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MERN Aiathogu​


Enandra watched everything happening, she looked at Uaeos directly as he spoke to her, she nods her head gently grateful for the honor he was giving her and making it clear her skills were being noticed. She looks at him and she speaks “I would be happy to help any way I can.” She paused for but a second as she thinks before speaking once more “But till you need me I will manage communications and monitor all channels to make sure nothing is missed.” She is worried that this may not end well but she pushed the thought away and focused on helping. She works quickly monitoring all channels for relevant information return communications.


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Recapitulation and Variation of the Song of Harmony​

Another instrument joined the chorus, and juxtaposed with the refined Leviathan orchestra, the electrically amplified bass guitar could've easily seemed like a snarling beast blundering its way into a concert hall, were it not for the skill of its musician. The new instrument recapitulated the theme of harmony, paraphrased only slightly in the interest of an expedient demonstration of understanding before naturally flowing into a variation. The difference between chords of gratitude and of hope was subtle, but empowering. As if to say it isn't over yet, but we can do it together.

Outside of MERN Aiathogu​

"MERN Aiathogu, this is Music Bug," Kwabba-an's soprano muxed into her broadcast atop the sound of her bass. "Gunship sighted. Moving to intercept. Do not worry about hitting me if I get close. We must stop that ship."

Kwabba-an's Mindy was distinctive, though tiny in comparison with the ships around her. For one, it had an insectoid abdomen, and for another it had four arms. In her upper left arm she carried a standard Aether Beam Saber-Rifle, and in her right was a blue glowing Aether Whip that she cracked over her head before she flared her engines, putting her on a course to intercept the gunship. Her lower pair of arms played a charred but functional Zesuaium bass guitar.
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Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark Alpha​

Port Hope​

Arina felt better being near her aunt, though it still felt like she was a rock only causing the slightest ripple in a raging river, even her little joke made that rock feel taller. "Ai eis talandrol syl air." [I am managing through it.] "Some might already realize, but they won't say it if they do. The main host is particularly efficient. I am glad that I am here. I am put to much better use than commanding a small MERN ship, or flying in an even smaller one in circles." The Volaer (Princess) squeezed the shoulder once, then let go and came to stand next to her.

A more collected feeling washed over her, better than trying to push herself into some kind of meditative state in an unused part of the dying life form. "They are getting in at as many safe access points as possible." As much as she liked being in command of one adventure or another, this was no adventure, and being idle while waiting would just bring up the thoughts she was keeping for when there was time to address them.

"I feel as if I haven't bathed in a year, I could use a big one of both."

Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark Beta​

Near YSS Mazu Docking Tube​

The same reassuring (she hoped) smile moved from the Commander to the newly arrived Queen of the Ark. Akina bowed, one of those very precise levels of depth meant to be shared between dignitaries of similar status, between two leaders of massive amounts of equipment and personnel, and they were both royals as far as she was briefed. "You could have sent for me, you do flatter me coming all this way. I am Hime Taisho Shimizu-Motoyoshi Akina. Tal'Cel Katara Caeyara, thank you for the quick response. We are proud to help however we may. Feel free to address me however you like. My-"

The warning came through to the Taisho with minimal delay, she sent the order to redeploy the parts of the First Expeditionary Fleet that were ready to fight to combat the corrupted gunship, at high speed. The order given, she nodded to Katara to let her know there was already a large response engaging with the lost vessel. "A large battle group is engaging. I'm happy to accompany you to the bridge. We'll do better from there."

The sudden appearance of the only woman wearing no encounter suit, but instead a kimono stood out amidst the bustle of people moving past them into the Mazu. It struck her as both a smart idea to make the new arrivals feel at ease, as much as it was endearingly cute. Akina understood who and what she was with a quick query to the ship, and she beckoned her closer.

"Good work. There are more than enough to handle arrivals stuffed into the lounge and these airlocks, come with me Hinomaru

MERN Aiathogu​

Battle Group AO

Part of the response force of the First Expeditionary Fleet were already arrayed able to bring their weapons to bear on the Hinthathae. A mix of smaller gunships and escort vessels joined with the existing patrol of larger ships like the Sharie and Yamato that were supporting the evacuation operations, though some were already docked with the Beta, it left a very large response force, and swarms of fighters, bombers, and even more power armor began to launch from the other ships, especially the carriers. An escorted vanguard of torpedo bombers did not have to go far to launch their primary payload, set to bring down the shields as they accelerated into FTL only to drop out and send pinpricks of light into the engagement area.

Behind the first strike came a wave of attacks using weapons like the Fuji's railguns, to the vast array of mass drivers aboard larger bombardment ships such as the super Eikan, Sharie, and Yamato that were present for the combat.

The space around the fallen ship lit up with impacts and violence, like a physical manifestation of how efficiently the Star Army could fight combined with their desire to keep the Norians safe from horrors best left behind them. There were more than enough ships to engage Hinthathae in Yamatai's 1XF alone, but close coordination with the overall command ensured other fleets and ships what vectors would be best to aid in expunging the terror from space.


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Floating by the YSS Resurgence

"What an enemy ship here? Hanger crew send out two aether beam cannons i wont have time to go in for missiles or the howitzer. Skip the generators as well." It had been a practiced move since the Ryoko was to big to go into the hanger itself. The hanger techs would load the equipment up and then push it outside of the ship where Delmira would be able to pick it up. "Captain permission to engage the enemy gunship with Zanvan?"



"Don't think that is going to happen..." one of the MERN soldiers said as he passed Rakel, "The bio-seals are bundled up tighter than the Aestasys' arsehole in winter. Alpha is dying, she can't open it. If we cut it we risk more injury and other sections. Hopefully, someone out there will think of us. " The green-haired soldier popped his helmet down on the chair and eyed Rakel's arm, "You've given enough, you give anymore you're going to be shriveled up like Hu'aboske left in the sun too long," he rummaged around, opened pouches, after a moment he pulled out a ration bar and tossed it over to her, "Found it, you're about a bump away from taking an involuntary nap, eat up," he said.


"Didn't one of you tell me to sit down well i sat down." She said and looked at the green haired man and gave him a smile. "Have faith rescue is coming, we just need to wait and see. What are we looking at for supplies?" She asked him and took the ration bar breaking it in half and would nibble on one half. She offered him the other half of the bar. "What's your name?" She asked him.

ISS Sobek

Zeck moved from the bridge to the cargo bay. Her eyes adjusted to the lowered lights and she looked around. "Put bacterial batteries on truck. May prove useful." She said and went over to the Type 30 light utility truck she got from the salvage give away. She grabbed her toolbox from the back and moved it to the front. The red skinned alien busied herself by getting her gear sorted but since this was a living being she was unsure if her tools would be useful.


