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RP: YSS Kaiyō Mission Shi: Komorebi

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Orion recovered himself from the gravity mishap, and decided he needed a better view to check for somewhere he could set up. With some flaps of his blue wings, he got up to a point where he could survey the surroundings for a good sniping spot, well, without staring at the scenery in amazement.

He went over and landed on one of the redwood trees, and landed in a good branch that overlook the landing side, and sat down, pulling out his infantry rifle, just to have it in his hand.
"Alright, let's do the search." Meissa assumed her spot in the fan formation, where she crouched low and muffled her footsteps. "Hey, you rest just gonna sit there and whisper?"
Komorebi, Landing Site

Anastasia's wings perked up as the energy redirect showed positive results, before they plummeted alongside the energy readings shortly after. "It spiked but it's falling again, faster. We either don't have enough input energy to keep the generator running, or not enough output from the field itself."

Anastasia put her head against the side of the ship with an echoing metallic bonk, scraping the sides of her brain for a solution to the anomaly. She saw the transmissions for fire teams, but said nothing. She had bigger problems.
In all of this excitement, where was Kimidori? Her first mission on a lush, green planet would normally spell wonder and awe in the mini Neko. Instead, she was nowhere to be found. Those who were a part of team Alpha would quickly notice their lack of a medic, and probably look for her. (Or not.)

Curled up in the Star Army Medical Kit version B, little Kimi dreamed of a far away planet made entirely of shaved ice. Whether or not someone had taken the neon green bag or left it on the Raccoon, the Medical member could be heard lightly snoring, her arms wrapped around a chemical cold pack.
Komorebi, Landing Site

William looked back towards Mitsuko and nodded. "Yes ma'am." He said looking over to Rei. As they received their orders and began walking he listened closely to what Rei had said. He responded quickly, "Hai Senesi..." He replied, making sure to be proper out in the field.

He turned the phrase over and over in his mind. "Follow and you will get to water. Know where you are being led and you will be the water..."

As he deciphered the cryptic message, he forged ahead, staying next to his mother's side and awaiting further orders.
Komorebi, Landing Site

Mitsuko absorbed the orders along with the information coming in from her scanner, nodding distractedly. While processing the data, she worked to get her little squad ready for action. "Again, please keep your Communicators close at hand. Even if telepathic communication may be faster and more instinctual during an emergency, some members of the away team may not be similarly equipped." She looked up at the lone member of their team without this ability, as the Elysian slowly circled downwards to meet up with the rest of her group.

While waiting, the Logistics Neko mentally assigned roles to her team members, realizing they were one short. Short one short medic. As faint snores began to emanate from her backpack, Mitsuko let out a disappointed sigh. "Chiyu-Hei." One arm twisted back, hand fumbling to widen the opening the noise was leaking through. "Santo Hei Chiyu Kimidori, attention, now!" She did not sound amused, as she craned her neck to speak towards the occupied pack. "Your stature does not preclude you from performing your duties like any other crew member. If you continue this dereliction of duty, there will be harsh consequences."

Trusting that this was enough to get the Mini up and active, and that Shan had rejoined them by then, Mitsuko returned her attention to the group. "We will head away from the port side of our shuttle, into this wooded area and towards what appears to be some natural water source. Shinomori-Hei, follow Shan-Hei forward. Reina-Hei, Muyomi-Hei..." Her glare could be felt even through her fancy sunglasses. "Stay together. Stay focused. Stay alert. You two will bring up the rear."

