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RP [Day 2] Down to Business

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Davis finally cracked a small smile, as the willingness to compromise became apparent. Something he thought would be extremely difficult to negotiate came with relative ease. Perhaps this new administration was going to be different.

In the moments he spent looking over the modified document, the Sky Marshall thought of Katsuko. Maybe, despite all the differences between their two cultures, they both strove for the same thing.

However, he couldn't let that thought sit for long. Thoughts like that interfered with business.

"This document has my approval," Davis said to the prince before turning to Eddy. "Mr. Vanderhuge, run it through our senate for approval. I doubt there'd be much debate on the matter of non-violence."

He returned his attention to Tio.

"After this is approved, please have your Taisho inform the appropriate parties," he said, referring to Hanako. "I'd like to avoid any other messy incidents in the near future."
Ayana smiled softly as she saw the Sky Marshall smile. This meant the world to the worried Senator. This isn't so hopeless after all... hopefully, the others will agree as well.
The Operators' silence indicated that the exchange of words was over. Creighton calmly nodded to them and walked across the hallway to the Yamataian security position. Moving closer to the one identified as Isuzu, Creighton stood next to here and surveyed the line of personnel on both sides.

Well, this is going to be tense. I would have hoped that this situation was going to be avoided. He sent telepathically to Isuzu. What I need most are cool heads to prevail. These gentlemen are well trained are not likely to begin something. I do hope we can keep our own personnel in line. With your help that is.

Creighton went quiet and crossed his arms over his chest. Looking over all parties present and the environment of the concourse, it seemed as if the tension had eased somewhat but it was still quieter than before. Creighton's attention was only shifted when his datapad began to beep and vibrate once again. With a look of annoyance he retrieved the item from his pocket and began scrolling through the new message. His face dropped into a sour glare it the screen.

I am needed elsewhere. You have control of this detail till a higher subordinate arrives. Creighton sent to Isuzu. He pocketed his datapad with a sigh and began to walk off down the course. Try not to start anything, please.
*Understood, sir. I will update you immediately if situation begins to deteriorate,* Isuzu acknowledged succinctly and without inflection, though she did take a single step forward so the IPG operators would have someone else to focus on, meeting their silent, impassive stares with one of her own- not that they could see it behind her helmet. Internally, she was a little on edge, but everyone here seemed exceedingly professional; she just hoped the people behind her were as calm and collected as the people in front of her looked.
Melisson gave Davis a long look and then closed her eyes, simply contenting herself with breathing in and out. She remained silent.
Orie scrambled down one of Pisces' halls, half-flying, half-running in her hurry to get to the security checkpoint. She'd been crawling around in the bowels of the station when the call for security went out, and extricating herself had been a somewhat lengthy process. She skidded to a stop next to Isuzu, looking at the large formation of soldiers. "Hi! Um. ... what's going on?"
Isuzu turned slightly toward her co-worker. *Not sure; wasn't fully briefed. For now, we are to secure the area as normal and remain calm,* she explained, valiantly resisting the urge to overemphasize the word 'calm.' In the relatively short time she'd known Orie, Isuzu had noticed a definite tendency in the other Neko to charge forward, full-speed ahead- unless she was uncertain or uncomfortable, and then she just kind of vibrated in place.

This, Isuzu had been told many times in the past, was perfectly normal for young Nekos, and she was the weird one, but in this case she considered being 'boring' a blessing. *Have you seen any of the others?* she asked in her blandest tone, hoping her banality was infectious. *We may have another assignment after this.*
Renko arrived at the conference room security detail, quietly walking down the corridor with the confident grace of a fresh infantry trooper. Stepping into place she silently tried not to attract any attention.

Linking to Isuzu she sent one brief message. ~Sorry I'm late.~
The liliac haired senator looked unwell as she looked down at her vibrating data pad screen as she was sent the news alerts. The ceramic coffee mug in her hands cracked and dumped lukewarm coffee all over her lap. She blushed a deep shade of red as she reached reached for napkins, anything on the table in front of her that would be appropriate to clean up the mess.

"...Shitsurei shimasu... Please excuse my clumsiness," Ayana stammered as she moved her chair back from the table, looking horribly embarrassed.
Kumiko jogged up slightly behind the others. "Do we have specifics on what to do if these big guys try anything?" she asked. "I really don't want to tangle with them if I can avoid it." As, she asked the question, she settled into an 'at ease' stance next to the others, externally showing nothing.
Proving that there was not, in fact, a 'word length limit' in her programming (thank you very much), Isuzu opened the Conference Area security channel and laid out the emergency procedure to her best, most cautious interpretation; Marks-chui had been very clear about being level-headed in their response.