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MERN Aiathogu​


Naika's slender pointed ears twitched as she heard the steps of another entering the bridge. Her blue hued orbs caught a peripheral glance of the Aelol reporting to Uaeso while she waited for the Tal'Cel's response.

Whilst that occured she the image of Katara emerged onto the screen, accompanied by what appeared to be a green haired woman. In a shortened sharper fashion she returned the bow of the Tal'Cel, "It is good to see you still with us Tal'Cel," she said briefly. Her attention turned to the woman who had been identified as a Taisho, "On behalf of the Prince and myself, I would like to extend our deepest gratitude for all that you have done for our people. We are immensely appreciative for the kindness you have shown us," her head bowed slightly with solemn respect. Turning back to the original intent of her communication she adjusted her wording, "Tal'Cel, abstain from any unnecessary action until the Aestaesys reaches out with further instruction," she said in a calm tone. The conversation was interrupted by the flashing blue indicators and dimmed lights.

Immediately Naika ended the communication and rushed to her husband's side. Her eyes shot open from the gravity of what she saw displayed on the screen. Her hand quickly gave Uaeso's a gentle squeeze before releasing it. Their vesper connection surged as she reassured him she was there for whatever he needed. Interrupted by the tactical officer's words, which, sent her into a deep state of icy calm as she realized there was really nothing she could do from here. Panic on her end would not help things in any way. She quietly wished to herself that she could reach out to her husband as she looked up to observe his reaction.


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Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark Alpha​

Near the YSS Resurgence Docking Tube​

Sanda was nearly back to the Res. Yayoi had reached out saying she was on her way to help with the kids. Sanda smiled behind her rebreather. She knew Yayoi would move in to help as soon as she heard there were kids. She had protected a group of kids for two years on Hanako's world and the memories of her time there were still too fresh in the neko ranger's mind.

There was suddenly a strange sound, almost like a groan. The Norian adults and children all looked around with very fearful looks on their faces. "What?" Sanda asked. "What was that?" One of the adults answered. "Our ship is dying. That sound is one of it's death throes." As if to make it's point, the light suddenly went out. The children didn't cry out, whether that was due to the hardiness of the Norian race or if they were just too exhausted to do much else Sanda wasn't sure. She flicked her headlamp on, bathing the children in light. "My ship is just around the corner. There is food and shelter there for all of you. Just a little further." She said, trying to reassure them. She had two spare flashlights with her, which she gave to the adults and had them move to the back so that none of the children would accidently get lost. As Sanda handed her a light, the Norian whispered. "If this part of the ship is dead, the doors will be unable to remain open and will close from the shear weight of them." "Then we better get moving."

Sanda rounded a corner and instantly became very annoyed with the Norian and their prophetic nature. The door of dividing the corridor they were in and the room beyond was slowly closing. "Move it!" Sanda shouted as she sprinted for the door. She got underweight it and took the weight upon her cybernetic shoulder. It stopped closing, but Sanda knew she couldn't hold it forever. The thing felt like it weighted a ton. She had a sudden flashback to Giretsu training holding up a log on the beach. She cranked her cybernetics to max. "Let's go!" She called to the Norian. "My ship is just on the other side of that room!"

Out of the corner of her eye, Sanda could see Yayoi heading her way. "Blade!" Sanda strained under the weight. "Get the kids though!" Sanda was down on her knees. She couldn't hold the who thing with just her body so she quickly improvised. She locked her arm and shoulder into place then knelt down and let the door come down on her shoulder. With arm extended, it left about a 2.5' opening that the children could crawl under. It felt like forever for Sanda, but the children crawled under the door and to the other room. The last child was making his way under the door when one of the adults who was still the other side of the door began to shine her light back and forth. "We are missing one." "What!?" "One child is missing. There were 30 children in our care. I've been counting very carefully. One is missing." Sanda thought quickly. "Go! I'll find them." The Norian started to protest. "GO!" Sanda yelled. "I can move faster alone. Blade! We got one missing. Get this group to the ship. I'll find the missing child." As soon as the final adult was through Sanda let go of the door and rolled out of the way. The door slammed down with an audible groan.

Sanda took a moment to run a quick diagnostic of her cybernetics to make sure nothing was broken then got up off the ground. She would need to move fast to find the missing child.

Immortal Cyan

The Cyan Neko
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Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark Alpha -> Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark Beta

“On it, sir!” Chiasa answered. With her wish to see the doctor on Hybrid Ark Beta granted, Chiasa offered her CMO a grateful nod before shifting her attention to the blonde-haired Lieutenant. Once she had handed her battle rifle off, Chiasa led the Lieutenant through the docking tube and into the Resurgence, before taking her down to Deck 5 where the shuttle bay was located. Simultaneously, Chiasa sent a transmission to Hachirobei-Hei, requesting that logistics specialist fly her and the Lieutenant via shuttle to Hybrid Ark Beta, in order to meet with Doctor Jun Caeyara.

Before long, one of the Resugence’s shuttles set off for the ark, with Chiasa and Aunaera inside!

Unfortunately, as much as she wanted to ask the esteemed doctor a million questions about Norian anatomy, Chiasa knew that she needed to focus on the mission—getting the credentials to enter Hybrid Ark Alpha’s hospital complex. Perhaps after that was done, she could link with the Mindhives in order to learn how to better treat the Norian patients that would soon be under her care.

"It shouldn't be long now, Lieutenant." Chiasa said to the blonde-haired Norian sitting across from her, a soft smile shaping her full lips. "Thank you again for doing this. I hope the operation hasn't been too stressful for you or your people. It's hasn't been as efficient as it could be, but we won't stop until this crisis is solved." The tiny Nekovalkyrja resolved.

"I'll let you take it from here." She finished as the shuttle began the approach to the ark.


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YSS Battle of Elysia

A grey clenched fist popped into Keiu Anrui's other cloudy slate colored hand as she saw the first expeditionary fleet's first response. With her balled hand in the other, she squared her petite jaw and her blood-stained cheeks slackened around the corners of her frowning grimace. The dazzling pricks of teal, cyan, and pink light emanating was unexpected, but uniquely homely to a Nekoalkyrja. Despite her fist pushing into its other with a zeal for battle, seeing the might of the many at work didn't brighten her stony expression as Anrui stood on the main level of her bridge, coordinating with the bunnies therein.

To her weapons operator the captain said one word while she threw up three fingers: "Amenonuhoko."

"Singularities forming, captain," the weapons operator said back. Though she began working her controls, a visible sweat formed under her shaggy orange fringe. The helm officer next to her put a hand on the orange-haired woman's forearm, gripping it in solidarity with a smile. The helm officer worked motionlessly through her interface with the ship's KAMI to manipulate the CFS and pivot the almost 26,000 meter ship slightly. It would soon be pointing its dual prongs at the offending gunship and its live warrior mothership.

