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RP: YSS Wakaba [YSS Wakaba] Episode Two: We ain't in Yamatai No More

Deck 12 Maintenance Conduits

"Itto Hei Mizumitsu, ma'am." Hiroshiko said, slightly bowing her head to the holographic avatar. With all she had been threw, she was going not be silent on such a minor mistake. She didn't have the experience of being with the clan like her mother, but she did inherit the pride in her name though.

"Deck 8... the Command Tower." Hiroshiko said before she pulled up the aforementioned location into her mind. Looking into the damage reports, she did her best to get an understanding of the situation to triage repairs once she was done patching up MEGAMI. From the looks of it, she seemed like one of, if not the only, surviving technician on the ship.

She did her best to slap together a repair of the router's storage doors, but she marked it as a job for later. Bowing to the avatar one last time, she made her way out of the maintenance corridor and promptly changed into the environmental suit which she had snagged earlier in the hallway.

"If you are going to out into the breech, might I suggest stocking up on weapons and a FARS drone to watch your back? If I was going to board a ship, I would do it from one of the hole I just blew into your ship." the clear voice returned as Hiroshiko donned the helmet of the suit. Hiroshiko paused for a moment, forgetting it was there while working.

"My assigned Mindy is located in a Power Armor Bay opposite of the direction we are going. But there is an armory along the way I can get a Star Army Type 41 Rifle." Hiroshiko responded.

"Better than nothing I suppose. But I strongly suggest you pay actually pay attention to your surroundings this time. I can't help you if I can't see and there is no sound in a vacuum..."

Hiroshiko just sighed as she started flying to the destination. The tone of voice reminded me of talking to a concerned parent. She could only imagine what her mother would say in a situation. Most likely something along the lines of "Kill them all and let the Great Kami sort them out."

She stopped at the mentioned Armory, fighting with the computer system to properly authenticate herself. Once it was fixed, she entered the silent environment and quickly got herself a SAR41 Rifle, a combat harness, magazines, and ammunition to fill said magazines. Take more than a few minutes to prepare herself, she also stopped at a supply room that had space FARS drones as was suggested. Finally she made it to a breach in the Command Tower.

Needing to exit it and float her way in the open in order to get to deck 8, she paused for a moment as she raised her SAR41 to the high ready position. She looked out into the great beyond with a huge heaping of anxiety. She was a lone technician in a crazy situation with nothing more than a strange but clear voice in her head and MEGAMI constantly talking to her.

What could possibly go wrong?

Fletcher nodded, his lips becoming a line. He needed to help here, but he was the ranking officer present and the only one unwounded. "Dr. Signy, you are in charge of the sickbay. Tell me when Cantabury is recovered. I'll be on the bridge." He said, then turning to leave the medbay.

Fletcher strode onto the bridge with all of the confidence his father had instilled in him. It wasn't the first time he had taken command in a crisis situation. However, this was a capital ship, not a gunship. He looked straight at Momosumi and Inaho. "I am assuming command as ranking officer present. What is the situation? Report."
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Med Bay

The tall woman paused for a moment, she still wasn't used to people calling her by her family name. For her people the only time they would be calling her that would be if it was a marriage proposal or refering to her father, the chief of her people. She had to learn it early with Yamatai and it did lead to some embarrassing meeting, but she was better now, it just making her pause "Talkar Baen Hargt." (All will be explained). She looked around and started to help people, she couldn't help but worry for this place and whatever was attacking them, these people were injured and would be able to fully protect themselves if anyone came aboard right now. She tensed her muscles as she looked around, she felt weird as she suddenly got flashbacks to when people came to her planet as she shudders and walked to the acting captain and the little woman "Okay then, we are going to get through this, Kalun." She paused and smiled "sorry Kalun is what we called our military leader, closest comparison to yamatai would be, um I think you would say Lord or something."
Deck 8

The area the MEGAMI had sent Hiroshiko on deck 8 was indeed a wreck. That shot from the unknown enemy had penetrated all the way to there although it had been mostly spent by the time it had reached this deep into the ship. It was pretty obvious that this was going to take awhile to repair. The main power and cable lines that connected the MEGAMI to the long range scanners and communications was melted and would need to be cut out and spliced back in before power was restored. Luckily for Hiroshiko, she wasn't the only one MEGAMI had sent to work on the damage. Another red panel entered through the hole from deck 9, following the damaged cable. "Hello. Glad to see someone else working in here. It's so creepy working in the vacuum by yourself."


