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RP Sood Zadra


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Airborne Croissant

Luckily the barely-flying ship was too low over populated areas for the actual air defenses to fire on, and only took some uncoordinated small-arms fire. The tower took a moment to respond.

"Unidentified ship, you are cleared for emergency landing because you're in the way of our air defenses. Please get the drek out of the sky as soon as possible."

UX-3 III Middle Atmosphere

"Nepleslian ships! Do not approach!" The squeeze from above was forcing the invading ships down to an altitude that made them more susceptible to surface-to-air defenses, both in closer range and restricted speed. "We will fire if you get closer!" Tellingly, the voice on the other end of the line was not the former admiral this time, despite being addressed specifically. "Escort is locking weapons."

The Nonapus

Soon smiled back at Jack as he gave orders to his ship to harass, but not engage, the invaders. "They're going to start shooting if you keep that up, you know..." she suggested, teasingly.

When Remy addressed her, Soon thought a moment, "How fast is it? I need to get up there to call for reinforcements, since they damaged the ground antennas and satellites! A blockade runner might be just what we need," she looked back at Jack, "especially if it had some cover."


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The Nonapus

Jack raised an eyebrow then lay a hand on his chest in mock surprise. "Me? I am merely letting an old acquaintance know that I will be leaving soon to avoid any unfortunate actions that one might later regret."

At the brief conversation between the green haired woman and the Baroness, Jack smiled. This could provide cover both ways. Jack would figure out where the green haired woman's ship is and have his shuttle move to the same area. He would return to his shuttle. The woman just happened to be going in the same direction. If the kuvies tried to attack the lady, and he just so happened to be standing next to her, it would be difficult to prove that they were not shooting at him.

With com in hand ready to order his shuttle to move as soon as he learned the location of the woman's ship he said, "Excuse me Miss. Did I hear you were returning to your ship? Funny, my shuttle just happens to be in the adjacent landing pad. Now what was the name of that pad?"

Caffran and Doyle were both quick on the uptake and had already advised the Marine escort to stand by and be ready to move. They would escort the the green haired woman to her ship.

UX-3 III Middle Atmosphere

Commander Calamy had the Surprise battle ready. There was a tension on the bridge but it wasn't fear. Every man and woman aboard the Surprise knew their duty and were ready to preform it. The Marines were ready in their drop ships and launch tubes just waiting for the order to go. Calamy responded to the Kuvexian panic to stay back with a firm voice. "We are moving into position to receive our Captain's shuttle. It is standard procedure. Be advised, we are sending two fighters down to escort his shuttle back up. We wouldn't our Captain to be shot at by accident by either side."

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Kotema nodded profusely at the operator as if that was in some way an adequate answer, and then went back to fussing over the controls, stubby webbed feet idly rolling an annoyed squeaky captive lizard back and forth. Truth be told, a trained pilot would have had a hard time deciphering the setup. Some hexagonal touch screens, analogue gear levers, G-clamps left in place to turn handles with no actual 'handle' anymore... It was in Kuxevian, bodged into working order by some Rixxikor, and then broken again before being scavenged for parts at some point.

"...Don't worries." A glance back at Zeck, completely taking their hands off the controls, ignoring the sound of them knocking yet another antenna off of a skyscraper. "If we shot at, there nothing vitals left it can hits... It reactors does is explodings, no armour to keep the explodes in, see?... It is being fine!"

A rather louder thud drew their attention back- Somebody fired a man-portable RPG from a balcony, which hit the prow armour and left a sizable dint.

Looking annoyed but not even making a honk of annoyance, Kotema casually twisted a dial which caused the ship to yaw a little, sideswiping the makeshift tower of sheet metal and causing the entire thing to shake catastrophically.

Warning signals sounded through broken speakers. The anti-grav force keeping them aloft juddered and seemed on the edge of faltering.

Again, the lizard slowly contemplated the controls like a puzzle, and then turned several small switches in sequence. Until they found one that actually did something.

Unseen, but definitely heard by the rest of the occupants, several large doors on the upper and lower rear section opened up, ejecting a trail of superheated plasma behind them.

The fluttering of the engine stopped. But the heat was rapidly becoming uncomfortable, drenching them all in their own sweat. The air was already stagnant, so now it was practically unbreathable.