"Scanning the Hinthathae for that energy sig now." The sensors operator was next to speak as he ran his tanned knuckles against the grainy scruff on his jaw. The Geshrin's sapphire blue eyes didn't stray from his work to add, "It's a doozy, cap!"

"The space lane we cleared for the ag ships is the best option if we're doing that." The grey-paneled missions operator had thrown a finger up and spoken, adding a little emphasis to her last word to really emphasize the 'incredible scope and power' of the captain's orders to the weapons operator. "The coordinated vectors from the 1XF engaging the Hinthathae concur. Employing the ag ships to move to safety now."

"Arigatou, Renée-heisho. Get me their admiral," the captain replied back to Renée with a pat on the shoulder of her Type 35's periwinkle piped epaulettes. With her grey fist now gingerly clenched on the shoulder of her mission operator, Anrui said to her, "All hope for a simple care-taking mission is off if we do that. Let's hold out hope, Heisho. Ganbare!"

"Line's yours, Captain." Renée informed before Keiu spoke out beyond just her bridge.

"Admiral Aphelion, this is Taisho Anrui. What is the status of the MERN Ithond from which the Hinthathae gunship launched from?" Keiu Anrui asked about the Titan Leviathan before she went on. "Further, information on the Hinthathae's energy source or the Asune Dimensional Entities is crucial to me as I act now."


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Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark Gamma​


"Cargo ship is performing docking maneuvers, Admiral," the MERN tactical officer informed Admiral Cheol. The privacy barrier around the command throne fell to reveal a rather young-looking Norian male with an out-of-date MERN Flag uniform on, the echelons of the Admiralty pinned to the mandarin-style under color that was exposed where the jacket dipped downwards. The Caeyara name was still something he was not used to, having not been born with it, it was more of an acquisition than a title at this point, he had monitored the ship's interactions with Admiral Aphelion, she had Gamma open the channel to the cargo ship, "This is Ark Gamma, you are clear to dock at the selected docking aperture. I have MERN soldiers on station to receive your goods, I will come down myself once I take care of some other business," he said over the open channel. Perhaps too late the volumetric image of the man, sent through the quantum channel became visible on the bridge, A black-haired Norian with green eyes appeared before the Sobek's commander.

Cargo Docking Zone​

Gamma was fully intact, the Ark Leviathan's only damage was the malfunctioning power systems and other effects of having rushed the trans universal crossing. The Ark had another problem though, one that the Sobek's crew would hear the moment the airlock opened. In the distance, the sound of chanting could be heard. It was not the religious variety but rather the sounds of angry protests led by mobs of Norians within the winding city "streets" within the small-moon-sized Leviathan. The shouting and the clang of hand-made weapons against the shields held by MERN officers could be heard, and every once in a while the explicit call for food could be heard above everything else.

Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark Alpha​

Church of the Builders​

The children seemed somewhat interested in the new arrival, the older ones led the way following the little internal pecking order they had all created. They all wore miniature versions of the sholar-type robes of various styles and patterns. It was not long before the brown-haired, hazel-eyed Nepleslian woman would find herself surrounded by these small forms, "My name is Eku Aunoi," the young Norian girl with black hair and opal-colored eyes said as she reached up and hugged her arms around the Star Army counselor's neck. "Auntie Thia are you here to help, or is this a trick?" she asked, it was very out of place for a child her age, but the tone of her voice said it all, despite the daring reach for Thia she was still worried, "If its a trick, I already gave the last of my pebbles to Ronias, so I got nothing for you to have. If you eat me I should warn you, I taste like worms!" she declared.

Port Hope​

Rin nodded, her blue eyes caught the light as she looked at her niece and said, "Here could be worse, though I miss my ship and Airwin," her own mention of her twin made her pause a moment to reflect on the flight they had before he left for Yamatai. "I think I might have pissed off our new friends by discharging my weapon," she commented as it was obvious that some of the Star Army soldiers were still looking at her. The MERN soldiers still stood waiting for High Note to assign her soldiers to their teams. The Tal'Cel gave a bit of a shrug and returned her attention to Arina, "A warm bubble bath kissed with the shells of Dar-achosash-fruit and Iaru skins to get this stench off me, the amusement of some no-named soldier trying to sing a ballad to make me forget the screams, followed by one of those feasts we used to have in Datharlo Palace," she confirmed to her, "I hope Airwin is able to convince this Star Army to retrieve our seed vaults when the chacelle runs out, I'm going to riot," she added.

Shurista Fleet & The Music Bug​

To the mindhives of the Akelost trio, especially Alpha the soothing melodies of their call joined by Senti ships and the Music Bug, found the requiem a well-defined expression of emotion and intelligence. Alpha thought began to slip to discord, but the electric guitar of the bug brought about a strange few moments of clarity for the suffering Leviathan. It had to hold on, it couldn't die with people inside; it would be remembered for that weakness, so it echoed the strums of that guitar in an echoing coral. Between the actions of the Senti Fleet and that bug, it held to the last moments of life, waiting for the Star Army to finish with Alpha - it had to be soon, even this renewed clarity wouldn't last long.

The tune, however, became interrupted more, when the gunship from one of the military Titans made its plight at escape, the insanity of the Asune-tainted song caused panic among the Mindhives and information began to exchange at lightning rates, as they switched from docile to active. The fight was on, and yet Alpha's Leviathan actually spoke to the Music Bug, "Pull back little muse - let the larger ones handle it. You could suffer," it warned.

The Senti would receive the information burst from the Leviathans, instructing their fellow 'living' vessels to remain clear of the Titans, for the risk of infection would be devastating to them as well.


"Endri, and yours?" the soldier said to Rakel, "I was transported onto this Ark from the Retribution before it exploded," he signed as he took the other half of the bar. "Thanks." he said as he broke the bar in half yet again and took a bite, "You've done enough, I mean what I said - or I'm going to lift you up, carry you like a child, and put you on one of those free beds over there," he pointed to one of the empty hospital beds, then put his arm down and took a bite of one of the halves of the half bar and chewed thoughtfully, "You might get lucky, wake up in this paradise they all keep talking about, wishful thinking because every time I wake up some monstrosity is trying to eat us," he joked.

Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark Beta​

Near YSS Mazu Docking Tube - Heading to Bridge​

Katara stood there for a moment, eyes locked on Akina. She was kind of shell-shocked when the communication with Naika ended so abruptly. Thankfully the mention of the battlegroup snapped her out of it, that past had captured her thoughts for more than a minute, "Right this way," she said, then looked towards the newly arrived android, "Queen Katara, and you are?" she asked Mazumi, who seemed to be being brought along to the bridge. She led them into the lift, which moved into motion once they were all inside.