Inaho looked at Fletcher a moment as she processed the implications. If Fletcher had assumed command, then that meant both the CO and XO were out of commission. This day just kept getting better and better. She came to attention and saluted the Shosa before reporting. "Aye Sir. Yukiko-Chui is overseeing the repair to the engines. Last report she should have them back online in 6 to 12 hours. That will give us some propulsion. Main generators should be back online in 12 to 24 hours. Our Aether Shock Array is beyond repair without a shipyard. Of our super heavy turrets, only 6 are currently operational, though we can get at least 2 more online with a little work. 5 are completely destroyed and the rest could be repaired but will take a while. Point defense is down to 50%, especially on the top of the ship." Inaho glanced at her board a moment then continued. "Our long range scanners and coms are out but being worked on. We have 62 Mindy's out in a picket line formation. Ever since that last attack our scanners keep detecting contacts but they disappear almost as soon as they appear." Inaho paused and looked comfterble for a moment before asking, "Sir, how is Taisa Motoyoshi? And Chusa Canterbury? Are they.... I mean..."

Med Bay

Thomas eyed Exyrus curiously then its rider. He had the impression that the drake disagreed with its master but didn't push the matter. He smiled when Runa mentioned his tattoo. "Yes, it is my Clan's Crest, or rather a variation. When you turn 10 you get to chose your clan mark. I have a first cousin who is a Captain in the Nepleslian Navy has an identical tattoo to mine. Ours has an anchor because we both wanted to join the Navy. Another cousin who is a Nepleslian scout has a dragon holding a Straight Silver dagger because he wanted to be a stealth and close range combat expert. Not everyone gets them on their face though. Some have them on their arms or chest."

Thomas noticed the blade on her back. "Looks like your packing Straight Silver as well." Pointing to the blade. Thomas pulled his own out to show. "That's kind of our clans trademarks, Dragon tattoos and Silver daggers. Are you sure your not distant cousin?" He chuckled at the thought. He wished some of his ken were here. He felt like he needed their strength right now.

When Calandri came over and spoke Thomas smiled. "Kalun Canterbury. It does have a nice sound to it."
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His Clans fricken crest!? Oh, fuck! I’m potentially screwed! if I fib and he finds out, I’m screwed, if I tell him.. potentially I am screwed too. It’s the brig for me...
Runa tried to remain calm and tried to think of things. Though admittedly, she didn’t know where they were, or what the engineering situation was. If things happened and it would take a long time for them to get back, she might need to trust him with her safety, like she needed to trust the others. Plus, she knew she could probably, maybe, escape from the brig anyways. “heh, not unless your distant cousins were Minineko. My parents were, and admittedly a lot on my side of the family were mininekos too.
She chose not to comment on her blade, though it was what they could get their hands on, breaking into a factory, and using the materials to make the weapon. They’d chosen daggers because of their size and because of how much easier it was to carry than the swords.

Her mouth opened, deciding to trust him with the truth and if he wastes time putting her in the brig, then that would be that. “In all honesty, it's a fluke, I am here, my friends, and-“ She didn’t get to finish her statement when Calandri arrived, and she didn’t exactly feel like continuing talking. “Yeah, Kalun Cantebury does sound cool, ” she said with a bit of a sweat as she patted Exyrus” come Exyrus, let's go leave Kalun Cantebury to his recovery!” Exyrus chirped, and the Drake Rider began flying away from him, and Calandri.
Runa was worried that the sensor wouldn’t pick up on her due to her size, but whether it was because she was riding Exyrus they needn't worry, she was certain she’d be able to escape. She couldn’t help but wonder, how many pilots other than Runa herself did they have on board currently.