"Smells." Was all the dragon had to say about it, uncouthly scratching down the front of their shirt. "...Bout halves ways now I thinking?"


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The Nonapus
"Oh the Sleipnir? she's faster than a vessel of her class has any right to be," Remy cooed over her shoulder at the Baroness before whipping back around to Jack, green hair cascading out wildly from the snappy movement. Her lips curled up into a sly, cheshire-adjacent grin, the human was positively giddy but tried to temper her excitedness just a little bit.

"Me return to the ship? oh no no no, the ship is coming to retrieve me, I just need a clear-enough path from pad E-12 to here," Remy nodded, glowing with a lot more authority than she currently had, shrugging off her jacket as she span back around to face Soon once more.

"I saw that there was a decently sized antenna attached to this building on the way in, with your permission ma'am, I'd humbly request access to whatever terminal is attached to that and some ice... in a metal tub if we can, less mess that way," Remy beamed, dropping her self-branded jacket to the floor as she began approaching the Baroness, loosening her tie enough to undo the top few buttons of her blouse in the process.

"Human bodies aren't exactly designed for this but I'll make do, with your permission, ma'am."


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The bridge and the chaos within

Lenna moves into the bridge and looks around as she jokingly remarks " Captain on the bridge." then chuckles a little " or well it is not my ship but anyway, what is going on " bang bang, a few more random things bounce off the hull of the ship as Kotema flies it, then spotting the other Silanbar she looks around a little more " Um Nikicon says we are leaking fuel and coolant and need to hurry to land. Did you contact the starport to let them know?" THUD! crunch The RPG and the Kotema sideswiping the tower is felt.

There was a shudder as the drive started to have some issues then Kotema moves to release the plasma and then the heat really starts to build. Then a ding as the compad in her pocket beeps. Pulling it out there is a message from Nikicon " what the hell just happened the reactor containment fields are weakening and we are leaking superheated plasma!! Going to run out of power in less than a minute." Then another beep "heat reaching critical levels we NEED to get there faster or we are going to lose power and crash!!!"

Back in engineering

Nikicon was too busy watching the digitally coded readout from the screen to notice Lenna had left. Seeing something else that she did not like she moves around to look at a few more screens, punching up a few commands and their screens go back to the coded screen like the first one. " shit shit shit" Nikicon moves to the passageway and bangs on a few more pipes and large parts of the components within the engineering section. There was a large drop in power as the heat reaches critical levels. Nikicon moves back to the first panel types in a few commands and lowers the power level to just under 1/3 total and that helps till Kotema opened the hatches and lets out the superheated plasma that was building up. Grabbing her compad, and typed in something to Lenna knowing that she went forward.

Back on the bridge
Lenna looks around the bridge and then lets Kotema know, "Nikicon is saying we need to land quickly heat is going past critical levels and if we don't hurry up we will crash before getting there. And now we are trailing superhot plasma, most likely hurting anyone not lucky to get out of the way." Moved over toward a random console looking at the readings if any and then looking at the other Silanbar. Then asks Kotema " We did get ahold of the Tower to let them know we are on the way?"

After a little bit and a little closer to the starport, Lenna spots the Sobek and points it out to Kotema, "There is my ship, Land on the nearby pad, and we can drive the trucks into it and we can take off and teach these bastards that Sood Zadra, is not going to just roll over and let anyone just come in and shoot it up. " Then gets out her compad, inputting a few commands as Lenna basically sends the remote start order to the Sobek starting up her basic systems and powers up the targeting systems to get a grasp of all that is going on around it. Nodding at the readouts as she looks up and then says "I am sure we are going to be ok running off the secondary reactors while in the atmosphere, no need to start repairs right away, as I'll need Nikicon at the weapons station."

Primitive Polygon

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Burnt Croissant

"The tower knows. Says it ain't gonna kills us." Kotema rotated the command throne to face Captain Lenna. She had the other Silanbar's head on her lap, soothing the aggressive creature's nerves by stroking their hears rhythmically. "Turnin' off the plasma though, well..."

An awkward expression. They thought about their words very carefully, something which the big lizard almost never did.