Kuroaki Isuzu said:
Should the IPG operators simply strike an aggressive posture, we are to maintain status quo. In the event that the Nepleslians begin to draw weapons, we are to take a defensive posture and attempt to calm them through negotiation and, if necessary, escalation to a higher command. Under no circumstances are we to open fire unless fired upon. All sidearms are to be set on scalar stun mode. In the event of weapons fire the emergency blast shutters will close within three seconds, sealing the section they are in from the rest of the station.
The location of the security checkpoint ensured that the IPG operators hadn't been able to position more than a rank of soldiers on the conference room side of the blast shutters- perhaps two, if they hustled over each other as the shutters closed. This was by design; with the crown prince in attendance, keeping the conference area safe was their top concern.
Melisson opened her wine-red eyes and looked over to Tio.

"If the Yamatai Star Empire has not surrendered to the Mishhuvurthyar by the end of the 30th year of your calendar, it will be destroyed," Melisson coolly stated. "The next doctrine will come into play at the end of the 8th year after the beginning of the Yamataian/Mishhuvurthyar conflict. Everything which comprises its identity - starships, star systems, structures, populace - will be tracked down and destroyed. Early in the 31st and last year of the existence of your Empire, all which will be left will be cloudy nebulaes where your civilization once lived, laughed, cried and died; nothing else."

"This Armistice is yet another attempt for Yamatai to make a show of pride and dignity where there is little. I told you when I first came in: pride would be a poor shield in the coming future. Not only that, but the Armistice can only stall things before the inevitable. You are essentially orchestrating your own destruction by not making the most of the time I have come to grant you."

Melisson slowly stood up. "Prince Tio Motoyoshi, the Yamatai Star Empire must unconditionally surrender to the Mishhuvurthyar. I've already outlined the details to one of your senators yesterday - you must know by now. I can talk with you about going so far as making a peace treaty with you afterwards... but you must do this."
Ayana's dismay deepened hearing Melisson's ultimatum and she accidentally forced her palm over top a sharp piece of ceramic mug. She frowned and bowed politely. "Excuse me, I'll be right back." She turned and hurried out of the conference room to clean herself up and remove the piece of mug from her slowly bleeding hand.
As Ayana exited the conference room, the nearby security guards tensed at the coffee stains on the front of her dress and the blood leaking from her clenched fist. Being closest to the door, one of the NH-27 guards reacted first.

"Senator, are you injured?" the helmeted, black-clad Neko queried, shouldering her SMG and holding out a hand for Ayana's. Nearby, several ranks of Nepleslian IPG operators squared off with a smaller number of station security guards. The guard in front turned slightly at the disturbance, but as the situation was apparently in hand, she didn't leave her position. Another one of the NH-27s did move to obscure the Nepleslians' view of Ayana, however.
Crieghton received a text-only message from the Conference Area security detail, marked 'urgent.'

Kuroaki Isuzu said:
Commander, we have received a direct order from Star Army Military Command to arrest the Mishhuvurthyar representative, Eyfrlurpjakar Melisson. The order was issued in accordance with a recently issued warrant for her arrest (attached). Proceeding at this time with such actions may endanger the other conference attendees. Please advise.
Attached Document: viewtopic.php?f=61&t=1414
Ayana waved her unwounded hand at the security guards with an embarrassed blush on her cheeks and a forced, awkward smile, "No, I'm okay. I just got clumsy and broke a coffee mug is all. I'm just going to change and wash my hand. It'll be fine, really." She hurried past the crowd and headed towards the concourse where the Heion was docked.
Tio watched Melisson as she spoke, he did not respond. Ayana left him standing there, alone at his side of the table. He stood up and said to Sky Marshall Davis. "I think now is the time for a recess..."

Tio, for the first time in his life, was truly angry. He said to Melisson. "Get the hell off my station...Your invitation to this conference, is over. You were invited as a gesture of good will, you return it by threatening and invoking more. This time you bring it on yourself, threatening the lives of the innocent."

"Murderer of Taiie.....LEAVE US..."
Within a minute of Isuzu sending off the message she received her reply.

Creighton Marks said:
If there is a known criminal in the vicinity of the conference room then the course of action is simple. Secure all Yamatai VIPs, make sure the Crown Prince is immediately escorted back to the MFY Heion. Secure all senators and bring them to their respective crafts or quarters.

Once all VIPs are secured then you may begin procedures to arrest said criminal. I would make an effort to not use extreme or lethal force, that is unless the criminal resists with equal force. I would like to avoid a bloodbath.

It is imperative that the Nepleslian and Kohonian representatives are given adequate time to clear the room. But they are to be consider bystanders, their own security details will likely wish to accompany them.

Again I reiterate, the Crown Prince is to escorted to the MFY Heion and then all VIPs secured before any attempt at an arrest is to be made.
Melisson smiled slightly, though her expression was not mocking so much as understanding. "You speak out of ignorance - I support the doctrine of retribution and not the doctrine of annihilation. Your time is running out because the time I earned for you is running out as well."

"Retract your request that I leave and I will explain at length," she added. "Do not and you will spurn the one chance I have struggled to give you. There will be no other."
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