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RP: YSS Wakaba [YSS Wakaba] Episode Two: We ain't in Yamatai No More

YSS Wakaba, The Fight for Survival

The enemy had made it inside the ship. The main force was trying to get in through the hanger but troops were slipping in through breaches in the sides. To counter this, the Wakaba's MEGAMI closed sealed off all hatchways and blast doors. This would slow the enemy down trying to move through the ship, but it also hindered the Wakabans from moving around as well. Only the CO and XO had the authority to override doors on the spot. Anyone else who wanted to get through a door had to contact the Bridge, request an override then wait for the Bridge to open said door. It was a hassle, but with the ship was still badly damaged. The MEGAMI's sensors couldn't detect every part of the ship. So it had to be all or nothing to ensure that the enemy couldn't move quickly through the ship.

Setsunu and her squad had been moving to the hanger when they found themselves trapped on the wrong side of a blast door. Without the authorization to open it, they couldn't reinforce the troops fighting in the hanger. That didn't stop her squad for long though. All eight of their Mindys were equipped with teleporters. A flash of light and they were in the middle of the hanger. And right into one hell of a fight.

With the reflexes of harden Veterans, the squad broke into pairs and took cover. The Mishu had overrun the landing strip and the Wakabans were falling back from the hanger bay doors to inside the hanger itself. Setsunu's squad, known as the Angels of Death, rallied the retreating forces into an organized line and began fighting back as one. "Reform the line! Reform the line!" Setsunu ordered. "Angels of Death, into them!" As one, Setsunu's squad did another micro jump right into the middle of the Mishu forces. They were momentarily taken aback by the sudden onslaught. Setsunu had her spear in her hands and moved with such speed and grace that the enemy couldn't keep track of her before she had sliced them to pieces. The Angels of Death made short work of the Mishu forces and allowed the Wakabans a breather. One that was short lived however.

Most of what the Angels of Death had killed where the grunts. They weren't even in Power Armor. But that was about to chance. Two Mishu Crabs were moving across the landing strip towards the hanger doors and right behind them were dozens of Ripper and Reapers suits. The fight for the Hanger was far from over.

Med Bay
Thomas sat on a gurney while a medic quickly screwed on a metal pole to his stump. Throughout his career Thomas had often been told that he sometimes resembled a pirate more than a military officer. There was a certain irony here that he now literally had a peg leg like the pirates in those old stories he heard as a kid. While the leg was being attached, Thomas was in communication with the MEGAMI. They were in quite a fix. They needed to get the ship moving. Thomas had little doubt to the fighting ability's of the crew, but they were all worn out already and couldn't just sit there keep repelling wave after wave of forces.

Thomas was about to contact Fletcher on the Bridge when MEGAMI informed him that Fletcher had left to aid the fight to repel boarders. "Damn Doctor beat me to the punch it seems." Thomas muttered. He couldn't fault Fletcher, Thomas would have done the same. "There you go Sir." The medic informed him. The Nepleslian born stood and tried his weight on the metal pole. It held. "Thank you."

Thomas reached into his pocket and pulled out a pocket watch to check the time. He then opened a channel to Inaho on the Bridge and to Fletcher. "This is Chusa Thomas Canterbury. As of 1948 I am assuming command of the Wakaba. Shosa Fletcher. As of 1949 you are now the Executive Officer. Congratulations." Thomas shook his head. Congratulations? Really? "XO Fletcher, your first order is to repel all boarders. Joto Heisho Setsunu Meiosei has rallied the defenders in the Hanger, but from the sound of it she'll need all the help she can get. I'm heading for the Bridge. We're going to get this ship moving again. Canterbury Out."

Outside the Armory
Calandri had almost made it to the Armory before she became trapped by the closing blast doors. Luckily for her, Fletcher and his party from the bridge had made it that far as well. He would be able to open the Armory door to get the PA and weapons they would need to combat the attacking forces.