"...You trusts Kotema!... Plas-mah is going out ship for good reason!" They crossed their legs, increased the speed of rubbing on her living plaything's ears, and made something approaching a befangled smile. "Dat con-tain-munt is gonna break, see?... If not while we is in air, it's gonna do it when we hit floor, right?... I close doors now, plas-mah gonna be inside the ships with us when this thing cracks, huh?..."

A finger, indicating that Lenna waited for a moment.

Kotema turned all of the power off, drenching the ship in blackness. They fell out the sky for a moment, pure inertia keeping them going forwards and not straight down.

Then they turned it back on again, nose up, ship juddering back to life for just a few paces. Rinse and repeat.

The ship made it the last few hundred feet to the starport like a car coasting downhill. Kotema didn't bothering to open the landing gear, presuming this ship even had such a luxury.

"...Grab sommin', human things." They waved a hand over their shoulder dismissively.

Twenty meters above the landing pad, they turned the ignition again and nothing happened.

A cacophonous screeching sound like a building being dragged sideways echoed deafeningly around the entire interior of the ship, followed by an incredibly worrying metallic wobble that Nikicon might have realised was the bottom deck shrinking to half it's original size.

Distant sirens and flashing lights. Must have belonged to the starport, because there was no way this thing still had power.

"OKAYS!" Kotema stood up, coddled her pet lizard underarm, and then casually headbutted the front cockpit window out of it's frame. "IT BE CRASHED!"

She got out that way because she kinda knew the hangar doors would be busted now. Had to go down there and pull them off by hand, making room for their scrap trucks to drive out.

Then they needed to crawl back inside and look for the engine long-ear...


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The Bridge

Lenna nods after Kotema turned to face her with the other silanbar on her lap and stroking it. She blinked some as she was not expecting something like that. Then as she was told the tower was told and we are heading there. "I don't know what is going on about this ship any more than I know how to talk Silanbar. But do agree with you about that I'd rather not become baked in plasma." Seeing that hold one finger motion she nods some and then eaps as the power goes out and the ship drops, then turn back on and goes up, and repeats a few times.

The Furnace, aka engineering

Nikicon was monitoring that plasma breach that is caused by the open doors, The fuel and power dropping very fast then it goes out " What the fuck???" the ship free falls as she grabs onto something, and then the power comes back on and the ship moves upward, Quickly Nikicon hammers out into the computers something as the drives containment fields start to fail, more plasma venting from the ship but due to Nikicons doing there is more coming from below and Kotema will find that it was helping to keep the ship in the air. Seeing the edge of the spaceport approach Nikicon reverses it and the plasma drifts from the bottom and flows up out the top now, but without the effect that was from the bottom. Knowing that there was going to be a hard landing Nikicon jumps into a seat and belts herself in and readies for impact whimpering softly.

Back to the bridge

Lenna started to make her way over to a place to sit just after the second power-induced dive and belted herself in. Then it happens moments later As told Lenna grabs around the crash handles or the edge of the seat she was in and holds on through the impact. Then once it was stopped she chokes out unbelting herself " Another Happy landing, Now let's get the trucks out of here if we still can from the crash impact, and get them into the Sobek. " Her compad beeps some and announces "Captin Lenna, I have detected 3 incoming craft of unknown forces, weapons are hot and locked onto me, Raising shields shall I open fire??", "Negative Sobek, contact tower confirm incoming is not the defending forces. Raise shields except for the port side as we are going to need to drive some ground vehicles inside, open the port cargo bay, and lower the upper ramp to the hanger." Lenna commands, to which Sobek responds "Already contacted tower and was given ok to fire ma'am awaiting your command to do so." Lenna's voice comes back "open fire but only if the line of sight does not impact our or the spaceports activities. " " Aye aye Ma'am firing"

Meanwhile on the Sobek

After waking up during the start-up command Sobek the ship's AI scans the area finding Lenna or Nikicon nowhere about and finds the remote start option used as with the weapons systems activated. Scanning the area nearby it finds Lenna and Nikicon's tracking signals on a badly damaged approaching craft. Seeing that there was a lot of fighting going on it contacts the tower " Sood Zadra Tower this is the AI on the ISS Sobek, I detect a lot of fighting nearby what is going on." the tower quickly sends a text message about what was going on. Then the sensors detect 3 craft that is doing what looks to be an attack run on the spaceport and will be threatening to hit the Sobek's starboard side. Once more contact was made with the tower and was confirmed that it was not friendly forces. The Ai opens coms to Lenna

