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RP: YSS Kaiyō Mission Shi: Komorebi

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Turning from his seat, Riku listened attentively to the Captain's specific orders, and nodded; going back to face his console.

"Understood. Relaying instructions to team leader now."

Opening up a secure line, a steady hand adjusting the microphone, he began the transmission.

"Kaiyo to Leader, Iemochi Santô Juni, prepare to receive new orders. The Captain has given permission for you to pair up the team at your discretion. Recommendation as follows - Amanozoko to remain at your side. The Captain feels the wild card best be held in your deck. Over."
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Landing Site

The wind picked up, gently lifting up the flying winged wonder higher than perhaps she wanted to go at that moment. It rustled the hair of her fellow away team members and brought with it smells of sap, wildflowers, and pine.

The nose of the shuttle pointed to a barren hill save for a plethora of those wildflowers that the away team's noses had picked up that rose high above sea level. Beyond that was a crescendo of a mountain range that was tipped with a hat of clouds and bad weather.

To the starboard, or right, side of the shuttle was a dense forest of large redwood trees, for the most part with ferns and moss dotting the ground, which was predominantly covered by ruddy brown needles fallen from the trees. It spanned far and wide and even skirted the mountain range far ahead of the landing area and ran a distance behind the shuttle, as well. Its reach was unknown but it could be seen that the trees reached hundreds of feet tall deeper into the forest from the shuttle.

To the port side of the shuttle a trickling could be heard and there was a line of white and black trunked trees with golden, yellow, circular leaves that seemed to shake in the wind every now and again. There was likely a stream in that direction that was leading from the mountains and hills that could be seen to the front of the shuttle and led away from them.

Behind the shuttle was the short grass and shamrock-like foliage of the clearing in which the away team had claimed as their landing area. The remnants of what could be a trail of some kind started up a few dozen paces away from the landing area, but it was so small and insignificant that spotting it would have been difficult for anyone not trained in run or pushdown spotting.

Anastasia opened the control panel on one of the tapered engines on one of the sides of the raccoon shuttle. Inside of it, she saw that the aether generator on that side of the ship was experiencing a decrease in power. Before Anastasia's eyes, she saw the power levels slowly slipping. She needed to get in there and solve the problem, fast!
"Oi! Wait for me!" Quickly patting her equipment to confirm its security to her person, Arb-Arb dashed into the wind, leaping upwards to catch the draft for an easy path into the skies. Ah, the wonders of self-flight... And a wingspan like this makes it easy. Heck she could probably give rides, but only to people she trusted. And definitely, only if some harnessing equipment was involved. Flying with someone is fun and all, but dropping them... Is messy. Breaking out of her assisted climb when near the owl, Shan began to float in ever-increasing circles to get her bearings.

"Hmm... Mountains, with clouds. Possibly an ocean on our side, with the water trapping. Other side is likely arid. Forest all around... Huh." Calling out at a much more appropriate volume for their situation, "Hey Meissa! Remember that Fantasty World you were talking about, the one with that War of Fire or whatever? This reminds me of it!"
"In which world?" Meissa shouted back. "I don't remember talking to you about any fantasy world!"

Although yes, fantasy was cool. Fantasy was great. Right, back to work.

"See anything that shouldn't belong in a forest besides us?" she asked.
Oh Snap the Reactor is Dying

Anastasia paled slightly at the display, taking one moment before cutting into action. She got on comms with the pilot and Taii Teien Eden. "We're bleeding power, fast. This shuttle was recently serviced, though. Was it not?"

Anastasia began to move in a blur of action. She stepped back into the landing shuttle and grabbed the nearest maintenance kit. She went back around to the display and began tapping a few times. "There's some left in the capacitors but we're on a clock. I'm going to inspect it before I give it a firm jumpstart, I need to cut the power to the main system. It may be messy."

Not asking for clearance, Anastasia disconnected the reactor connection, leaving the shuttle interior on low power mode. Better to ask forgiveness than permission, she hoped.

Anastasia opened a side maintenance panel of the ship, climbing in with a datapad and the maintenance kit in hand. Only the tips of her cobalt wings were visible sticking out the end of the chute. Better than trying to cram them in. She knew the reactor was a powerful piece of equipment, and knew that it was a priority fix.

She handled the reactor checkup with care, inspecting it with haste for any broken cables or deformities in the casing. She was wearing thick, padded gloves.

