anything that would be necessary for the ship to remain viable and safe, she made sure to place at least three at each point with the proper load out. Eventually she started to outpace the others as they filtered in and got a number of suits set up and waiting for them to come in, and eventually she found her way into her own suit.

A standard Mindy 4, she had geared herself out with a Barrier module on her back, Shoulder mounted Aether pulse cannon on her shoulder, a NSB Launcher on one leg and a Countermeasure missle pod on the other, Midori quickly made her way out into the black when she was ready and keyed up a channel to the Heisho in command of the operation outside.

"Meiōsei-Heisho, Midori-Shoi reporting as ordered, where do you need me?" She asked with little else and drifted over, a simple aether rifle in hand.

Dorsal Turret #6​

Yukiko acknowledged the change of priorities, she placed the panel back over the control circuitry and replied to her mother, //"Dorsal six is up, I'm moving towards the next turret and we can go from there."// She noted the sudden change in priority to their weapons system with a quiet realization such things would not be ordered unless there was a reason for them. She coordinated with the rest of her sprites, hopefully, they could do a bit better than two turrets as they made their way through the labyrinth of maintenance conduits of the Wakaba doing the thankless work they were ordered to do.

It was an odd fleeting thought she had, she found herself missing the antics that had gone on between the communications of the Star Army ships, the backend channel between the avatars and sprites that had kept her spirits high. Where was the Wakaba now? Everything just felt off, and it made her worry for the rest of the crew and their Tasia. She shimmied her way into Dorsal Turret #5. Hopefully, this one was a simple fix like the one before it.
Deck 12

The work of an XO was an exhausting one, especially on a ship the size of the Wakaba. However in it's present state it needed four or five XOs. Thomas was exhausted. He had personally examined almost 48% of the ship and had gotten people working in coordination with one another to get the ship back in action. His Daisy power armor certainly helped him get around especially with his wounded leg but it also was constantly beeping warnings about his leg. But he couldn't get it treated yet. Even a basic operation would put him out of action too long for what was needed right now.

"Chusa Canterbury sir?" His coms binged. "Chusa here." Thomas identified himself. "Sir this is Heisho-Fuma, I've been evaluating the generators, as you instructed." The Neko voice came back. "I believe that I can get the backups generators online. Once they are up and running I should have enough power to begin repair on the the mains, though it might be a few days work. If you can spare me some manpower I should have the backups on in a couple of hours. I also need a few grunts for some heavy lifting." Thomas smiled. It was the first good news he had heard today. "Excellent work Heisho-Fuma. I will get you a work party right away."

As he moved off to find some workers, the XO prepared a update for the Captain. It was quite detailed, but the gest of it was he had examined almost half the ship and had a damage report on it. Though the med bays were struggling to identify who they had at least 70% of the crew were now accounted for, at least wounded or for sure KIA. There were still quite a few MIAs but he had search parties examining the lower parts of the ship and should have it all examined within the hour. Midori-Shoi had done an excellent job getting crew geared up and dispersed around the ship and at last report a little over 50 Mindy suits had formed a picket line outside the ship. His report finished by saying he was heading to the backup generators with a work party to get things cleared up as soon as possible.

He didn't have to look far. Around the next corner he came upon a half dozen Hei's that seemed to be lost and confessed. At least that's what it sounded like. He caught the tail end of someone speaking, saying something about helping people relax with songs and stories. "Sounds like a lovely idea. Perhaps you'd like to sing it for the Kuvies when they come calling as well?" Thomas asked but there was no humor in his voice. It was quite cold in fact. He found the speaker and did something he rarely ever had to do. Look up. At 6'2" on a ship primarily of Neko or Minkan Thomas generally towered above most of his subordinates. Oh there were the odd Kodian here and there but for the most part no. Thomas looked up at the tall antlered Santo Hei and sighed. There was no point in chewing out a raw recruit, especially under the circumstances. "I'm sure we would all love to hear your songs and stories once the ship is back up and running but for now we've got work to do." Thomas took a step back and eyed the motley band. "We're heading down to deck 25 where the backup generators are. You're going to be helping clear the area so our techs can get them up and running. Let's go." Thomas let the way.

Outside the ship

Setsunu walked along the hull of the ship. She loved the silence of space. The vastness of space and the silence of the vacuum. The extrema dark and light of stars, nova's and black holes. But now was not a time for enjoyment. This was serious. In all Setsunu's years she had never seen a ship in such a state. There were places were the hull had been torn away so that it reviled the decks underneath like a diagram. But even more unsettling were the stars. They were all wrong. Setsunu had seen stars from one end of Yamati space to the other. She had never seen these before. Every now and then one of her Mindys would make a comment about it and she shut it down quick. This was not a time for idol chat but she couldn't help agreeing. The stars were all wrong.