"Captin Lenna, I have detected 3 incoming craft of unknown forces, weapons are hot and locked onto me, Raising shields shall i open fire??", "Negative Sobek, contact tower confirm incoming is not the defending forces. Raise shields except for the port side as we are going to need to drive some ground vehicles inside, open the port cargo bay, and lower the upper ramp to the hanger." Lenna commands, to which Sobek responds "Already contacted tower and was given ok to fire ma'am awaiting your command to do so." Lenna's voice comes back "open fire but only if the line of sight does not impact our or the spaceports activities. " " Aye aye Ma'am firing"

With the final command from Lenna given the warning lights within the empty frigate go to status red, red-hued lights turn on as the Turrets on the dorsal side line up their shots, and a verbal warning in multiple languages is given to the starboard side to the effect of " WARNING INCOMING HOSTILES STARBOARD, SHIP IS OPENING FIRE PLEASE STAND CLEAR, SEEK COVER AND DO NOT APPROACH WARNING LIGHTS" Red strobes start to flash around the four dorsal main gun turrets. Then a few adjustments are made and then BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! The four twin-mounted turrets fire off into the sky followed by another boom, and then one last boom. The four turrets sent a total of 8 406mm by 1626mm Armor Piercing, Capped, Ballistic Capped shells at each of the invading ships that they would have to fly through, forcing them to break off, or risk getting shot down.

Burnt and now half a Croissant


Lenna hears the announcement from her ship and then the sound of her turrets firing off three bursts and moves out trying to get her way back to engineering to get Nikicon and then to the cargo hold to drive the trucks off. Looking over toward Kotema, the other silanbar, and then to Zek she states " go to the cargo hold get it open I'll go to engineering and get Nikicon meet you there or on the Sobek if I take longer than you.

Engineering .... or what is left of it.

Nikicon wakes up some as Lenna shakes her awake. " no not yet momma a few more hours rest."

Lenna keeps shaking Nikicon as she says "Wake up Nikicon we need to get out of here the whole place is on fire!!!!"

That is true whatever was left of the fuel had caught fire and was burning all around the two as Lenna fights with the belts of the seat Nikicon was in. Giving up Lenna grabs a knife and cuts the belts lifting Nikicon up over her shoulder and starts to walk out with the wounded hare on her shoulder.

Nikicon did not fair as well as those on the bridge as when the ship crashed there was a flash fire, that sucked up all the air knocking the hare out cold, as with burning a good part of her hair off, luckily the hair burning saved her skin from the heat and flame. She was breathing once more but was not in a good way as she tried to hold onto Lenna as she was picked up and carried from the engineering.
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YSS Koun - The Bridge

Alastair had deployed a team to stay planet side to help with any rescue efforts. His main focus however was full space dominance. Knowing the power of his little ship he was going to enjoy asserting that dominance. As the ship lifted off the ground, heavy impacts landed near by. "Shields to full, all weapons online...lets show them the long arm of Yam justice."

The engines engaged and the ship quickly lifted off the ground. Heavy rounds started to pound on the shields of the Koun, though did not seem as if they were targeting it, more that it was getting in the way. "Deploy the fighters and have them give cover fire to the ground crews." Alastair walked towards the weapons station and tapped on the screen. "Let us use the Ke-S3-W4000 Aether Shock Array on that big ship. This should get some attention." The Koun continued to rapid accent away from the star port and moved to engage the orbit ships. "Have the Type 31 Secondary Anti-Starship Turret target the smaller ships and drop pods. Do not let any more make it to the planet."

All was silent around the ship. Then like the crashing waves of the sea, the guns opened fire. The sky was filled with a beautiful display of Star Army power.


