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RP [Day 2] Down to Business

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In the designated senator waiting room, Aegis stood up from her seat and in the process she discarded her data pad which she was utilizing to monitor the conference. "Ladies, I suggest we prepare for evacuation." She stated as she reached under her robes and pulled the mask of her 'Wind' powersuit over her head... it would be quite anti-climatic to be making an exit only to be slain by a single stray shot to the head. Of course, Aegis also made sure to communicate to the Pisces computer the proper data to keep herself from being confused as an enemy combatant due to her helmet and mask.

Aegis comm-link to Fruna Ruica said:
"In the name of the Matriarchy, I order the Fruna Ruica to leave port to evade potential destruction. Convey to the Matriarchy that peace talks have hit difficulties, have the Lorath Self Defense Force on standby in the event of serious repercussions which may come our way."
Tio reached down, releasing the lockouts on the conference room doors to allow security entrance.

PISCES said:
Melisson smiled bitterly. "So that is the answer you decide on." The red-haired interpreter looked over to Eddy Vanderhuge. "Remember what we talked about about Mishhuvurthyar holdings? Consider, from this point on, that I have honored my bargain with you. You have gained what I promised you that you would. You should be able to understand what this means as well."
Kuroaki Isuzu said:
Okay... this is going to suck. Her message sent, Isuzu started issuing orders. As the IPG was right here, she wouldn't need to do anything for the Nepleslian premier and senator, but the representatives of Kohana and Elysia would need to be discretely escorted to their own security details as they left the conference room; an NH-27 was assigned to each of them. Two others would accompany Prince Tio to the Heion.

*We have been ordered to apprehend the Mishhuvurthyar representative, Melisson, non-violently if at all possible,* she projected to her team; little chance that Melisson would be listening to her thoughts, after all. *Once the other delegates have been secured, this security team will approach the representative and request that she surrender,* She indicated herself, Orie, Ren and Kumiko; with an average height of around 5'2" (and only because Kumiko towered over the rest of them), they were about the most non-threatening things on the entire concourse. *You four will be our back up if she kills the rest of us instantly.* She indicated the remaining two NH-27s and the two NH-28s. As the two Daisies that had been dismissed earlier were already near the other conference room, they were assigned to escort the remaining Yamataian senators.
Tio did not even look back, once he and his detail of NH-27's made their way out of the conference room and towards the Heion. They rushed him, at one point picking him up under the arms and literally running him down the concourse to the Heion.
Davis stood tall, despite the increasing chaos of the room. As he saw the military soldiers rush into the room through the opened entryway, he reminisced for a moment about his days in the infantry. It had been what, 25 years or so since he had last held a gun in an infantry battle.

"Hm, it seems you two have a score of sorts to settle, which, I find a bit inappropriate for the proceedings. For our safety, I believe Eddy and myself will be leaving now."

He called out after Tio.

"Prince! Good luck!"

He turned once more to Melisson as the IPG guards poured in to force him and Eddy from the room.

"Melisson, I do hope that we all find a resolution to this debacle before the 30th. Ultimatums are extremely difficult to give to anyone."

He was then rushed out of the room and towards the relative safety of the NSS Mirage.
"Well, seeing Yamatai never surrendered... I suppose I can't blame them for not being very good at it," Melisson said dryly. The pink skinned woman sighed and slowly sat back in her chair, looking as the room emptied of the representatives of the other races. She idly drew her hood up over her head and then waited.
"Everyone in this team go to autistic mode. Radio communication only. Initiating full psionic lockdown on the conference area." As the psionic supressors in the conference room fired up, Isuzu activated the radio in her helmet and checked to make sure the others had as well. She also made sure that central security knew to seal the blast shutters at either end of the concourse should they fail.
The Nepleslians were quick to draw their weapons at the start of the commotion. The Operators, much like everyone but the Yamataian delegates, were utterly uninformed of the current situation. Luckily, several of the IPG operatives were quick enough to usher the two Nepleslian government officials away, and were quickly followed by the rest of the Operators.

As the men half-pushed Davis from the room, a rapid attempt was made to cover his torso in a durandium ballistics vest, gunning straight past the small Yamataian security teams.

Not too far away, on the concourse reserved for Nepleslian political vessels, the gateway connecting the recently-returned NSS Kalnokey released an imposing group as the confused reports entered in from the conference area. 12 Britvas arrayed around a quintet of NOZH armors. They charged forward, looking to meet the Sky Marshall and his less well-equipped escort. They stopped at the mouth of the concourse, in a defensive formation, weapons ready to tear apart anything that looked at them funny.