"Battlegroup?" she questioned, Beta immediately began to transfer information about what was going on with the Titans, the Star Army, and the gunship, "-- This is not good, you need to make sure you destroy that gunship completely! It cannot have even scrap left if something on there survives your people will pay for it for generations to come," she said in an urgent voice to Akina, "And keep those Mindys back from it --," she swallowed hard, hopefully somewhere in the transmissions Mindys had been mentioned. Thankfully the bridge doors opened, revealing the great cathedral-like interior of the Akelost's command center and its sprawling platforms. The command platform was arranged in an oddly familiar pattern.

"Well this is it, welcome," she said.

YSS Resurgence Shuttle Approaching Docking Area​

"I'll let you take it from here."

Aunaera was a little more comfortable now, she studied everything once they were on the shuttle, and she suddenly winced. "AH!" she exclaimed in pain as her vesper and symbiote failed to be able to connect to the very obvious high-functioning network, "Your ship uses some kind of blocking device, I guess I will have to use the mundane controls," a little of that advanced knowledge seeped out as she took the controls of the shuttle. Her hands moved over the controls with precision, she had been watching since they had left Alpha, she had the ship's communications system emit a neutrino burst sequence towards one of the apertures of the Beta-Leviathan, the Husk-flesh peeled back to reveal a massive set of isolation doors which began to immediately open revealing the similar blue-field that the Star Army also used.

The shuttle dipped a little hard to port, "Ah, sorry..." she commented, then guided the foreign craft into the landing bay and set it down on the deck, "Piece of cake!" she said, "Would be easier if I had the permissions to access that big old crafty AI you got there, but I understand the security, sub-particle gravity accelerated memory? Hm? " she gave a slight giggle, then waited for the reaction. She literally had just piloted a craft made by another species from another universe.

MERN Aiathogu​


Aphelion was in a quick burn, volumetric images and scans filtered over the Operations table, she was literally firing on all cylinders and was grateful when Enandra joined her. She transferred the monitoring communications on the other Arks over to her, "Keep an ear open," she said as she transferred control to the Ensign.

"Tactical, divert personnel to shelter sections and fire up the rest of those reserve fusion reactors, just in case the Star Army can't get to them in time," she ordered, giving the other officer on the bridge the chance to handle things. Multitasking, the bridge's isolation system activated, and the isolation doors and Leviathan Husk grew to close off the bridge cathedral from the rest of the Titan - after all, there were Imperials on the bridge.

She reopened the channel with Taisho Anrui, "Taisho, it is imperative you keep your smaller vessels and support armors away from that ship. It needs to be vaporized. I will worry about the MERN Ithond and you worry about that gunship with your friends, I will send you some limited information on the entities and the source, " she said. She had a Mindhive portal program open on one screen, while she opened another and transferred the YSS Battle of Elysia and the other Star Army ships a brief as follows:

Asune Energy is a dimensionally tapped energy similar to the Aether your ships are using, just the dimension where Asune exits is inhabited. The sentient creatures that exist there come in all different forms from massive cloud-like devourers that consume entire star systems, to crawler insectoid-like soldiers and parasites that take over a host. Their directives center around functions of consumption, assimilation, destruction and indulgence. They are what we are fleeing. That ship must be vaporized.

Aiathogu replied to Aphelion, "Mindhive Portal active. Emergency Enslavement passage to MERN Ithond active. " its deep tone filled the bridge briefly. It didn't take long to get into the system, after all this was how it was all designed. The Admiral and the Aiathogu worked in tandem using the Ithond's Mindhive to begin spooling up the onboard Masamune Wave system that unfortunately had not been installed on the lesser gunship that was now under the control of the tainted. Even though many of the Ithonds crew were either dead or tainted themselves, the override began to activate the Masamune wave devices that were installed in every section of that Leviathan. Yet another dimensional tap, not Asune activated as the devices began to charge.

It was like a cork had popped when the system on the Ithanod went off, a ripple of the energy released forming a shockwave that showered around and within the entire Titan, the Masamune wave closed the Asune rifts, cutting off the tainted and larger monstrosities from their home dimension causing them to immediately begin to die off to starve the assimilation process right out of the ship.

"You have to destroy that ship, Taisho!" the Admiral said in a boisterous voice over the comm. At the same time, Enandra would hear the screams coming from the internal comms of the Ithond as the tainted would suffer through the termination of their infection.

Bridge Aside​

"This is what we get," Uaeso commented to Naika, "I knew we should have finished killing off the rest of those things we captured before the universe jump," He watched as the Admiral and her team moved into action, "Asking our new friends to just open fire on a ship, is a mighty ask of trust," he said to her, "I suppose it will show if they trust us or not?" he asked Naika quietly for her opinions.

The Crowned Prince was specifically interested in the Star Army ships, how they reacted, and their might powress. It reminded him of times long past - he missed the days of gallivanting the frontiers with Pandora and their crew. Hopefully, his XO would be alright, she was on one of the arks, but they had not spoken in some time. Uaeso hummed quietly as he held Naika close, thankfully she was always a good distraction to keep him from stepping on the Admiral's toes.

He gave a nod of approval to Enandra, happy to see her in motion to assist.

MERN Hinthathae​

The taken-over Gunship reacted to the incoming ships of the First Expeditionary Fleet, it changed its course and began to make a run for the Civilian Arks in the distance. The Aiathogu was no longer the target, rather the vector had it headed straight towards the defenseless dying hulk of Alpha. The gunship rocked back and forth in its flight pattern as it prepared to react to incoming fire. It was thankful there was some good distance between the military Titans and the civilian Arks.

Some of the railgun shots pounded the ship's dorsal surface, it certainly took damage. It was flown with a certain insanity to it, a reflection of the tainted minds within hell-bent on assimilation without any care for themselves or their hosts. Damaged, slightly slowed the gunship continued. It was very obvious the ship could take a pounding, even more so obvious that the need to take it out was dire. The 1XF had laid waste to a lot of space, the blazing flames of aether dissipated into the night as they hit where the gunship had been prior to its change in course.


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Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark Alpha
Near the YSS Resurgence Docking Tube

Yayoi was such a mother that she couldn’t bear the idea that kids, whether or not they were Neko, human or otherwise would be harmed. She didn’t resist as her legs took her forward to danger, and began helping the other adults in getting the kids to the ship to safety. The Resurgence AI was used to kids being on the ship since they had carried some from Hanako’s world when they were picked up.