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Zeck was in her seat and held onto the sides of it, her nervous grin was plastered on her face showing her sharp teeth. Her crowbar of Freeman and her toolkit was secure to her person so she was not worried about that flying around and hitting anyone. Zeck was lifted into the air and realized her seat had torn itself free from its mounting bolts and all as she lifted into the air as the ship dived. Zeck crashed to the deck and kicked at there seat giving it the right application of force to wedge it into a console before being flung backwards when the ship crashed. As Zeck flew back her hands reached out and briefly grabbed to soft orbs of something as she blasted past Kotema and hit the wall behind the lizard woman.

Zeck laid on the deck upside down. It would be a good 30 seconds before her eyes opened and the red skinned alien said something in her native language as she crawled over to the command console and pulled herself up. she patted the back of her head and it came away bloody.


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Landing Array

"Yamataian ship, are you actually taking off while air defenses are active and hostiles are danger close?" The voice of the spaceport's tower controller was incredulous as the Kōun began to take off. Ground crew were waving and screaming and flashing their guide-lights up until the point they had to retreat to a safe distance as the Plumeria-class Gunship began to ascend.

Laughing Nonapus Bottom Floor

The Baroness Bardoon looked up from her comms as Remy addressed her. She didn't need much time to mull the idea over before her response: "Yes. Whatever you want. If you think it helps, just do it." She snapped her fingers while pointing at two of her guards and two of her attendants. "You four. Help her do... whatever it is she is going to do. What are you waiting for? Move!" She was turning back to Jack to respond when there were a multitude of loud explosions from above, strong enough to be heard and felt the nine stories underground they were.

Sky above Sood Zadra

The near-simultaneous fire of shells from the Sobek's main guns, and the rips of Aether and plasma from the Kōun worked to severely damage one of the transports, shredded by flak and explosives, which went veering wildly off to the west of the colony in the frozen wastes like its predecessor, while the other was nearly vaporized by the Yamataian gunship's salvo of blinding hot energy. The escort, more nimble and quicker than the transports, was still easily avoiding the anti-air fire from the colony defenses, and just as well with the Sobek's shells.

Without replying to the Nepleslian's hailing, the escort began to break off from its last transport and gain altitude to escape UX3-III's atmosphere. The fighter craft, those that remained anyway began to disengage the orbital defense platform and took up a heading to intercept the Surprise and cut it off from interfering with the escaping escort ship.

In the chaos, the final transport managed to slip under the air defenses and began to make landing. Though it was barely twenty percent of the initial invasion force, it was still hundreds of armored troops assuming all survived, given the small holes in the hull from the Sobek's explosive shells. The gold-armored invaders began to spill forth, firing in unison against the colony milita that had been near enough the landing zone. Other milita units began to converge, but it would be several critical minutes before the outnumbered initial defenders were reinforced.


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The Angory Nonapus

”A what?” Phoenix murmured both brows raising in confusion. It was short-lived. A planetary invasion had the propensity to change your priorities.

Phenix continued to rummage through his bag, his new outfit creaking softly as he bent lower over the pack to retrieve an origin Fatboy with a custom paint job that glimmered with heat-sensitive paint. It was presently a deep burgundy but if things got heated, she would develop a magenta ombre. He slipped a battery pack into place and hefted it to rest the stock on his shoulder its muzzle pointed skyward. the gun’s indicators lit up as it made a connection with his electronic eye’s receiver.

Phoenix’s organic eye drifted down to where his new friend’s weapons were piled.

” The little booms that follow the big ones are the ones I’m worried about.” Phoenix gave a scar on his thigh a little slap. He stood still to let Susan help him wiggle the rest of the way into his disguise. ” But… we’re not actually going to perform in these, Right??”He asked a hint of dread mixed with mirth in the technician’s voice.

He lowered his gun as they met with Remy, He appreciated that she would be taking him under her wing until they had the opportunity for a proper interview. It helped put him at ease and make him feel safer, less alone.

”That’s much appreciated Miss” he spoke in a low tone matching her’s.

Phoenix nodded, more eager for this conflict to be concluded now that he knew the ship he was potentially going to work on was a custom job. Odd technology used in unconventional ways was his favorite.

” I look forward to meeting her. Is this sort of thing usual for this place?” he asked referring to the commotion ongoing around them. He was keen on sticking near Miss Remy, but it seemed that one of the Nepleslians was keen on escorting her to the Sleipnir. His eyes gleamed at the Greenette’s correction. HE NEEDED to see this ship drive remotely.