Deep Storage
The two shuttles were indeed in working order. The Mech unit as well. Even though its controls were designed for a full size neko, the suit had SPINE interface which would allow Runa to pilot it if she so chose.
Calandri bowed to the others, but didn't say much as she walked into the armoury and gathered her stuff happily, now this stuff would do a lot better than what she had planned to do and this time it might mean she takes down more than she could before and like before she bowed but this time she spoke as well "Jia Luy avila." With this like before she headed off running the heavy bangs on the floor from her weight and hooves. She still thought about those words and wondered if she would be able to share their meaning to the others, but even if not, she knew this group would follow the sentiment 'to your last breath' she thought to herself, that was the saying she told them.
Deck 8

The universe truly hated Mizumitsu Hiroshiko. First it was the Angel of Death and now it was brain slave Ripper that seemed to delight in getting physical instead of just filling the tight corridor with Aether fire. Part of her vision eyed for the nearest escape vector, but she was not seeing it. She just grabbed the floating technician's head and opted to finally accept her fate in life.

At least that was her plan until she suddenly found her body moving with the level of experience and training of a 2nd Mishhu War era SAINT Operative that knew the reaction times and weaknesses of the Ripper. She lunged with a combination of her inertia emitters to launch her at full speed towards the Ripper, the woman deftly dodged the swing of the Ripper and dove between its legs to give her enough time to disappear into the nearest maintenance corridor hatch and start climbing upwards to Deck 9 before the Ripper fully turned around and started firing.

"Like it or not, there are two of us in this head of yours and your father wants you to live. We really need to work on your emotional state, it leaves gaps in motor control. I'd advise looking for the nearest power armor bay. There has to be a Mindy or preferably a Keiko available somewhere." the voice returned to her even more clearly than before.

Hiroshiko didn't argue, immediately sending a message to Megami about the ripper and the technician's remains she was now carrying with her thinking this was Nepleslia with the training on the Wrath of Nepleslia coming to her. She also pinged for the nearest Power Armor Bay.

"We either get help or we are going to be the help." the voice continued.

Putting his armor on, he looked at his small group, which seemed to include Calandri. He took a moment preparing for how he was going to fight, he fed the live feeds they were getting, and losing, into his battle computer. "We're headed to the hanger, we're going to be going in hard and fast. Our sudden assualt will put them on their back foot, when it does, I want to exploit it for everything we have. Prepare for teleport on three. One... Two..."


"Three..." The hanger was in chaos, but it was chaos that the AIES had taken the measure of. The instant Fletcher appeared, his shoulder weapons were firing, The angry little thunderbolts of the Aether machine gun leaping towards the enemies. The Gauss Cannon fired at anyone that looked like they might have tougher armor. Nodal support bits deployed, scooting out from around him in a halo of angry gunfire. While AIES was taking care of the firing, he was moving, flying across the back wall to get a complete perspective on what was happening. He wanted to contribute to the battle, but he wanted to identify who seemed to be in charge of the enemy while he waited for his teleport to recharge.
Deep Storage
oohh, excellent, shuttles seemed to be in working order! If I knew where we were I’d take one and get out of here, but sadly I don’t, so I gotta stay with the crew for now.. Though Thomas Cantebury.. I should tell him about how we’d stolen his family crest he’ll be pissed! Oh the mech Unit is in working order too! Would be a shame to leave this thing unattended, yes indeed! a Cheshire grin formed on her lips as she jumped from Exyrus’s back and flew to the mech cockpit. “No doubt this thing is built for the big girls, but since they were kind enough to give me a SPINE it should be fine! Exyrus lets go for a joy ride! She giggled with glee as she climbed in.

“Hey boss! I found two working shuttles and a mech down here,I’m getting the mech operational now!” She sent to Thomas then touched the SPINE with her own. “Come on, big guy! Work with me here!” She commented to herself as she became synced to the mech. Once it had, she tested it, by macking the mech move its arms. “ “Wonder if I could get a special Exosuit for mech’s”
Wakaba Bridge

Thomas finally made his way to the Bridge. It had taken far longer than he had expected. He couldn't move very quickly on his peg leg and at every blast door he had to stop and order an override. But he finally reached the bridge. Inaho came to attention as he entered and called out. "Captain on deck." Thomas waved them back to their stations and said, "Report." Inaho moved forward and helped Thomas to the Captains chair. "We're holding the enemy back as best we can with our diminished counter measures. The majority of the attack is being consecrated towards the hanger bay, though we fear some forces have slipped through breaches in the outer haul. Joto Heisho Meiosei has rallied the defenders in the hanger, and it looks like XO Fletcher has arrived to back her up."