"I will be partnered with Chiyu-Hei. Stay with your partner, and keep the next pair within sight. Once we've reached this water source, we'll shift directions, towards this hill and the mountains beyond." She pointed in the direction the nose of the shuttle was facing for emphasis, highlighting the distant storm as well. "Keep your Science Scanners active. There could be dangerous flora...or fauna..." Mitsuko swallowed, seeming momentarily distracted by the worrisome possibilities she herself had just brought up. "...so...w-we need to...um...collect as much data as possible." She shook her head. "If you hear any sort of disturbance or weapons fire, check in on communications and immediately pull back to the shuttle. Understood?"
A neko without telepathy? That's new! The flying one's voice echoed in the team's heads as she began to accelerate her descent. Angling her body downwards, the Ittô Hei dove towards the ground before impressively jetting off horizontally again, flapping her large wings to slow down drastically. Landing several meters in front of the shuttle, she jogged over to the grey box lover, gemstones glistening beautifully in the natural light as she respirated heavily.

"Understood. Shinomori?" Turning towards the neko she had been partnered with, Arblebarble still had some redness to her face from the exhilarating maneuver earlier.
Landing Site

The groups splintered into three; one stayed with the shuttle while the other two went off to starboard and port sides of it. Those at the shuttle would be able to notice the strange fluctuations in the shuttle's power systems were righted by Anastasia's efforts and she proved her idea to be more than capable of fixing the situation through hard work, determination, and a stroke of luck.

Alpha-Port Side

With Mitsuko with Kimi, Mat and Arbitrated, and Madoka and Muyomi together, the Alpha team was less prepared than Mitsuko may have hoped, and only negligibly equipped for what they could soon face,in part thanks to the lackadaisical motives of the smallest member there.

Mat tossed his hand up to rub the back of his head and he asked Arbitrated sheepishly, "Ready to go? I think this'll be..." Fun wasn't the word he was looking for, but he couldn't quite shake the apprehension of the situation enough to find an appropriate one, so he said, "...An experience."

Moving in to be underneath the circular, yellow leaved trees with black and white trunks, the group would notice a many number of things. Perhaps it was that the only sounds that could be heard were the tickling of leaves against one another and the gurgling of water splashing and running in the distance. No more, no less. Only those sounds came to their ears. Or, perhaps it was that the light cast dappled lighting against the rocky ground they were stepping over. Or, the less mundane nuance to be noticed was that there was a little X marked every now and again in the trunks of trees, creating black marks in the already darkly-mottled white bark. Whether these were natural occurrences or purpose-built, the Alpha team would soon find out.

Bravo-Starboard Side

The breeze moved fierce and fast and the bridge crew could see from the FARS that Yoshida's pleated skirt was soon upskirted. On the bridge Taii Teien Eden looked to Saki with a wry smile on her face, then realized the inappropriateness of doing such a thing and her face went blank as she went back to looking at volumetric displays of the video feed coming back to them.

The Bravo Team's quick move into the great wooded forest made it so that the wind was stifled by the trees and the fear of being disrobed by weatherly machinations was lowered. They would see nor hear nothing of substance as they moved in to it for the first few seconds. Like a poet sitting down to get through the fourteen arduous lines of a sonnet, they would have to go deeper than just skimming the surface to find the meaning behind the maroon trees of the forest that grew exponentially taller the deeper they got into it.

YSS Kaiyō

"Scans complete, results are similar to what we've turned up already!" Deio Asuka called out to the captain and Eden turned to Saki with a grimace, then looked to Riku.

"Tell them what they need to know and tell us the moment they have more information about that shuttle, Santo Hei!" Eden said, forcing a smile coupled with a nod to the comms operator.

She looked to Saki and asked with an encrypted telepathic touch to Saki's hand, "What do you think about this situation, my sweet? Tell me of our thoughts while we wait for results..."
YSS Kaiyō

Riku knew enough now that he simply went to work now the minute Eden-Taii's voice projected towards his general direction, "はい (Yes),
大尉どの(Lieutanant-dono)." He snapped off a reply mid-console, looking over for just a moment to notice the .. smile? and nodded back in return. She seems concerned, Riku thought to himself as he looked over the information from the Kaiyō's sensor readings coupled with what the FARS down planetside had, was being sent over by the Sensors Operator; Deio Asuka.

"MEGAMI, relay a small thank you to Deio-hei, and compile the most relevant information from the scans taken into a single, compartmentalized format."