Forgetting that he was supposed to be incognito he followed close behind Remy, giving Susan a nervous look. “Is there anything I can do to assist? “ He managed to keep up in his ‘heels’ but they were not a choice he would have personally made. Phoenix reached into the bust of his bunny suit and extracted the handle of his Ulti-tool… you know, just in case it was needed and not because it was digging into his ribs.

Doctor Whitman had to fight a distinct feeling of claustrophobia as they descended far beneath the surface. The air felt heavy, and it made her nervous but she kept her well practiced’ calm doctor’ face on as they finally settled in at the very bottom to wait for the baroness at a private bar. Instead of sitting she lurked nearby her Captain should he need her she was only a glance away. For now she would observe.

The fascination with Nepleslian culture was a shock to the good doctor’s system. Especially when number two of the terms set out by the baroness was the establishment of an actual Akemi’s. They must really enjoy indulging in… everything.

The Explosion and the subsequent shaking of the ground under her feet made a cold chill of fear crawl up Doctor Whitman’s spine. She reached instinctively for her med-bag. They were deep below the surface, meeting with the Baroness, She hadn’t even the chance to join the conversation properly and things were going to hell.

Doctor Whitman unclasped the top of her medical bag, her thumb resting on it to keep it secure. It was possible she’d be needed for much more than her social insights.
” I’d like to provide medical assistance to our hosts should they require it, Captain.” the redhead spoke for the first time in what felt like forever.


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Landing Array

Lenna sighs some as she makes her way from the burning and crashed ship from the junkyard, She looks at the fire crew that is running over to the ship as she tries to get medical to take a look at Nikicon, " I need her on my ship is she ok enough to take onboard and have her treated in our infirmary Or does she need more help? "

Nikicon was for the most part looking ok, Her lungs may or may not have been harmed in the sudden fireball that swept through the engineering of the old troopship and burned her fur. Nikicon was not bleeding from anywhere, including inside, But she was weakened from having the air knocked out of her, the sudden blast of heat, and concsion from the fire. She does need treatment but does not need a full emergency room visit.

Lenna moves to grab her coms and tries to see if there was a direct contact for the medic that Soon was talking about before she left for the junkyard. Then remembers the paper that was given to her by Kotema, taking it out she went to find the certain messager service. Warnings came up about the safety of the site location due to mainly the nature of the Kuvexian nature of the site. Sighing she presses forward and gets the messager thingy joining the group.

Lenna then puts in a text to the group "All crew to the Sobek, all crew to the Sobek landing pad 3 array 6, attention medic to upper infirmary injured crewmember needs care."

If allowed to she asks the medic staff to take the Injured Nikicon to her ship as she follows looking back for the others with the trucks hoping that the crash did not damage the trucks or the items they were needing for the Sobek.
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Jack was interrupted by Ensign Doyle who had a report from the shuttle. Apparently, the neighboring Star Army ship had suddenly taken off and it was drawling a lot of fire in the area. Air traffic control was also advising to stay put while air defenses were active. Jack thought a moment. He wouldn't risk his crew needlessly. "Tell the shuttle to stay put for now, but be ready to come if I signal or if it becomes to hot to stay put." Before Doyle could relay that message he received another one from the Ship. He looked at his Captain and said. "The Surprise has engaged."

In orbit, NSS Surprise

Commander Calamy sat calmly in the Captain's Chair as the Kuvexian escort and a wave of fighters moved towards them. The Surprise was ready to attack, yet held it's fire. They had to be fired upon first. Although it was a tense moment, the crew was well seasoned and held their nerve. It was quite a relief when the enemy finally lost it's nerve opened fire first. Tom Calamy calmly recorded the time and said, "Surprise, open fire." Point defense turrets opened up and began to blasting the swarming fighters. The Surprise's two fighters also engaged. The pilots were twin sisters, Aces both. Their call signs were Starboard and Larboard, of Star and Lar for short. They came in blasting and through the Kuvexians into further panic.