A Share class Battleship was huge. Roughly 3/4ths of a mile long that was a lot of ground to cover. She had a little over half her forces covering the bottom section of the ship where the fin extended so far down. She also had the forces staggered. Some were on the hull itself others were as far as a klick from the ship where their sensors wouldn't be interfered with by the ship itself. Setsunu kept moving around the ship. She needed to know and see exactly what each different position revealed. As she was making her rounds her com beeped. "Meiōsei-Heisho, Midori-Shoi reporting as ordered, where do you need me?" Setsunu was a little surprised. She had over heard Thomas give her orders to equip crew he sent her way. Then she remembered that he also had said that anyone with space combat experience head out. The Shoi certainly had that. Setsunu was also slightly surprised that she was deferring to her. She appreciated that. "Thank you Ma'am." Setsunu pointed with her own rifle. "I've got over half our suits covering the bottom section of the ship and the fin. It's a larger area to cover. I would appreciated it, Ma'am, if you could take command of the bottom section." Even if Setsunu had operation command of space, one still didn't just order a superior officer around. The tall Neko looked around at the stars again. "Also Ma'am... Stay alert. I feel as if there are eyes on us."
"Understood," Momosumi beeped. She kept her glass-lensed eyes peeled on the scans. Or maybe they were plastic lenses... They weren't her actual eyes, either way, but they might as well be for how often she saw through them. She matched known data with the scanned ships quite quickly. She paid particular attention to the ships that happened to be closest to the SMX pod, concerned she would discover some sort of unresolved case involving a Mishhu attack.
Deck 12

Calandri was taken back a little by the abrupt speech of the person now looking up at her, she noticed the rank before she said anything to them though "Vask kalun (deeply sorry) for my speech sir." She looked down and let her ear twitch a little as she looked around the others, then back to the XO as nodded "Deck 25 it is then, guess I will be helpful for something then." She groaned a little as she cracked her knuckles and stretched, her green paneled shirt modified for her odd alien anatomy as she smiled and looked at the others with a small nod. She followed the XO as she was preparing herself for the heavy lifting of getting to deck 25 and clearing the way for the Techs."
"Understood Meiōsei-Heisho... Also..." Midori drifted closer to the woman for a moment and reached up to put a hand on her shoulder. For a woman of her stature and reputation, it would seem... strange, for sure, but it was for a reason.

"I will defer to you out here, so as to not confuse the others, and to keep a clear chain of command. Until I have been asked to lead by the CO or XO, you are in charge. They are already comfortable with you, so it is best to keep it that way. But please do not hesitate to ask me for anything you may need. I want us all to return back to the ship safely at the end of the day." For a Samurai, Midori was oddly warm, or at least she seemed to be in comparison to the normal half scowl she reflexively wore all the time. She gave the Heisho a small salute before she turned and made her way to her designated spot.

It was a matter of moments before Midori had already connected with the others in a comms channel that were stationed under the ship. She had them spaced out in proper intervals, pilots with more defensive loadouts situated around more mission critical systems and around the outside, while those with more firepower were placed a bit more along the inside of the hull they were to cover, to fire from behind the defensive fortifications. In her mind it was simple, and with her loadout and responsibilities she floated back and forth along with a few others to be ready to move and reinforce at a moment's notice.
Deck 24

Thomas led his work party to the backup generators on deck 24. The area was a mess with crates and tools and debris lying everywhere. Already there were about a dozen people, mostly techs, scrambling around trying to clear the area and working on the massive generator. A red panel Heisho came over when she saw Thomas and saluted. "Sir, Heisho-Fuma. I'm very happy to see you. We've got a ton of debris to clear out so we can get the replacement parts in here." Thomas returned the salute and smiled, "You just tell us what to do Heisho. This is your area of expertise. Let's get it done."

The work party quickly divided up and began clearing out the debris. Once that was done long power supplies and cables had to be replaced. Portable generators and welding gear were carried in and set up so the techs could work. Most of this was outside Thomas's area of expertise. He kept the other non-techs moving with jobs they were able to do. All the techs needed little to no instruction. This was what they were trained to do. Although the non-techs were very helpful in bringing anything the red panels requested.

Fuma crawled out from under a hatch and looked around. She spied Calandri and called out. "Valtok, you've got four hands? Prefect. I need your help." She pointed to power cords and a bag of hand tools. "Grab those and meet me over by that third hatch." Fuma instructed as she disappeared back into the crawlspace. A moment later she could be heard over by the third hatch asking for the first power cord and a tool from the bag. Her eyes could just be seen shining out of the darkness. "Hell of a day hu?"