Fletcher nodded, and settled his large frame into the Captain's chair. "The Captain and XO will be fine, but they can't take command right now. Right now, they face more danger from what's out there than from their injuries." Fletcher took a breath, separating his commands from the more personal note. "What we need to do right now is get out of the danger zone. Launch our fighters, mecha, and get the marine contingent into their Thought armor and out there as well. If they come back, we will fight them with everything we have left. Science, I need to know what happened and what we are fighting. Navigation, where exactly are we? Engineering, prioritize getting us moving, then power and weapons, I don't like being a sitting duck. If there is anything you think I'm missing, tell me. Communications, put me on with everyone."

He stood while he waited for the nod from communications. "This is Shosa Fletcher speaking. I have taken control of the situation as acting captain. I want to take a moment to remind you that we've trained for this. Rely on your training, rely on yourself, and rely on your crew mates. We are all in this together and together we will overcome. I have no doubt of that. Fletcher Out."

Inaho sighed with relief. She had been so worried about Taisa Motoyoshi. The sight of Fletcher sitting in the Captain's chair that just a few short hours ago had been occupied by the Taisa gave her pause but she didn't comment. As Fetcher gave orders, Inaho said, "Sir, we don't have any fighters. Most of our fighters were deployed when we were sucked into that anomaly. None of them survived. The ones that were on standby in the hangers were thrown about and damaged when the ship was brought here. I will check and see how many other Mindy suits we can get out there and where are mechs are."

She paused and stepped closer to Fletcher. Leaning down she said in a low voice. "This isn't common knowledge since we didn't want the crew to panic but we have no idea where we are. None of the stars match any know constellations. Our long range coms and scanners are down so we can't confirm but our best guess right now is that we are not in the Kikyo system." She let that sink in a moment before continuing. "And that isn't even the bad news. Momosumi has scanned several first generation SMX battle pods. Wreckage of course, but the Taisa figured that whatever had sucked the Wakaba in has been doing this for a very long time. Momosumi has also determined, based on the analyses of the last attack, that we are looking at a NMX Battleship or something far larger."


Thomas laughed, "No I don't think any Mininekos have married into the family. Still it is a comforting feeling thinking about home." He was interrupted by the ship wide message from the Bridge. Thomas thought that it was good that Fletcher was encouraging the crew. Moral had been up and down and they needed to focus to survive. How were they suppose to survive though? Even if there was no enemy out there stalking them, they had a seriously damaged ship and no idea where they were. It had been a problem at the back of his mind he had been worrying at like a dog on a bone. He watched Runa start to fly off on her drake when he suddenly realized that she was wearing the blue panels of a pilot.

"Seo-Hei! Come here a moment!" Thomas was excited. He had thought of this earlier but when his leg had been hurt it completely pushed it from his mind. "You're a pilot right? I have a special job for you." Thomas stopped pushing the gurney table leaned against it a moment, collecting his thoughts. "All of our fighters and shuttles in the hanger bay were destroyed or badly damaged when whatever happened to us happened. Now there might be some undamaged shuttles in deep storage. I haven't seen a report of anyone going to check because of all the other damage being worked on. Go down into deep storage and see if you can find a working shuttle."
Fletcher nodded, working through the problem. The loss of the strike craft meant it would be difficult if not impossible for them to probe this area. "Thank you. Pull up everything we have on old NMX ship types, especially battleship and larger. There is probably a weakness we may be able to exploit. We need every advantage we can get." He started to work through the fact that they were in the wrong place mentally. There were roughly two strategies. First, wait here and see if somehow what brought them here could take them back. Second, pathfind a way home. The NMX battleship could force one of those decisions. Right now they were wounded, blind, and still getting a grasp on the situation. He didn't know why the battleship hadn't finished them off, but there were a few guesses he could make. If one of them was right, he might be able to gain an unlikely ally if he played his cards right.
“Heh, yeah, I’d agree, ” she said as Runa wished her gang was there alongside her, but that was an effect of the powers that be that made them all separate. Though she felt alone, with none of her friends there, she knew she wasn’t alone as she had the crew. So far, though Thomas seemed decent to her.