As the other escorts approached with their charges, several Britvas moved out to flank them on their way back into the concourse. One of the men called turned on his mic to speak to the Sky Marshall.

"Sir, with the current degradations to security, would you prefer to be transported back to the capitol or to an IPG stronghold?"
When Ember had heard the evac order she had volunteered to help clear the way for the Nepleslians to reach the concourse where their ships were docked. She was busy helping direct people when she saw the crowd of IPG agents surrounding the Sky Marshall.

She stopped her work to watch Davis get hurried passed and then continued to try helping clear the corridors.
"Hm... take me to an IPG stronghold so that I can monitor the intelligence as it comes in. I don't think this situation is going to end nicely for any of the parties involved. I came in my own ship. Use the NSS Mirage to take me there."

The Sky Marshall saw Ember while taking one last, sweeping look at the hallway.

"Miss Ember, I do recommend that you get yourself to safety as soon as possible. There may not be much of a station to come back to at this rate!"
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Seeing as the plans for a 'graceful withdrawl' from negotiations had been abandoned, Isuzu motioned for her team to follow her into the conference room right after the representatives from Elysia and Konoha had been escorted out. The two remaining Daisies continued to flank the doors, while the Neko and Yamataian security personnel fanned out inside the cleared conference room, giving the deadly NH-28s ample space to work.

Keeping the barrel of her gun pointed at the floor, Isuzu approached the hooded form that remained in the room. "<Eyfrlurpjakar Melisson, I must ask that you accompany us to station security. I would prefer it if you came peacefully; we don't want a fight,>" she intoned in Mishhuvurthyar, while retransmitting to her team in Yamataian. Maybe Melisson's curiosity would keep them alive a second longer, maybe not.

Strangely, she wasn't really frightened at all, just extremely alert. This had been about the most last-minute, half-assed operation she'd ever been involved in, and she apparently hadn't screwed up yet; it was rather elating.
Ember smiled brightly at Davis, her pulse started racing when she heard his voice call her name. "I'm gonna make myself useful and help with the evac! Be careful out there, Robert!" She shouted back. "I'll want to come home when all this settles down! Maybe I'll see you there!"
Political theatrics and nonsense.

Roxanne walked the other way as those exiting the station. This was how it was to end? A warrant for arrest and a chance to shoot the woman? Did she not say that if she were killed, it would not matter? That she was just a proxy?

Damn the Motoyoshi. As worthless as the Ketsurui.

She made her way past the crowd that was cleared out and to the security teams that were outside the conference room. She stood there, staring at the head of the team outside.

"I am Kurokawa Yasuko, Senator of Yamatai," she said forcefully. "Where is the SMX representative? I want to speak to her, considering the Motoyoshi won't."
Moments later, the Sky Marshall and Eddy were pushed into the Mirage, along with several well-armed Britvas. The rest of his escort piled into the NSS Kalnoky, as well as various other IPG personnel who had been on the station. Moments later, both ships pulled out of dock before making the jump to Rok'Veru.

Ten minutes later, the Kalnoky jumped back to the outskirts of the system, about half its personnel disgorged, and flew towards the station at top CDD speed before coming to a screaming halt to allow for a shuttle carrying Roy Garza to dock. The ship then jumped away again.
The concourse directly outside of the main conference room had been cleared of all non-essential personnel, leaving only a pair of Daisies standing in front of the doors. After a moment, a single security guard exited the room. "Senator Kurokawa, this area is not secure. We cannot allow you to speak with the SMX representative until she has been safely detained. If you would please accompany me, I will guide you an evacuation shuttle," the NH-27 requested, blocking Roxanne's path.
Melisson turned her head toward the Isuzu, one of her red-irised eyes peeking from under the folds of the hood. "You are polite. That is good."

"Know that if I am captured or if I expire, an agreement I have with my kin to hold back on annihilating the Yamatai Star Empire would be forfeit. This would mean that your Empire - instead of having almost a year of breathing room to think over my offer for you to surrender - would be immediately attacked by a force it is ill prepared to confront."

Melisson's hooded head looked to the conference room's entrance. "I am waiting for someone. You may pay me company until she comes - yours is the choice to favor duty over the existence of your race, or the reverse. Choose wisely."
Roxanne did not move.

"I refuse. I'm not evacuating anywhere because I'm not in any damn danger. I will, however, help you escort the representative."
"Ma'am, the senator won't budge."
Damn. Thinking very carefully, Isuzu checked the progress map to see if their path had yet been cleared. Unfortunately, there were still too many civilians in the halls; this conference room was still the safest place to confine Melisson. "Who are you waiting for? We may be able to locate them," she suggested, biding her time.
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