"As you wish, Kawazoe-hei - Please hold. ... ... ... ... The most recent scans has been summarized to provide as much information as can be possibly understood at the moment. Displaying now."

Riku's console, filled to the brim with idle status reports and holographic displays flickered off to switch over to a 3D geographical scan of within two-kilometers of the Komerebi. He could see the transponders of their FARS blinking every now and then as they drifted farther and farther away from the shuttle, going left and right respectively.

"UPDATE: I have the team complement created by
アウェイチームリーダー (Away Team Leader), Iemochi-hei - Displaying now. I will take the opportunity to forward this information to Eden-Taii as well."

[COM] Iemochi Santô Juni, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Science, Fireteam Command
[SPTR] Jones Nitô Hei, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Infantry, Sniper
- Barlow Nitô Hei, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Engineer
- Amanozako, YSS Kaiyō, Mercenary

[LDR] Mitsuko Santô Juni, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Logistics, Alpha Leader
[SPTR] Shan Ittô Hei, YSS Kaiyō, Weapons Operator
[MED] Kimidori Santô Hei, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Medical
- Madoka Ittô Hei, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Infantry
- Peio Ittô Hei, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Infantry
- Shinomori, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Infantry

[LDR] Kokoro Ittô Hei, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Infantry, Bravo Leader
[SPTR] Nashira Ittô Hei, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Infantry, Demolitions
[MED] Hatsuyo Santô Hei, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Medical
- Leeta Ittô Hei, YSS Kaiyō, Star Army Infantry
- Rei, YSS Kaiyō, Ketsuroi Samurai/Yojimbo
- William, YSS Kaiyō, Civilian/Student

The Yamataian communications operator nodded again, "Do so. It gives me time to look over these scans before I relay them to the ground teams."
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Komorebi, Bravo Path

Crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch CRUNCH crunchcrunchcrunch.

The always energetic Endo meandered around behind the rest of the Bravo team, crunching around in the grass and leaves in wonderment of the insanely colorful world they'd just been abandoned in. Only a few months old, this was her first terrestrial investigation. "This place is HUUUGE!", exclaimed the teal medical Nekovalkyrja.

Endo broke into a quiet chuckle as their fireteam leader's poor dress choice backfired. She herself was in a traditional bodysuit.

Komorebi, Landing Site

Anastasia was stressed out. She sat in failure by the dying engines, checking all the gear in the maintenance kit and on her person. None of the batteries we're affected, it had to be an issue with the shuttle. Every second was a second closer to the reactor just collapsing, the energy readings dipping lower.

Maybe, that wasn't such a bad thing. A cold restart could be just what they need here. It's easier to restart from nothing than trying to reverse something plummeting. "i think we need to give it a cold restart.", she radioed Mochi and the communication officers.

And so, Anastasia sat there, looking at the engine display and thinking from different angles. She caught a glimpse of the small weapons operator gliding to the ground to regroup with the alpha team. She never learned how to fly, and looking down at one broken wing and the other wrapped in medical bandages, there was a fat chance of that happening anytime today. Her mind reeled as she realized the little destructive green spark of envy whispering those thoughts, and she cast it away. It was unlike herself and there were bigger fish and fry.

Maybe zero gravity wasn't so bad.
Meissa was so glad she wasn't, you know.

The idiot making big stompy noises in a fucking uncharted forest.

She calmed herself with a little breathing. Then, with telepathy, instructed Endo, "Try to not hold your head so high and make so much noise. We don't know what's here yet, so it's probably a good idea to assume there's something here out to kill us for food."
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Bravo team: Just inside the forest

Yoshida's face turned to a bright, beat red as she felt the absence of a certain fabric as the wind picked up, and almost immedietly slammed her hands to her sides to mash the skirt to her thighs. She didn't stop walking though, even as her tail became ramrod straight, and her head sunk into her shoulders- A clear posture of emberessment and shame. Why Didn't I just change out of the skirt?! It seemed to shout out to the world. The laugh from endo didn't help either- but yoshida just decided to pretend it was about some injoke and not her panties.