Yayoi was certain that the ships AI would know what to do, so she focused on the task at hand. Unfortunately, like Sanda she was bothered by the Norian’s prophetic skills as she saw the doors closing. But Sanda was keeping it up. “Ok, they are through!” she said before, one of the Norians said one was missing, and she felt the ping of pain, and a flashback memory of a situation like this. Sanda was right she was faster alone, and she knew just how fast she could be. “Better be quick, Hermana!” She said while she left her thought of If you die, I’m giving you the silent treatment unsaid. “Come we need to hurry!” she told the others “don’t worry, Sanda has gone toe to toe with me, she can handle herself very well!” She said as she led them back to the YSS Resurgence.

Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark Beta
Near YSS Mazu Docking Tube - Heading to Bridge

At the beckoning Mazu made her way to Akina’s side unaware and unconcerned about how in reach Akina now was. Her attention went to the other who introduced herself as a queen. She bowed to her, as Akina had. “Greetings your majesty! I am pleased to meet you, and be of service, I am Mazu another of the Starship YSS Mazu’s sprites, My full name is Mazu, Mazumi, though I am not an avatar like my sister Minato, I am a humble caretaker. I and the other Caretakers will take great care of you and your people, I am sure of it” she said.

Akina commending her on her good work had made her pleased. Though it appeared there was another complication, but Mazumi was confident that they would deal the issue with. “Please do not worry your majesty, the gunship will be dealt with quickly I am certain of it. “ She said, hoping that her words allowed for some comfort to the queen.
Once more Mazumi found her new body pleasing, and so quick in responses and everything.


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Port Hope​

Arina managed to keep from smiling too much about how much fretting her aunt had caused their new benefactors. The young Norian had not put her finger down on an opinion of them, that would have to be cultivated over time. If something horrific did not happen, she would have lots of that. "If they are trained well, they will get over it soon, or perhaps they are looking because they are trained well. Either way I'm not worried about them as much as...", She gestured around, "...all this."

Another civilian turned to look at them though wisely did not stop, the princess gave her a nod and watched her vanish into the throng of other Norians on their way out. "Even if the seeds won't cultivate where we are going, I am sure we can grow them in an enclosed environment if we have to. I will take all of the above, or just what I said, by the way. Throw in a drawing screen perhaps, and one of these interesting soldiers to sketch. Or I'll just get into the bath with you and try the singing one." There was a long pause before she heaved a sigh out and replied, "We'll see him soon enough. He'll be beset by this for longer still." It is more like she hoped that they would.

"What is your plan when we've completed the exodus?"

Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark Beta​

Near YSS Mazu Docking Tube - Heading to the Bridge, Bridge​

"This will give her insight to better perform her duties, and no one can bother me about not having an escort. We just happen to have the cutest one in the midst of a terrible crises." Akina kept her hands to herself, there would be time for that under less heartrending circumstances. The sprite's voice melting in her ears, and how she looked all dressed up would have to do. It did occur to her that the Queen was stunning in her own right, another thing that was inappropriate, but processes in her brain loved to run as they pleased.

"Ah, good, so it is another dimension, as I surmised. The power armors were simply escorting our bombers and are hanging back well out of range." The Taisho's chin twitched and she looked up as they turned up at the bridge, "One of our biggest warships is about to hit it with a massive weapon, we might as well watch. Can we train visual on it from here?"

Akina almost kept it to herself, but, "It feels kind of like home in here, I am impressed."

MERN Aiathogu​

Battle Group AO

The wings of angry power armors became a glittering hive of fireflies as their vectors were rerouted to be even further back from where they covered the bombers withdrawal to their carriers and vessels. Just to be safe they became sentries of mostly their own vessels, carefully keeping clear of active fire. The nature of the bombardment changed, ships with aetheric weapons started to charge to use them as well. They were ordered to fire when the Battle of Elysia did, and that not a molecule of the vessel was to remain, as per Katara's insistence.

They maneuvered into precise positions to try and cover every piece while every sensor they had were trained on eradicating even the tiniest piece of junk that might make it out of the onslaught. As the charging reached peak levels, the non-aether based weapons silenced more and more until there was nothing the moment before their sister ship was ready. It was going to be a big show for an existential threat demanded it.


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Delmira loaded with her beam cannons flew out to join the attacking force. Her cannons glowed with energy as she charged them up. Normally for such a mission she would also equip howitzers and anti ship torpedos for engaging such a vessel. She slotted herself in formation with the battle group, the now mecha pilot was a former sniper and her skills would be put to the test here. She zoomed in as far as she could and if she could use her own eyes she would zoom in there as well. She ran calculations in her mind in conjunction with her mechs computer. She was ready to fire when the rest of the battle group, her beam cannons had just enough power to be the equivalent of a ships main gun.

Ark Alpha Hospital


"Endri, and yours?" the soldier said to Rakel, "I was transported onto this Ark from the Retribution before it exploded," he signed as he took the other half of the bar. "Thanks." he said as he broke the bar in half yet again and took a bite, "You've done enough, I mean what I said - or I'm going to lift you up, carry you like a child, and put you on one of those free beds over there," he pointed to one of the empty hospital beds, then put his arm down and took a bite of one of the halves of the half bar and chewed thoughtfully, "You might get lucky, wake up in this paradise they all keep talking about, wishful thinking because every time I wake up some monstrosity is trying to eat us," he joked.

"Rakel." She smiled at him and chewed on her haf of the bar. "I wouldn't say no to that Endri, will you tuck me in and read me a story?" She said and grinned and then lowered her voice so only Endri would hear. "Or would you sleep with me in the bed? Cuddle up for warmth." She looked over at the iv bag filled with water she was hooked up then back to him. "Hopefully somewhere with more resources soon, at this rate i'm going to owe the fleet a debt in resources."

Ark Gamma Cargo Docking Zone

As soon as the cargo bay door opened Zeck entered the Ark her usually nervous grin was absent and she looked around and spotted a Nor-ian. She had her crowbar of the Free-man and her tool box in hand as approached the tall person. "I have question you maybe answer? Zeck has Elysian bacterial battery. Maybe you come look and see if they can be used for your uh ship?"


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YSS Battle of Elysia

"Admiral, it's one fleet against against one gunship right now. If it could be destroyed by conventional means, it would have been. We have a moment, I'm taking it to consider all the options to keep your people safe." Keiu said before she let go of the mission operator. Renée cut the line when she felt Keiu's hand off of her shoulder and looked up to her captain.

"Both singularities are evaporating at expected rates and we're beginning to see target masses. It won't be long now," was said from under her orange fringe by the weapons operator. With her teeth clenched and a fire in her bright eyes, she murmured to the herself and the helmsman, "I'm going to strangle repulsive event horizons out of those two holes if it's the last thing I-"

Renée chimed, "Trajectory of the rogue ship has changed. It's targeting the main Ark, now. Bought us some time." The helm officer was swiveling in her chair as she made the motion of what she and the KAMI were doing- repositioning to stay on the gunship.