The Surprise opened fire with it's main gun at the enemy escort. Three well placed shots had the shields down and the Engines going dark. Commander Calamy called to Lt. McCain. "Mr. McCain. The enemy escort is reeling. Time to go lend them a hand." McCain laughed. "Aye-Aye sir!" McCain turned around and looked at the Marines waiting in the shuttle with him. "Alright me Bonny Lads and Lasses. It's time to teach those squid head son's of Bitches that they could not have picked a worse enemy than the Nepleslians. When we meet the enemy we will rip their skulls from their spines and toss them away laughing! Am I right Marines?" As one the Marines let out a deafening "Oorah!" "Mm-hm Damn right I am!"

Two shuttles, loaded down with Marines exited the Surprise's hanger bay and moved towards the wounded escort. Starboard and Larboard provided escort. The Surprise also launched boarding torpedoes. These torpedoes had two Close Combat Specialists in them and were meant to cause confusion and distract the enemy till the shuttles docked. A dozen of these torpedoes slammed into the Kuvexian escort and soon were engaging with the enemy.

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Landing Pad

As the spectacular sparkle of a space battle continued to erupt overhead, Kotema was still standing on the frosty landing pad, pooling all of their willpower to force their floaty lizard brain to stick with the task at hand. Getting the trucks out of the now-smashed ship was a problem. Getting pinged on their pocket communicator and realising, for once in their life, they had other people to care about, was another.

A wary grunt emanated from the second Silanbar, his ivory pale skin rather more unprotected against the whirling blizzard around them. He made a series of arm motions, nods and tail-swings.

"...Shut up! Kotema don't feel bad abouts the ship! It was a poop-hole you used to do murders!" She snorted aggressively. "I'd put the collars on you, but I dunno if I even wants you..."

He blinked, flipped their ears back, and then just looked depressed and confused.

"...Break these doors off, if you wants to come with." The more rotund serpent just shrugged, perhaps feeling just a little empathy for their situation. Not that they'd admit it. "Kotema is takes care, but only if you is good Silanbar."

They needed the extra hand- The red engineer-thingy hadn't gotten out of the cockpit, and that was worrying them. She didn't have time for this.

A few seconds later, they were back through the cockpit window, long neck swerving around, finally finding Zeck on their back, behind the console where they fell. That wasn't good...

"...Red toolbox lady, hello?" A cautious tone, unclasping them from their dismounted seat. "You is still alive are you not? Not so fragile?"

Within their hazy half-conscious stupor, Zeck could feel the large webbed claws unzip the front of their clothes, pressing around on their chest muscles and abdomen with careful but clumsy pressure. Hot breath from the monster's muzzle cascaded across their face in great huffs, some kind of obscure tactic for trying to wake the sleeping human-thing up...

"...Toolbox lady, your red is coming out the back of your head?..." A shift in weight, claw-beans compressing some pallid-red squishy cheeks. "Is this suppose to happens? Wakes up please..."

Kotema was ruffled. The red lady looked so small and helpless, but she didn't like being made to care about people. What if another Silanbar saw her? Looking after somebody who wasn't a Kuvexian? That would be real bad...

Grumbling something guttural and fierce, the dragon extended their tongue and aggressively started licking their face, trying to speed-run the 'caring' part before anybody walked in on them.

"Too-box-! Wakes up-!- Idyiot-!"


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Zeck groaned and opened her eyes. She will utter something in her native language and will try to kiss Kotema when she gets up. She will use the pilots console to haul herself to her feet and feel the back of her head which came away bloody. She didn't seem to care that the front of her clothing was open in fact she looked to be in a daze as she grabbed her tool box and crowbar.

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Not missing an opportunity to act as a ringleader of chaos, Morgan knelt over the bar and grasped the largest bottle of Nepleslian whisky they could, acting as if it was somehow mandatory for the task at hand.

"It's time for our own green highness' most spectacular event!" Mismatched eyes gleamed, a hand curving around and swaying at the confused assistant staff. "Using her magical powers alone, she'll summon the ghosts of our mysterious space bus into action! Watch in amazement, as it pilots itself! Be aghast, and observe it's unnatural grace!~"

"The first ingredient to this ritual is a bathtub of ice! Water is the medium with which to contact the underworld, you know!" Not-Susan grinned, spinning the bottle in her palm, before arresting it and cracking open the cap with a satisfying crunch. Without breaking pose, their head arced sideways, eyes and ears pointing distinctly over to Phoenix. "Darling, would you like to prepare the electro-mechanical poltergiesterigisms for their supreme attunement with the underworld?~"

In waiting for his response, the bunny was already looking at the multitool in their hand, and alternatingly down the front of their leather bodice.