This continued nearly all the way around their first quite minor outing, a shocked emberassed silence from the poor neko. She seemed to calm down somewhat, eventually, as she spotted the ship again and sighed. "Nothing... Erm... nothing out of the ordinary here... We'll go through again, deeper into the woods this time! Make sure to stay at least quiet enough that we could hear something before it hears us... I hope to explore quite a bit of this 'huuuggee' wooded area too Endo!" Notably she didn't specify a distance this time, it was quite likely she would simply play it b y ear to see how far they should go as she turned around, and signaled the others to do the same as they once more began a slow circle over to the side oppisite alpha's exit to begin a much more indepth expedition into the woods.

"And- none of you saw that yes?" Yoshida asked the somewhat vauge question as she looked around, her cheeks still somewhat pink- it seemed they would continue to remain that particular shade the rest of the journey, nearly obscuring the light blue tatoos upon her cheeks. At least she calmed down enough that her tail didn't look like a taxidermy monstrosity simply attatched to her body.
The little Shan slid forward precisely and mostly quietly, her wings compressed neatly behind her to reduce profile. The overwhelming amount of newness, incidentally enough, resulted in the weapons operator failing to recognize the likely artificial markings on the yellow-and-white trees as she trudged forward with Mat in tow. There was a stunning smile on her face as Arblebarble spoke again, "One heck of a forest, I'll say that! Now, the water should be around here somewhere..." Slowing herself down and bringing her eyes to the soil, the winged one kept an eye out for that sneaky brook or river... Or any indication of one, such as a thinning of the plant life.
Meissa gave Yoshida a very, very vague-meaning thumbs-up. See what she thought about that.

"Watch for twigs as well. You aren't ninety pounds like me, and even I can crack branches with my weight."
Bravo Team

William kept pace with Rei as they entered into the forest. His eyes scanning his surroundings. "It's so peaceful..." he said under his breath to Rei. The fear from earlier, finally subsiding.

He listened to his squadmate and heard Yoshida's question. "Saw what Ms. Yoshida?" He asked.
Landing Site

The entire shuttle's systems were turned off by the pilot Ito Arnjborg and she got out of it, standing with her arms crossed, then she lifted a hand to scratch at her temple as Anastasia took over from there. Anastasia had hoped to be able to fix the shuttle's problems by doing what she was currently undertaking. As she started the shuttle back up again after everything was offline, she would be able to read on the panel that the aether was no longer fluctuating wildly. Those problems, whatever they had been, were fixed by the cold restart.

Alpha-Port Side

The Alpha team moved forward until they came to the source of the gurgling and soft churning. Rushing lavender waters were spurred forward and towards the Alpha team's left, away from the mountainous range to their right. What was off was not only the water's color, but the fact that the greyish rocks around the water looked to be bleeding. Red liquid seemed to ooze from them as if slowly dripping like sap would from a tree.

Mat approached a reddened rock and put a finger against the wetness and dragged it across what looked to be a bleeding stone and brought his finger to his eyes, studying the liquid that now dripped from the tip of it.

"Looks like blood," he said simply.

Bravo-Starboard Side

"Eeto..." Rei said to William. The Eihei was on high alert but with her hands at her sides and away from her swords. She wasn't as ready and willing to draw her weapons as others on Bravo team. Soon, she faintly made out shapes in the distance and squinted her iris-less eyes up to try to decipher what she was seeing. The shapes were hundreds of feet in the air atop the trees about a plumeria's length away from them.

"Nan desu ka..." Rei murmured telepathically for all to hear. The group would soon be able to see what she was seeing as the wooden boxy structures and platforms were growing quite discernible as they drew nearer.

YSS Kaiyō

"I'm picking up readings of normal aether power output from the shuttle!" Deio Asuka, the sensors operator, said out to the bridge crew. "Also, thank you Riku-hei..."