"The First XF forces are holding their firepower on our weaponry's mark, cap." Renée said.

"It's a good idea to hold their aether fire, but railguns clipped it– remind assets of this," Anrui said in a pressed sigh as she paced to her command chair and sat with a motion that made her purple twin tails splay over the crimson seat.

She interfaced with SPINE and pressed her lavender eyelashes together as she closed her eyes and looked at the battlefield from the vantage points of her sister ships and own. Troubling, conventional firepower was doing little aside from slowing an untouchable bomb of the enemy these people were fleeing. For all Anrui could tell, the rogue gunship repelled aether, absorbed it, or had the right amount of insanity in their flight path to simply not be hit. There was no way to be sure the ship wouldn't kill them all without taking them all out of the equation.

Anrui's jowls fell as her mouth pursed and grey lips parted as her light blue eyes fluttered open as well. She started using her clearances through KAMI while she spoke to her crewmen.

Keiu Anrui said, "Helm, back us up to get a good look at everyone!" The pilot reflexively grabbed searchingly for the weapon operator's wrist, who looked up underneath her carrot-colored bangs at her captain. "You know what to do: everyone but us." Anrui could see the beaming smile on the weapon operator as she did. Seeing the understanding of her bridge crew on her new plan, Keiu's face took on a calm smile of her own.

To Renée Anrui said, "Employ all active combatants to make space between our allies and the gunship Hinthathae while keeping distance themselves. It will be hard singling her out from the pack if they can't corral her. That's an order!"

"MERN Aiathogu, I am trusting you that the Ithond is recoverable! We'll get you all to safety," Anrui had said in a boisterous call, matching the intensity of the Admiral's voice the last time they had spoken mere seconds ago. "Trust me on that!"

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The Cyan Neko
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Flying to Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark Beta

Chiasa didn’t register the blonde-haired Norian making her way to the cockpit, having moved to the rear of the shuttle to make herself (and the Norian) a cup of coffee with the comfort module. She had just enough time to heat some soy milk in the microwave, before pulling out two flavored packets of vanilla caramel instant coffee to prepare two vanilla caramel lattes topped with whipped cream and syrup!

“Do your people drink lattes, Lieutenant?” Chiasa asked as she finished preparing the sweetened, flavored caffeine beverages, before bringing them back to the cabin area. The tiny Nekovalkyrja didn’t pay too much mind to not seeing the Norian there, instead setting her drink into the cupholder next to the soldier’s seat and proceeding to down her own latte, savoring the taste in the process!

The entire time, Chiasa didn’t realize that her partner was in the cockpit, flying the shuttle!


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MERN Aiathogu​


Uaeso's hold on her provided a measure of calm, which helped keep her a little more level headed amidst the crisis. "This is not an I told you so moment, but no mercy should have been shown to those things," her feelings heavily accented the last word with an almost seething hiss. Naika's eye moved around to observe the bustle of activity going on around her as she pondered the response to her husband. "It is a mighty ask of trust, also a good move of transparency on our part. If we had known and not told them, what would that say of our intentions? How things unfold will provide a great deal of insight on future interactions," she responded softly.

Naika wished there was more she could do to help, but for now there was nothing. Intel wise all that could be done currently was to silently observe any interactions. If there was anything she could assist with here, Aphelion or Uaeso would inform her. Otherwise, she was content to metaphorically be in the shadows.


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ISS Sobek upper bridge

Blinks at the image of the male Norian appearing before her, She smiles some and then greets him "Greetings Admiral Cheol, we are on final approach now and will have hard-dock shortly. I look forward to seeing you once your other duties are done." Lenna smiles and hopes that she presented herself well.

Moments later, Lenna moves to get up as she feels the locking clamps of the Sobek hold fast onto the side of Ark Gamma and then looks over toward Nikicon and says "Keep an eye out for the gunship, I've got some powerful reading from a few of the Yamatai ships. I bet they are charging up their powerful main cannon arrays, it is quite a show if you want to see it.

We are pretty safe here, but load up the anti-ship torpedoes, and load the main cannons with the new AP Heat anti-ship shells we picked up. I guess we should test them out while we have some backup in case they do not do what they say they will. I have a feeling that shady dude might have boosted too much about how powerful they were.

Lenna then moves to look at the screen where the Ships AI was and then says "Sobek keep me informed about the coms that you pick up if there is something that will need my attention you know how to get ahold of me."

Nikicon nods some as she sips from her can of zap and nods "Yes ma'am" then nods again " Oh you mean their aether weapons? Oh, that is going to be interesting!"

"ok loading them up now and yes I agree I also recommend that if we have to fire them not be docked also." pauses a little as she hears Lenna address the AI and then afterward finishes " I would hate to have a misfire and the turret blows sky high into the ark that we are trying to help." Then goes back to the commands as she moves to input commands into the consoles and then stands up finishes the can and moves to the captain's chair so she can better watch things.

Sobek moves to look toward Lenna and then says " aye aye captain, you are right the Yamataian fleet is holding fire to hit the gunship with everything all at once in an attempt to vaporize the entire thing, nothing must be left of the craft. "

Lenna nods and then says "Niki, if you can get a lock on the gunship once the Yamataian fleet fires I want you to fire two of the high-yield anti-matter torpedoes into where the remains of the gunship ais and detonate I don't want to have any drifting bodies with whatever infection that was on the ship to survive! Go to the forward tubes and make the modifications yourself you know what to do to increase the yield of them right?"

Nikicon blinks as she hears the new command and nods "Yes I do Lenna, It is unsafe but I agree with you 100%. I'm sure that Sobek can bounce a targeting lock off something or even hack into something to gain a target.... Wait...." Nikicon blinks remembering something and then looks at the ships of the Yamataian fleet. " oh YES! YSS Resurgence, that is Del's ship, from the photo shoot. I'm sure I can use her as a spotter, that is if I can get in contact with her.

Lenna nods and then says, "make it so" and then moves off to leave the bridge and head for the Cargo bay.

The cargo hold of the Sobek

The crew moves to open the docking bay doors and then starts to fire up the loaders as the ruckus is heard some of them frown. It does not take too long for Lenna to make her way down into the cargo bay as the bay doors open to the scene before them and then nod some. Spotting Zeck as she moves up to talk to a MERN officer and waves over toward her. Then moving over to the crew setting up the seating false floor and then moves to give a few suggestions to a few that were having issues then moves over to the main door and looks around before saying " I'm Captain Lenna, who is the soldier in charge and where do we need to set up so we can get these rations to the people as soon as possible. I can hear the people needing it badly."