She was about at the doors when she heard him call and Exyrus stopped as Runa was called, and she returned since she wanted to at least keep things calm. Her eyes blinked and nodded “Yeah, I got piloting skills” She replied and listened to him talk, and brightened with a smile and a nod of her head “ok, I’ll head there then to check it out. And see” She said as she remembered the training and skills she’d learned when she was younger. She hoped that there could be something they could use. For now, she’ll behave, she needed them as much as they needed her so she’d be good.

Unless she received any other orders the two would leave and head to the area that Thomas called deep storage.
Deck 8

Hiroshiko looked in the direction of the new technician. She was relieved that she was not the only tech remaining on the ship. But then she started to think even more just how exposed they were and she absolutely hated it. She simply nodded towards the newcomer and started to focus more on the task at hand.

"The lines are a complete mess. Look for something to use as makeshift wiring if the local technician closet is destroyed or depleted. It won't be the cleanest connection, but MEGAMI will at least be connected." she said, taking command of the situation since she did not know who this was or their rank.

As she started to pull out wire cutting tools from her premium repair kit after shouldering the rifle, she looked over towards the newcomer.

"Nito Hei Mizumitsu." she said to ID herself as she starting cutting a bit into the good wire to create good endpoints for the splicing.
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Momosumi was relieved the information on their enemy was coming in now, but that relief immediately turned into despair. She still couldn't see exactly where they were, and it was becoming obvious the enemy ship was bigger and badder than the Wakaba. "It's big. And it's not good," she told Fletcher. As she began rifling through information in the database on NMX battleships, she remarked "Even if they have a weakness, the odds are... heavily in their favor."
Picket line in Space

The debris field that surrounded the Wakaba was getting more and more crowded. It was as if all the dead ships and parts were drawn to the Yamatai Battleship. As if they wanted the Battleship to join their number. It was making things harder for the sentries, and indeed, the whole ship to get clear scans. For the last hour phantom blimps had plagued the scanners. It was making everyone jumpy.

From directly in front of the ship a Mindy reported a contact. All attention seemed to turn towards the front of the ship. From the front came a dozen NMX battlepods. The picket line of Mindys at the front were blasted and scattered without much resistance. Other Mindys from other parts of the ship began to move to provide cover for those at the front trying to fall back to the safety of ship. Just as Master Overseer Cydu Yge had intended. With all the attention shifting towards the front. The next wave moved in.

From both the starboard and port stern of the Wakaba came another dozen battlepods. These made straight dash for the Wakaba and began a strafing fire along the hull. The Mindys along the hull had to take cover from the lighting attacks. They soon had other problems to worry about. Behind the battlepods attacking the flanks were about a dozen, something little more than rockets, but each rocket had two NMX Power Armor suits attached to it. Some were Ripper suits and some were the deadlier Reapers. These rockets blazed towards the Wakaba and breakneck speeds. Their job was to engage with the picket line Mindys along the ship's hull and to try to enter the ship from the various breaches. But they weren't the made thrust.

Two dozen battlepods, along with attack shuttles, moved in from the rear. These shuttles were loaded with NMX soldiers. There were hundreds of them stuffed into the attack shuttles. They had environmental suits and body armor and each one carried a pouch with 2 to 3 Mishu Parasites. They were essentially cannon fodder. They're job was to tie up the defenders. The parasites were also just for distractions. But if they infected some of the crew all the better. The real threat was in the two shuttles that followed. Each of those had a Mishu crab in each and over two dozen Power armored Ripper and Reapers.