If nothing unusual came up in her manual check, she would have returned to a safer distance and readied to perform an emergency power transfer, hoping to kickstart the engine back to full strength before it died on them.
Yoshida called out to meissa before her depature, noting the reason why she wasn't hovering around and would infact, not be joining them up there. "Still have a skirt on meissa! I mean i could use holograms but it would still feel a little weird yeah?"

Then they took off into the sky, and Yoshida stared up, sheilding her eyes from the nearby star up ahead as she watched her friends fly off. She grinned after a long, long moment, quite happy for them to get the chance to do this. She breathed in, and observed the sights around them- she had never thought a planet could be quite so beautiful, that it was all just anime nonsense that places that were so... natrural existed. The smell of the wind was refreshing, to say the least, on top of how nice everything was to look at.

She would have simply sat down cross legged and poked at the dirt a little, so absorbed was she in how everything was so calm here if anastasia hadn't called out that they were losing power. Quickly, she went to go assist her friend as she suddenly looked around for potential enemies, she had heard of thigns like aether generator nullifiers or something similar, but certainly didn't expect one would be here on a planet with 'no technology'. But, that was also th emost likely case. "Is there anything I can do to help? Have you checked if its an aether nullifier?" As she talked some hunch led her to check the ammo status of her aether pistol and spare batteries, taking each off her belt one by one with a single hand to check their levels of power.
Landing Site

Yoshida noticed that the spare batteries for her aether pistol were not drained. This wasn't an issue that affected everything on the planet but, instead, an issue affecting only the shuttle.

Anastasia's manual check turned up naught. No broken cables, no charred or crumpled conduits. Nothing out of place. This was becoming a real mystery.

YSS Kaiyō

Taii Eden had gotten the call from the technician and her eyes squinted in wonderment. What was going on down there with the shuttle, she didn't know. What was worse, the technician didn't know. She thought about the other ships of the squadron that had Kuma shuttles that could be possibly out of order, too.

"Tell Anastasia-hei we need that shuttle operational!" Eden said to Riku after her eyes had closed for a moment worth of thought. "Find out from the rest of the squadron if their shuttles are in working order, Santo Hei!"
Riku had a hand pressed against his right ear, paying attention to any important communications MEGAMI might pick up and intercept and inform him of. He couldn't be too careful, especially since this was unexplored territory and the risk of being found by hostiles a common enough threat that a captured broadcast about a freighter pilot talking about dinner could be code for an all-green to attack. At the first sound of the Captain's voice though he turned and gazed towards her general direction, nodding afterwards. "Yes ma'am." He replied, simply.

"MEGAMI, boost signal. Secure and encrypt the line. Isolate Barlow Nitô Hei and prepare for a direct transmission, then open up a channel to the Excalibur, Intrepid, and Storm." Riku awaited the confirmation, which promptly appeared on the console and in voice through his headset.

"Signal has been boosted, encrypting and securing direct transmission to - Barlow, Nitô Hei. ... ... Please transmit.
Queuing secure transmissions to the YSS Excalibur, YSS Intrepid, and YSS Storm."

"Kaiyō to Barlow-hei, the Captain requests that the shuttle be made ready to fly and operational as soon as possible. Please transmit the status of the repairs, whether in failure or success. Over."

Once that was done he, with the assistance of MEGAMI, switched to the secure lines for the three other Plumeria-class ships also exploring the planet.

"This is the YSS Kaiyō to all vessels of the First Expeditionary Fleet, Sixth Squadron. Eden-Taii requests a status update on your shore parties and the statuses of the shuttlecraft launched planet-side. Over."

As ordered, Riku took his hand off the console and awaited the ping-backs he would hopefully receive from the rest of the fleet, and without looking away from his work station reported loud enough for the Captain to hear.

"Messages sent, ma'am. Awaiting reply from our technician and the other squadrons now."
Landing Site

William looked around their landing site and scanned the area for any threats. He looked back over his shoulder as the away team. He wished that he had their confidence...

No... He thought to himself. Fear has it's place... but it can't cripple you. Focus! He told himself. He closed his eyes and breathed in deeply, taking in the scents of the surrounding forest. His hearing tuning in on the rustling of leaves in the wind.

He cleared his mind, just like he did when fighting.