What else did they have in there?...


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Lenna sighs some as she hears that Nikicon will be ok, and is just winded. Nodding she helps Nikicon onto the Sobek as she tells that Ship AI that there are more crewmembers that will be boarding and heads to the upper-level infirmary to put Nikicon there to get help once the medic gets here. Then heads to the battle bridge and gets the Sobek fully ready for combat, as she radios the spaceport.

"Sood Zadra, looks like one of the transports made it down, I am offering the help of my craft as support for anything. We have two infirmaries onboard with cargo room to move troops and equipment around, as with the firepower to lend if any troops are in need of it. "

Lenna looks around and mutters some I hope the rest of the crew gets here quickly so that we can get going and help the land troops if they need it. DAMN IT!." She hits a nearby console with a closed fist, "I wish I had my power armor!!!, Or a flyer!"

As the rest of the crew come toward the ship Lenna would let the ship AI know so it will be able to know the new crew and once the trucks get here she'll help move the items off the trucks and store the parts away.

"So um are these ours now or should we take them back to the junkyard for the new owners of it? " Lenna sighs some as she looks over the two junkyard vehicles."
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Zeck will try to wander off is no one stops her. The poor girl looked dazed and seemed to be on a sort of autopilot. However when she gets onto the Sobek she will be fine until people try to remove her tool box and crowbar from her grip. She is largely compliant and upon examination would find the red skinned alien is indeed concussed and has a large cut on the back of her head where she hit the wall of the ship.


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"You two are getting on almost a little too well for my liking, all this showmanship it's~" Remy mused towards her muses, shaking that thought out of her head as Soon's goons dragged a tub in and began dumping bags of ice into it, frost rolling over the gold-plated trim and dissipating as it hit the bar's warm air.

"...it's not important, do your own things, Susan has helped with this before but just make sure I don't drown or melt the ice too quickly, should only need a few minutes... maybe get some warm towels and be ready to perform cpr if required?" the greenette suggested so casually as she stepped out of her boots and moved to the edge of the tub, reaching under the cuff of one glove to retrieve a data-line of some variety, which was promptly plugged into the terminal she'd asked for access to.

"Here goes nothing~" Remy huffed, steeling her nerves before stepping once graceful leg over the side of the tub. It was immediately too cold and the human began shivering, stifling a little eep of discomfort as she eased the other leg in and began lowering herself down into those freezing depths. The woman's shirt almost immediately became transparent, revealing the lacey bra beneath as Remy settled in, teeth chattering all the while.

There was a final moment of contemplation before Remy tilted her head back and connected to the terminal fully, going limp in the tub as her still-open eyes glowed with the ferocity of a dying star, cybernetic components beneath their surface lighting up in brilliant shades of green as her bronzed skin reddened.

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All scans had indicate the ship's only occupant, besides a few insects, was a vacuum automaton. So it was quite the surprise to anyone paying attention when the oversized engines of Remy's ship began flaring to life, the various sensors and landing thrusters performing a rushed pre-flight check before the vessel lifted up and blasted forwards, ready to empty its missile racks at any threats that decided to get too close.


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Taharial landed as she panted, she hadn't flown like that in awhile and it was surprising the carnage that she saw. She heard chatter on her Comms and grabs it as she was still a little sort of breath "Taharial Chasan here, Medic, just landed at the crashsite.." She looked around for the ship that the person had said to go to and when she saw it she smiled "hey, on my way, landed quite close to your location it seems, look out for red wings." With that she still heard the fighting and swore loudly, this whole idea seemed to of gone up like the crashed ship, in a ball of fire, still the medical board would want reports and she wasn't going anywhere, more interesting. She made her way to the Sobek as she looked around and took a breather when she thought no one was looking before heading on, sending out a message "At the Sobek, anyone else that needs medical attention please get here, or send for someone to get you here ASAP."