Eden looked to the comms operator and said shortly, "Are they good, now?"

The possibilities of what could be this raced through her mind. It's some sort of tree fort, alright. She'd dreamed of having a tree fort as a child. The adventures she could have with her imagination. Like the ones she read about.

Except this wasn't just a child's tree fort. It almost seemed to be a tree village.

But how could they miss...this? Did the canopy of the trees mask the fort from all scans? She thought back to the thick canopy of leaves she cruised over. Possible.

Hell, if Alpha found anything that showed remote signs of life, this was the nail in the coffin. Or would it be last nail pried out of the coffin? Since, well, if you invert the expression that means something is alive?

God dammit Meissa, you're thinking of useless shit again. Standard procedure. SiZi ready. Quick photo for command. Ready stance. Drown out the sounds of the obvious. Tune to the...not so obvious. Look for what's missing in every picture, listen for what's missing in every song. That way, if something comes up, you won't be surprised.

Meissa made sure to take a picture of this...tree fort. No flash, of course. Send to the entire group. And Kaiyo.

"We've found something." the caption stated. "Anything from the other team? SEND NOW PLEASE"

Back to the group. "I'd love to hop up there and check it, but an unknown structure is only asking for me to earn a bullet through something vital." Meissa telepathy'd back to the others. She switched the position of her SiZi to a place she wouldn't waste as much time drawing it, so she could fire at threats faster.
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YSS Kaiyō

"The shuttle's engine appears to have been reset by Barlow-hei, MEGAMI has reported the energy fluctuations that previously afflicted the craft have completely subsided. Comparing the energy readings with the other shuttles confirms it's been restored to full operational status."

Riku reported in as he looked over the multitude lines of information being displayed in front of him, which did not give him much opportunity to look away from the console, but he did force just a moment's glance towards the Sensors station to nod at the operator sitting there. It was the right thing to do after all, courteous too to at least give thanks for the work she did.

Having also finished looking over the sensor readings, he noted nothing of importance; no energy readings and no life-signs as far as he could see. Then again the tree canopy made penetrating them with their scanners difficult so the readings that came back wasn't entirely accurate, leaving some spots blank and open once the scans re-pinged their own sensor net.
YSS Kaiyo

Misaki looked to Eden and seemed to shrug, responding telepathically, "It's anyone's game, something seems off but it's worth continuing." The Chui then moved to sit down somewhat on the extreme edge of the Captain's console to keep from hitting any buttons but kept herself light. She kept her eyes locked on the readout of the FARS, trying to think what was down on that rock, and whatever it was what was it's use.
Komorebi, Bravo Path

"Aaawww, okay." Endo replied to the two higher officers. She grew quiet and started floating, her feet barely rustling the leaves as she continued. She looked up at the sudden boxy structures in surprise, opening her mouth a little bit. "What are thooose?" Endo quietly said. Telepathically, of course.

Komorebi, Landing Site

Anastasia restarted the reactor after giving it a moments rest. Seeing the energy levels return to normal standards, she exhaled at last. "It appears the reactor is in full working order."

She said it thankfully, but her wings we're still perked offly. Well, more than usual. And there was something unusual at play here with the reactor. No tampering or damage, no signs of previous decay. Either the shuttle didn't make it through quality control, or something was wrong with this scenario.

Anastasia took a breather and closed the maintenance panel, packing up her tools. She reassured the pilot bystander. "Everything seems fine now, but we need to be cautious when we take off. I have... A hunch."
Her voice trailed off quietly, hearing mention and visuals of blood over the comms.

Nothing better to do and nobody screaming yet, Anastasia perched herself on top of the shuttle to get a good view of the surrounding area. It took her a bit to notice, but she eventually spotted Orion sitting up in a redwood tree. She set her own SMG to the side, staying vigilant.

Well, it was them who were talked with defending the landing site or now. Sure they were a few hundred feet away from eachother, but that was fine enough.
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