Out in Space

Setsunu smiled, although it was hidden under her helmet. It was refreshing when an officer had such faith in your abilities. "Thank you Ma'am. That is comforting, Everyone is shaken up by what has happened. It will take every officer and NCO to keep them from despair. As I said, there's a lot of ship to cover. Take command of the bottom side. It'll make reporting quicker if I don't have to listen to both sides of the ship at once. Report anything you see to me." Setsunu informed the bottom section of the ship that Shoi-Midori had command of the section and to report anything to her. She then watched a moment as the officer placed her crew. It was excellent placement. Setsunu was pleased that she had someone so dependable help take the burden of command. She just hopped that they would be enough for whatever lurked out in the darkness.

The ship was severely hit, there were many killed and still some missing, yet Kazue couldn't be more proud that in this time of chaos and sorrow her crew worked like a well-oiled machine. The crew did what was asked of them, the Wakaba was making progress to be able to move soon again, yet she has not given the green light to even move. The only thing that she did, looked at the screen, the damaged screen, and answered basic questions. Inaho stood next to her "Quite the sight, the lion's den is dangerous and we are lucky to be alive" She said as Kazue narrowed her eyes and shook her head "This is not a lion's den, this is a web of a deadly spider waiting for its prey to move" Inaho looked a bit concerned at her Taisa and nods "The ship's engines are getting slowly operational, your xo is more able to do the given task then Command had presumed, Yukiko has gotten 2/5 of the weapons operational but the damage is severe... we need resources and mining the surrounding ships for parts is a given choice, but I presume that would be a bait"

"Exactly" Kazue replied "Momosumi status report anything on scanners" Kazue didn't look at Inaho "Get ready for anything, we might have to react quickly so make sure the guns are able to hold and reassign Yukiko to the engines" Inaho nodded and walked away to go towards a console //"Yukiko my dear when you are done with that turret assign Runa to take over your repairs and report to the engines, speed up repairs"// Kazue listens to multi reports coming in and was more filtering the data trying to find a weakness, a deviation or something off. Looking at the screen that showed the asteroid belt of old ships parts and even a nonexperience pilot would notice that those ships were beaten up by something else than just a black hole //"Give a sitrep Thomas"//

Corridor to Upper Engineering

Hearing what Hiroshiko said made her shrug a bit and walk back to her. The debris was mostly off her body as she looked at the doctor "So what is the status of this patient, she is most eager to get back into the fight and I back to the bridge" The area was stable and the situation seemed safe until a shipwide alert went off and looked up "Wonder what is going on now..."


The debris was flying around and some pieces hit the hull of the Wakaba, it was a dangerous area to work in right now. But a pilot stopped and looked in a certain direction as she narrowed her eyes seeing debris in the distance getting pushed slowly aside "Guys...you see that?" Back on the ship, the alert goes off as Inaho looked at Kazue "Longrange scanners are active....and detected hostile activity nearby!"
Deck 24

Thomas leaned against the wall and closed his eyes a moment. His leg hurting him bad again. Even inside his Daisy suit with the added support it was beginning to hurt more than he could stand. He really needed to stop by the med bay and get it looked at or rather get it cut off. Not that he minded much losing a leg. He had already lost an arm and an eye. What was a leg?

//"Give a sitrep Thomas"//

Thomas called the bridge. "Captain? This is Canterbury. We're working..." There was a loud bang then the sound of a generator coming online. Over the noise were woops and shouts of excitement as the techs began hi-fiving and patting one another on the back. Thomas smiled as Heisho-Fuma gave him a thumbs up. The XO had to move out into the hall to be heard over the generator. "Captain we have one back up generator up and running. I imagine it'll take the techs a moment to make sure everything is running properly then they'll start sending power towards the parts of the ship most needed." He quickly checked his notes. "Techs believe with the backup online they'll be able to run the fabricator to make replacement parts for the main generators. They believe they can have at least one of the mains up and running within 36 hours. How are things look on your end?"

Out in Space

Setsunu continued her walk along the upper hull. As well as heading up the picket line she was keeping an eye on the techs outside working. She had already stepped in twice to save a tech from being hit by a hit by a large piece of debris. She moved a few of her PA's around to keep an eye on the busier work areas so that the techs could focus on their work and not have to worry about being hit from behind. She was just about to check in with and report the progress outside when her coms beeped. "Hey! What the heck is that? Heisho-Meiosei! You need to see this." Before the speaker could finish speaking Setsunu had identified the speaker, logged her location and used her teleporter to appear beside her. "What have you got?" "Ah! Ma'am!" The Neko was surprised to have someone appear out of then air but quickly recovered and pointed. "Over there, I've been seeing it for a while and couldn't quite figure out what it was I was seeing. There's debris there that is being pushed out of the way by something big." Setsunu had already engaged her magnification and was studying the area as the Neko was speaking. "All PA's, possible hostile contact Bearing 301 Mark 30." Her voice was calm and collected as she issued orders. "Outlier pickets, fall back to half a klick from the ship and be prepared to defend the ship." As she moved back towards the ship she gave the same information to the Bridge then asked, "Orders Wakaba?"
Deck 24