Warrior sat in one of the two shuttles. Her Mindy armor was covered in spikes and blades from which hung fetishes and trophies. One such looked like a chain made of Neko ears. The armor was not so much as painted, but splattered with blood read paint. Aside from an Aether rifle Warrior had several melee weapons'. A spear and short sword were strapped to her back and thigh. In her lab sat a particularly cruel looking weapon. It looked like a combination of a chain-saw and a sword. She sat there unmoving and seemingly unconcerned with what was about to happen. She only wanted to fight. She just hoped that this ship would give her something worthy to be called a fight.

Deck 8

The red panel gave a thumbs up and began to look around. As luck would have it, the technician closet was undamaged and fully stocked. The red panel began to pull out replacement cables they could use, as well as some cutting and splicing tools. "I'm Santo Hei Gerdr Inoue. This looks we have enough spare cables to fix it. I'll start cutting on the other end."


The scanners starting beeping just seconds before alarms began sounding which was immediately followed by confused and frantic reports from the picket line. The Wakaba was under attack again.

Deep Storage

When Runa finally made it to deep storage she would find an absolute mess. Supply crates filled with everything from spare parts to tools to food supply were strewn about everywhere. Some larger equipment, like a M19 Ryoko Mecha had even come lose and lay in a heap. Runa could see the wings of a shuttle poking out behind a pile of equiment.
Deep Storage
Runa rode on her drake as they arrived, and when she saw the mess she couldn’t help but curse “Yui’s tits!” her voice echoed throughout the space, as she looked around. “what a fucking mess!” she couldn’t help but groan as she scanned the space, then blinked “I think.. I see shuttle wings.. But with how messy this place is, could be possible for them to just be wing parts. Hah! This is hilarious! We're all trapped in the middle of who the fuck knows.. could be Kuvexians, could even be something worse, I swear if I have to enter something’s.. Uh parts I’m not going to be a happy camper!”

She grumbled to herself, but Exyrus only chirped in response. “ok, lets see what we can find in all this crap.” She said and had Exyrus fly towards the wings, and attempted to look and see if the wings she saw belonged to an intact shuttle. “you know.. some of these parts look like they belong to that m..something mech, considering my skills with you buddy, I think I might be able to create something, maybe for us to escape , that’s if things go the way of Freespacers, kaput!”

Fletcher watched and planned, putting some of his plans in motion. A brief talk with communications, a adjustment of the defensive posture, and seeing how he could expedite engineering's repairs. The tension on the bridge was palpable, and Fletcher would prefer to be on the offensive at the moment, but they couldn't be. The Phantom blips were never enough to send something out for. His mind was on when he would need to start putting some of the crew to bod to maintain maximum effectiveness, when the battlepods appeared at the front, naturally drawing the attention of the crew. "Let's prepare to greet our guests." He said grimly as the battle pods opened fire.

However, the fighters weren't the real threat to the Wakaba, overall their weapons weren't powerful enough unless they started hitting vulnerable parts of the ship for a while. The infantry shuttles could actually land on them and fighting inside the massive ship would be a nightmare. "Point defense, target the shuttles. Anti-Armor missiles, prioritize powered armor and then shuttles. Communications, open up our close range communications like we discussed, everything we got, I want to guarantee they hear my message, and put me on."

He took a breath, "Attacking Craft, this is the YSS Wakaba. You appear to be forces from a war we fought with the Mishhuvurthyar. That war is now over. For that reason, I am fighting defensively. If you stop fighting, so will we. The same phenomenon that stranded you here, stranded us as well. We are willing to leave you alone if you leave us alone. There is also a better path. There is no love lost between our peoples, but I am willing to work with you to further our mutal goals of getting home. Together, we can do this. I would be remiss if I didn't also mention the worse path if you keep attacking us. I don't know what you want, but you will not get it. We will fight with every breath of air, every inch of ship, every weapon we have to destroy you. What ever you want, it's not worth the losses you will suffer by fighting us. Neutrality, Cooperation, Destruction. Your choice. YSS Wakaba over."