Meanwhile elsewhere on the Sobek
Nikicon moves from the bridge as she moves toward the front of Sobek, She says "Sobek see if you can find out if Del is on her ship, or out in space she told me she was a mecha pilot, I think??" Nikicon sighs trying to remember what Del said she piloted but she can not recall. Nikicon was worried that they may not have what is needed to make the yield of the two anti-matter torpedos 4 times normal, but thankfully Sobek assures Nikicon that it will be there and she'll need to disassembly two other torpedos to make it happen. Needless to say, Nikicon was worried as she had not had to operate on a torpedo for some years now.

Reaching the ammo room of the front launchers she moves to gather the things she'll need having a large set of tools here for doing maintenance and what she was about to do. Moving over to two torpedos that Sobek already pulled off the racks for Nikicon to take part, and two more sitting in the cradle of the launchers ready to have their yield increased.

Nikicon starts to open the warhead section of the two that are going to be fired, and removes the payloads from each of them setting them on a nearby stand made to hold them, and then turns to start to work on the other two removing the payloads one at a time from each and placing them nearby a device in holders loading one component of the antimatter into a device, and then moves over to gather the same from the other torpedo's before adding that to the device. " ok Sobek turn on the enrichment process this is the anti part of the payload, but sure to scan to make sure I did not mix up the components.

The device lights up and starts to run the checks "You got them right Nikicon, beginning enrichment" Sobek says to Nikicon as she was way over by the door, just in case. Nikicon smiles, ears starting to lift off the back of her head as she listens to the device and moves over more. Those ears remain held upright as she keeps working nearby the enrichment device. After a little while the device bings and opens up as she smiles "one down three more to go! " Nikicon nods to herself moving to place the now enriched payload into the torpedo that is to be fired. then moves to gather up the 2nd torpedo payload, and places them into the enrichment device after removing the now empty payload canister. And repeats the same process 3 more times before with a sigh she says " ok, all done!!"

"Ok Sobek, That is it they are all done, Load them up" Nikicon says as she finishes tightening the last fasters on the two torpedos and watches as they move into the tubes. Then moving with haste up toward the bridge she has to get in touch with someone. "Sobek have you been able to get in touch with Del?"

Meanwhile as Nikicon was working on the torpedos

The Ai of the Sobek was scanning with the Military radio for any signs of someone calling themselves Delmira, As with crosschecking the voice of Del from her very brief visit on the Sobek back on Sood Zandra. Spotting a Ryoko, whose pilot matches the voice pattern of the one that Nikicon was speaking of. Opening a channel toward that mech it speaks " This is the Sobek attempting to contact one called Del, for a Nikicon, We are needing a spotter for a torpedo lock of two high-yield anti-mater torpedos, that will hit the remains of the infected gunship you are currently fighting. We are currently docked to Gamma Ark and unable to get a direct line of fire, nor able to move to get one. Will you be able to help as a spotter?" If the communication goes through Del, would be able to tell it was the AI of the Sobek as it had welcomed her aboard when she visited.

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Fujiko System
Rikugun Base Fujiko

"Taisho Mizumitsu, welcome to Rikugun Base Fujiko." a short raven haired neko Joto Heisho to a man exiting a shuttle. The commmon greeting that he had gotten used to since he started his tour and inspection of the various Rikugun Area Armies.

His excuse for it was to determine what was the hold up with the construction of the 18 new bases since his realignment plan of YE 42 was put into action. But his real reason was he needed to "touch grass" after being holed up in Star Army Command for so long. Despite being a Taisho and no longer really having operational control over units anymore, he still desired to be with his "men and women" in the thick of action.

But like so many of the other bases he had been, Rikugun Base Fujiko was not completed. The leading reason was the Rikugun Spire that was supposed to be the center piece for all bases still had not been designed. So in the meantime, Rikugun Engineers had to construct temporary structures to lift the Central Defense Towers high enough to cover the entire base due to the unique conditions of the planet.

Having a very dense atmosphere, the low grade atmospheric shielding allowed personnel to wear normal uniforms within the non environmentally sealed buildings and areas within the main foundation of the base. But looking up at the "virtual spire" from the tarmac of the base's spaceport that surrounded most of the foundation made the reason for the slowness all the more obvious than Rikugun Base Akina or even Rikugun Base Essia.

The cold climate of the continent of Kanpuu that the Rikugun Base was located on was finally starting to make Benji re-focus on the present. "What does a man have to do to get some warmth around here?" Benji said, signaling that he wanted to get down to business as a rather tall and well built Shosa made his way off the shuttle as well.

"Oh! Apologies Taisho, this way!" the Joto Heisho said as she eyed Shosa Mikael Harris with a bit of curiosity. Since when did the Star Army of Yamatai start recruiting ID-SOLs????

Rikugun Base Fujiko, Floor 25
1st Rikugun Test and Evaluation Battalion Headquaters

In addition to housing 41st and 42nd Armies, Rikugun Base Fujiko was also home to the Rikugun's direct link with Star Army Research Administration and Star Army Logistics, the 1st (and likely only) Test and Evaluation Battalion. A mixture of science green, logistics orange, infantry cornflower blue, even a few SAINT black panels could be seen, and Emma Androids could be seen within the offices of the headquarters as Taisho Mizumitsu and his entourage were being led to meet with the battalion's command staff.

But word of Operation Fireplace quickly reached Benji's ears, he quickly turned the battalion's headquarters into his personal command center to coordinate and execute the orders Mistress Taisho Ketsurui had laid out for his Rikugun.

He originally wanted to turn the YSS Tengu, a Ryu Heavy Industries' Nuwa Multipurpose Frigate, into his personal flagship for the operation. But he was quickly reminded by Shosa Harris that the ship was purchased to act as a test bed for a Kagai replacement and that he was Rikugun and not a Naval Taisho.

"Very well then, since we are evaluating the Tengu's transportation abilities, this seems like the perfect opportunity to see just how well it is suited to the task." Benji, looking over towards Mikael after his correction. "The Tengu does not have a XO assigned to it presently. Since you are so keen to ruin my fun, I shall reward you with the task for the duration of the evacutions."

"But I am a Close Protection Specialist, sir." Mikael simply responded.

"But you were also a Giretsu Centurion who went to command school, you'll do fine. Shosa Shi Mizuki is commanding the YSS Tengu."

"Ohhh... very well Taisho." Mikael simply responded, knowing full well that he was not going to budge the old Elysian on this. Plus the rank difference made it difficult to push things too hard, even if he was acting as a pseduo advisor as the Office of Rikugun Chief of Staff's CPS Overseer.

It had been awhile since he last served with Shosa Shi, so this was going to be interesting. And both Benji and Mikael love interesting.

Xylar System
YSS Tengu, Assault Ship

Painted in the Cadet Blues, the emerged from Hyperspace and quickly found itself in the ever long queue to dock with Ark Alpha. When its turn finally came, the docking tube in its nose extended and connected. The Tengu was outfitted with two multi-layered passenger transportation modules, though compared to the Detached Outer Containers of old, the Nuwa's modules were more solid in their construction with no outer doors.