Thomas sat down closed his eyes a moment, he felt like he could sleep for a week. "What's the status of the Engines?" "At last report, Chui Yukiko reported that the engines would be repaired within the next 30 hours." Thomas's eyes opened and he looked very grim. "Tell them they have 30 mins to get those engines online and get the ship moving. If we don't move, we'll die. Heroically, fighting to the last neko I have no doubt but we'll be overwhelmed if we can't get the ship moving." "Aye Aye Captain." Inaho said and sent a message to Yukiko. "Yukiko my dear, we need to get those engines online now by any means. Remember, I'm too beautiful to die."

Thomas then received the message from Runa. He had almost forgotten about the little dragon rider. It was good news about the shuttles, but unless they got out of here they weren't going to be of much use. But the Mech interested him greatly. There had been two Mechs defending the hanger, but at last report they were both out of commission. "Seo-Hei, do your best to get that Mech working and move to support the Hanger. They need all the firepower they can get."

Deck 9

The Ripper was close behind Mizumitsu Hiroshiko. The red pan was just managing to stay ahead of it but every so often some of its shots would go flying over her head to scorch the walls and ceiling. The nearest armory was two decks up. But it couldn't be confirmed if it was still operational or had been damaged or worse, destroyed. The Megami also informed her that there was a check point where Wakabans were well armed, but it was three decks down and there was possibly more hostiles between her and them.


Setsunu had been in many, many battles. But this was one was quickly rising up the list of toughest fights. She had almost brought down one of the Mishu Crabs single handedly. Her Aether Spear was an extension of her own arm and she had literally run circles around the bulky Crab. She had hacked several of it's legs and had climbed up its back to deliver the killing blow when she was hit from behind. A Ripper had launched itself at her and had tackled off the Crab. Setsunu lost her grip on her spear as she fell. Quick to recover, she pulled out her blade, a gift from Thomas years ago, and jabbed it with such force that it broke the neck seal of the Ripper and severed its spine.

Having dispatched the Ripper, Setsunu looked around for her spear. When she saw it she froze. Standing a dozen feet away was a Mindy suit, but unlike any Mindy suit she had ever seen. It was grotesque and covered in spikes and trophies. The suit held her spear and was examining it. It looked at Setsunu a moment then tossed the spear back to her. The green haired Neko caught it and held it a fighting stance. The two Mindys stood unmoving, will all the fighting going on around them and studied one another. The the grotesque Mindy took a spear from its own back and launched itself at Setsunu.

Setsunu had been in the service of Yamatai for almost 13 years. She was a veteran of more fights than... well the expression went more fights than she could remember, but with a digital Neko brain she vividly remembered every single one. Needless to say, she had done a lot of fighting. Both one and one and against overwhelming numbers. She had rarely been in a fight as fierce or as fast as this one. The speed was unreal. Setsunu had spared with other Nekos before, but this was something else. And the ferocity. It was unlike anything she had ever experienced. Attack, parry, counter, parry, counter, counter-counter.

While Setsunu and the unknown warrior were battling it out, the rest of the forces were also lock in a fierce fight to the death. Fletcher's reinforcements had put the enemy on the back foot, but only temporally. Another shuttle had gotten through the Wakaba's defenses and had disembarked it's troops. It had been a range fight for awhile, but it was quickly turning into a close combat melee. The Wakabans were the better fighters, more disciplined, but the enemy was no pushover and they had the numbers. It was anyone's guess who would come out the victor, but at what cost?
Deck 9

Hiroshiko could do the only think she can do, keep running and moving until either this ripper got called to fight better targets or she was dead. Even the voice in her head was starting to come to her point of view that doom was inevitable since there was no support and no real way to deal with the threat. For all of her fear of the Elysian Angel of Death, she would prefer to be cleaved in half by his aether scythe than be gutted and turned into a zombie by the Mishhu. And she still had the head of the now dead technician, put it in the now empty backpack of the premium toolkit.