With the transmission finished, Fletcher sat back into his chair. "Do you think it will work?" A bridge bunny asked.

"It's a hail mary. For them, the war never ended. I gave them a carrot and a stick. Which they choose depends on them. At the moment, it looks like they are choosing the stick. So we will just have to beat them with it." Fletcher explained.
Med Bay

Calandri ferried the injured to the new room, to keep the flow of the med bay okay. She didn't really talk that much as she had started to feel the burning in her muscles, a lot has happened and she wasn't expecting her first deployment to be this intense this early on into the mission. She stretched as her bones cracked as she looked at the people that were in the room and the medical help that had come. "I will stay close by but I am going to see if there are army more rooms I could clear out close by for the recovering masses." She looked around again and clicked her hooves on the floor as she could feel a tension in the air, almost like the ship was holding it's breath.
Deck 8

"Oh thank goodness, this should be quicker than I expected. Thank you Gerdr-hei." Hiroshiko said, managing to smile. Though the smile quickly dropped when the gravity of the situation returned to her. The dread, the crushing feeling of helplessness trying to claw its way out of the partition she had made to focus on work.

"While I work on cutting the new ends, watch for any trouble. Preferably from a non-exposed spot." she said as she moved as quickly as she could with cutting precisely. She wanted to start the splicing right now, but despite the situation, "Safety First!!"

The sparks and flashes of the plasma torch no doubt could be seen from afar, but there was nothing she could do about it other then try to be in the way of the light and the gap to space. Though it was pointless since the whole area was illuminated dully.
YSS Wakaba: Space

Their was no acknowledgement to Fletcher's broadcast. The enemy kept coming. The Wakaba began to fight back. Boarding torpedoes exploded well away from the ship and at least one shuttle was destroyed outright. But with it's Point Defenses down to just 40%, the enemy was getting through. The boarding torpedoes hit first. Over half of them making it the ship's hull. The picket line had had to fall back to the ship or risk being picked off by the much faster battlepods. The Mindy pilots soon found themselves fighting for their lives against Ripper and Reaper suits. Several suits were able to overwhelm the defenders and slip through damaged breaches in the hull and pernitrate inside the ship.

At the stern of the ship, sanding on the runway leading to the hanger, two M19 Ryokos were blasting away at the incoming shuttles. There were a dozen Mindys around them, adding their own firepower. Another 2 shuttles were destroyed as they approached. But the defenders were being swarmed by battlepods making strafing runs. One shuttle, hit, but not destroyed, crashed onto the runway and took out one of the Ryokos and several Mindys. That was the opening the enemy needed. Two shuttles were able to set down and begin unloading its troops. The defenders had no choice but to fall back to the hanger opening. Two more shuttles, these containing the heavy elite troops were able to set down and began to lay down devastating fire.

Warrior stepped off the shuttle and took in the battlefield in a glance. She had her spear in one hand and her Aether rifle in the other. She spied two Mindys holding firm, giving their comrades a chance to move to cover. Warrior snorted then moved. She was impossibly fast. The first Mindy barley registered the enemy PA before it was hacked to pieces by the glowing Aether spear. Her comrade turned around and was blasted point blank by Warrior's rifle. Warrior looked down at the two dead Mindys with no emotion. She just hoped the others would put up more of a fight.


Reports, some little more than garbled cries, flooded the Bridge's coms. The defenders were fighting to last, but many were being overwhelmed in places. The enemy had slipped through and were gaining access into the ship. At the Hanger bay, the enemy was still being deigned entry, but it was unsure how long they could hold out without reinforcements.

Inaho began a ship wide warning that the enemy was attacking and that all personal should standby to repel boarders.

Deep Storage

Upon further investigation, Runa would discover that there were two shuttles that, apart from being a little beat up, looked serviceable. The Mech suit that had fallen on against one of the shuttles looked like it was serviceable as well.