Mikael quickly made his way into the Ark and pointed towards various individuals he could see as Rikugun medics and Rangers with some search and rescue experience exited after him. He didn't bother to wear cold weather, deciding to rely on his sheer willpower and the white panels of his Type 42 Uniform's jacket to ignore the cooler temperature of the Ark.

"Identify those who are critical and transport them to the ship's medical laboratory and the infirmary in the modules!" Mikael said before looking around to see if any MERN soldiers were among the group. Both three times the size of standard sick bays on SAoY ships, Mikael had a feeling a lot more bed space was actually going to need to be needed. But he was missing one key thing, information. Something he intended to gather immediately.

"Who is in charge here?" Mikael asked, gauging the reactions of those around him.
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Church of the Builders​

Thia felt her heart sink as the children gathered around her. There are so many of them, she thought to herself. Hard lessons taught by cruel teachers gave Thia the ability to hide her emotions at a young age, so despite her concern she gave them a warm smile and managed to maintain her brave face even as Eku reached up and hugged her. Thia reciprocated, closing her eyes and pulling the little one tightly against her. When Eku asked if it was a trick, Thia's already wide smile broadened almost to the point of being painful. She wanted to laugh, but she knew Eku was serious.

"No, this isn't a trick, darling. We're really here to help. I honestly don't know much about your people, where you came from, why you're here, or anything. I can't wait to learn all about that later, but right now it only matters that you need help," Thia said as she looked from Eku to the other children. She tried to make eye contact with as many of the kids as she could before she looked at Eku again. "The Star Army of Yamatai, the Senti, the Ryu-Mizumitsu Clan, the Sobek, and maybe others by now - we all heard you needed help, so we came. We don't always agree with each other, but when when someone needs help, we all agree that if we are able, then it's our duty to give aid."

Thia felt a tear welling up in her one remaining organic eye, but then she suddenly realized what Eku just said. "Wait, how do you know you taste like worms?"


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Shurista Fleet & The Music Bug​

A single voice dropped below the Leviathan and Senti choir and distorted into a thunderous snarl as Kwabba-an's emotions turned to rage and she shot towards the gunship. Her vision narrowed and her thoughts quietened as she focused on her target, until there was only her music and emotion blending together and her singular purpose to tear the gunship apart.

"Pull back little muse - let the larger ones handle it. You could suffer," an unfamiliar voice called to her through hyperspace. Kwabba-an missed a beat, but before she could even fully process what had happened, she rejoined the choir again. Her tune carried a hesitant playfulness now as curiosity pulled her from the depths of anger.

"Hello? Who said that?" She called out, but before she had even finished she began querying her AIES to see if she could identify from whence voice had come. As far as she could tell the transmission had no identifying metadata, but she did have a record of how its intensity changed as she'd moved through space. Though she didn't understand the details, Kwabba-an ran a program to perform a simple multilateration calculation, computing the intersection of spheres centered around her points of measurement, which narrowed the source of the broadcast down to a a ring around her position. When the AIES helpfully plotted the location of ships along that ring, Kwabba-an was excited to find that only the Alpha's Leviathan could've been its origin.

"Leviathan, is that you?" Kwabba-an asked as she diverted course towards it. She was vaguely aware from the rushed briefing that some of the ships in need of rescue were themselves alive. When she reached the Leviathan's hull, she quickly looked around to check if anyone was near enough to see her before she reached out and hugged the ship with her upper arms. All the while, using her lower ones to continue to play her bass. For a moment she slipped into a mournful key, before she pulled herself back to one of hope.


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Akelost Leviathan Hybrid Ark Alpha
Inside dying part of ship

Sanda moved quickly through the dead ship. Her light shining in everywhere and her cybernetic eye set on infrared. She made it all the way back where she first picked up the kids and found nothing. She quickly backtracked again all the way to the door that she had had to hold open and didn't see anything. At this point she was becoming increasingly worried. She was currently cut off from her own ship. Communication was also down. Seemed like the dying ship was causing all kinds of communication problems. But Sanda wasn't about to stop searching. Not yet anyway.

She took a few moments to quite herself. She was a skilled Ranger after all. After a few moments she went off again, this time slower, studying everything. She went down a side passageway and more by instinct then evidence climbed a maintenance ladder to another level. That was when she heard someone gowning in pain. It didn't sound like a child however. Cautiously Sanda moved forward to investigate.

She found an adult Norian lying on the floor by a wall. A child stood beside him and was silently crying. Sanda shone her light on them she could see why. The Norian, an adult male, had his arm pinned under a door. Looked like he had either tried to slide under it as it was closing at the last second, or he had been trying to hold it up and had been unable to do so. Either way, they needed help. Sanda moved forward and said, "I am here to help. My name is Sanda Hoshi, I'm a Ranger aboard the YSS Resurgence." Despite the obvious pain he was in, the Norian smiled. "Ellroher, Captain. I can not tell you how relived I am to see you Sanda Hoshi. I am pinned here. My twin sister and some other of my people are trapped on the side of the door. I tried to hold it open, but it proved to much. This little one found me." Indicating the child. "I was about to have to ask the child to do something very unpleasant but perhaps you might be better suited?"

Sanda knew what the Norian captain meant. "Yes sir. I understand." The captain smiled again. "Please, under the circumstances, I think we can drop the formalities, Sanda Hoshi. Ellroher is fine." Sanda knelt down examined the arm. "Sanda." The forearm was pinned under the door. To get him out, Sanda would have to amputate the arm at the elbow. She silently thanked Vec for his trauma refresher course. Quickly, Sanda cut a strip of her camo-cloak and tied a tunicate around the arm. Ellroher, who had also been wearing a cape, took a handful of it and stuck it in his mouth. Taking her straight silver dagger, Sanda and Ellroher made eye contact and the Norian nodded his head as he bit down hard on the handful of cape. Using the enhanced strength of her cybernetic arm, Sanda was able to slice through the elbow joint in one go. Ellroher gasped in pain, but other than that remained silent, though Sanda could see the tears running down his cheeks.

With the arm free, Sanda dragged Ellroher away from the door an set him up against the wall. Using his cape, Sanda cut strips of it and made some bandages. "My thanks Sanda." Ellroher said. "Now we must find a way through that door. There is no where else for them to go." Sanda stood and eyed the door. There was no way she could lift it. And with communications down she couldn't call for help. She had an idea, but it was pretty dangerous. But they were running out of time and options.

OOC: The name Ellroher is the first RP character I ever made on an online form. It was a LOTRs site, long gone now. But maybe I'll bring that character to life on a new site. Not sure yet.