"We have two choices, go up two decks to the unknown with unknowns or go down three deck with some knowns with even more unknown unknowns. And both involving a bull chasing and toying with us. Since you insist on not letting my drive, it could easily down you. Take the left." the very clear voice said, which resulted in Hiroshiko making a sharp left into yet another maintenance corridor to fly through.

She was getting tired from all the physical activity. There was no way she was going to be able to deal with additional hostiles to link up with the other survivors. And she had a feeling that they were also a magnet for even more hostiles looking to wipe them out. So she opted to start climbing towards the armory of unknown condition. One way or another, the end game for her was quickly coming.
Deep Storage
Onward to Battle

”ohhh yeah! Get to use the Mech baby! Oh Exyrus don’t worry, I’ll always ride you its just come on!” She said as she climbed into the Mech cockpit and slammed her back to the mech SpINE area. “come on… come on.. You piece of!” [/COLOr] She said with frustration until she noticed an arm moved. She now had control over the mech, and with her SPINE in control she kept herself back and made the Mech move forward, pushing the tech off of it as she moved forward. “Oh, this is amazing.. I wonder if I should be a mech pilot instead of a normal one?” she said to herself as she proceeded forward.

The Mech’s HUD told her where she needed to go to join the others. “hehehe.. Now how did that one character say? oh yeah! She remembered and when the doors leading to the others opened she jumped out. “YO WAKE UP! ITS TIME TO DIE BIATCHSICLE!” Her words came up to both the Wakaba Comms, and the Mech also transmitted her message to the enemy combatants. This would be the last words they’d heard as she unleashed hell upon her targets. Her surprise attack would distract and allow her shipmates to escape to safety if they needed to.
Fletcher told his autocannon to load the airburst ammunition. Then set it to fire at any group of enemies it could reasonably get without catching friendlies or damaging the ship too much. Not asking for any damage was unrealistic, but they would probably need the parts from the shuttles later. With that done, he pulled out his aethersaber and ignited it. "For Empress and Yamatai!" He shouted, and teleported to one side of the hanger with a crash of thunder. The machine gun and gauss cannon let loose as the nodal support bits sprinted out wards to get good firing solutions that Fletcher couldn't from his position. He stepped forward and with a slash, attacked a enemy who hadn't been expecting him to be there.
Wakaba Hanger Bay

If the Wakaba ever made it back to known space, the fight in the Hanger bay would go down as the hardest, bloodiest fight in the ship's history. Reinforcements on both sides filled the large hanger bay with bodies. At first, range weapons shot back and forth with explosions shooting up the kill count. But as the bodies kept being pushed closer and closer together, range weapons became more of a risk than help. There came a point where it seemed as if everyone still alive was locked into a fierce melee fight.

Setsunu and the Warrior were right at the heart of that deadly braw. Every so often the flow of battle would separate the two. At those moments, Setsunu would do micro jumps to an area that needed help the most. 30 seconds to a minute was all she could afford however. Every second battling some other enemy was a second that the Warrior had to pick off the Wakaba's defenders. Once Setsunu had aided one place she would locate the Warrior again and micro jump back to her position and they would resume their fight as if nothing had happened. However, the hard, nonstop fighting was taking its toll. Setsunu's Mindy had taken some serious blows. The suits systems had begun to fail slowing her down significantly. If they Warrior hadn't also sustained massive damage, she would have finished off Setsunu long ago.

Deck 9

Hiroshiko managed to stay ahead of the Reaper, but it was still after her. She hadn't run into any more enemies, though she had seen evidence of more around. Finally she reached the secondary armory. There was no power to this part of the ship, but the door and been badly damaged and was partly open. She might just be able to squeeze inside.

Inside the armory, some weapons and even power armor suits had been knocked loose from their frames and littered the place.


Thomas had already worked out a course with the helmsman out of the area, ready for the moment when the engines would be operational again. Almost every available soldier had been sent to the hanger. A few had been sent to critical locations such as the engines and the hospital. Only one kill team squad were was all that could be spared to try and track down the enemy who had managed to infiltrative into the ship. Suddenly there was a pounding on the bridge doors. The meager bridge crew looked up in confusion, some fear. Fletcher had taken with him Master-at-arms who would have normally been guarding the door.