He looked back and searched for Rei. Once he spotted her, he moved and stood close to her. "Any word on a plan, Sensei?" He asked his mother, his hands still gripping his swords.
Landing Site

Amanozako had been quiet the entire trip down to the surface. She did not know these people, so she did not feel inclined to socialize with them. There was a job at hand and she had waited silently to get about it. The mercenary neko was different now, that she was released from her imprisonment and assured of her liberty and restored of her possessions. She was probably the most heavily armed member of the landing party now that she had retrieved certain needed items from her own ship during the short time it had docked with the Kaiyo.

The ex-NMX neko was clad in a suit of red trimmed blue-gray body armor and helmet, which gave her a mean and mechanical inhumanity, swathed in a short black cloak. In addition to the NMX Impaler rifle slung over her shoulder, Amanozako had here two High Hybrid Gun revolvers strapped to her hips in drop holsters, a Zen Arms .45 pistol holstered at the back of her belt and a nasty long combat knife strapped to her right thigh. Along with all this, was an ammunition belt with reloads for the HHG's, which anyone with an acute eye could spot the generous allotment of red shells, then a selection of reloads for the .45 and the Impaler. In addition to the ammunition, she had a couple of hand grenades and various supplies and tools useful on the battlefield. The level of well preparedness for any situation told of her military background.

She stepped off the shuttle and flipped up her helmet's face plate and took a deep breath of the alien worlds air, taking note of the new scents this new world brought to her nose. Her red eyes glanced about as she took in the landing spot and the type of terrain they were in, looking for good ambush spots anyone who might want to blow themselves up a Yamataian shuttle might set up.

"I'm going to scout a perimeter around this site" She stated to Lemochi.
Komorebi, Landing Site

Mitsuko eventually exited the shuttle, looking up from the Science Scanner she had been examining and preparing for use. The Logistics Neko was wearing her Type 36 Coveralls, new rank freshly applied, along with a Type 31 Backpack. Her usual tinted glasses had been replaced by a pair of rather hi-tech seeming sunglasses, images sometimes flashing on or near their lenses. She had procured a Field Cap at some point as well, and while she was not as well armed as some members of the group, she had surprisingly brought along a handgun in addition to the standard NSP.

"The Duty Uniform was a very...curious...choice, Kokoro-Hei." She looked Yoshida up and down, comparing her skirt to the Working Uniforms, Coveralls and Field Uniforms most of the others were wearing. "One you may regret before the end of this mission." Mitsuko saw no reason to criticize her any further, moving along as she looked over the rest of the group. "William, stay close to Rei, please. And keep your Communicator close at hand. That goes for all of you." She raised her voice at the end, to include the other soldiers. The ones not flying out of range, that is. A few of them might have noticed the more informal way she referred to the two non-soldiers.

Meanwhile, she was keeping a close eye on the one true outsider, who looked more soldiery than any of them at the moment. She had filed several dozen protests against allowing the NMX Neko's continued freedom and current involvement - all of her complaints formally recognized and immediately ruled against by the Taii - and still felt even more anxious than normal around her. She had served with a former NMX soldier before, after they had received months of reeducation and training, but this was entirely different. She was more heavily armed and armored than any of them, and could likely take out most or all of the away team without suffering much of a loss in the process. Murakami had lost one shuttle to NMX Neko in the past, and the unexplained trouble their Engineer was having just raised more alarms.

Mitsuko began to scan the surrounding area, switching through different units as she compiled the data, feeding it directly to her digital mind for analysis and backup. She made sure to include the NMX Neko in her scans, although it would be hard to notice one target being singled out as she turned the scanner in every direction. If there were any strange readings, perhaps attempts at covert communications, hopefully she would pick up some sort of early warning.
Orion just pretty much waited outside while all of this was happening, walking around the clearing they had landed in, not venturing into the forest. Of course, he didn't want to go in without a partner, even though he is an antisocial Elysian that normally didn't talk to anyone, he wasn't going to go into a place he didn't know about alone.

And then Orion tripped. With what? The gravity most likely. He almost fell into the grassy floor, but quickly regained balance and did everything he could to not let himself fall, flapping his wings once to put him straight back down. Hope those didn't hit anyone...
Komorebi, Landing Site

Finding nothing out of the ordinary around the reactor itself, Anastasia started wiggling out of the maintenance chute, wings first. They flopped for a moment when Yoshida spoke up.
"I'm not sure yet, I don't see any modifications. Can you check around the ship for anything out of place?"