Deck 8

As Hiroshiko finished her cut of the cable something bumped against her. It was a broken helmet. Turning, Hiroshiko would see the headless body of the other red panel floating limply. Behind her was a Ripper armor. It ran it's blade through the red panels body in the silence of the vacuumed. Spraying blood that instantly crystalized into the air.


The ship wide alarms began to buzz and flash, followed by the announcement for the ship to repel boarders. Thomas and Setsunu locked eyes a moment. This was very bad. Almost as soon as the alarms began Setsunu received a message from her squad. The hanger was under attack. Large numbers. Her squad was suiting up in the armory as she spoke. Setsunu looked again at Thomas. "Go!" Said Thomas. Setsunu ran out into the hallway away from everyone and stood there a moment. Then in a blinding flash of light she disappeared.

Thomas called out in his XO voice, "Anyone able to handle a weapon come with me." A short way from the room they had moved people to was a weapons cash. Using his authorization, Thomas opened it and began handing out side arms and a few rifles. "Take these and pass them around others that couldn't walk to here but can still shoot." He took one of the medics aside. "I need a leg." He said pointing down to his nub. "I don't care if it's a full cybernetic one or a broom handle. Get me something so I can move around better."


Setsunu suddenly appeared in a flash of light inside the Armory. The Armorer let out a gasp in surprise at the Joto Heisho's sudden appearance. Setsunu was a Neko, type 33A. She had all kinds of secret upgrades, one of which was a prototype built-in teleporter. Striding past the Armorer, Sets quickly got into her Mindy and grabbed her weapons. Her squad gathered around her and she said, "Move out to the hanger!"
Deep Storage
Runa grinned as she saw the two shuttles, and on closer inspection, she also not only saw that they looked a little beat up, but serviceable. “Excellent, those look-Is that a mech!?” She asked as she saw the Mech, and flew to it. “Serviceable like the shuttles, I wonder can a MiniNeko Use either of those?” she asked Exyrus who didn’t respond verbally, but she took his look to mean he was interested to know too. Runa hopped off the leather saddle strapped to Exyrus’s back, and moved to both check out both shuttles and the mech to see if she could operate them or at least get inside.
Med Bay

Calandri Grunted at the alarms as she looked over to the others and grabbed the weapons, She sighed as she handed out the weapons to the others and then looked at Thomas, her pure green eyes staring with what seemed liked hatred, not to Thomas or anyone in the room, she picked up a couple of swords and a gun in her four arms "Jia Luy avila." She looked away from the others "If I survive I will let you know what I said." She nodded to Thomas and the others, looking down at the stump as well, feeling a little guilt but not knowing why that was and she soon bounded off, her hooves made a clopping sound every time they hit the ground, until it was silent. Then her voice came over to the Bridge Comms "Santô Hei Valtok reporting, Just need to pointed to where the fighting is thickest, I will help hold them back as much as I can."

Her voice didn't betray her true intentions, what life was she to have anyway, her people were probably all dead or going to be, in the years away from her home, she never saw one. So she thought to herself, best make use of this useless life I have now and make sure these people survive like my people didn't.
The bridge was in the chaos of combat. What Fletcher wanted was to be patching people back up so they could get back in to the fight or perhaps fighting himself. However, remaining in command might be the best thing he could do. However, as he looked around him, what he found was that the bridge crew was being admirably efficient working together like a well oiled machine to coordinate the chaos. The decisions he needed to make and information he needed to have were things he could get in a Mindy. He remembered something him and his father had said, "You have to find where you and your skills are the most useful, and leverage them to greatest effect. Sometimes that means leading from the bridge, not the front."

That also meant there were times he needed to be at the front, leading. This was a fight that might be over before he could get anyone patched up. That made his decision. He looked across the bridge, "We need everyone who can fight in this. If you think you can be spared, follow me, we're going to take the fight to the enemy. Sensors, find the biggest baddest enemy and point me in their direction. I'm going to work from the top down." He said, standing his tall lanky frame and heading towards the armory with several Nekos who weren't needed at their stations right now.