At the same time the pounding on the bridge doors began, the lights on several stations, most nobly the helms station, began lighting up. "Engineering to Bridge. We have power. Best we can do at this time is 35%. Any higher and we risk massive destabilization. I also don't know how long this jury rig will last." Thomas shouted over the pounding and the cheer from the crew. "Helm! Get us moving. Inaho! What's trying to get in?" Inaho pulled up the cameras for the other side of the bridge's main doors. It showed to two Rippers, although one was clearly damaged. "Wakaba. Open the door." The ship's MEGAMI began to protest but Thomas overrode it. He had limped towards the doors, a SiZi 38 revolver in each hand. As soon as the doors opened, Thomas began to calmly fire. The right revolver was loaded with heavy Anti PA rounds. Normally impossible to fire outside of PA, but Thomas' right arm custom made to stand both the recoil and the heat discharge. The left hand weapon had anti personnel rounds, not much threat to the big Rippers, but enough to temporally blind one one Ripper while the heavy weapon destroyed the other. Several other bridge operators also added their firepower and overwhelmed the two Rippers before they could do any damage to the Bridge. Thomas limped forwards and put a final kill shot into each suit before ordering them tossed out the airlock.


There was a tremble felt on all over the hanger bay as the Wakaba's engines flared to life and slowly began moving the big ship away. With that tremble the noticeable current ran through those fighting. The tide had turned. With one voice the Wakabans began to yell, "For the Empress! For Yamatai! For the Wakaba!" The enemy was taken aback. They began to panic and were slaughtered without mercy.

At the heart of the fight, Warrior paused and looked around. She too felt the tide change. These Yamatai had much more fight in them than anyone had expected. Her master would not be happy. Master Overseer Cydu Yge would be severely punished for this failure. That almost made her smile. She and the Cydu didn't like each other. Warrior opened a channel to Setsunu. "This ship has more fight in it than was expected. You are practically skilled. What is your name warrior?" Setsunu didn't immediately respond then said, "Joto Heisho Setsunu Meiosei." Warrior nodded then raised her weapon in a salute before disappearing in the blinding light of a teleportation.
Around the YYS Wakaba

Calandri had lost all notation of where she was and how long she had been fighting, she had run into groups of enemies and had cut them down again and again, her shotgun had ran out of ammo after the few groups. She didn't care, this was her vengeance on the universe that had taken everything from her, her species, her home, her dignity and just her soul at this point. She growled as she continued through the ship, she will make her statement count to the others as the enemy fought back, her body taking damage, wounds of all kinds wracked her body, from cuts to bullet wounds.

She panted heavily as she paused to gain her breath back for a moment, the sound of fighting had slowed down and she breathed slowly knowing it will probably be her last fight now as she looked down and saw her bloodied body. She took another step, stumbled and slammed a hand into the wall to hold herself up "No no no!" She screamed to herself, she was not done yet, there was still fighting and her wanted to be there for it. She make another step and another, She smirked to herself as she got ready to fight again as she prepared herself and spoke a hymn from people she started off again. She looked down a corridor and blinked a few times, everything was getting fuzzy.

Suddenly Calandri sat up, she looked around confused and dazed, she wasn't on a ship. She was back home, she recognised the room she was in, she smiled as she got up, her family would love to hear about the weird dream she had, it could of been a vision from one of the gods. Flashes from the dream still play in her mind as she walks through the larger home of royalty for her people, she sees her father and gets closer, as the visions from the dreams get more vivid and flash "Father, you wouldn't believe what dream I had last night." The older man turns slowly to reveal the bullet wound in their skull as they talked like nothing happen "Oh my sweet daughter, please tell me of this dream that has gotten you so happy." Calandri fell back, it was her dream, she saw this happen to him then. She must of still been dreaming, this horrible nightmare of a vision.

Calandri woke up terrified, with more of her people surrounding her wounded or with the same collars she had on years ago, she yelled "Kallica novin farull." As she lifts an arm to punch on of the people that was above her, she felt it connect as her vision started to fade properly into existence and she could see what was going, it was the medics of the Wakaba patching her up, she breathed easier and looked at the person she punched "I am so sorry, I thought you were..... oh it doesn't matter, just please accept my apology." She smiled a little as the medic nodded and got back to work, at least it wasn't a kick, she thought to herself and chuckled.