Anastasia continued her crawl out, standing back up with her numb wings folded behind her. She scurried back over to the maintenance panel, reviewing messages over the comms.
Kaiyō to Barlow-hei, the Captain requests that the shuttle be made ready to fly and operational as soon as possible. Please transmit the status of the repairs, whether in failure or success. Over."
"Barlow-hei reporting. There's no visible damage to the reactor itself, preparing an energy redirect." Anastasia keyed in a few commands into the control panel. She planned to use the power reserves and the energy stored in the generator's capacitors to give it a jump start. "I need help checking the perimeter. If there's nothing interfering the planet, then there's something wrong in the ship."

Anastasia activated the energy redirect, hoping with all spirit that their reactor wasn't about to collapse.
YSS Kaiyō
Bridge, Communications

Riku nodded to himself as the transmissions, status reports, and confirmations came through from all across the board. He thought it was odd that the only shuttle to malfunction was their own, and half-suspected foul play, but MEGAMI would have logged all access in and out whilst barring any sort of tampering with her advanced network intelligence by immediately locking down the section. With a soft sigh, he exhaled and turned to face the Captain,

"Taii-dono, all ships have reported in. The Excalibur, Intrepid, and Storm have transmitted their shuttles are functioning at peak capacity with no abnormal power outages. I have also told them of our current shuttle's predicament and their Captain's say that, if ours is still unable to be repaired, it will take several hours to retrieve their own teams before coming to assist."

He turned his head momentarily to register a single update from MEGAMI, a transmission from the Kaiyō's team engineer, Barlow-hei. At MEGAMI's discretion, Riku listened and nodded, noting down their request as he once more brought his attention towards the Captain.

"Barlow-hei has also reported in, she states that the reactor appears to have suffered no external damage and is now attempting an energy redirect to restart the engine. She also requests that we use the Kaiyō's sensors to scan the area around the landing zone. That is all."
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"Huh?" Yoshida's dumb reply was heard as she was snapped back into focus by Anastasia's request, trying to make herself look like she was not infact studying her as she crawled out of the conduit backwards. "O-oh right That's easy, right on it!" She quickly began pacing around the ship, studying the surface. She also gave a slight nervous giggle at mitsuko's criticism. "I uh, neglected to change ma'am..."

Rather than linger on the subject she doubled her efforts as she looked around. She also rather closely inspected the ground around the ship, looking for any missing peices. She kept one hand on her pistol, ready for a quick draw as she explored the area, quietly setting it to the harder hitting mode of the two firing modes it had.
Landing Site

Mochi nodded as he was passed the message from Kaiyo, "Team Leader copies, over." As Arb-Arb and Meissa took to the sky, the blonde was silently impressed - he'd never seen an Elysian fly before and it was quite a sight indeed. Anyway, back to work. Having been mulling over who to split off where, the scientist glanced around and recalled their previous OPs. A few more seconds and he'd decided.

"Alright, first priority is our shuttle. Barlow and I will stay with the shuttle, to try and get it back operational. We should split into fireteams here, so we can cover more ground. Myself and Barlow will remain by the shuttle to figure out what is wrong with Amanokazo and Orion to help defend it. I'm appointing Mitsuko and Kokoro as Fireteam Leaders, who will control a team each on the ground."

"Alpha, led by Mitsuko will survey our left flank, then rotate around to the front of the ship. Bravo, led by Kokoro will survey the right flank and rotate to the back. I'd like Shan to go with Alpha and Nashira to go with Bravo, to keep a watch from above for as long as possible. I've designated a medic to each Fireteam, so we should be covered in case any incidents happen. Other than that, I'm sharing the roster with you all - ask if you want to transfer.. Uhm.. Yeah.. Five minutes to get in your groups. Remember, we're surveying and doing recon. Don't engage unless engaged if you find anything - report it and we'll decide what to do."