Calandri turned to who shouted her named, it was still weird to hear her last name being used to talk to her, before joining the Star Army only the people trying to woo her would use that name. She shook of the feeling quickly as she saw the items that where being asked to be brought over, She grabbed the back of hand tools first and made sure it was secure before she got the cables with a grunt as she carried them to the hatch with a smile "Yea it is a surprse, haven't had this much excitment since the slave rebelion." She laughed a little as she sat down beside the vent as she sorted out the tool and the cable for Fuma and offered them to the abyss that was the crawlspace.
"There is debris hitting the hull outside, some of it appears to be moving on an abnormal trajectory as if it was push-" Robosumi began, but she was interrupted by the long range scanners coming online. As soon as she heard hostile, her mind immediately jumped to the SMX pod and she scrambled to check what the long range scanners brought in from that direction. Telepathically, she asked Kazue "Ma'am, do you think it's... them?"
Deck Somewhere

Runa was silent as she stewed in her work. She cursed her parents for being so crazy and not listening to her and now because of them they were lost, she was lost. She knew she’ll have to do her work and help out, after all safety depended on it. But once they were back, she’ll do something crazy, crazy enough to get her discharged and scary enough for her parents. “Alright.. Think I am done here, ” she muttered to herself, and whistled to her Drake and climbed on before the two flew away. ‘That needs to be welded, so burn!” She ordered and watched her Drake use its flames to weld. Before Runa ordered her drake to stop with a pat on the head.
Out in the Darkness

In the dark red glow of his bridge the Lord Mishhuvurthyar watched his display screen showing the activity on the wounded Yamatai ship. They were quite active. Perhaps they would give good sport. It had been so long since anything this size had come through the anomaly alive. There was an audible thump as the staking ship brushed up against a large piece of debris. The bridge became utterly silent as the Neko girls at the helm visibly shook in fear as to their mistake. The Lord let the silence hang then glanced again at the viewscreen. The Yamatai pickets were reforming. A woman spoke from her console as loud as she dared. "Lord, the several of the ships weapons are powering up. Scans estimate that only 2/5s of them are operational at this time.

The Lord Mishhuvurthyar waited and watched. Suddenly an alarm began to buzz. The Yamatai ship began to glow at several points. "Lord.." On of the crew began to speak but was interrupted by the lines destructive energy that shot from the Sharie Class Battleship towards huntress. Of the five shots, two struck a debris which ate up most of their destructive force. Two more were absorbed by the titan ship's CFS. But one shot managed to pernitrate the strike the ship. It was the first time since coming to this accursed place that the ship had ever been struck.

A strange noise began to fill the bridge. The Lord Mishhuvurthyar was chuckling. The Neko and other SMX beings looked around in confusion. The chuckle became laughter. "This prey has teeth. I will enjoy this hunt. Weapon's station. Fire a single shot, just enough to shake them up then pull us back. I want them to live what is left of their short lives in utter fear and hopelessness."

The Warship fired a single shot as ordered, the line of dark red energy struck the Wakaba amid ship. 3 Mindy suits that were part of the picket line were caught in the blast and were vaporized instantly. Another four were killed along the hull where they had been stationed to watch over a work party. The whole ship rocked and bucked from the attack, throwing the crew about the ship again and causing secondary damage throughout the ship. The Wakaba fired again, but there was nothing there. Their attacker seemed to just disappear into the debris.

YSS Wakaba
Deck 24

Thomas felt the ship shutter as it fired at it's unknown enemy. He tried to raise the bridge, but the weapons fire seemed to mess up the comms again. He was issuing orders to get the work teams moving when the ship was hit. Thomas was thrown off his feet against the wall. Before he could recover, a secondary explosion in the hallway he was in shot shrapnel at him. His Daisy armor took most of the blast, but his wounded leg was hit again and the pain caused him to black out.

One of the work party saw the XO take a hit and go down. "Medic!" She yelled as she picked herself off the deck. Coughing she yelled out again. "Medic! Somebody! Help! The XO is down." She made it over to where Thomas was lying and checked for a pulse. She was very relieved when it she found one but knew she needed to get him to the med bay stat. "Someone help me! Give me a hand with him! We need to get him to Medical!"

Corridor to Upper Engineering

A clear team had finally made it's way up to upper Engineering. Yuri blinked a bit at the two valves and looked at Hiroshiko They had heard Yuri's calls for help and moved in. They quickly got the debris off of Hiroshiko so she could be properly looked at. Yuri smiled at Hiroshiko. "There, see? I told you I'd get you out of that. Your just lucky..." Her words were cut off when the ship was hit hard by the still unseen attacker. Yuri fell on top of Hiroshiko. Before anyone could help them up the an someone started screaming on the comms that the Captain was down. Yuri eyes widened as she looked at Hiroshiko. "Oh shit."

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