[COM] Iemochi Santô Juni, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Science, Fireteam Command
[SPTR] Jones Nitô Hei, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Infantry, Sniper
- Barlow Nitô Hei, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Engineer
- Amanozako, YSS Kaiyō, Mercenary

[LDR] Mitsuko Santô Juni, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Logistics, Alpha Leader
[SPTR] Shan Ittô Hei, YSS Kaiyō, Weapons Operator
[MED] Kimidori Santô Hei, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Medical
- Madoka Ittô Hei, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Infantry
- Peio Ittô Hei, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Infantry
- Shinomori, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Infantry

[LDR] Kokoro Ittô Hei, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Infantry, Bravo Leader
[SPTR] Nashira Ittô Hei, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Infantry, Demolitions
[MED] Hatsuyo Santô Hei, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Medical
- Leeta Ittô Hei, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Infantry
- Rei, YSS Kaiyō, Ketsuroi Samurai/Yojimbo
- William, YSS Kaiyō, Civilian/Student
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"Hm. Guess I should stay up here, easier than taking off again by a long shot." Changing her flight path to create a lazy bank counter-clockwise from the grounded team's perspective, the cherry angel's shadow periodically graced those below. Breathing calmly and evenly, the Itto Hei scanned the horizon while slowly decending downward in a large helix; it would likely take her a few minutes to reach the ground, giving her plenty of time to memorize what she saw-especially any landmarks, such as a particularly tall redwood. From up here, the disturbance towards the shuttle's aft was impossible to notice save if it had deliberately impacted the terrain further along. I wonder if I could use one of these trees for a landing spot... At the least, Orion might want one for his sniping nest. She chuckled a little. Bird in a nest, a happy little pun from the depths of her mind...
"Team order recieved, Mochi. Gonna stop flying so high so no snipers think I'm an easy shot to pick off, and circling back towards you."

Rather than fly uncomfortably high, Meissa decided to do a comfortable aerial maneuver to her, which was to...just nosedive down until she was barely above the treetops, then pull up before she crashed, skimming the trees at an incredibly high velocity. She already saw their surroundings anyways. No need to stay high up and get a bullet through the head because she had no cover.

The remainder of the team, through whatever communication devices they have, heard, "Coming in, don't shoot me." before a faintly audible gust of wind rustled the leaves. Then, a slightly louder rustling as the owl-winged recon landed on a large branch overlooking the shuttle.
Yoshida very quickly stopped her search, her eyes wide, noting that she was now infact a fire team leader. To her, this was certainly more than a chance to prove herself. As she walked over to the designated left of the ship, shw stopped and once more, ran a check of her weapons and ammo as she walked on the tips of her toes, tail waving high behind her head. "Okay! Bravo team line up here, game plan for us is we are going to walk out two hundred meters straight from this position to start, each of us twenty meters apart give or take to cover more groudn but still keep eachother in sight. If you're stuck, or see something, notify the team. Then we'll turn and curve around to the back, depending on what we find we may patrol out again farther if nothing seems to be in the area."

She looked over the others once more after she spoke, and guaged their reactions. But for the most part she noted that at the very least there were two of them that she weren't sure she'd count on in a combat situation. Though she supposed Rei more than made up for their slack by her simply being there. "If we do see somethign and are forced to engage, we can't all hover away at sixty kilometers an hour! So instead we regroup and form a defensive circle, no soul left behind and all that."

She grinned as she turned away from the others and stared out into the jungle, relishing the chance to lead, and even better, explore new territory. Both of these were very new exciting challenged, and sent a shiver of delight up her spine- or maybe that was just apprehension. Either way, she pulled out her knife, and held it in a reverse grip, just incase something jumped out at her and she needed to react fast. "Now, William if you want you may simply stick with Rei instead of being about five seconds of running from her, we'll just have a slightly less wide net." Even as she said this, she patted down her skirt with her freehand, suddenly self concious about Mitsuko's comment and the slight breezes threatening to upskirt her.
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Landing Site

The energy jump start on the shuttle was a nominal success in that the aether generators came back online, but only for the briefest of periods and were back offline before Anastasia could even begin to broadcast the success.

The rest of the team had their orders and were to go where they needed to go as soon as possible with who they needed to go with.

Rei, the samurai in team Bravo quickly and without cessation began walking the direct path that Yoshida Kokoro had laid out for them and turned to William, saying under her breath a fairly brief and somewhat cryptic saying.

"Follow and you will get to water. Know where you are being led and you will be the water."

In Alpha team, Muyomi was being teased by Reina Madoka almost endlessly until the looming figure of Murakami Mitsuko came over them and the green-haired Neko's mouth tightened.
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